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      Low Cost Poultry House for Rural Farmers

      Low cost poultry house is essential for startup poultry farmers who are operating on budget. The purpose of this article is to inform farmers that poultry farming is not a business for only rich people. The cost of land, and construction of pen are major and capital expenditure in setting up a poultry farm. If you can reduce this cost it will help a lot . To reduce the cost of land, do not site your farm in the urban area, for the following reasons.

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      1 The cost of land is very high.

      2. The environmental pollution [air and noise] are not conducive for poultry.

      3 The ministry of health will not approve poultry in residential areas. So locate farm site in rural areas for cheap land and cheap farm labor.

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      In many parts of Ogun state you can get a plot of land for less than hundred thousand and an acre for less than three hundred thousand Naira .Many of these villages between Atan Ota to Owode from Owode to Idiroko and Ipokia towns are farming communities where one can seek land for farming at low cost. The last town mentioned Ipokia is the farthest and not more than two hours drive to Agege. I visited a farmer at Oke Odan. The owner constructed his two bedroom flat farm house where he lives and three low cost poultry house (pens) that houses 1500 layers each on two plots of land.

      Two plots of land in this town sells for less than hundred thousand. The impressive fact is that he used local materials to construct the pen, refers to in this article as low cost poultry house. The brooder house 35 ft by 30 ft was roofed with raffia palm leaves and bush poles. According to the farmer the roof material lasts for two years. The brooder pen is able to house 1000 pullets from day old to point of lay, and the cost of construction is less than 30 thousand Naira .To build smaller size of this pen like 15ft by 15ft costs like 15 thousand Naira. This can house up to 500 day old to point of lay.

      The people constructing this low cost poultry poultry house or pens are in the local area and I am sure if they have the contract they will construct it in any other place where their service is required.

      Construction of Low Cost Poultry House And Layers Cage.

      Layers cage is very important for the following reasons, The pullets reared in cage produce more eggs than the ones on deep litter system. The eggs produced in cages is neater than the ones produced on deep litter. The pullets in cages does not suffer from litter borne diseases like coccidiosis. Theft of a bird can be detected immediately if they are in cages.

      The record of sales and stock Yellow Chicken balance is made easy when pullets are in cages. The cost of imported cages to house 90 pullets is 120 thousand Naira. The life span of the cage is 15 years. With local materials you can construct cages that will last 10 years for as low as 20 thousand Naira.. This can be a starting point to raise money to buy imported cages.

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      The material for making this cage is the wire gauze as seen in the picture (The pictures coming soon). Each sheet cost 4000 Naira and you need two sheets to make cage for 96 pullets. You can use the service of a welder to construct iron leg for the cage or a carpenter to make wooden legs as shown in the picture.

      The feed trough is made of 6 inches diameter, plastic pvc pipes and the water trough made of3 inches diameter plastic pipe also. The wire gauze can be bought at Owode Onirin or Iyana Ipaja .The welder will charge about 5 thousand Naira for the legs and to bend the gauze wire to the shape of cage. He will also cut some parts to partition the cage into units of 4 pullets per cage and construct the shutters.

      If you want to make this cage by your own direct labor you will spend not more than 20000 Naira. But if you want ready made locally fabricated cage it is between 25000 to 30000 Naira. For inquiries on Procurement of farm land , Low cost poultry pens , Low cost layers cage, contact Ely Jay. I wish you profitable farming.

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      • Anonymous August 31, 2013

        A pleasant evening to you. I just happened upon your blog and I must say its divine. Thank you for sharing. I'd like to know how to "contact Darlinton". Awaiting your response.

        • Darlinton Omeh August 31, 2013

          Welcome to Wealth Result and thanks for appreciating. The best way to contact me this time is to drop a comment, I'll respond to it as quick as possible. Thank you

          • olufemi February 17, 2018

            Please can you give me the address of where i can get a fabricator for my battery cages

      • Anonymous September 29, 2013

        Hi Darlington,
        After reading through the above piece, I would want to take a step further in getting one of the above chicken pen constructed for me. However, the piece directed me to get in touch with, which am doing through this medium.
        Awaiting your early response.

