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      Pig Farming in Nigeria

      Pig farming also known as piggery is another aspect of farming in Nigeria that is making smart investors and entrepreneurs huge money on daily basis. If you are into this pig farming, you sure wouldn’t lack money again for the rest of your life. The reason is because Pig meet is in high demand in Nigeria and sells very very fast in the market. Another reason is that Pig reproduce in large number and grows very fast.

      A single pig gives birth to as much as 15 piglets at a time, making it one of the most reproducing livestock in the world. Baby pigs is known as shoat, farrow or piglet. Male pig is referred to as the boar while female is sows. As a group they are called a herd or drove.

      Pig Farming

      A Healthy Piglet

      Despite the huge profitability of Piggery, many Nigerian are still overlooking this goldmine because of ignorance of how it works. While some don’t just get the fact that it is a big business –  many who engage in it do it as part time business but if you can engage in this business fully, you are sure going to smile to the bank very soon.

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      A fully grown Pig goes for as high as N30,000 depending on the weight. Now Imagine for a year you are able to rear hundred to maturity, you will be making  N3 Million from the sales. If you can take it higher – lets say like 2,000 pigs in year, you will be making upward of N60 Million. Considering how fast pigs reproduces, it wouldn’t be a very much big deal to come up with 100 pigs in a year. Then, how do you go about setting up your pig farm? Below are the important guides

      1. Secure A Breeding Ground

      Depending on how you plan to feed your pigs, a plot of land may just be okay for small scale starting but if you can acquire a large farm land (from 5 acres) that will be better so that your pig can graze in the open and retire to the pen where they’d continue feeding and playing. Land is your biggest investment in this business. Once you have it, you’re half way done.

      Look for land in a rural area where you can get it cheaper. 1acre of land in a rural area will be from N200,000 x how many you want. Do your stuffs there and transport your goods to the town. Some butcher will even be coming to your farm to buy, saving you cost of transportation.

      It is good to raise pigs in pasture by leaving them occasionally to root around in the fields where they can find plants to eat, and that can only be achieved when you have large enough farm land (Pasture Ground) to cater for this. As they mature, you take care so that they do not wander away.

      2. Build Standard Pens

      Big pen is important if you don’t want your pigs to injure themselves. A good and specious pen is also important to keep the pigs healthy and free from diseases and contamination. Proper drainage is needed too to avoid water becoming stagnant in your pen which could attract insects and other harmful pets to harm your pigs. Get an expert involved! Click here to speak with an expert.

      To avoid your pigs getting overly dirty, you need to build a water pool where they can play, swim as pigs likes swimming, and cool themselves which is important to their well being. Changing the water and refilling the pool as frequently as possible will ensure that they are clean all the time. If you are keeping them outdoor, shelter should be build for them.

      3. Buy Healthy Piglets

      To ensure healthy farm, you need to make sure the piglets you are about to start your farm with are health. Buy from trusted source and make sure the ones you are buying has history of vaccination.

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      Pig Farming

      Standard Pig Pen for Big Farmers

      Buy as much as you wants to start with but don’t start with too many. It is advisable to start with small number and increase gradually. This way, you will be able to learn the rope and you grow and anything go wrong at the initial stage, your risk will be minimal.

      Talk To Veterinary Doctor – You need the services of vet doctors for regular check up and vaccination as well as feeding and nutrition advice. Pigs generally eats what human being eat and doe not present much worries when it comes to feed.

      4. Employ Workers

      Employ 4 – 5 persons if your pigs are up to 100. If  you are starting on a smaller scale, you may need lesser number of worker 1 – 2 workers who will be assisting in the cleaning of the pigs and the pens, feeding the pigs and making sure they are well behaved and other things necessary.

      5. Feeding Is Important For Pig Farming

      Just like human being,  Pigs eat a wide variety of foods, anything human can eat, they can eat. Like human being as well, they need balanced diet such as fiber, energy, protein, carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals to thrive. Feed will take the major chunk of your spending in the farm.

      For more discussion please call/whatsapp on 07036378686 an expert to get started TODAY.

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      Pigs, like all animals, must have constant access to clean fresh drinking water. As well as tipping the trough to make a wallow, pigs will also stand in the water trough and wash their dirty faces in it, so it needs to be checked regularly, cleaned out and refilled. Galvanised troughs are robust and easy to clean, and not too easy for the pigs to tip over.  Automatic drinkers are available but aren’t half as much fun for the pigs

      Put all these in place and you are as good as having started your business.  There is nothing a good as being in business you are sure of profit; Pig farming is one of such business. All you need to do is to feed and take care of them. Do that proper and watch them multiply in three fold.

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      • Anonymous August 27, 2013

        Hello Darlinton,
        Thanks for sharing your knowledge with the rest of the world. Well done! Please, can you shed some light on the marketing aspect of this business? For those who are already into this business, kindly assist with ideas or tips from your experience doing this business.

