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      Starting a Tomato Farming

      Tomato is one of the most important cooking ingredient in Nigeria. Ninety percent of our food is never complete without tomato. We use it in cooking stews, soups, salads, portages, and virtually every food imaginable in the land. It goes with everything. So good that none of our traditional foods ever rejected tomato. This report explains how to start lucrative tomato farming in Nigeria.

      Benefits Of Tomato Farming

      Health – This wonderful fruit berry is an excellent source of good amount of vitamin C and beta-carotene. Tomatoes deep redness mean it’s a very good source of antioxidant agents. It’s a powerful source of vitamin E and enhance the health and sharpness of the eyes. You can never go wrong with tomatoes as far as nutrition and health is concerned.

      Profit – The market is always there for tomatoes in Nigeria. Why not? A product

      Tomato Farming
      Ripped Tomatoes ready for the market

      that is consumed by close to 200 million people, no amount you produced that will ever going to be enough. In 2012, Nigeria imported 65,809 tonnes of processed Tomato that worth over N11.7 Billion. That was in addition to the massive tonnes produced locally in the North. Tomatoes alone takes out over N100 billion annually from Nigerians!

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      What exactly are Nigerians doing that a whooping amount of N11.7 billion has to go to other countries economy for a product that does very well in almost every Nigerian soil? This is a question we need to ask ourselves as we prepare for this year’s farming season.

      If you have N3 million and you invest it in tomato farming this season, you will double that investment within nine months.

      How To Grow Tomatoes

      Tomato farming is very simple. Anyone can do it in any capacity, either in the backyard or in commercial quantity. Growing tomato is much more rewarding than you could ever imagined. Tomato can be grown round the year, especially in places like Kano where there is irrigation system specifically made for it. In other places, it is best cultivated during the rainy season.

      Step 1: (Pick up The Best Species) – The improved yield specie is the best

      High Yield Tomato Variety
      The high yield tomato variety | Photo credit: Testi-Lee

      choice for farmers, do not pick the local species. In this case, I will recommend the Roma variety. The Roma tomato known for it’s size and redness is a plum tomato very popular in the Nigerian markets. This specie can be used both for canning and producing tomato paste. It is also commonly found in supermarkets in some countries like the United States. Roma tomatoes are also known as Italian tomatoes, it is also called Italian plum tomatoes.

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      What makes Roma specie very unique is it’s long shelf life, it’s hard back, and low water content which enables it to last longer after harvest. A paint rubber of the seed cost about N4,500

      Step 2: (Prepare The Nursery)  – This can be done around March/April when the rain is just beginning in most parts of the country. You can use your backyard for the nursery or any other piece of land the is suitable for it. Tomatoes does very well in most soil types in Nigeria but better in a black loose loamy soil. Prepare the ground by clearing the grasses and rubble, loosen the soil with hand trowel and hoes.

      Remove the seeds from the tomatoes and spread it on the prepared soil. You can cover it with dry grasses to prevent the lose of moisture from the soil and prevent birds ants fowls from eating off the tomato farming seeds.

      Within 5-7days you will see it germinating. Wait till about another five days before you remove the dry grasses to allow for proper growth. Leave it for another one month before transplanting.

      Step 3: (Transplant to The Garden/Farm) – The final journey will be moving it into the permanent farm where they would grow to maturity and production.

      If your farm is too big that you can’t do the transplanting alone, hire laborers according to your need. You need to be careful with the tender plan to avoid breaking it. Transplant is best done with hands for better results.

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      Open the soil with piece of small wood, insert the seedling into the hole and cover it with lose soil. Tomato plan is very tender and fragile, it is best transplanted the same day you uprooted it from the nursery to avoid dehydration and fatigue.

      Step 4: (Weed and Apply Fertilizer) – After two months from transplant, it will be time for weeding. Hire laborers to do the weeding while you supervise to ensure that your tomato plants are not damaged during the process of removing weeds.

      Tomato Farming
      Tomato Orchard with ripped Tomatoes | Photo credit: RIF Garden

      After the first weed, it will be time to apply fertilizer to help replenish the soil nutrients taken by the weeds. To grow successfully, tomatoes need nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, potash, calcium, and magnesium, along with other trace minerals. It’s always best to have your soil tested to check for nutrient levels and pH level.