        The DON

      • elyjay October 3, 2013

        Where is your farm located, i think it better if you contact me by private mail on this forum as we can not publish phone numbers on this blog..You may even need to see one of the pens and ask more questions before we come and erect your own.

        • Felix Oisamoje April 28, 2016

          Hello Elyjay

          How do get incontact with you, am really interested in the locally fabricated cage.


        • KIZITO FARMS June 22, 2016

          Goodday sir, i am interested. what is the cost of each cage?

        • Obinna September 29, 2016

          Ely Jay, I just had access to technical and professional information on how to improve poultry business and at a reduced rate. I am poultry farmer and I am interested in the local fabricated cage. How do I get in contact with you for detaled information about how and where to get it. Your contact pls.

        • Kaywhytes December 17, 2016

          Hello Ely Jay, Compliments of the season. Please how I need your private Email to get in touch with you. I am starting a new poultry farming business in Abia State. Kingsley 0803 311 3767

          • Anthony Oregie March 21, 2018

            Please sir, how are u? Can you help me with Ely Jay’s number.. I am planning of going into poultry farming

        • Michael September 22, 2017

          Please give me your private mail. I need to talk to you asap . I dropped my mail.

        • Michael September 22, 2017

          elyjay please I need your private mail. I need to talk to you asap

        • Anthony Oregie March 21, 2018

          Please sir can you email me your contact details so I can connect with you.. I am from Edo state and I’m venturing into poultry soon… I want to know more about the local fabricated cages.. Thanks

      • Nnadozie Emeana October 25, 2013

        This is very interesting. Please how can we contact you?

      • YANKBLISS NIGLTD December 21, 2013

        How I can get the pen cage and land to run my farming please? My contact is yankbliss@gmail.com

      • Anonymous December 27, 2013

        I am most very interested here . I am a professional in livestock industry in Nigeria but I am on sojourn in United States of America right now . It has always been my thought to retire back home and fall back into poultry production but the situation back home has always been a factor . If you can assure me that the figures quoted above shall remain the same and there shall be no further hidden fees , we can both seriously work things together . I will like to start with 5000 layers and going by the amount quoted here , I only need a little above a million Naira if I am buying cages to house that same number of layers . You can e mail me and we can thereafter swerve phone number and others . Thanks and shall be happy to get an e mail from you as soon as possible

      • Omasan Tuoyo March 28, 2014

        please need more info about locally constructing my own Layers cages, THANKS

        • Emma Odafe July 6, 2017

          If you are in Lagos you can get in touch with welders that a very good in constructing local cages at Aiyedoto Poultry Farm Estate, OJO Lagos.
          They construct for poultry farmers in the estate with decades of experience.

          God Bless You

      • Anonymous April 16, 2014

        Hello I so much love all that all u guys have posted here. Kindly mail me your email address and mobile number I need to learn some things from you concerning poultry farming and I want to know how much the pen house will cost me. Looking forward to getting your reply

      • Anonymous July 25, 2014

        is it all real

      • peter farotimi August 6, 2014

        Thanks for this helpful information. I intend to start soonest. I'll contact you soon.

      • Anonymous October 10, 2014

        Please I need information on how to contact you on this low cost poultry pen.I want to start my poultry business very soon,I need your help

        • Emma Odafe July 6, 2017

          Visit Aiyedoto Poultry Farm Estate, OJO you’ll learn a whole lot on that.

          God Bless You

      • Anonymous October 26, 2014

        pls sir, is there any body I can contact in benin city, edo state regarding the pen house?

      • Chinwude Nwana December 30, 2014

        Dear Mr Darlington,
        Pls do you know of anyone in Abuja who can construct a pen house for 100 layers at a price of about N20,000? Thank you.