        Thank you.

        • Darlinton Omeh August 28, 2013

          There are markets where pig is sold all over the country. Get in touch with the market. I will write some articles on the marketing aspect.

          • alfa dutse January 22, 2016

            Kudos to you all for such an educative forum! Pls i just secured a loan of 400k which i intend to venture into pig farming, i’d be pleased if you could guide me on how to reap maximum profit within 6months? Pls note that its my first time and i dont have the implements/piglets on ground. Thanks and God bless!

            • Mobolaji Adebayo June 13, 2016

              Good of you to think of pig farming.
              It is really a big money spinner business.
              But make sure you buy well vaccinated pigs from a reputable dealer like Obasanjo
              farms at Otta. They are one of the best farmers i know of.
              Also get a ventinary Doctor on standby who can visit your pig farm
              at short notice. Also you will need a small store or barn where you
              can store up their foods and drugs. Water is a must. Dig up a well or do a bore hole first
              before you start raising the pigs. It will also help your business if you can
              get the services of a small boy in the area who
              can always come to help you clean up the pigs dung.(this pig dung is
              good manieur if you handle it right and people will buy it from you)
              All you need to do is to visit your farm site regularly and observe
              your pigs as the feed and play.
              Any pig that does not eat or play is probably sick and needs medical attention.
              Also try to attend a proper training or seminar on pig farming. Read books
              on pigs regularly to up date your knowledge,
              This is my own piece of advice for you. Best wishes and good luck.
              MOBOLAJI ADEBAYO

              • Jay Jay December 11, 2018

                Very good of you thanks a Lot For your advice

              • ONAKOYA Michael. July 22, 2019

                Can pig harm someone or gives someone injury?…and how can I get in touch with you?…or do have pig farm?

            • ade December 27, 2017

              how did you get the loan….am also interested

              • Abidemi Kayode Oguntade June 27, 2020

                The federal goverment of Nigeria is also giving loans to intended farmers and to the ones that want to expand through CBN/ AGMESIS. Just check CBN website for more info. This real

          • TimmyTolu September 20, 2016

            please where can i get imported breeds of pigs

          • joy July 19, 2017

            am about to start a pig farm in nigeria please can you link me with buyers

            • Darlinton Omeh July 19, 2017

              You haven’t even started your pig farm and you are linking up with buyers. What do you want to do with buyers now when you are yet to start?

          • kofoworola olakunle clement February 15, 2018

            pls if u need pig maybe the small or the big one around lagos agbado ijaye

        • Anonymous September 15, 2013

          how can one control the odour from the farm from reaching to communities and people around the farm. My name is pius A.

          • temitope January 11, 2018

            Mr Pius. A. You can control pig odour, but you can’t control the pig excreta, what you need to do get land where is far to community, and start your farm there.

          • olashile February 28, 2018

            please i need a proposal of 5million for a a pig farm

        • Rev. ‘Sogo Agboola July 3, 2016

          It is really a lucrative business, it is tested and trusted….. The only area left is financial empowerment; if there should be a finance house that could finance the project it will be perfectly O Kay and many people who are willing to do it will venture into it….

      • Anonymous August 29, 2013

        @ Darlinton,
        Ok, i will see how i can locate these markets, also waiting for more articles from you on same subject.

        Thanks a lot.

        • Anonymous January 26, 2015

          hi Darlynton i really appreciate your comment on how to start pig biz.but pls can u comment about types of breed that are good for rearing thanks

      • Anonymous September 7, 2013

        thanks for sharing your experience with others, how best can one construct pig's feeding and drinker without them messing it up?

        • Darlinton Omeh September 16, 2013

          Use feed trough that is solidly build. The drinker can be replaced after use

        • Anonymous February 1, 2014

          Good day Mr Darlington, I'm new into peg farming and I will so much appreciate it if u can tell me the exact drugs and most diseases that affect this livestock. And secondly how long does it take for the pig to get to maturity?

      • Anonymous September 22, 2013

        Thanks for sharing this with me. Please, what are d health challenges of this animal and how do you handle them? Also, how can I take care of odour on the farm?

      • Anonymous September 24, 2013

        pls which breed of pig is the best,nd hw can i find a brewery grain waste suppliers

      • Anonymous September 24, 2013

        pls which breed of pig is d best,nd how can i get in touch with supplier of brewery grain waste

        • Darlinton Omeh September 25, 2013

          Hampshire, Berkshire, and Large Black are all very good breeds, suitable for rearing. Most breeds will make excellent pork. Don't get too particular about breed and get what you can find in your area. I really don't know where you can get the brewery for now but I'll update you when I find

          • TimmyTolu September 20, 2016

            what are d feed used in feeding pigs dat will mke dem grow faster

          • Abel August 2, 2017

            Omeh, I would need your assistance if you wouldn’t mind.. You can contact me –

        • adetola January 20, 2016

          NBL, Ibadam. Brewery at Ilesha, Lagos, Benin, Enugu, etc

      • Anonymous October 16, 2013

        your write up is educative but you will not make 30 million naira from keeping 1000 pigs. you forgot to mention feeding cost which make up 70 percent of any livestock cost . management..drugs and vaccines. substrate that and the balance will be the profit. in this case just 8 million at most or less

        • Darlinton Omeh October 23, 2013

          Therefore, you are indirectly telling us that feeding and vaccine will take 22 million or more?