      Use fertilizer that supply those vital nutrients – N-P-K ratio fertilizer can be very good for tomatoes. See types of fertilizers that are very good for tomatoes.

      Step 5: (Harvest Your Tomatoes) – Tomato is harvested in matches, the moment you starts harvesting, you’ll continue on weekly basis till the end of the season, usually it will keep producing till the dry season when the plant will die off due to the scorching heat.

      The first harvest starts within three months after planting. That means if you plan by April, you should be expecting your first harvest to start by June/July. From then, it will continue till November/December.

      Step 6 (Market Your Tomatoes) – It is important to prepare your marketing well ahead of harvesting. Look for who or where to supply the product. This is because, tomato is a perishable product unless you have built storage system.

      Mile 12 is the major market for fresh tomatoes and other vegetables in Lagos. Its purely dominated by the Northerners who majors in this farming, harvesting cash over the years. Why? 90% of vegetables consumed in Lagos are brought in from the North. Virtually nothing is produced in the. South West, South East and South South. Lagos alone has over 15,000,000 million people consuming tomatoes almost on daily basis. So, you can see the potential in the farming business.

      There is need for smart entrepreneurs to see the opportunity for big business and big money in this sector. We have gotten to the point where we need young savvy entrepreneurs to break into this sector and start producing and delivering quality, hygienic tomatoes at very affordable price.

      The mass market remains the key to success in Agribusiness and I would rather sell 1,000 basket a day for N2,000 each than sell just 100 basket a day for N5,000 per basket. The money is in the mass market and we need to start seeing it that way and working that way. Produce more, sell less amount, and make more money.

      If you start preparation now for this venture, you will harvest cash all season. Feel free to ask questions using the comment section and contribute your knowledge to help us all grow in this tomato farming business .

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      • Anonymous February 9, 2015

        YOu are a blessing to this nation. How you selflessly put these information together is beyond me. pls keep the good work. i will contact you very soon for investment

        • Kehinde Daramola February 20, 2017

          Dear sir
          if you want to make good cash from tomato farming we can give you hitech tomato farming tech. so that you can yield maximum profit this year
          for more info.

      • Darlinton Omeh February 9, 2015

        Thank you very much and we look forward to having you in our midst.

        • Muhammad Kabir Ahmad June 14, 2016

          Sir,how can I get it?I am ready to starts, since I have big land but I leaved it zero.I am waiting your responds. Thanks.

        • zik July 4, 2016

          Hi, my name is Ogolo Zik and I stays in PH Rivers State. I secure some land for tomatoes farming but I have some issues to make choice of species of seed, actually I was searching for Jet Star tomatoes seed bcus of its massive production, pls this Roma Specie tomatoes dose it share the same production like Jet star tomatoes seed? If yes pls how can I get it? Pls I need your help? My number is you can also Wasap with it Thanks

        • emmanuel June 30, 2019

          good day sir. thanks 4 the good information, I av plan 4 planting tomato 4 commercial scale. pls i will like to contact with you. thanks

      • Anonymous February 12, 2015

        As a fresh graduate , how can I raise money to acquire land(either by lease or rent) to kick start this tomato or pepper farming?

      • adepoju korede March 8, 2015

        wow! what a good exposition. highly encouraging will follow you on twitter because i just need some that will do a kind of follow-up for my first year in farming though the land is available for me .

        • Dozie September 1, 2016

          can anyone help with respect to farmland in Ogun state? thank you.

      • adepoju korede March 8, 2015

        what a nice exposition . will follow you on twitter. though the land is available yet i still need your advice .this is my first year in cultivation of land .

      • Emmanuel Ogunesan June 24, 2015

        thanks brother, can roma specie tomatoes grow well in ibadan?

      • Funlola Ojelade July 4, 2015

        Great blog. Just one thing though- your posting will reach international audience, it will help to have someone (or a group of people) proofread them before posting.

      • OKUSAGA, Tajudeen O. January 15, 2016

        YOu are a blessing to our generation and future generations of Nigeria. You have shown your love and believe in the success of Nigerian nation. Please keep up the good work of educating Nigerians and humanity at large.

        Meanwhile, i wish to seek information on how and where i can find ROMA (Italian) tomato seeds to buy. I shall be grateful if you could let me know where to get the seeds in Lagos or Ota area of Ogun State.

