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Farming in Nigeria has taken a dramatic turn to a better direction in recent years, creating jobs and opportunities for entrepreneurs who dare to go into farming business. Millionaires are currently being made every year through farming in Nigeria and there is certainly no end to the prospects of creating more wealth through farming in the coming years.

There are good reasons why farming in Nigeria is doing very well. Understanding these reasons will help you (no matter where you come from) to think seriously about setting up farm in Nigeria.

1) There is no any other African country where Farming is as viable as it is in Nigeria in terms of productivity and profitability.

2) There is no other country where farmers are more advantaged as they are in Nigeria as regards demands for the produce. Take a look at my top five reasons why you must start Farming in Nigeria now.

Why Farming In Nigeria?

(1) Nigeria has a huge population of over 200 million people, twice more than the populations of Zimbabwe and South Africa combined. The entire population of Nigeria depends on staple foods produced from farms and other farm produces for their daily meals and sustenance. More than 80 percent of Nigerians buy their farm produce from the market.

(2) Nigeria has large expanses of fertile farmlands laying fallow across the nation. Nigerian land area when measured in sq km is about 910,770. The land area of any country is the country’s total area, excluding areas that are considered to be water bodies. So, Nigeria has one of the biggest expanse of Land in Africa of which 70 percent is available for farming.

(3) Nigerian Government is seriously turning its attention to promoting farming in Nigeria to help boost food productions in the country and minimize food importation. The government is willing to assist any would be farming entrepreneur/investors with the necessary supports and logistics.

(4) Nigerians boasts the highest purchasing power in Africa, far more than any other indigenous Africans. We buy things here and we pay cash. Talk about parties, Nigeria is the most merriment people on earth. The food used for parties and merriment in Nigeria can feed four other African countries.

(5) By the time Nigeria attain its full capacity utilization is agriculture, farming will become great foreign currency earner more than the oil. The implication is that Nigerian farmers will be able to earn in Naira and in Dollars as well as other foreign currencies.

List of Lucrative Farming in Nigeria

The prospect for farming in Nigeria is so high that only a fool will ignore it. Having said that, let’s take a closer look at some of the types of Farming that does very well in Nigeria.

1. Rice Farming

Nigeria has one of the world’s highest Rice consumption stat. Rice is by far one of the most popular staple food among Nigerians. Almost every family eats rice daily in Nigeria. In 2011 alone, Nigeria spent N991billion on rice importation and the rice we import is said to be nothing less than 10 years old in storage. That means we spent billions buying rice that has since lost its nutritional values.

Any entrepreneur who goes into rice farming and get it right is sure to be smiling to the bank. A bag of rice is currently sold for N13,000 to N16,000 depending on the quality. A farmer who is able to invest in large scale rice production in Nigeria and able to produce 100,000 Bags of processed Rice in a year, sell at wholesale price of about N10,000 per bag, he will be making 10,000 x 100,000 = N1,000,000,000 ($3million)

You can achieve the above figures conveniently with less than five hundred and fifty million Naira ($1.5 Million) capital investment. I am currently looking for who to partner with in this. If you have the cash, I have the logistics and good planning to achieve this result. Serious investors only!

2. Cassava Farming

The popularity of cassava as the major source of food for Nigerians dates back to ages. Between Garri and Rice, it is hard to tell which one is the most popular food in Nigeria. Both are the most consumed food staples among the citizen. I think if one is the King the other should be the Queen.

A bag of Garri costs almost the same as a bag of rice. Apart from garri, there are countless of other food stuffs that are processed from Cassava in Nigeria. The introduction of the high yield species of Cassava has made it possible for Nigerian cassava farmers to produce more cassava per plot. Nearly every land in Nigeria is good for growing Cassava and 1 Acre, when properly planted and managed can produce thousands of Naira worth of cassava in a year!

3. Plantain Plantation

One thing I like about Plantain is that when planted once, it keeps producing year in year out for eternity. Like Rice and Garri, Plantain is widely consumed in Nigeria. Any food that is popular in Nigeria is always a huge income earner due to the population of the country.

I really haven’t seen Farmers in Nigeria taking advantage of the opportunity in Plantain Farming to create wealth for themselves. Plantain is highly priced in Nigeria and is always in high demand all year round. Fry it, Boil it, Roast it — it will never get angry with you, that’s how liberal Plantain is. I can tell you, Millions of Naira is currently lying fallow untapped in this sector of Farming in Nigeria.

4. Poultry Farming

Everyone knows how profitable poultry farming is, it doesn’t need much introduction. Yet, it is still not fully tapped. What we currently have is few badly managed, scantily equipped poultry farms here and there. I’m yet to see a full fledged, high tech poultry farm except Obasanjo Farm.