        • Anonymous October 18, 2014

          Honestly the article was ok but you left out the biggest headache in pig business which is the feeding. The young man was right. The only thing pigs do is to eat and eat non stop. It is not as profitable as you painted it to be. Feed takes most of the money. Well done good job you are doing here.

      • Anonymous October 18, 2013

        Pls give some useful contact of farms or any individual that could help train or educate prospective pig farmers. Response will be appreciated.

      • Anonymous October 23, 2013

        please where can i purchase a piglet of large white yorkshire?

      • usorolight November 18, 2013

        Please how much does the baby pigs cost each

      • Anonymous December 21, 2013

        Thanks for your write up, pls do u have an idea of how much it will cost to construct a piggery on a 100×200 land? Just an average cost will do, and how much for a sow and a boar.. Thx alot

        • Darlinton Omeh January 5, 2014

          N200,000 wouldn't be a bad budget, it is important to work with what you have at hand, big or small.

      • Anonymous December 29, 2013

        p/s tell me how to improve pig industry in nigeria

        • Theresa Udofia March 4, 2016

          Hello sir ,
          I have acquired a land already for the pig farm. Pls which spp is best to buy as piglet to start?
          I needs guidance cos i know nothing about how to start . Where can i go to view a typical piggry farm? I’ll appreciate every advice

      • Anonymous December 29, 2013

        p/s tell me how to improve pig industry in nigeria

      • Anonymous December 30, 2013

        Darlinton,wonderful work,pls kindly give guide at pig pen designer experts.

      • Ekundayo Olayemi January 1, 2014

        pls where can we find the buyer?

      • Osei Joseph January 9, 2014

        i started with poultry a year ago and added pigs four months ago. i want to stop the poultry and do only the piggery but i am nursing some fears that the piggery can't fetch me money like the poultry. the cost of poultry feed in Ghana is currently high, and the market for eggs was not good in 2013. i get the feed for the pigs at a very cheap price, and for others (left over of cabbage at the market) i do not buy at all. is it advisable to stop the poultry and concentrate all my efforts on the piggery?

        • Darlinton Omeh January 9, 2014

          Osei, you've already mentioned that you are afraid the pig may not yield you money like the poultry, meaning that you make more money from the poultry than the pig. So, why would you stop a business that make you more money to concentrate on the one that make less?

          There are always ups and downs in any business, some years may be very good while some may not be that too good, that shouldn't enough reason to pack up. My advice is that you should work hard to improve your production in 2014 instead of folding up. There will always be demands for foods and meats irrespective of the price changes.

        • Listowell October 9, 2017

          Dear Osei, why do you have to stop your poultry. Is it too expensive or is it non profitable?

      • Anonymous January 10, 2014

        Please how long does it take to rear a piglet to adulthood?

      • Kenny Adesina January 29, 2014

        Thanks for the posting. I have 4 acre of land and i plan for the land is for piggery. Like how much do you thing i might need to start the business. Like i said i wanna use all the land for pigerry.

        • Darlinton Omeh February 1, 2014

          Prepare 2-4 million naira for your project. That will enable you construction decent pig pens

          • OLUYEMI E O September 8, 2018

            Darlington please help me. I have 5m and I want to start pig farming. How can I start.

      • Anonymous February 14, 2014

        I want to start. Pig farming at oke _odan along idi roko. Road…..can I get pigs food around that area

      • Anonymous February 27, 2014

        of what benefit is the peletized feeds to the farmers and the animals?

      • Anthony Ojeaga March 8, 2014

        Plz how many pigs do you suggest I start with, if I have 400k at hand?? I plan to rent pens for now,, a pen is 30k per year. Thank you do much for these great n selfless job you doing.

        • Anonymous June 1, 2014

          Do u have big pen. Renting a pen will cost u much. Look for an empty land far from developing and rent. U will gain more

      • Anonymous March 12, 2014

        hiii Darlinton please i want u to advise me on how to market pig because i just want to start the pig farming business but my consine is how to sell when they grow up is it that i will be selling them one by one or they will buy them in bulk or how can i sell pls advise on how to sell and who are the peaple buying them because i want to do it in lagos and ijebu ode. tks Lookman

      • LEOEKE March 16, 2014

        D. Omeh
        I am highly pleased to read this from my naija brother. please I am highly interested in starting a pig farm.Is already under construction, but I need complete training on pig farming. please where can I undergo such training. I am completely without any knowledge in this area.