        • Darlinton Omeh January 15, 2016

          Thank you Tajudeen, Roma species of tomatoes are in the open market like mile 12 market, that’s the easiest place you can get. Ask those Housa tomato farmers/dealers and they will sell the tomatoes to you.

          • Muhammad Kabir Ahmad June 14, 2016

            You’re quite oh right blessing to this nation, especially in this critical situation, we needs somebody like you,I saluted you to the extent. Then I joined you,hope you send me all I need. Thanks as usual considered. Muhammad Kabir Ahmad.

        • Anonymous July 29, 2017

          If you can travel to the North, I believe you will see there….

      • Henrietta Babajide January 18, 2016

        Thank you so much for the information. I intend to start tomato farming this season. Where can I get the very good species?
        Thanks again

      • wale olusoga January 20, 2016

        Thanks for your efforts in putting this together, you are surely a blessing to our generation.

        I do like to invest in this venture but can you Pls give me more information on the onion and tomatoes farming.

        Kind regards

        Wale Olusoga

      • samson john January 21, 2016

        Apart from the planting drying off by November/ December owing scotching heat, it is possible to get the plants preserved by way of irrigation or wetting. If yes will it still be productive as a normal plant.

      • Franklyn January 21, 2016

        Thank you sir for exposing us this wonderful opportunity as a corp member about to pass out this april am very very happy and excited to start up tomatoes\pepper farming but I will need your guidiance I don’t know if you can give us your email address to contact you this is mine I would really appreciate if you can reach me.lastly sir,can the roman specie of tomatoes be grown in benin? What specie of pepper is the best? And what is the minimum amount you can start up with? And what are some ofthe challenges can one face when you start up?I will really appreciate if you can get back to me, thanks again

        • Darlinton Omeh January 21, 2016

          Yes, Roma specie of tomatoes can do very well in Benin. I have lived there and I know Benin has good lands suitable for tomato farming.

          • David February 27, 2016

            Hello Mr. Darlington,

            Good morning and thank you for this piece.

            I currently have about 5 hectares of land and I intend to cultivate tomato, pepper and strawberry, using the greenhouse technology. What do you advise?

        • Harry Nzekwe January 16, 2019

          Thanks a million for your efforts in creating jobs for the teeming population of jobless Nigerian educated youths. Pls my questions are;
          1. Which type of pepper does better in Nigeria
          and how can one source it.
          2. What is the average expected yield per
          hectare of pepper farm.
          3. Can one do pepper farming without water for
          irrigation / if there is water, can it make any
          Thanks immensely for your teachings. Harry.

      • Franklyn January 21, 2016

        Thanks sir, please which is the best specie of and what are the common problems one can encounter as perplanting, growth and harvest?because there is no business without risk

      • FunmiK January 25, 2016

        God bless you sir! I came across your blog via google since I am determined to go into serious SME this year as I am so tired of working with one-man-firm. But like the last post said; what are the risks and common problems involved with its pre-planting, growth and harvest stages? More so, can you advice the most suitable area/place in Lagos to acquire good soil as you mentioned above? And are there people who in Lagos where one can acquire in form of rent or lease mini farm land to go into this production.

        Thank you sir.

        • Darlinton Omeh January 26, 2016

          There is no much farmland in Lagos as everyone here is concerned about real estate development only. Every land in Lagos is going for real estate, however there are still lands for farming which you can ask from people who are familiar with your area.

          • Albertina April 23, 2016

            Am very much interested in agriculture products am new to the system here in Nigeria i wish to meet with farmers who arw already in the sectors i will like to try few km outside Lagos but with very good soil or a gud land in lagos am fresh…. But am determine not only tomatoes alot more 2 heads are better then one….

          • Blessing May 25, 2016

            Thank you very much for this Tutorial, i have been thinking for a long time on what to do with my life and with the hectares of land my Grand Dad left Behind in sapele delta state. Now my eyes are opened. i want to go commercial in a large scale. i would like to consult you on a personal level pls send me an email containing your contact details so we can do business. my Email is



      • Ogbole samson January 28, 2016

        I am Samson Ogbole, I can help set up aeroponics system (planting crops without the use of soil) for tomatoes farming. The cycle is faster as compared to traditional farming. Aeroponics system can be used for over 100 plants (herbs, vegetables, fruit, tubers etc). Check “sreach aeroponics group” on facebook.
        Thank you Mr. umeh for the platform

        • Adex February 17, 2016

          Hello Mr. Ogbole, I will appreciate it if you can give more detailed information on your contact, thanks.

