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    Snail farming in Nigeria is considered to be one of the most lucrative agribusiness you can start with low capital. Yet, it is one of the most neglected animal rearing business in these countries. Snail farming provides one of the finest opportunity to make money within a short period of time. But why are Africans not yet fully engaged in this money making animal rearing? The reason is ignorance.

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    In Australia and USA, snail farming is big business, providing opportunities to many farmers. In Uk, snails can be seen in many supermarkets and stores. meaning it is a big deal there. Most people in Nigeria and Ghana still have the believe that snail can only be picked in the bush. The culture of going to the bush to pick snails in the villages during raining time has been there for generations. So, it is difficult for people to come to term that snail can actually be kept and grown at home.

    Just like many other aspects of farming in these countries, Africans are yet to discover the great money making potential in this business and that is why we suffer in hunger and poverty. We neglect where the money is and keep pursuing it where it is not, going from one city to the other looking for one petty China made goods after another to trade on. Laboring away in Europe and America in search of greener pastures when our own continent is already green.

    What is Snail and How Profitable is Snail Farming?

    Land snails belongs to the class of Molluscan, Gastropod. The one popularly known as ‘Congo Meat‘ in many parts of Africa. Nigeria – Eju, Igbin, etc… There are so many species of snails but the types we are looking at here are the ones that are suitable for commercial Snail Farming in Africa.

    After reading this article, you will be on your way to starting your own snail farming business in easy and simple steps. And we are backing it up with a Practical Snail eBook for those who can afford it.

    Making ₦5,000,000 annually in snail rearing is a done deal if you do it well and get get the whole process right.

    I will try to be as comprehensive as possible with this article so that you can get going after reading it. As people starts commenting (asking questions and adding what they know about snail farming) this information will become more enriched for everyone’s benefit.

    Which Snail Species is Suitable for Snail Farming?

     Achatina_fulica_East_African_snail Achatina fulica - The East African land snail
    Achatina Fulica – The East African Snail

    1. Achatina Fulica

    The East African land snail, or giant African land snail, scientific name Achatina fulica, is a species of large, air-breathing land snail, a terrestrial pulmonate gastropod mollusk in the family Achatinidae. It is the smallest in size among all the desirable species for rearing in Africa.

    Achatina fulica has a narrow, conical shell, which is twice as long as it is wide and contains 7 to 9 whorls when fully grown. The shell is generally reddish-brown in colour with weak yellowish vertical markings but colouration varies with environmental conditions and diet. A light coffee colour is common. Adults of the species may exceed 20cm in shell length but generally average about 5 to 10cm. The average weight of the snail is approximately 32 grams (Cooling 2005).

    Snail Farming - Achatina Achatina - Giant West African Snail
    Achatina Achatina

    2. Achatina Achatina

    Achatina achatina, common name the giant Ghana snail, also known as the giant tiger land snail, is a species of very large, air-breathing land snail, a terrestrial pulmonate gastropod mollusk in the family Achatinidae. Giant African land snails are hemraphrodites, meaining they possess both the female and male reproductive organs. Two snails are still needed for breeding, but they are very prolific breeders.

    Similar to the other species in the genus, Achatina achatina’s shell can attain a length of 200 mm and a maximum diameter of 100 mm. They may possess between 7-8 whorls and the shell is often broadly ovate. The body of the animal is silver-brown in color although albino morphs may exist.

    Achatina-Achatina is very good for commercialization as well, because of its profitability. This is because of the volume of eggs it lays at once. Each achatina lays 300 to 500 eggs at a time in clutches, three times a year. Therefore, if you start a farm with about 1000 snails, in one year you would be getting about 1.5 million snails going by the number of eggs they produces.

    Archachatina Marginata
    Archachatina Marginata

    3. Archachatina Marginata

    Archachatina marginata, common name the giant West African snail, is a species of air-breathing tropical land snail, a terrestrial pulmonate gastropod mollusk in the family Achatinidae. They can grow up to 20cm long, and live up to 10 years.

    Among these three species, Achatina Achatina is the most desirable for farmers because it grows so big to become the biggest snail species in the world. Achatina Achaina has it’s origin from Nigeria, get to Liberia from Nigeria and then Ghana

    Another reason is due to it’s high yield capacity. The other species are very good too but I will focus on Achatina Achatina and Archachatina Marginata in this blog post because, they are easy to find in Nigeria.

    Having decided on the specie, let’s take you through the step by step how to setup your snail farm in a small scale level and starts rearing your snail towards harvest.

    Suitable Environment for Snail Farming

    Snails are easily dehydrated, and wind increase the rate of moisture loose in snail which in turn, leads to the dryness of the animal. To prevent snails from losing water so quickly, your snaileries (the snail house) must be located in environment that is protected from wind.

    A low plain, downhill site surrounded with enough trees is perfect for snail farming. You may plant plantains and bananas around your snail farm to prevent the impact of wind.

    Type of Soil For Snail Farming

    Snail’s major habitat is the soil, and soil contains some of the components and chemical substances that it needed to survive. However, not all soils are suitable for snail rearing. The shell of the snail is mainly calcium and it derive most of them from the soil. Snail also lay it’s eggs on the soil and drink water out of the soil.

    Hence, the suitable soil for snail farming must contain these elements.  Must be balanced, not waterlogged, not too dry, and must not be acidic. The most desirable soil for snail is sandy-loamy soil with low water holding capacity. Clayey soil and acidic soil must be avoided.

    Getting The Sails For Farming

    To start up a snail farm, it is advisable to get snails directly from the forest instead of buying from the market after they have been exposed to sunlight and have dehydrated. This is because snails drink a lot of water, so are easily dehydrated and this stresses them out, and reduce their fertility capacity.