      • LEOEKE March 16, 2014

        Please Mr. Omeh, I have the intention of starting a piggery farm; not a very big one yet but about 10 pigs. it is under construction now but I need serious training on pig farming. I am completely a novice to it. Please where can I go for the training in Nigeria.
        thanks for this blog

      • Anonymous March 18, 2014

        How do you get the market To sell your pigs when fully grown. How do you get your buyers and are they in high demand?

      • adeogun olanrewaju April 8, 2014

        Your write up was good.I just want to start the business how many pig do you think i can start with 400K. Pls i need your advice

      • adeogun olanrewaju April 8, 2014

        your write up was good.am new and want to know how many pig can i start
        with 400k.

      • AJN April 20, 2014

        Thanks for your write up. I'm already into pig farming but there is a serious challenge in getting feeds.
        I have about 400 animals at different stages of maturity but feeding them is so difficult.
        Kindly help with suggestions for cheaper sources of feed.

        • Anonymous October 18, 2014

          Target market areas and go for the waste fruits and other things pigs can eat. Also u can learn how to formulate your own feed, that way it will be cheaper. Well done feeding 400 pigs is not easy. You can also consider selling off some stuck to recoup some money for their feed. Since u have the female they can always grow your stuck for u

      • Anonymous May 25, 2014

        Am working on my pen in Benue, and I want to start with 10 sows and 2 boars. Could that combination be ok? I have a vast land for the pen and I will love my pigs to moving freely in the fence. Pls advice me.

      • Anonymous June 2, 2014

        To whom it may concern you don't need millions of naira to set up a piggery business. I am well established in the piggery business and when i started it wasn't in million of naira but you can reap in million if you set your mind to it as you can see most people get turned off by smell but there is a location in Lagos that is mainly used for pig farmers which i happen to be a member

        • Kessington Emede January 7, 2015

          Hi Please can you let us know this location in Lagos, there are people like me out there willing to learn


        • Anonymous January 17, 2015

          Please where is the location in Lagos that's mainly used for piggery?

        • lovet ib April 21, 2016

          pls can u tell the location for pig in lagos. thanks

        • Genevieve September 12, 2017

          Hi, I also want to start a pig farm, so I will appreciate knowing that area of Lagos where it is mainly used for piggery. Thank you.

        • Solomon Obanewo September 27, 2017

          I also want to start a pig farm, so I will appreciate knowing that area of Lagos where it is mainly used for piggery. Thank you.

        • Adebayo May 23, 2019

          Please can u tell me more, how much will it cost me to rent a pen for 50 pig

      • Anonymous June 5, 2014

        Thanks for your write up. Its enlightening. Grateful lets know once your e-book is out.

      • Anonymous June 18, 2014

        pls how i control d odour from d pig farm jiboye 'ronbi ib.

      • Anonymous August 31, 2014

        good enlightment may god bless us all

      • Anonymous September 8, 2014

        Thank you for the knowledge shared. Pls do you think pig biz wud b lucrative in warri and it's environs?

        • Kent March 25, 2018

          Yes of course it is lucrative in Warri and Environs.I have a Big farm at Ughelli and it’s feaching me good money as I can’t even meet market demand

      • Anonymous September 29, 2014

        Gods blessing to u Mr Darlinton , pls I will like to get more knowledge abt this business I can see dt farming is really changing peoples life and I will not like to be left out. pls I will like to knw when the ebook is coming out. keep up the good work.

      • Anonymous October 4, 2014

        hello darlington apart from your book, can one come for trainig

      • Mka John Terfa November 20, 2014

        Hi all, maize is an important ingredient in feed formulation and so if any of you have land that can be cultivated go ahead and plant maize during the season usually the last two quarters of the year note that maize takes 90days from cultivation to harvest.

        Darlynton good job you are doing here…

      • Ojaomo Oladele O January 19, 2015

        pls i would love to av d ebook stuff on ds self sustainning business.

      • Adebola January 26, 2015

        Hi Darlynton i really enjoy your incisive writeup about piggery biz thumbs up but could u pls shed more light on the type of breed that are good for rearing and diseases and how to contain and control them thanks

        • Darlinton Omeh January 26, 2015

          I will write other articles on that very soon, keep on the watch and follow me on Twitter to be reminded when it's posted

      • Murphy Akanji July 1, 2015

        Pls Darlington I am based in osun and in possession of 2 acre of land. Though there is a agricultural academy here where you can learn more but your write up is highly educative. Thanks

        • Henry Anozie September 11, 2017

          I am a lecturer in Agric dept, University of Port Harcourt. We run training on pig management.