        • David June 1, 2016

          Hello Samson,

          Good information. How do I contact you for this. My email is. Please let’s connect.


      • Ismail Rasheed February 10, 2016

        What a lovely idea here, may God bless you sir. I feel highly inspired after reading this piece and am just ready to key-in into this idea. I’ll follow u on twitter. Thank you.

      • Precious Udegbue February 22, 2016

        Good day Mr Darlinton,thank you so much for this enlightening piece of information.
        I’d like to know the cost per acre for planting, growing and harvesting pepper, tomatoes, maize and potatoes. Thank you..

      • Oladele February 28, 2016

        Good work Mr. Darlington, God bless you for your selflessness. Pls I want to know if irrigation could aid the tomato and pepper planting in Osun State? Quantity of seed that would be needed for one acre? and Like how many tonnes can one acre of land produce? Once again, God bless you

      • Aderemi March 2, 2016

        What a great work! you have reignited me once again, my plan now for this year is to go into farming both Animal& Crop.You are too good in this area.How better for us if all of can engage in one or two of these and see how money would continue to flow in our economy.Nigerian should wake up from their slumber,and dream.

      • abdulmalik sabiu March 6, 2016

        How many tones can i get from one acre, from the roma varieties? secondly, what is the best type of fungicide and herbicide that i can use? Finally, is the roma varieties hybrids?

      • Famoroti Ezekiel March 24, 2016

        Thank you for the eye opener, please i need your mentorship on this business. I have been able to raise some capital for this project and least some space of land for thesame purpose. But i dont want to dabble into it. I need information like where to get the right species of seed or seedlings, fertilizer, to hire the implements like tractor for making ridges or weed control chemicals or some other information that may be of value to the success of my plan. Your quick response will be best appreciated. Thank you

      • Adebanji Olamilekan March 28, 2016

        So wonderful sir,am impressed & blessed with did ur quality info.Thanks sir.But I want to ask,do u need heaps or beds for ur pepper and tomato cultivation?

      • Julius Ubuake March 28, 2016

        Thanks so much for this life transforming information. I am so delighted and blessed with this eye opening wealth of business.

        Where can I get these Roma tomatoes species.

      • GODWILL Obielum April 18, 2016

        Please I want to know the minimum spacing when planting tomatoes and the advantages of applying the drip irrigation system. Secondly is there where in Nigeria I can get the drip irrigation system to purchase.

      • Shitu April 20, 2016

        Hello,pls am looking at doing d tomatoes farming during raining season.how can I get d seedlings that can grow during raining season.also pls can I get ur contact phone number so I call you to talk more.

      • Judith April 28, 2016

        Where can One get the fertilizer in Lagos?

      • Fred May 2, 2016

        please can I get the viable Italian tomatoes seeds? please help me, it’s urgent.

      • mercy Frank May 2, 2016

        Thanks for info more grease to your elbow.

      • mercy Frank May 3, 2016

        Good info thanks

      • Ezindu May 4, 2016

        Interested, I ‘ ll need to converse with you with regards to seedlings etc.

      • Mrs Nneka Obi May 5, 2016

        Darlington first of all I want to say thank you for this very good information. Actually I am caterer and I have been so bitter about the cost of tomatoes in the market so it just hit me that I can actually grow it for my use and sell as well.

        Bottom line I have 6 plots of land somewhere around Eleko beach and I just said why not start a tomatoe farm there, that was why I searched on line for this information.

        So I just have some questions, after reading your blog, first of all you said with 3 Million Naira one can start, since I already have a land what else do I really need to spend money on part from the Labour, and the initial purchase of the tomatoe seeds.

      • nelic May 8, 2016

        how can i have the seed

      • Adetunmbi Olufemi May 11, 2016

        I need to first appreciate ur efforts on here, its great. I’m a graduate of Plant Science from Michael Okpara University & currently serving in Osun state. The Ministry of Agric just approved to give lease 1ha of land that I wish to start Tomato farming on. I need someone to look at my project proposal and help fund it to an extent. I’ll be grateful if you can assist in that regards. Hoping to hear from you.