    The intending snail farmer could pick the snails from the bush with a very simple technique; clear a little portion of land during rainy season and sprinkle spicy fruits like pineapple, pawpaw, plantain, banana etc at about 5o’clock in the evening, when you go back there about 7pm or 8pm, you will pick up snails suitable for rearing. Repeat the procedure until you get enough quantity.

    Another way could be to pick up snail eggs littered in the market place where it is sold and through a technique, check the fertility of the eggs, because some of them must have lost fertility due to the exposure to sunlight. The eggs are later put inside a container containing wet sand and covered with cocoyam leaf. Between 21 to 28 days, the eggs would hatch into baby snails. You start feeding them and gradually you raise a snail farm.”

    Constructing the Snail House (Snailery)

    Snaileries can vary from a patch of fence-protected ground, sheltered from the wind to a covered box if you are breeding in small scale.

    For larger population of snails, you can dug a trench or make a concrete pen with soil deep of about 10 inches, and cover it with screen or wire all around to prevent the snails from escaping. Remember that snails can reproduce fast and become pests when their breeding is uncontrolled.

    Snails love dark and cold places, but make sure the humidity does not drop to levels harmful to the snails. You can use fresh leaves and cloth that is regularly wet to regulate the temperature. Get an expert involved! Click here to chat with an expert.

    Also, the wire is useful in keeping away rats and snakes or other predators from eating the snails in your snail farm. But aside from these bigger predators, you should be wary about smaller ones like ants and termites. Your construction must have these predators in mind.

    For more discussion please call/whatsapp on 07036378686 an expert to get started TODAY.

    Snail Food and Feeding

    Snails especially Achatina mainly feeds on green leaves and fruits though they can utilize other ranges of foods. Feed your snails leaves, fruits, or even formula from the feed store. Aside from food to grow tissues, snails need calcium to grow shells.

    Leaves: Cocoyam leaves, pawpaw leaves, okra leaves, cassava leaves, eggplant leaves, cabbage and lettuce leaves.

    Fruits: Mango, eggplant, pawpaw, banana, tomatoes, oil palm fruits, pears. and cucumber.
    Once they start growing, separate the big ones from the small ones. It take more than a year for the Achatina type to grow to harvest size. Others mature in two years.

    One hundred thousand snails after a year or two sold at the rate of N50 each (highly reduced price) will give you about N5 million! Isn’t that a good investment?

    Harvesting the Snail

    It is not economically wise to harvest your snails before it’s maturity, it has to be matured before harvesting. To know if your snails are already matured enough, check the brim of the shell. If it is matured enough, the brim should be thicker and harder than other parts of the shell.

    Do not harvest all the matured snails at once for the market. It is important to keep few for breeding and to serve as base stock for your snail farm.

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        • princess bb June 17, 2016

          Gudafternoon Darlington, I started snail farming last month with 53 but about 5 died. Since then the snails has not been laying. I kept them in box with net covering. I also have eggs that I have kept.

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    • Nectar October 4, 2013

      What is the major and most obvious difference A. Marginata and A. Fulica?

    • Anonymous October 7, 2013

      The major difference between the two is that, A. fulica has sharp pointed end, while A. marginata has smooth blunt end.

    • Anonymous October 7, 2013

      Thank u very much 4 impacting in me. U're truly a mentor,pls i want 2 start this snail farming & i need ur backing(coaching),cuz i'm new in it pls.

      • Darlinton Omeh January 31, 2014

        We have prepared a quality 64 pages eBook that will assist and guide you towards setting up your snail farm anywhere in Nigeria. Click on the eBook menu on the top of this sites' top menu to buy it. It is exactly what you need to move ahead in this venture.

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          Please assist.

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    • Anonymous October 8, 2013

      Thanks for the info. I am really interested in snail farming, I was told that for effective breeding I should keep 10snails per square metre, now I have about 16sqm to work with that means I can only rare 160snails. Is there a way to raise more snails in that space without hindering their growth?

      • Darlinton Omeh October 8, 2013

        I think you should find a way to acquire more space. Instead of looking for how to congest your farm

    • Anonymous October 8, 2013

      Thank you very much for all the info, may Almighty God continue to bless you.
      Please how can we get market/buyers for it because l have like two hundred pieces l wanted to sell. mind you not in that price you quoted above sir, simply because they are very big.

      Once again thanks for the tips…..

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      Thanks for info…apart from sourcing from the bush, which may not be convenient for people living in certain areas, what other ways can i source for d foundation stock?..tanks

      • Darlinton Omeh June 12, 2014

        You can get your foundation stock from existing snail farm near you. ask people within your locality is they know of any snail farmer around your area. Or you just make out time and take a trip to the village

    • Anonymous October 14, 2013

      Thank you , very informative and empowering

    • Anonymous October 14, 2013

      Thanks for this information. I really want to start up a something small and I think I will go for the Poultry and Snail farming. But I have a question: are the common snail we see on our wall/fences during the raining season good for farming?

      • Darlinton Omeh June 12, 2014

        Yes, some of them are the achatina family. Compare it with the ones on the pictures on this article and see if they match

    • Anonymous October 17, 2013

      please i need your advice on how i can start please

    • Anonymous October 22, 2013

      Because of d nature of my job I may not have d time to go to villages in search of d snails. Is it wise to involve villagers for this and how much is it to start a good snail farm #estimatedly

    • Darlinton Omeh October 22, 2013

      I have been away for sometimes now, that's why most questions are unanswered, and it's not good that some of you who knows are not taking steps to help others with their questions.

      1. Plastic tank and metal drum are not suitable for snail rearing

      2. You can buy the snail for from existing snail farmers if you can't pick it.

      3. Yes, the common snails you see on the walls during raining seasons, some of them are Archachatina Marginata – they are suitable for snail farming.