          Henry Anozie

          • Anyanwu Cosmas Izuchukwu April 15, 2018

            Sir, what are requirements to enroll in the training. How much will it cost me and like what period will it takes to pass out. Will any certificate be issued at the end? please I need your response sir.


            Anyanwu Cosmas

      • Anonymous August 14, 2015

        This is a great job. Well done and God bless you. There is no date in your write up, hence l am not sure of the fact that one can still get an acre of land to buy at the rate of 200k in 9ija. If yes, which part of 9ija please?

        How many piglet will you advice one to rear on an acre of land.

        Thank you.

      • mosco egharevba December 8, 2015

        I will say tanx alot sir I rili dream of bein a big farmer nd I lk u work sir I jst want 2 knw if der is any oda media 1 can connect wit u lk socail media I will b glad

      • NKEM January 19, 2016


      • oluwatosin January 20, 2016

        Hello Mr Dalington, your write up is encouraging. Am about starting up my own piggery business please i need your professional advice. how do i keep in touch with you please?

      • Abel January 20, 2016

        good morning. please i am about to acquire 2 plots of land in ogun state to start pig farming… will 500k be a good amount to start with? how many piglets can that get me and what will be the estimated cost for constructing pens and their feed? please this is urgent

      • James o.Y. February 4, 2016

        Nice write up.VERY URGENT PLEASE!!can a swampy area (not water log) be used for pig farming?i live around Badagry area of Lagos. could you direct me to where i can have a first hand gland on the scene? practical observation i believe goes a long way.

      • Derma February 5, 2016

        May God bless you for your generosity in sharing this with people who are desirous of making a positive change in their lives. Please oblige response to the questions raised on price of piglets, nature of demand for pigs, maturity period of pigs and marketing of matured pigs

      • Adebayo February 15, 2016

        Please,i am a novice in pig farming but i wish to start with half a plot of land.can i start with #200 and with how many pigs.Also how can i control the bad odour of the pig bcus the land to be used is close to the open community,thanks.

      • anonymous February 16, 2016

        Mr Darlinton.

        thanks for the information on piggery. I have a plot of land in port Harcourt and wish to start a pig and poultry farm. is it possible to rear birds and pig on the same land?

      • iziegbe odaiche March 3, 2016

        thank you so much on this lecture on how to start a pig farm

      • J.V March 6, 2016

        i have 2million at hand for pig farming and 500,000 at hand for fowl, land is not my problem coz i have 2plots of lands. how much do u think i wl b making yearly. i wl soon start goat farming advice on hw to handle it pls.

      • Nosa Ogbeide March 11, 2016

        Thanks Mr Darlinton for helping to bring to the fore the lucrative business of pig production in Nigeria. A lot of people are asking for how to get information on the subject. There is a Lagos State pig estate at Oke Aro and there are a lot of pig farmers in the estate. I have been in pig farming for about 6 years now and i will be able to help educate would be pig farmers.

        • Collins O. April 5, 2016

          Obhioba uwese. Thanks for the big info. God bless you.

        • Sam September 25, 2017

          Hello sir,
          I stopped there to see how big the place is.can I get to have a heart to heart with you to learn more on how the estate operates?

        • Adeore February 23, 2018

          Hello Mr Ogbeide,

          Thank you for that wonderful info. Please how can i connect with you.

        • Baamshan Cyril April 8, 2018

          I am highly impressed with this moral lifting article. God bless our efforts

      • Adebayo March 14, 2016

        How can i rear pig without disturbing the community with bad odor because my land is located near developing community.

        • Darlinton Omeh March 14, 2016

          That will be more capital intensive I think the best thing is to get a land in a rural area

          • MAEL FARMS February 15, 2019

            Thanks Darlington for the insight. Have u got an idea of who can construct both indoor and outdoor pen on a 1.5 acres of land? Very urgent in osun state


      • vincent adesemoye March 22, 2016

        Good day mr omeh can you plz send me your contact details

        • Thobeka April 23, 2016

          My name Thobeka from matatiele I am looking to open the pig farm and I want to know the saply nest to my place

      • Ben March 29, 2016

        How can I get your Contact Sir , want to embark on pig Farming

      • wale Ogunmolu April 11, 2016

        Very educative indeed. thank you. God bless you.

      • kefas Aninyi April 15, 2016

        I have been my dreams to start up the business but it required a large capital. I wish someone will help. Nice business

      • Edi Ifeoma April 16, 2016

        want learn frm u hw much wil it cost me to come to ur farm and a two or three months training

      • Edi Ifeoma April 16, 2016

        I personally want to learn from u how to do ds biz so how much wil it cost me to have a two to three months training right there in ur farm. tnx

      • Godwin April 25, 2016

        Mr “D” thank you very much for your education. I ve been reading a lot of comments, questions and some answers. I am suprised when you said that 2-4 million Naira will be requied to start a decent pig net. CAN’T ONE START WITH SMALLER AMOUNT ?. I am happy to hear that one can start with 50-100 pigs. Thank you very much for this type of free education but I suggest that you organise lession or lectures for some people like us.