Entrepreneur who is able to fire up serious investment into this sector will have huge profit to contend with. The reason is because Nigerians eat chicken more than snakes does and 70% of our consumption still based on importation. The egg is yet another goldmine!

5. Pineapple Farming

Money is sweet, everything sweet is money, and Pineapple is sweet. Ask any Australian Farmer and he will tell you how huge the income in Pineapple farming is in their country. Any juice maker that doesn’t have Pineapple flavor variety in his product line is not yet in business. That tells you how popular Pineapple is, not only in Nigeria but worldwide.

Nigeria seems to have better soil for Pineapple Farming than Australia where Farmers are making it big in the business. A Pineapple sells in Mile-12 market in Lagos for about N200. If you are able to harvest one million in a year, you will earn at least N80 x 1,000,000 = N80,000,000

6. Beans Farming

A bag of Beans cost twice more than a bag of Rice and Garri. The Northern Nigerians are making it big in Beans Farming, supplying almost all over Nigeria and beyond. But one thing is that, this same Beans also can do very well in the South East, South West, and South South Nigeria soils. So why only the North?

7. Catfish Farming

Catfish Business is really hyping in Nigeria right now but how many are really getting it right? Get it right and you’re in money. A single Catfish sells for N700 in Restaurants and about N400 in open market.

8. Goat Rearing

Its only in the North that goat is reared in commercial quantity. I don’t know why we are so looking down on farm investment in the South even though there are millions to be made in this business. Why would you chose to sell used shoes in Oshodi and make few thousands of Naira every year when you could engage in productive farming business and make millions of Naira?

In The USA and Australia, Farmers are among the Richest people – Get involved in professional goat rearing and make money for yourself. A full grown goat sells for between N15,000 to N40,000

9. Snail Farming

I see Snail Farming really picking up in Nigeria very soon — but if you don’t hurry up, others will make all the money before you realize what you are missing.  The potential in this business for you is about N50,000,000 Annual revenue.

10. Maize Farming

You will never know the profit in Maize Farming in Nigeria until you try it. One thing I like about maize is that everything happens fast. It takes less than Four months between planting and harvesting.

Get involved in any of these farming business in Nigeria today and you will never regret it. Drop us a comment if you are in support of farming business in Nigeria.

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  • Anonymous August 24, 2013

    Darlington, what you are saying is the gospel truth. you are opening the eyes of creative Nigerians to take their destiny into their hands and change their lives and that of others for good! O that Nigerian youths will take these wise words to heart! This is a sure killer of the strangulating poverty and unemployment among us today!

    • Darlinton Omeh August 24, 2013

      Thank you for appreciating. I hope Nigerian youth should stop wandering around and seat down and do productive farming work for once. Some of the richest people in America are farmers.

      • victor idowu September 12, 2017

        please here is my number 07032516603

        • Saheed July 31, 2019

          Am a bet9ja agent About to go into the Farming in Ilorin just bought 4 acres on land need ur guide. Please I will prefer your digit on here or a mail.

          • omoamure December 27, 2019

            guy am also a bet9ja agent how can we meet in person

      • Mike November 5, 2017

        Hi please contact me on the rice farming. I am very interested….

      • Samuel November 29, 2017

        honestly I really so happu whenever I see someone enlighten people how to be independent. God will continue to bless u,pls how can I get ur digit for more farm business details,

      • Oyin September 17, 2018

        Hello, Please I am a nigerian from the US who currently owns 16 acres of farm Land in Ibadan. As I have not lived in nigeria before, (I have only been visiting for the past 5 years or so) but i am a very interested youth who would live to relocate to Nigeria and farming is a big part of how I plan on growing my livli-hood.

        As I have not lived in nigeria, my knowledge is very much limited, is there a way to contact you privately to discuss further? Is there somewhere you can point me too? I saw in someone elses comment you directed them to IITA. Please help a very confused nigerian girl.

        Many thanks

        • Tolulope December 15, 2018

          I am into Sheep farming business.if you wouldn’t mind ,I can put you through or infact we can run the bussiness together.whatsapp me

          • Israel November 18, 2019

            I have a plot of land in OGUN STATE and i want to use it for farming am planning to go into goat and snail business. Kindly advice me……..08035018431

          • Stanley Omongbale April 2, 2020

            Please how profitable is sheep farming? I truly am interested in it.

        • opeyemi February 4, 2019

          you can me via 08165755573

        • Yinka September 6, 2019

          first I’ll suggest you take your time to look into which arm of agriculture would best suit you…
          each comes with its different drill and challenges…
          also theres a great difference between agric project and agric business… know the patterns and tailor them to suit you and your projections…

        • Bamidele Habeebat January 7, 2020

          Oyin,we can help you set up oil palm plantation,cassava and another farming of your interest in Ibadan or anywhere .

      • Chinaasa June 1, 2019

        I am interested in framing business.