      4. Why not? It's wise to involve villagers who would help you in doing some of the works, it's a way to empower them too. The article already contains enough information to give you ideas of the cost

    • Otonye October 24, 2013

      please tell me the kind of material I can use to rear snails on a small scale at my back yard since I can't use plastic or metal

    • Unknown November 3, 2013

      Hi snail farm experts. I want to expand my investments and go into snail farming. I know about the A. Achatina and the A. Marginata. I know the a. Achatina can produce between 100 to 400 eggs in a year and the marginata can produce between 10 to 40. But what I do not understand here in Nigeria is why do investors invest more into the marginata as it doesn't make any business sense to me. If the A. Achatina produces more. I guess that means more money right? But most farms I've seen invest in marginata. Pls I need to understand why this is. I wanna be careful before I open the farm. Cheers guys.

      • Darlinton Omeh November 3, 2013

        The most important thing is the snail itself, not the egg. Every farmer invests on the ones he think is best for him/her but Achatina Achatina is the most viable

      • Adejoro John November 15, 2013

        Please link me with any body I can learn this farming business from.within alimosho area.plssss

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    • Otulana oludare November 11, 2013

      I am new in d biz.i started rearing wit a tyre and sand in it.i pick snails around now.hoping to expand my tentacles.i separated d small ones now.

      • Darlinton Omeh November 11, 2013

        That's great, it means you are really going somewhere. Keep it going

      • Akin Akinfolarin May 22, 2014

        I have picked about 10 since yesterday and I put them in one room of an unroofed uncompleted building. Thats what made me search for info online now. Thanks alot for the info.

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      Very informative! Am starting next month. Thanks

    • Destiny Chioma Iheukwumere November 12, 2013

      I have two questions.

      If one wants to do large scale snail farming, what is the ratio of snails to farmhand? That is how many snails can one person take care of at a time.
      Secondly, how are the eggs hatched?

    • Ekanade Ayodele November 20, 2013

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      Hi Darlington,
      An excellent job you are doing here indeed, stumbled on your blog after checking google on pig farming, I am indeed very impressed with your depth and willingness to share such rich information, I hope many more will read it and be as inspired as I am and others I have seen here, thankfully I have got a patch of land where pigs are currently been raised, and am sure it will suffice for snail rearing, as my workers have randomly picked some large snails in the bushes while clearing…

      thank you again and I hope to visit this site more frequently and refer others too.

      • Darlinton Omeh November 22, 2013

        John, that will be a very good idea. For the fact your workers do pick big snail around your farm means the environment is very suitable for snail rearing. Go ahead and do your thing bro!

    • John Terfa Mka November 22, 2013

      Hi Darlinton,

      A really good job you are doing here, keep it up…

    • jokayo December 3, 2013

      hi, thanks for this informative piece. ps i need to know if its ok to start the farming during the dry season. also need to know if its ok to rear the 2 common species together

      • Darlinton Omeh December 3, 2013

        Snail can be reared all year round but the best season is the rainy season for many reasons. If you are keeping multiple species, keep them separate

    • joladunni@gmail.com December 12, 2013

      Hello Mr. Umeh,

      Get me started on dis biz. I bought 8 snails for a test but time wouldn't let me concentrate on them. However, they were laying eggs already and I wondered whether wetting the snails can damage d eggs. Thou I ate dem after loosing about 3 and threw away d eggs bcos dey looked somehow to me. I plan to do it again and eventually big time. Is there anyway I can chat with u outside dis site?

      • Darlinton Omeh December 12, 2013

        You never wanted to do it, that was the reason you started with just eight. Anyway, there is no harm in trying agan, you can start all over again and who knows you'd probably hit it big this time.

        • Snail Study December 13, 2013

          Buying 8 was to study them for a big one. Anyways, I guess I need to do some studying. Thanks

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      Hello Mr Darlington pls i have some questions to ask and would appreciate a reply….

      we pick a lot of little snails in my compound and we ve a fish pond but its no longer in use..pls do u tynk a cemented deep pond can b used to rear d snails and do u tynk my compound is fertile enuff for d snails to grow… tnxx alot..

    • Anonymous December 24, 2013

      Before i stumble on your site, i have stated my farm with plastic and metal containers. Though you're not in support with this technic, my farm is one month old and they are doing well. Pls will it eventaully back fire on me. What should i do? The condition is not right for me to build snaillery now.

      • Darlinton Omeh December 24, 2013

        You need to start making plan to build more suitable snarly before anything else. Standard snarly don't have to be costly

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    • Aysha Audu December 29, 2013

      OMG!!!!!!!!!!! this is awesome…………..kudos to you bro,may God bless you for sharing this piece.We will all appreciate it if we get @least your email add.Thank you.

      • Darlinton Omeh December 29, 2013

        Thank you but I do not respond to business questions privately, the only exception is if there is personal deal you want to discuss with me that can not be discussed publicly. You may drop your questions here if you have any.

    • Anonymous January 3, 2014

      Can motor tyres be used in snail farming

      • Darlinton Omeh January 5, 2014

        Though not ideal for commercial snail rearing, discarded tyres or oil drums may serve as relatively cheap snail pens for small scale rearing. Three or four tyres are placed on top of each other, with chicken wire and mosquito mesh between the topmost tyre and the second one from the top.

        Oil drums should have some holes in the bottom for drainage, be filled with good soil to a depth of 7-10 cm, and be fitted with wire plus mosquito mesh on top.

    • Anonymous January 5, 2014

      Dear Mr. Darlinton, is any formulation to be used to keep out soldier ants and other smaller pest from the snailery?

    • ehis January 13, 2014

      Good work Mr Darlington. Want to know how one can deal with the intrusion of smaller predators such as ants and termites. Do insecticides and pesticides have any adverse effects on snails? Thanks!