      • Yemi April 28, 2016

        The main issue is not addressed.how and where are the ready buyers of pigs?

      • okusanya kunle May 12, 2016

        tnks mr omeh , am really enjoy ur advise , God bless u sir

      • Francis May 14, 2016

        I leave in benue state with large numbers of pigs how can i market the pigs.

      • Okey Ukwueze May 14, 2016

        I have one pig farm already and I would like to get more tips on the feeding. Thanks for for the educative article on this topic. I would personally want to partner with you to see how to improve on my farm. Thank you.

      • Okey Ukwueze May 14, 2016

        Please, I would want to get your phone contact for more discussions on this subject matter. On a more serious note, I have a modern pig farm that is of high standard and would want to garner more knowledge. Thank you.

      • Andrew May 16, 2016

        Thank you dearly, this article is very much resourceful. and i have learned a lot from it. thank you

      • Ayinde Abiodun May 27, 2016

        I started my piggery business last year May to the glory of God my stock is above 100 at different level of maturity. Pig farming is very lucrative but requires a lot of patience. I have the following for sales: crossed sow, weaners, growers, castrated boars. You can also call for training, pen construction, feed formulation. Call. The farm is located in Iwo Osun State

        • Dixon June 7, 2016

          how can i get in touch with you…. this is my email address:

        • Geoffrey Okeh June 15, 2016

          Pls send me your number, we need to discuss. You can text me on:

        • Lionking August 7, 2016

          Can you give me your email address so that I can contact you?

        • Ade June 8, 2020

          About to purchase some acres of land in Apomu, Osun State. I want to do piggery and your assistance and guidance will be needed in all the areas you mentioned above.
          Pls my email address is AYOWUMY @AOL.COM for contact. Thanks.

      • Dixon June 7, 2016

        Hello, please i want to start pig farming and poultry, can you put me through. this is my email:

      • Simon June 11, 2016

        Thank God for this wonderful information. A friend of mine is planning to go into pig business and this article came to me at the right time. Thank you for your generosities sir. Thank you.

      • simon June 16, 2016

        im so grateful this information. i intend going into pigery in Ghana but totally have no idea about the business. this will go a long way to help.

      • SAMBEN, BITRUS DAMPE July 8, 2016

        Thanks for the insight, please i need more information and literature on this farming(PIGGERY)
        Be blessed. From Jos,Plateau State.

      • Udofia I July 13, 2016

        Darlington your articles and advice on pigs production is recommended. God bless you.

      • Chuks July 21, 2016

        I really appreciate your advice and encouragement to people who are really interested in rearing pig. But it will be nice if you can organise training for those of us who are novice in pig rearing. God bless and enlarge you. IJN

      • Anyika Ignatius July 27, 2016

        U may not know what God has used u to do in the lives of people by ds ur free Seminar nd training. May God bless you.
        Please where will one get d piglets to buy nd what’s d idea of their prizes?

        • flaky November 10, 2016

          Mr. Darlinton, this is a wonderful piece. Can you pls contact me through my mail so we can talk please.

      • Muriithi January 28, 2017

        Mr Darlington thank you very much for your education i have been reading alot of comments questions and some answers .i am in kenya am about to start up my own piggery business on march 5/2017 with 200 000k .please i need your professional advice. [email protected] gmail .com

      • frankroju March 9, 2017

        Please i need information on Oke Aro Pig farm in lagos, any body with reliable security situation of the farm, the cost of rentage of pen most especially the hidden fees for a new comers.

        • Adewole Oriade March 26, 2017

          The farm is secured by central security. You pay around N1,000 per year for security . A pen (room) goes for between N2,000 to N3,500 depending on the size. The other fees are the association fees (N25,000) which you don’t have to start paying immediately if you hide under your landlord. I am starting a piggery there from April this year.

          • Taiwo May 24, 2018

            Pls, can I get such arrangements too. I am in Port Harcourt and keen about the piggery business. Thank you

      • Kenny01 April 4, 2017

        Thanks very much for this write up. please i’v been on the piggery farm for over to years but is unfortunate that i have not have any pig that reproduce till now. Please how can you guide me on this?

      • Saint Ademola June 24, 2017

        I’m a young pig farmer and I’ve been on this forum for years but never posted a thing. This is for starters with less capital; from my experience I realized that renting a ready made pen at the inception of your business is wiser than acquiring land/building, you can later do that after making money from the business. Renting a pen will enable you to spend less on assets and more on the business itself(pigs) which is what will bring profits.
        I’m looking to set-up a corporative alongside other youth farmers, so we can access government loans and grants as a body. I have 2 colleagues here already and all I need is 5 more persons. I can help you secure a pen and quality animals here in Lag, and I’m also on ground to guide you.
        Note: I don’t work for people, I will only show you what to do and guide you on everything you need to know, so you have to be serious and committed. Lastly, pls I don’t want old people in this corporative cos I won’t want anyone that will be acting like he/she gave others the money they invested with. Contact: 09024448262

      • Olusuyi Vincent July 15, 2017

        Good write-ups sir. Am from Ekiti State Nigeria and have been on this job for two years now. My farm is doing well it’s just that am selling bit by bit, no contact with bulk buyers yet.