      • Rotimi Abidemi May 13, 2016

        Great job you are doing, pls where can I buy the Roma tomato seeds in lagos?

      • Onyeagu emeke May 15, 2016

        Thank you sir, your one of the great minds we have in this country. God bless sir, keep this on keep showing people the way.
        Pls i want to start this business in the south, delta state to be precise i have seen your exlanation but i want more, with the soil and weather in the south can the cultivation of this tomatoes crop compete with that in the north in quality and quantity? Tell me more thank you

      • seun May 16, 2016

        How can one get the seeds to plant? Large quantity please.

      • segun May 16, 2016

        thank you sir for this ur write,may God bless you for enlighten us

      • Joy May 19, 2016

        Please can tomatoes grow in Delta state

      • Anjorin Fatai May 19, 2016

        thanks for this wonderful exposure but how can one get the seed in large quantity especially the recommended roma specie


      • segun shodipo May 20, 2016

        I read ur post on tomato farming. I am interested. I have some acres of land in mosimi, shagamu. Pls how can I contact u for advise on the farming business.

      • bola May 20, 2016

        Pls can tomatoe grow here on Lagos soil? I want to go into this and I need assistance

      • Eguavoen May 21, 2016

        Thanks for this wonderful information. I am an agric graduate, tired if working in people’s farm. I want to out all the efforts I expend daily in managing farms for people into my personal venture. Please where exactly can one get the planting seeds that are favourable to our soils and climate around Edo? Do one just extract seeds from the freshly purchased tomatoes from the market or is there a seed distribution market? Please highlight us on these. Thanks and God bless

      • Ogho May 21, 2016

        Thanks so very much for your post. My question is how can one identify this particular Roma specie of tomatoes? I currently live in Abuja and would be grateful for any insights provided. Thank you.

      • OJULARI UTHMAN May 23, 2016


      • Princeton eleke May 23, 2016

        Is it mandatory to do your nursery separately? …cant one prepare the nursery on the farmland and grow it from there?

      • Rita May 23, 2016

        Wonderful piece on tomatoes.how do I get the Roma seeds please.

      • Okojie E.E. May 25, 2016

        Thanks so much Sir, for enlighting us with your farming idea.Before now, i have started investing on mixed farm that takes Cayenne pepper, Tomatoes, Fluted Pumpkin and Okro on a land of about 15 Acres in my home town Ishan at Edo state. Maybe i will face some challenges. So, i humbly beg for your kindness to stand for me as mentor that could push me through those challenges. I will be so glad if you offer me such access to call on you for further advices. Thanks.

      • Matthew Okosun May 26, 2016

        Hi Darlington Omen. Thanks a lot for the write up. Please are you on Facebook? I would like to ask a few personal questions. Thanks

      • prudence May 30, 2016

        Please how can i get the seeds of the tomatoes, or do i have to get the fruit. I want to start this business next month, hope its not late.

      • KAyooluwa June 1, 2016

        Hello Sir,
        can one plant tomatoes in raining season like mid June? will it affect the yield?

      • joseph June 1, 2016

        How many basket can one harvest from acre.

      • Sali Dukas June 3, 2016

        Is roma tomatoes same as ease-west tomatoes, I’m having difficulty finding roma tomato seeds.

      • Juliet June 8, 2016

        Thanks a lot sir, this is very inspiring. Please i will like to know more about this as i am interested in tomatoes, onion and pepper farming. Please contact me on my email. Kindly send your details to my mail box so i can contact you directly for further consultation.

      • Bode June 13, 2016

        Thanks mr darlington for this wonderful piece.please can I have your phone number and where can one get this Roma specie in Lagos.

      • Ola Oladimeji June 16, 2016

        Thanks for this resourceful information; May God bless you sir. Please kindly give me the opportunity to talk to you on this topic; I am interested in the business, but I’ll like to discuss with you more sir. I’ll appreciate if you can share you contact number with me. Thank you sir.

      • Divinity June 17, 2016

        Tomato is One of the easiest crops to grow. Last year, I had some tomatoes in my garden. I did it as a hobby and it pays off. Am planning to build a business around my hobby soon.

      • Abigail June 24, 2016

        Thanks for the tips.I cultivated tomatoes for the first time and for domestic consumption.I was happy when they started bearing fruits. But it hurts me to see the fruits rotting while still on the stalk. This has forced me to harvest most of them prematurely. Please how do I preserve the harvested ones till they ripen and how do I prevent a reoccurrence cos the plants are still bearing fruits.