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      Thanks and God bless u for this.my question is this since I hav to keep 10 snails par square meter and I obviously don't know hw to differentiate d male from the female how can I be sure am not putin all males in same place and all female in same place

      • Anonymous June 23, 2014

        Snails are hemaphrodites as the other writer said but they have to be together to reproduce.They also attach themselves to each other's shells to move faster.One square meter is enough for 15 Adults(50 /square metre for juveniles and 100 for hatchlings depending on the specie).If your pen is built with bricks, then the sides of the pen is also considered space as well.

    • Anonymous April 27, 2014

      Snails are hermaphrodite, meaning they have both male and female reproductive organs. There are no males and no females

      • Akin Akinfolarin May 23, 2014

        Well my college books said no mail or female but I was supprised to see two sets that I picked yesterday attached to oneanother.

    • Nana Ekanem May 9, 2014

      How many snails do i need to start with to be able to harvest 1 million snails? Also what size should the snailery be to accommodate such a number?

    • Anonymous May 10, 2014

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      Thanks for your time to educating others,
      Am interested but my questions are;
      How much does it cost per stock of snail?
      What size of snail is best for stocking?

    • Elem Clifford May 14, 2014

      I want to stock about 1000 snails,
      My questions are;
      What is the best stocking size?
      How much per a stocking snail?
      Thanks for your anticipated response.

    • Anonymous May 21, 2014

      Please could you please recommend where i could be well trained. Im based in Abuja, Nigeria

    • Anonymous May 21, 2014

      Please could you please recommend where i could be well trained. Im based in Abuja, Nigeria

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      Woo this all interesting am elevated with all this information on snail money making. thnx to you all that have post a comment

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      sir you are wonderful. what measure can one take to ensure you protect your snail from wind if you are in cities where there is no trees around.

      • Anonymous June 23, 2014

        You can build a roof over your farm.It must not be galvanized (use abestos instead) so it would not absorb heat(which wont be good for the snails). this will also protect your pens from flooding during excessive rainfall

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      @Darlinton Omeh, you are always on point. Well done!

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      Thanks for the additional info,i will appreciate if i can get more info on this.
      i will want to start with at least 100 to 200 units of the Achatina Achatina .

    • Anonymous July 26, 2014

      Dose the parents snail hatche the eggs or the eggs hatche itself.

    • Anonymous July 31, 2014

      where can buy from

    • Anonymous August 5, 2014

      I had a snail farm of abt 300 snails but the death rate was high I record abt 15 daily and ants kept visiting almost every day, so I stopped please what's yous advice for me,want to start again

    • Anonymous August 5, 2014

      I had a snail farm of abt 300 snails but the death rate was too high, (15 die daily) and ants kept visiting almost every day so I stopped please what's your advice for me,want to start again

    • Anonymous August 9, 2014

      I am indeed grateful for this quality info, Pls; can I make use of constructed wooden cage with loamy sand on its floor on my balcony temporarily for small scale while I process better/permanent site for my snailery. is it advisable?

    • Anonymous August 14, 2014

      am seeing this blogg for the first time. I can't thank you enough. please where is your office? I need consultancy services. thank you once more

    • Anonymous August 14, 2014

      Thanks for your nice information, Pls, I would like you to advise me if it will be possible for me to invest my money on poultry, piggery and snail on same half acre of land which I just acquired

      • Darlinton Omeh August 14, 2014

        If the land is in approved location, sure, it's advisable. You can start with one and gradually add the others.

        • Okonofua L. I January 14, 2015

          Thanks for your good work. I just started farming and Snail farming is one of the areas am looking at. Please is it possible to link me with an expert on it? I am ready to pay the professional consulting fees if the individual is a known and confirmed expert.

        • daniel March 29, 2016

          Pls., where is your office located? I want to make a visit so that I can make arrange with you on consultancy.

      • Anonymous September 28, 2014

        You can't have poultry on same land as piggery. This is for biosecurity reasons as poultry is quite sensitive.

    • Anonymous August 14, 2014

      Very nice info, How can someone get your Office address or phone number for consulting advise.

    • Anonymous August 26, 2014

      what good insecticide can be used in a snail pen . good job sir.

    • Aghemenlo masade August 26, 2014

      Thank you so much. I just started mine but didn't have much information till now. I hope mine comes out well. It's a small farm.

    • Anonymous August 27, 2014

      Pls sir, how do we control ant in snail farm. God bless u as u reply.

    • Clint August 31, 2014

      Thanks for the information, please sir, can 10 plots of land be suitable for 2 million snails?

    • Anonymous September 3, 2014

      Must you sell the book? just make it free

    • Anonymous September 4, 2014

      Good job! How much space is required for a pen to house 3000 snails?

    • Anonymous September 7, 2014

      Good day sir, are you in Lagos?I meant your office and where is it located cos I need real practicals before I venture into this business.

    • Anonymous September 16, 2014

      Thank you for the information sir, I need to venture into this snail farming business but meanwhile, I have enough market for the snail but I do not know where to get snails in large qty while I plan my own farm. Do you know of anyone who farms snails in large qty so i can buy on a regular basis

      I will appreciate your support

      Keep up the wonderful work

    • Anonymous September 20, 2014

      Wow! This is a perfect idea. Thank you so much. I will give it a try. Am in abuja, how do I get a place to rare snail here and pls how much is the budget to start? And I will want u to be my mentor pls am serious sir.

    • Anonymous September 24, 2014


    • Anonymous September 24, 2014

      truely, money is actually in the bush and not in the city as many thought. No farmer no food. No food no life. farming is the solution!

    • Anonymous September 29, 2014

      can i start rearing snails in a shop.