      • MDJ July 25, 2017

        I have read widely about pig farming and have come to conclusion that , the business is lucrative .

        The only thing that amused me out of all that was no one write of any risk

      • Bonet August 6, 2017

        Very interesting, I don’t have the funds right now but this is something I’ve always want to do. So please do well to keep us with your comments and testimonies to encourage us as I’m already making plans to start next year by God’s grace

      • BD Golos August 17, 2017

        I need to know the current amount of piglet so that one can calculate properly on the initial capital need for this lovely business….

      • onyekachi chris August 30, 2017

        How much does a piglet cost. And how much and much is estimated on the cost of feed one pig till maturity.

      • BJ September 5, 2017

        How long exactly does it take a piglet to grow up to maturity stage or butchery stage? What is the average weight of a newly born piglet ,the one at two months old and a fully mature pig?
        I will appreciate a reply

        • Joshua September 14, 2017

          Average weight of new born is 1.5kg and it doubles after a week. The rest depends on breed, feed quality. market size depends on u.

      • Macpaul September 13, 2017

        Hello, my Name is Macpaul, I reside in Owerri and my farm is located at Ogberuru in Orlu LGA, IMO State. Am a young farmer with experience on fish and births poultry farm, now I want to go into Piggery form section from building my Pen locally that will contain 8 piggery for starting . Pls I will need Ur advise as a old experienced dealer on starting the pig farm to avoid a mistake as a beginner so that I will put it in my effort. Thanks

      • Macpaul Deraa September 13, 2017

        Hello, my Name is Macpaul, I reside in Owerri and my farm is located at Ogberuru in Orlu LGA, IMO State. Am a young farmer with experience on fish and births poultry farm, now I want to go into Piggery form section from building my Pen locally that will contain 8 piggery for starting . Pls I will need Ur advise as a old experienced dealer on starting the pig farm to avoid a mistake as a beginner so that I will put it in my effort. Thanks

      • Joshua September 14, 2017

        If u reside it Rivers state or its environ, this is for u. There will be an intensive pig seminar/workshop/training titled A to Z of piggery. It includes pig management, diseases n control as well as vaccination, feed formulation, pig pen etc. Interested? send ur name, phone number and location to [email protected] yahoo.ca or 08021338070. It will take place second week of oct 2017. Thanks.

      • Bawo October 3, 2017

        I love your page and would want to say thanks ,,
        I am really interested in starting up fish farming and poultry farming here in delta state,please I seek for your assistance in knowing where to start from,,,,
        I have secured a plot of land,
        All I seek for is your assistance in knowing where to start from,,,
        Thanks and hope to hear from you.

      • Abraham October 20, 2017

        good morning please how can I get good piglet am from jos plateau state and I have build my pig pen and it course me about 2millon naira and now I ned a very good breed and how can I get them?

      • IMOLEAYO Egunjobi November 7, 2017

        What we I need to start pigs farmer

      • Many thanks for your free tutorial on pig breeding. It is mighty kind of you. The good LORD bless you real good.
        Interestingly, I stumbled on your write-up just when i was making up my mind on which to start with first(piggery or poultry), given the limited resources at my disposal. I will start with a piggery, so very graciously give responses to these concerns of mine:1. How to deal with the odour to avoid causing a nuisance or health hazard? Any effective odout control materials/procedures? 2. Can I start with full- grown sows and boars, or is it better starting with piglets? 3.Advise on the ideal numbers ofpigs in each pen.
        Grateful, please revert asap.
        Kind regards, Donald.

      • Chuks December 7, 2017

        Plz, if u need land property in Port Harcourt rule area at less cost or cheap price contact me. 250,000,350,000,450,000.00

      • Bassi January 2, 2018

        I want to write a proposal on pig farming but one of the question i couldnt answer is who are the buyers? Who are those that come to buy it in bulk? Pls help me out to knw where to sell them. Thank u

      • Lucky January 13, 2018

        Thanks for the lecture l am interested bin this farming. I have the land now how can start. The building layout where to get them. I will real appreciate a more detail life lecture.

        • Alexander January 30, 2018

          please I have some questions about pig farming . how long does it take pig to grow to maturity? 2) what are the feeds for pig and the alternative food for them. 3)how much can it cost to set up the business.