      • John December 31, 2014

        Dear Darlington, How do I access someone in Abuja that make these cages locally. I am interested.

        • Emma Odafe July 6, 2017

          A welder at Aiyedoto Poultry Farm Estate, OJO Lagos can make them for you and transport them to Abuja.

          God Bless You

      • Anonymous January 9, 2015

        Hi Darlington,
        After reading through the above piece, I would want to take a step further in getting one of the above chicken pen constructed for me. However, the piece directed me to get in touch with, which am doing through this medium.
        Awaiting your early response.

        • Darlinton Omeh January 9, 2015

          Unfortunately, I've lost contact with Ely Jay, the author. Contact any carpenter to construct one for you

      • Bolaji Okanlawon February 13, 2015

        Hi Darlinton,please how can i contact you on phone.I am interested in the cages.

        • Emma Odafe July 6, 2017

          You can get a good welder who has been doing it for over 20yrs at Aiyedoto Poultry Farm Estate Ojo Lagos.

          God Bless You

      • Mary May 18, 2015

        Good day sir, I wish to start up a poultry farm mainly on Layers (egg production). I'm tired of working for somebody and for the past 11years. Each festive periods l do rear broilers 100 pieces to be sold after 3 months and it has been a nice one. I just discovered that I have passion for it. I've gone through your posts and recommendations. Please how do l get in touch with you?


      • tess July 3, 2015

        Where can I get seeds ready for planting to buy in Nigeria

      • Deborah wills January 7, 2016

        Hello Darlington, pls how can I get the locally fabricated cage. I need them asap.

      • RAY January 23, 2016

        I Need us to connect am interest in the cage.

      • samuel peter January 30, 2016

        i want to start a poultry in large way,but currently am doing it my compound,i will like to know how much it will cost to build a poultry.

      • Bayewu Olaitan February 15, 2016

        Great work from Darlington, i have been following this trend for awhile now, pls i would like to know how i can get the cage erected on my farm for 500 day old layer. Thanks

      • Eserada Jude February 19, 2016

        what is the cost of a locally produced cage to house 500 day old chick layer

        • Emma Odafe July 6, 2017

          A unit of a brand new cage that will take about 360 laying birds is 250,000.
          While second handed once varies in price but they are between 140,000 to 160,000

          God Bless you

      • chuma igbokwe March 7, 2016


        I would like you to provide me with contact details of local poultry house builders as I am looking to build same in Umuahia, abia State



      • mark ikechukwu March 22, 2016

        great work sir,u are good 4 this.i have been following ur acticle on low cost housesing pls i need information on how to contact elyjay i have a land in delta state warri and i will like to start by next month

      • Felix Oisamoje March 23, 2016

        How do get the contact of those that can build a layer cage for as low as 20,000 naira, i want to start layers poutry farming, and i dont have mush money

      • Juwon Joseph April 7, 2016

        Mr Darlington i really appreciate your kind gesture on this platform, i will appreciate if you can mail me your phone number through my email (jidbo4real@gmail.com) thanks i have a lot of things to ask from you.

      • Chiamie April 30, 2016

        please I need a contact of someone who has skill in building poultry house for broilers

        • Emma Odafe July 6, 2017

          You can build your Broiler on the ground for 12 weeks but is best when you start brooding them from the ground then after about 6 to 7 weeks you move them into cages

      • Adedayo April 30, 2016

        please mr elyjay can I get your phone number.

      • kirunda Emma May 2, 2016

        that was really helpful information thanks a lot .

      • OLALEKAN AJAYI May 17, 2016

        Good Job !!!

        please kindly send me your office address for a proper contact on setting up my farm, I have Land but the cost of d cage has been my major problem but every other resources have been put in place. Thanks

      • OLALEKAN AJAYI May 17, 2016

        willing to kick start as soon as possible sir!