    • Anonymous October 4, 2014

      Wow, i never knew it was this lucrative, thanks a lot. But sir before going into it,i would prefer having a practical experience on it, so sir, how can you help me on that ?

    • Anonymous October 4, 2014

      Wow, i never knew it was this lucrative, thanks a lot. But sir before going into it,i would prefer having a practical experience on it, so sir, how can you help me on that ?

    • Anonymous October 8, 2014

      Good work, God bless

    • Anonymous October 10, 2014

      How often can I feed the snails?

    • OLUSEUN October 13, 2014

      MR. Darlinton Omeh. God shall continue to increase you in your knowledge. Am so impress after going through the article. You are genius.

    • Anonymous November 6, 2014

      Nice one sir. Is d snail bizness worth sitting wit

    • Rick Paul November 9, 2014

      I'm in the USA I would like to invest in this business please anyone whom can help may contact me.

    • Anonymous December 12, 2014

      Nice article

    • Anonymous January 1, 2015

      Making ₦50,000,000 annually in snail rearing is a done deal if you do it well and get it right in a big way.

      if actually N50,000,000 could be gotten in a year, how many years have you acumulated N50m per year.

      be always be more realistic in your statements!

      • Alfred February 16, 2018

        If I may reply yo.
        He said five N5m, not N50m
        He further gave this analysis: One hundred thousand snails after a year or two sold at the rate of N50 each (highly reduced price) will give you about N5 million!

    • raphael olayemi January 9, 2015

      thank you mr omeh for the wonderful things you are doing on this site. my question it, if you have A.A in your farm how many years will it take them to maturity for you to sell them?

    • Anonymous January 13, 2015

      Thanks alot for this information, its quite educative. i appreciate everything. Thanks once again- BABA G

    • Ayodeji Olaniun January 16, 2015

      Thanks a lot for this very informative business idea, I'm thinking of starting something of my own and going through this article, it has really aroused my interest. Now, what I want to know is if you offer any further assistance in setting up a snailery. also, for some of us that live in highly towns, how do we go about it,

    • Anonymous January 17, 2015

      I was excited, but you say 1 square meter is enough for 10 snails? Then to get 1,000,000 snails, I need 100,000 square meters, or 10 hectares, right? I can't imagine 10 hectares covered in snails, and who has 10 hectares, and how would I procure enough fruit and greens to feed so many snails? I'm not so confident about ₦50,000,000 per annum.

      • Darlinton Omeh January 17, 2015

        Anything that suites you. If 20 snails in a box is what you think you can do, do it. No body is asking you to farm 1,000,000, we are only helping big thinkers to think and aim even bigger. If 10 acres is impossible for you, so be it.

    • Anonymous January 25, 2015

      hmm 50,000,000

    • Ayodeji Olaniun February 6, 2015

      Thanks again for this article. Please what is the maturity period of this snail as it was not stated in the write up. Thanks.

    • Gboyega Moronkola January 23, 2016

      This information is of great help to me. Thanks very much. Could you enlighten me on what to watch out for and guard to put in place as I want to convert my poultry farm to snail farm. Have used this land for poultry for 15years.

    • adedayo ojoko February 10, 2016

      this is a great information. pls i can i get this, can you send it to me in ekiti. i have been thinking of going into snail farming but i dont know how. i think this book of yours will be of great importance to me.

    • latos February 10, 2016

      Hello Darlington,

      I have been procastinating for a while now on starting this snail farming business. I recently changed/replaced two standard sized bathtubs in my house and im looking at using the old tubs to start up the business (on a small scale) beside my flat. I’ve ordered for about 120 big snails from Coutonou(what specie do the have there) to start with.

      Will they survive inside the tubs filled with loamy sand, and covered with both types of nets, any advise you want to give me? pls help.

      Many thanks.

    • Neema Elu March 3, 2016

      Thanks for the information,am going to buy this ebook.

    • etoruom Camillus March 9, 2016

      Please you have. Not been able to establish how. One can start this farming on a large scale.for example how can one get up to 100000 eggs to start.can I buy the eggs from you

    • Max March 13, 2016

      Darlington what a way to encourage diversification, your write up is incisive and educative. Can you guide me on how to get the Achatana specie if you are to send them to me how do i pay and get them? i live in Port Harcourt and my farm meets all your specifications. my contact address is

    • Chibuzor .T Chukwu March 24, 2016

      May the lord bless you mightily for sharing such an information to everyone openly. Please do you have any training center(s) or can you be invited for an indoor seminar. 2. Pls how can I start in a small scale, like you made mention of box, at least for a trail. Also can I meet you in person for more consultation pls. I have a plan to go into farming and I think am favoured for coming across your article. Thanks

    • Esther olayinka April 4, 2016

      Hi Darlington,thanks for this message, God will reward you for this IJN. Pls I will like to have your personal contact, for further enquiry.Thank u.

    • wale ogunmolu April 9, 2016

      Thankyou for this explanation, God bless you richly. With this little explanation, I will equally establish my own snail farm in my backyard.

    • um Oren umoren April 14, 2016

      thank you for ur write up on snail .Am interested in having a farm at my back yard for a start and go big time after gaining experience. I intend to start with 4 trailer tyres and a small 15 rim tyre with net on top to provide ventilation. it’s located already in fish pond area with lots of plantain leaves. I heard there are improved stock in Ibadan can I get some from there? my e mail address is you can reach me pls.
      You r doing great keep it up

      • God’s Executive April 18, 2016

        You have to watch out during rainy season becos water accumulates in the space in the tire and your snails drown inside. Beware

    • Adenekan April 15, 2016

      Thanks for all the information i want to go big into it now but my question is how will i get 1000 snail without going to market because you said going to bush to pick one by one an again will the snailery look like soak away an how can i get your email address please or yout contact please

    • Ubani April 16, 2016

      I love this. please send me more tips.