      • mkn Steve March 8, 2018

        This article is very enlightening, in fact i jst plan to revamp the old ways we have been raising pigs. I have Personal experiences from the way I’ve been rearing them locally , I nw know how to improve things around me and my unemployed frnds…. Please anyone who has information on how to get hybrid piglet around kaduna state or else where can share. Mkn Steve

      • Joshua Helen April 3, 2018

        I really want to venture into this business, its really a gold mine

      • Geoffrey Omoijade April 6, 2018

        Thanks 4 the free lecture. The business seem interesting. I have some questions, (1)want to know the name of a good breed & colour of the skin (2) Where to get it in Benin (3)How long does it take a Pig to make 50 (4) What is their major food

      • Geoffrey Omoijade April 6, 2018

        Thanks 4the lecture. My questions (1).Help me with the name of a good breed and how I can access it in Benin (2).How many months can it take someone to make 50kg (3)what do they need to feed on to grow fast

      • Adebesin lanre April 16, 2018

        Want to know how much will it cost to raise a pigglet to adulthood and also need a copy of your eBook.

      • Michael Ujah April 23, 2018

        nice write up. please what are the possible challenges that might come up at the start up level of a pig farm and how can we avoid/overcome it?

      • Thanks for the insightful teaching on pig rearing.
        Where can one get practical training?

      • peter uchenna May 24, 2018

        pls sir I.need a four million naira pig proposal .I’m.new to the business and I don’t know how to go about it pls I.need the proposal Asap

      • owolabi June 5, 2018

        I am interested in this business. However, i would like to have the following information,
        1. How many should i buy to start with
        2. Like how much will it cost to raise a piglet to adult pig

        • adewalekean August 6, 2018

          start small sir/ma. thereby learning more on how the system works…… dont rush the process.

      • David June 24, 2018

        Hello! Please I need a proposal of 5 million naira worth on pigs farming. Am just a fresher in the business and I need your help. I will be glad if you can do that for me. I need it very soon.

      • ibitoye emmanuel June 24, 2018

        am on the buz of pig farming , i started with a family i have alot of pen that can take 200 to 250 but there is financial challenge what do i do am in nasarawa state in akwanga

      • Moses Ademuyiwa July 1, 2018

        Any pig farmers whatsapp group to join around ?

      • steve conos July 7, 2018

        please i need a proposal for 10millin Naira pig farm.It is my dream and ready to take off i am interested in it,please i need your assistance in this regard

      • Kola August 14, 2018

        Good evening Sir,
        I have 1acre of land and I want to go into pig farming. I am a total novice (1)How much do I need from getting the pigs to vet doctors to pen, EVERYTHING. How much should I be looking at? (2) How or where do I get funding or investors ? Na land I get I no get money.

      • john alex January 2, 2019

        am into piggery farming but I stop cuz I taught it is not going to bring profit but now I have gone into it back, I want a loan to start up in a big way again cuz am using 40 plots of land in owerri,please I will like you to create a group where it will be easy for us to communicate to each other Thanks

      • Johnson Maxwell January 16, 2019

        how much for two female piglets and one male

      • mashingil January 17, 2019

        How can I get it ?
        I two female to start thanks

      • Adejumo March 20, 2019

        I am a pig farmer and have some exotic breeds with high FCR, you can get in touch with me
        Duroc, Camborough, largewhite,landrace

      • Michael May 10, 2019

        How much does a piglets cost ?

      • rimamkwesi May 19, 2019

        three pigs i.e 1 male and 2 female would cost how much.

      • Kigak May 31, 2019

        And that’s really it ? So somply correct ? Will it work in some other country like for example Ukraine or Russia ? I think what you have provided is more like universal thing and can be applied simply everywhere where needed for sure. I do not understand.

      • opex August 25, 2019

        go to this site for updated version of this topic

      • Randy Cruz September 23, 2019

        Thanks for you good advice,but like how much will person need for starting,i have already bought 4 plot of a land across express .just waiting to get good manager who can build the pigs pen after the fence.But my question is there any need to roof it after fencing the land or i should just build pens after the fence,i need advice because i want to go into piggery maybe staring with 200 pigs,maybe 150 females and 50 males.my Email.([email protected])

      • success emhiose November 1, 2019

        I have seen great prospect in pig farming and thanks a more excellent way Mr Darlinton. Speaking about pig housing, what advice would you give to someone, attempting to use between 6 plots to 1 acre of land. Plus incorporating drainage channel, Bore hole facilities and probably an internal pool.

        Next Question

        Speaking about structure, what structure is best convenience for pig. Most farmers uses wood and others blocks, some leave the pigs to play in the open field?

        Can i obtained a prepared document showing kinds of structure required to rear pigs according to land size?

      • Ade June 8, 2020

        About to purchase some acres of land in Apomu, Osun State. I want to do piggery and your assistance and guidance will be needed in all the areas you mentioned above.
        Pls my email address is AYOWUMY @AOL.COM for contact. Thanks.

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