      • Max June 25, 2016

        I gives me joy to see your blog I want to start tomatoes business this next April season please i will like to have your contact so that i can discuss more of this with you.

      • Raymond July 3, 2016

        Good evening Sir. Please i would like to know the quantity of fertilizer required for a plot of land for tomato farming as well as the quantity of Roma seeds required for a plot. Can i start planting in July and yield results? Thank you Sir

      • Ajifolokun Gbenga July 7, 2016

        Pls I’ll like to know other species of tomatoes.Thanks.

      • Rufus July 14, 2016

        Great work indeed. May Almighty God bless u. Please I have been planting
        Tomatoes, but when is about to frit it will all die. What about the pests control sir.

      • HonoursFarm July 18, 2016

        Thanks so much for sharing your Ideas with the public….am so grateful because i really gain a lotb from…..My question is can i plant the Roma TOMATO Specie in Ogun State??…..will be so grateful if my question is bin given an urgent reply

      • biola July 19, 2016

        Please am very much interested in tomato farming, will like to discuss more with u.pls email me so we talk more better

      • omzet December 15, 2016

        Can I still plant tomato now in December.

      • BuhariMusaAyuba December 18, 2016

        It’s So 🌷🌱 beautiful to farm, if we would found dozens of you and we heed your advise, we would not be foolish undreamed graduates, who does bring their result into action and left our country in vein, but thank God we’re now turning around and I pray it keeps happening, so please how can we get this specie and what about it’s nutritional value over the other varieties. Thanks a lot may God bless you.

      • Ingege Neri July 17, 2017

        This is simply some of the best material I’ve stumbled on internet in Nigeria. It’s not what I was looking for but it certainly got my attention. Now I’m glad I took the time to look it over. Weldon bro for this wonderful piece. You are a blessing to Nigeria

      • Bulus Suleiman August 9, 2017

        Very nice piece indeed…..
        In addition to this wonderful article, I would love to create awareness on the existence of organic pesticides..the type you can do in the comfort of your home . Organic pesticides are used instead of chemical pesticides which contain harmful toxins which degrades soil fertility, contaminates crops and decreases biodiversity. In this new era, consumers are rapidly seeking after organically produced foods and knowing the ways to produce them is very important. To learn more on this, visit:

      • Kelvin Ossai August 10, 2017

        Sir, thank you very much I really love this nice work from you. please I need assistance on how to get loan for my tomato farm business, I will be grateful if I get a positive response from you Sir…..

      • ogiamien idehen August 21, 2017

        thanks , how to get roma species ps thanks im in ogun state

      • Blessing August 22, 2017

        Good Job sir, I have a big land lying wasted in the village, now i want to invest into tomatoes farming, how do i get the right tomatoes seeds for planting and where can i get them?

      • Acuma julius peter September 8, 2017

        It is good idea & i will get idea from u.

      • Gerrard October 2, 2017

        can tomato be cultivated in port Harcourt?

      • Babatunde Babalola October 7, 2017

        Thanks for the exposition on tomato farming. Please can this type of farming be started around October /November and will it do well along the river bed/basin?i have a parcel of land bothering a seasonal river basin and would like to grow tomatoes on it if land is suitable.

      • AYOADE October 8, 2017

        Great piece from Mr Dalinton. Let say that there have been advances in Seed Technology. I partner with East-West Seed International. We’re leaders in tropical vegetable seed varieties. These seeds are hybrid. They are early maturing, high yielding and disease resistant. For Padma F1 is a tomato variety which can produce more than 50tonnes/ha. I’ve a new variety of tomato seed is Arkarahshak. We’ve got other hybrid seeds such as cucumber, sweet pepper, dwarf pawpaw, cabbage, lettuce, spinach, brocolli etc For more info: 08061521651

      • Larwin October 17, 2017

        great information. i will definitely make use of it. In case you need borehole expert for your farm, please contact me.


      • Collins onyeto October 28, 2017

        Thank you much, I ve a tomato farm already one is how to protect the fruits from pest attack which am experiencing now and two is the best support system to cushion the effect of the weight

      • Abiodun November 12, 2017

        Great work you are doing, if there is anyone looking for who to partner with to start up the tomatoes or any other crop planting,you can contact me i need someone with experience to discuss business with.