    • Godwin April 17, 2016

      Good eveninn.about the snail business you talked about I’m really interested.you can contact me.

    • Aka Elochukwu April 18, 2016

      please where can i find a snail farm in portharcourt rivers state. jst to see how the physical farm looks like. thanks.

    • ochishi 1 April 19, 2016

      God bless u my dear

    • Blessing Patrick April 25, 2016

      Considering de hot climat here in Nasarawa state can snail be rear, if yes, how can i go about it. Thanks

    • Austin April 27, 2016

      Reading through all these comments and ideas about Heliculture is quite educative. i have agained a lot by reading all your comments as a beginner.

      Weldone to you all for the zeal,

    • Emmanuel Oghogho April 27, 2016

      Thank you so much Mr. Darlington. This info is well detailed. I’m a new interest, and I sure would benefit from this information. God bless you, sir.
      Do you information about fish farming, sir?
      Thanks again.

    • Adekunle Adediran May 1, 2016

      Hello, please I saw something strange today when one type(the one with long sharpened end) of snail was trying to eat from another(the one with short round end), I’ll so much appreciate it if you can enlighten me on this.
      Adekunle Adediran.

    • Komolafe Toluwalope May 13, 2016

      Pls, i really need assistance in starting my own snail farm in large scale, i stay in Ado-Ekiti, Ekiti State Nigeria. i will be grateful if you can render me assistance pls contact me as soon as possible. By the way, thanks for this eye opener

    • Mr. Darlington thanks so much for this timely and rich information and guide lines on snail rearing business. May i have your permission to print out this article. Thanks so much once again.

    • Ibembem Joseph Ajim. May 18, 2016

      Thank for the brief introduction given so far, am glad and must comment you for this good work, as an Animal health and husbandry prouductionist I should comment you greatly for your effort encouraging me and others to go into snail farming.

    • Honeywell May 21, 2016

      Thanks so much for this informative article, I have had snail farming on my mind for years now, even though I knew nothing about how to start it, but thanks to you I do now. I believe you will be there to assist me more when I start.
      Thanks so much and may God bless you.

    • Emmanuel May 24, 2016

      Thank you sir very insightful analysis. God bless you richly.

    • anonymous May 26, 2016

      first of all thank you sir for this brave step may God bless u, it is just too concise (positive) and helpful.
      pls sir, since u said u can pick snails frm d forest, does it mean dat dere re no diseases related to snails and are harmful to humans on consumption. and can u relocate the snail eggs from one location to the other during dat period of 3-4 wks.

    • Thanking you for informing us about the profitability of snail farming bit how do someone processes snail for storage before marketing

    • Hammed May 31, 2016

      Thank you for the information. my question is how to clean the snail house?

    • Paul Stephen Akpan June 3, 2016

      Hello Darlington,
      Thanks for sharing these wonderful business idea free of charge. May God increase you and prosper your business, In jesus Name. Amen I want to ask: I have been reading your articles about this lucrative venture, but I have not heard you talk about the disease of snail. Is it that snail don’t have disease apart from predators. As a beginner in the business I need to know what to expect by the time I go into the business.

      • Darlinton Omeh June 3, 2016

        That is covered in the eBook. Every serious person in the business need to get the ebook on snail, don’t expect everything to be cover on this one article.

    • Tijani Taofeek. June 8, 2016

      Thanks for the wonderful tips on snail farming , my question is how do I get market for the snails before harvest.

    • femi June 10, 2016

      Great man…. Welldone please.

    • Koko June 11, 2016

      Thank you so much dear Darlington I should have started this business along time ago with atleast tyres, but I was told that I needed certain chemicals to treat the soil with before I commence which i do not know, from your explanation above, there is no mention of chemical, I seem to get a bit confuse, pls, help. Thank you

    • Margaret Olufunmilayo June 13, 2016

      Darlington good evening pls can i start the snail farming with tyre in a cage to provide shelther for them?

      • Darlinton Omeh June 14, 2016

        Build proper snail pen, you’ll see samples of proper snail pen in our snail farming ebook. Thank you

    • ngoh June 16, 2016

      Thanks a lot… Indeed such tips..

    • Bello July 4, 2016

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      May God bless you for the info, it is the best info i read in 2016 in the net. please How do I get the detailed ebook because, am planning to go into Snail farming.

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    • ikharia willians.s. July 17, 2016

      I do appreciate this brilliant idea of money making.thanks

    • Linus Aleke July 22, 2016

      Your article is quite revealing and educative but fails to discuss the cost of doing this particular business, the minimum start up for snail business. I am interested and i wish to know how much i can invest considering the fact that the gestation period is long, two years or there about. please i will appreciate if you can give me some rough estimate and secondly how much is the e-book for snail business

    • oyelade abiodun July 23, 2016

      Many thanks for the information.How does one meet demand for supply during dry season? as i learnt the snails hibernate and cover their shell up themselves during this season.

    • alohan Ese July 26, 2016

      snails only hibernate when there is no food or lack of food. so when there is food available for them hibernation is free. Don’t forget snails in the bush eats alot of food during rainy season, so that to gather enough energy for the dry season, if it strength cannot carry it, it hibernate, and wait for rainy season when there will be alot of food and water. So when you feed your snails regularly it cannot hibernate.

    • AwuaBiemdoo September 4, 2016

      Awua Joseph Biemdoo: good job keep it up chairman

    • bcs October 3, 2016

      Good morning how is life and family. Sir, I started snail farming two months ago and I put inside the motor tyre and put small water inside the tyre for them to drink and later discover that the snails dying inside the water. What can I do? Thanks

    • UndisputedShow October 24, 2016

      I must confess, you’ve done a great job.
      I picked up to 50 snails from the bush couple of months ago and I’ve been seeking knowledge on how to rare them in a proper way that would yield interest for me, which i couldn’t get.
      I’m glad to inform you that i got more than 80% knowledge from this site.