      • paul May 19, 2016

        pls how much is a healthy POL bird cost now from aplace like obj farm? just started a poultry business and the person i sent said it cost him 1400 per 1 for 1000birds, thanks. would also like to know more so i wont get ripped of by my workers.

      • hellen maina May 30, 2016

        please give me your contact so that we can talk more because i want to start the business immediately.

        email me please


      • tuk2nj August 11, 2016

        G.day Sir, i stumbl education unto this place. It’s quite an interesting piece you have here. I hv read a lot of comments about ur blog/website, will like to get the link to learn more.
        I am a vet Doctor by professional but I want to leave clinical practice and go into production both animals(chicken,Fish & snail)& feed. Can I get useful materials on ur website or do u have ebooks that can be beneficial. Thanks

      • tuk2nj August 11, 2016

        G.day Mr Darlington, I stumbled unto this place. It’s quite an interesting group with very stimulating write up. Is there a link to ur website where I can learn more? I am a Veterinarian by profession but considering leaving clinical practice to go into production both animals (poultry, snail & fish) as well as crop & vegetables. Can I get useful materials on these areas from you? Thanks

        • Darlinton Omeh August 11, 2016

          Thank you, you can use the search box to locate more relevant articles on poultry, fish, snail farming, etc. You can also ask questions on the home page. If you need the ebook on poultry farming and snail farming, you can get them on the ebook page. Thank you

      • Tony July 29, 2017

        Great work pls email me 4 one on one meet

      • GLADYS September 21, 2017

        Good afternoon sir.
        Please I want to go into layers.
        Please kindly send a sketch of layers house with battery cage system
        God bless you as you do that

      • Udemsiondegreat November 4, 2017

        what will it cost me to have d person constructing d local cages to come to Benue State and do d construction for me?

      • Sylvester Joseph Aminu December 15, 2017

        Good morning, please i need information on how to get a poultry pen. My number is 08022961038.

      • Tunji January 10, 2018

        pls i need know how much i can spend on 3000 layer from point of lay for 2 months,before they started laying

      • Elizabeth January 26, 2018

        Need a very low cost day old chicken to layers for about 100 day old chicken per month at Magboro, Lagos-Ibadan Expressway Ogun State to start my poultry business

      • Michael April 6, 2018

        Pls is it better to construction the case or buy an already made one? Pls

      • Kayode Damilola June 22, 2018

        I appreciate the article, it is well composed but I have a part not so clear to me. Assuming I want to raise about 300 layers and I want to buy about to lay. Like how much should I be prepared for, then do you know where I could get healthy and affordable layers. thanks

      • Kayode Damilola June 22, 2018

        good afternoon I enjoyed the article it is an eye opener. I would like you to throw light to how to get about to lay healthy layers of about 300 pieces, how much will it cost to get it. thanks

      • Bukola July 17, 2018

        Pls how long ago was this article? I need a contact of someone that can build pen for layers and cage as well. Thanks

      • Eze Wilson October 6, 2018

        I sincerely need to connect with you ASAP. Please send me the email or phone number

      • Chigozie December 21, 2018

        Thanks so much for the information shared

      • Ade January 5, 2019

        Please how can I acquired a land less than a 100k and kick start my poultry… thanks

      • Yusuf Mohammed January 18, 2019

        Good day sir. Thanks for your education on poultry farming in nigeria and particularly the layers cage. I need the telephone number of the welder at Aiyedoto poultry farm estate ojo to book for the construction. I have started my poultry farm in Abuja.

      • Ayemco February 4, 2019

        Hello Ely Jay, please send me your contact

      • Eghuwa March 4, 2019

        Pls send me pictures on how to build a low cost poultry house like d one u shown above. I want to build in my compound with 20 to 30 chicken. Contact in Abijo Lagos of who can help me construct it. I really want to start something. Thank u.

      • Adiama Cooper April 22, 2019

        hey Im A Ugandan, i want to start a simple poultry farm of 2000 local chicken. help me with a road map to it. thank u

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