      • Abbas November 12, 2017

        Can’t I plant my tomato direct
        Most I do the transplant
        And will I get much if I start with one plot of land

      • reader1 November 20, 2017

        What parts of the South West are good for large scale tomato farming?

      • Abiodun November 20, 2017

        I am about to start my tomatoes farming ,but I want someone to tell me about all the challenges and risk involve in setting it up.

      • PST Sunday chinedu November 25, 2017

        I am from imo state how do I know that our soil is good for tomato farming (2) can I use organic manure to transplant tomato in my farm ,thanks

      • Tayo Olawale January 29, 2018

        Good afternoon. Thanks for your post. Really interested in Tomato farming. please I need the cost of cultivating 1acre of land for tomatoes.

      • Abah Chinenye Esther February 7, 2018

        Wow! What a great post. Thanks for sharing. My name is Esther. I have a piece of land with constant water. Can I start cultivating tomatoes this February since water is not a challenge?

      • Missi Emporium February 7, 2018

        I’m interested in tomatoes farming but I will need a mentor in this regard.

      • sule March 4, 2018

        i am interesteg in tomato farming in south south. i planted tomato in my backyard ,only one tree yielded tiny fruits but others have their leave curling. i tried even self watered planter but the leaves are curling.what are the problem associated with tomato farming in the south south. thanks

      • Adesola March 17, 2018

        This is a real eye opener.pls we need to talk asaap.

      • Sandra April 26, 2018

        After reading your write up I have decided to give it a try but the problem is how can I buy/get the seeds and secondly is it late to start the planting now or is it late?

      • OSUNBANJO May 14, 2018

        Good day sir, I want to start buying tomatoes , pepper and onions in large qty for business purpose. Can you please give me your contact if you sell, or a contact to get these products?

        • Ochuko May 18, 2018

          I sell tomatoes in large quantity and my farm is in delta state.
          name: Ochuko
          contact: 07084414850

      • samuel May 17, 2018

        pls sir I think am also interested in cultivating tomatoes but do I need a large nursery if I want to plant on a large piece of land ? and also how can I get the high tech seeds…

      • Daramola Kehinde June 8, 2018

        Nigeria: Maximising advantages of greenhouse farming

        Greenhouse farming is a real sustainable source of income for small scale farmers, and its use “provides youth employment, reduces rural-urban migration, grows vegetables nearer to market, increases food security in the vegetable segment, encourages transfer of knowledge and know-how
        GET A GREENHOUSE FOR AS LOW AS 800K, OR CALL 08137575664 for more information

      • oluboade June 23, 2018

        How do i access cheap land for this venture in lagos environs?. what is the cost to be incurred on planting one acre of land of tomato crop? how do i break into market using mile 12 market largely dominated by hausas?

      • nasir August 2, 2018

        this is quite a nice write-up for the up coming farmers,who are genueinly intrested in farming.

      • odili Daniel Ilodigwe August 26, 2018

        please I need some guide I purchased a some tomato seedlings from evergreen agro limited.I want to start to cultivate it today been august 26 2018 starting from evergreen indoor nursery

      • Donald September 2, 2018

        thanks a lot for the education. what is the number of tomato seeds planted in a plot of land and how many basket can be gotten from one plot of land.

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      • Devi December 3, 2018

        Hi Can i check if tomato harvesting can be done by handpicking? Id it a ministry regulation that harvesting a land of tomatoes about 500sqm needs a machiney?

        PLease email me urgently!

      • Umar Isah Abdulrazaq December 20, 2018

        I am surrounded by loamy and clay soil. What annual crop can I profitably cultivate at maximum?

      • Olalekan Dhikrullah January 15, 2019

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        Thank you for sharing your immense knowledge free of charge. May God bless you. Please if one can irrigate his farm can tomatoes grow well during the dry season with adequate watering? What should be the frequency of watering per day?
        Thank you.

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        I read your article about tomatoes farming
        I m into tomatoes farming but my challenge now all my tomatoes is drying from leaf to root
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        Thanks, immensely for the write-up. It is so detailed that one does not need to ask further questions.
        I am in Mowe, Ogun State, where can I get the Roma Tomato seeds, for planting.

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