      A question I’ll need a prompt answer on:
      Can i also get the Achatina Achatina from the bush? if yes, How do i recognize them.


    • bola November 24, 2016

      Hello Darlington,

      Really insightful write up I must say. Please where can I get the Achatina Achatina species in Lagos?

      I will like to have your contact for further discussions and business consultations with you.

      Thanks a lot.

    • uchay November 29, 2016

      Hello Darlington,
      I lost all my snails to some certain insect. Some one told me I ought to have dug a pit round the pen. The pit must always contain water and a certain chemical must be in the water such that any ant that crosses will not survive. The guy telling me is not sure of what chemical it is. I have read your e-book and followed up to 70% of your recommendation. I think I still need more help.

    • oreoluwa November 29, 2016

      Hello Darlington,
      Ur article is very nice and detailed but please can u mail me ur Lagos address and ur digit, cos I would love to start up a snail farming business but I need a mentor and proper understanding and knowlege before going into it. I would b really glad if u can get back to me thank you.

    • Charly Mega November 30, 2016

      God bless you real good.
      How can I identify dandy loamy soil?
      I need your info more details
      Thanks a million

    • Charly Mega November 30, 2016

      Also can it be fertilized for rapid growth? If yes name of fertilizer

    • Idowu December 8, 2016

      Hello Darlington,
      Your write-up on snail farming is simple and direct but please can u mail me ur Lagos address and ur digit, cos I would love to start up a snail farming business but I need a mentor and proper understanding and knowlege before going into it. I would b really glad if u can get back to me thank you.

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      Thanks for the message for snail rearing but i need reality knowledge of the snail rearing
      my email,i would be expecting your message

    • Rosemary longe January 16, 2017

      This piece is very educative. Thanks a lot. I’m starting a small farm and would need the e-book u mentioned. How do I get it please? Thanks again.

    • Chi Ironsi April 2, 2017

      God bless you for this article. Indeed I’m motivated to start up my own snail business. Few weeks ago, I picked up a large number (more than 30pieces, 3 big ones inclusive) of snails in my compound and kept them without any protection under the banana tree in my compound. I’m very sure they would have escaped by now. After reading your article this morning, I’m now motivated to start up my own business. But my question is… U mentioned smaller animals like ants and termites as a big danger to these snails, how do I protect my snails from these smaller animals?

    • EddieDuwah May 18, 2017

      Good day Mr. Omeh,

      I have read with great interest your article on Snail Farming and I must admit that I am already loving it. I live in Monrovia, Liberia. What’s the best way to get in tough with you personally?

    • Princess July 23, 2017

      Mr darlington nice one. Pls how many snails can a room sized pen take and should I cement the floor before pouring do sandy-loamy soil? A will appreciate a reply. Thank you

    • Oghaisi Daniel August 8, 2017

      Thank u for this article on snail rearing, I’ve plan going into snail farming and I’ve gotten the key to achieving my goal.

    • vivian August 15, 2017

      Good work, am impressed. Pls can we have a picture of the snail house

    • femiola August 17, 2017

      Thanks for the info. Pls I want to know if there is type of water to wet the pen during dry season. Can I use well/stream water? I know tape water contains alum.

    • Chinyere Onyeabor September 3, 2017

      great tip of wealth God bless you for this

    • Ayamolowo Adeleke Muchael September 6, 2017

      Is a good write up but to get d snail is a challenge I live in city bush is very far ,can I obtained from market or from snail farm,I live in DSC,Orhuwhirun via Warrior ,is there a snail farm around me you know

    • Eneh Ebenezer A. September 12, 2017

      My dad has great passion for this and I also love and will be glad to get more information with regard to this interpreneurship knowledge. I highly value this information.

    • Ekaete Umo September 17, 2017

      Hello Darlington,
      Gereat jog you are doing out there.
      This is actually the way forward in our economy of today.
      Iam interested in snail farming, and I want to try my hands on a low scale.
      I am a Nigerian and an entrepreneur basedin Nasarawa state,
      Our brand is Revive Moringa Tea.
      Can you connect us to companies that may need dried Moringa leaves?
      My number is 08094496488

      Thank you

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    • Blessing October 4, 2017

      Thanks for this great info, I want to confirm something……..those small snails people pick around the house, Can they be used for Snailry ? Because someone told me they are not good for it.

    • Chioma October 11, 2017

      Please I need help starting up the snail business, please. Can I have a contact that can guide me through. I’m based in Abuja.

    • victor kelechi October 11, 2017

      Wow Interesting

    • winnie October 29, 2017

      i picked about 150 snails last month and dey r in a clay pot which i feed them with bitter leave and some leaves dat i normally see the d snails on. I don’t know if i should put sand in d pot n continue cause d house environment is full of ants

      • Adetomiwa Abiodun November 18, 2017


        Would you be kind enough to help me pick and sell to me, i have tried to pick from my area without success. I am in Lagos.


    • Cornelius Justin October 30, 2017

      Please I need a business plan on snail rearing.

    • Chinezelum November 4, 2017

      I started with tyre pen but my snails are dying. I don’t know what I am doing wrong. pls what could be the problem

    • Fidel Benjamin November 5, 2017

      You have a great deal of idea here .I pray that God will protect you for humanity and bless your efforts. Am yet to understand how the business goes and it’s requirements. Kudos!!!

    • sofi DZ November 27, 2017

      Happy New Year 2018 Thank You For Site.

    • AdekunleSummer December 11, 2017

      How many mature snail can I put in a trailer tire pen

    • Prosper Afiemo-Edivri December 31, 2017

      If one has half a plot of land for snail farming, is that enough? How much is start up capital to fully utilize half a plot say 60feet by 40 feet?

    • Mark Chinwe January 1, 2018

      Thanks for this wonderful write up.
      Please am very much interested in the business, what type of container can I use to start it for a small scale business? Can the container be kept a room?

    • solo king January 10, 2018

      Greàt information, pls I want to know if can get the to but from IITA Ibadan or CRIN along ijebu ode if yes tell me and what can I take along to keep it healthy añd save before getting to where to grow them. Thanks

      • solo king January 10, 2018

        I want to know if I can get the snails to buy from IITA Ibadan or CRIN along ijebu ode if yes tell me and what can I take along to keep them healthy and save before getting to where to grow them. Thanks

    • Bezaleel February 7, 2018

      hello,your post is really enlightening, how can I go about snail farming in place like the Jos plateau where the weather is seemingly cold and looking at the soil type which is mostly or basically loamy instead of the sandy-loamy you approved?.I seriously want to go into it and I need some professional advice. thank u

    • Alfred February 16, 2018

      You have done a great job here. It’s quite informative.
      This is highly appreciated.

    • Makemoney2000 February 18, 2018

      Nicely written, sir. I plan on starting mine tomorrow at my school hostel backyard. Any tips on how to begin my very own farm?

    • SUNDAY OROK March 29, 2018

      Please Sir, Am a Director of HEAVENONEARTH FARMS , an expert in this Field based in Port Harcourt, am short of A.A breeders in my farms i need up to 4000 pieces please to meet up demand of my client. If you have please include your price. It should be point of lay. i will appreciate your quick respond.

    • Ammabenie April 18, 2018

      Helo sir, though am new in your site, am really interested onn the Snail farming. i base at Ebonyi State and hoping to start it there. pls i do need your advice on how to begin

    • Ammabenie April 18, 2018

      I am Ammabennie, though new to ur site and interested in Snailry Business. pls sir, i do need ur advice on how to begin. u cud contacta me on

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      I really want to start.

    • Chi April 21, 2018

      after rearing the snail and get enough quantity where can I sell it

    • Yunus Umar May 8, 2018

      Good work,
      Is it possible to have a snail farm in the north (plateau and bauchi states) in particular

    • Michael Kayode May 30, 2018

      Thank you Boss. How can i contact you sir?

    • Sunday Adamu June 5, 2018

      It is so amazing to know, thanks for your experience, please sir i am so interesting to go into the business but i need more guardian one in one

      • kalaria uche June 28, 2018

        Am very grateful for the article and will like to do the business. my question is how can we get the snail breed you recommended i.e the achatina achatina or giant ghana snail. Thank u

        • Sunday Okoronkwo July 16, 2018

          How can i get achatina achatina (gaint Ghana snail) from ur company. Then how can i prevent ant and termites from attacking my snails

    • Joshua July 15, 2018

      Thanks for sharing this business idea sir. You said one can rear snails in covered boxes then will they get oxygen to breath in?

    • Sunday Okoronkwo July 16, 2018

      I need to get the right species sir, then those ones in the bush how can i specify the species. I m from okigwe imo state

      • kalaria uche July 17, 2018

        I would also like to know which forests or farms one can get the giant ghana snail species you specified to be the best. Thank you..

    • john ogbonna July 22, 2018

      Thanks sir…great info,so does it mean that snakes will definitely come around the farm?secondly,can snail be breeded in Lagos?

    • Oluwaseun August 1, 2018

      Very interesting article

    • Dr. Folorunso Olufemi August 26, 2018

      I need your Help to be able to export my snails.

    • drakeman August 29, 2018

      pls sir can A.A produce A.F or A.M

    • Mullah jnr September 7, 2018

      Great tips,can’t wait to start my snail farm

    • Olumide Samuel September 11, 2018

      I am very very interested .

    • Adekola Adegoke September 12, 2018

      Wow… this is great. I am impressed. I have started inside tyre and within 7 days of constant rain in ikorodu part of lagos, i did what i called snail huntil in the bushes around in the night and as at today 12th of September, i have a total of 96 snails…. 26 big ones and 70 small and medium sizes. THANK YOU SO SO MUCH

    • chinwe September 24, 2018

      My husband picked 4 snails from a neighbour ‘s compound for consumption but this morning I noticed some have laid eggs where we kept them,and that was the switch that got me thinking of snail farming.I picked the eggs and started browsing about snail farming.After reading some piece including urs, we got a tire under my sink to maintain a humid environment. We fetched Sandy loamy soil ,pawpaw leaves and some other leave and formed a snailry in my house.We put the four hand picked snails and eggs there and covered it up with a net and also sprayed water in there.I really need it contributions for expansion, thanks

    • Samuel Jegede December 18, 2018

      Good day all. My snails are not laying eggs. What am I not doing right?.

    • emmy February 19, 2019

      what are the process of rearing snail in Nigeria and which of the soil is best for the process

    • Taofeek Omotayo March 24, 2019

      God bless you brother, am starting asap

    • OKOH EDWINA May 20, 2019

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      Thanks for the guide line. I would love to start up my own snail farm so I would need more details so WhatsApp me please my no.

    • Paul June 28, 2020

      Thanks for this great knowledge shared with so much selflessness. Many of us do have loads of questions to ask but discouraged by your silence to the ones already asked. Please kindly answer the above questions if you could because they are questions others like me have in mind to ask. Thanks.

      • Faith David June 29, 2020

        It’s not feasible for one person to answer all the thousands of questions being posted on this website.

        Get the ebook on Snail Farming in Nigeria which is written by the same author of this article. It will answer all your questions.


        That’s the link to the ebook page.

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