      • ASAS June 23, 2020

        all sounds excellent just that government keep confusing its people and they accept the fact that they are ….any way we don’t have to wet for them …i drop my handsome self and pretty mine in to maize farming start up with 200k..hoping to make it 200m with a successful journey .thank you once more.

  • Michael Onwuegbuzie August 28, 2013

    I appreciate your effort GOD bless you.Please help me with the requirement and procedure inter cropping cassava and corn farming.

    • Darlinton Omeh August 28, 2013

      Pls, when next you are making a comment on this site, do not include your email or phone number. (1) We do not allow it. (2) Criminals may use it against you

      • jales January 30, 2018

        Hi you said you are looking for people to invest in farming with you. I would like to invest. How can I contact you?

        • shailesh February 12, 2018

          Hi dears, Please contact me on whats up 9087816256 . I will give all technical details and help you to choose right product for farming according to soil quality,

          • moses March 28, 2018

            is it Nigeria phone number?

  • xima September 3, 2013

    Darlinton, i appreciate your efforts at enlightening us on so many untapped resources that are available for us to tap from.
    I am particularly interested in the snail farming and beans farming but please could it be possible to get details on land size required to rear one million snails? Are there no packaged feeds for the snails that one can acquire to feed the snails over the said period?
    Your estimate on what to make is the gross of investment. can one get the overhead on the investments.
    Also what land mass i s required to farm beans worth ten million naira in volume

    • Darlinton Omeh September 3, 2013

      Xima, Thanks for appreciating. One million is a huge number so the farm should be build on 2 Acres at least. Part of the farm will be used to plant what they'll feed on.

      Snail mainly thrives on natural foods in natural environment.

      Food containing soybean, fishmeal, poultry dropping and urea provides them with nitrogen source. Diet like Pawpaw leaves okra leaves cocoyam leave are also very good for snail.

      The earning calculation is the estimate of profit relative to investment. The beans question is not clear to me. Is it ten million naira worth of beans of ten million Naira total investment?

  • xima September 3, 2013

    It's quite interesting reading your expositions on the many untapped areas nigerians can benefit from rather knotting ties to offices like goats being led calling it white collar jobs. I really appreciate your efforts for this but i'd like to ask? i'm particularly interested in the snail farming and the beans farming but what am seeing is a gross estimate of what one is going to make on farming on snails. Please i'd like to have an idea of the land mass required to rear a million snails? Also the feeds required to feed the snails ? are there no packaged feeds for these as we see in poultry feeds or cat fish farming?Please is it possible to get the overhead on this farm type/
    Also cosidering the beans farm i'd like to know the land mass required for farming beans worth ten million naira gross

  • Emmanuel Akinsode October 9, 2013

    I find it hard to believe, we still have educated people that are engaged in the oldest and best occupation of all time -farming. Darlinton, you're a darling. Please keep up with the good work.

    God bless U

  • rosco October 21, 2013

    u r a good motivator. At d moment, I got 5 acres of cassava to process/turn to elubo god willing. Thks 4 ur inspiration.

  • rosco October 21, 2013

    i saw ur article about how to process cas in cast into v unfortunate we dont have any plant in Ibadan. Pls is there any where to process it into casv flour.

  • Anonymous December 19, 2013

    Sir God will continue to bless you,seriously you are touching lifes with this site.As for me my state of reasoning has changed

  • chioma kalu January 16, 2014

    Darlinton thanks a lot. i never knew that some people share the same line of thought like me. am really encouraged by this. keep it up. tell Nigerians and be an instrument of God in the reduction of poverty.

  • arthur_gimba January 30, 2014

    Hello Darlington, I saw your comments on the top 10 businesses, specifically the rice production thingy. Interesting piece but rather short-sighted(please let me prove my point and most definitely, NO INSULT MEANT).
    The first point that I'd want to make is that production is a whole lot slower and tedious than importation, this makes food production less attractive. 2nd and most obvious is that whoever has $1.3m to invest would not be looking for something in the agric line (or you, no offence meant) to invest in; the Economist or Time magazine would probably be his best counsels. However I must admit the validity of your point about agric being lucrative and rice farming being good. The next question is, how do you get young, average Nigerians involved Agriculture IN SMALL OR MEDUIM SCALE? Not everyone has the capacity for producing 100,000 bags of rice per annum.

    • Darlinton Omeh January 30, 2014

      You are right Arthur, and at the same time wrong! Production is tedious no doubt about that but you don't quit or runaway from a potentially profitable venture because it's tedious… that would be laziness at it's best. People prefers importation of rice because they have absolutely no knowledge about how rice production works, if they do, they would have realized that production is much more profitable than importation – trust me. The tediousness and slowness you're talking about is only applicable when there is no enough fund and required mechanism to power the production. Rice takes just 3-4 months to harvest and if you get it right, you begin to see your return on investment within 5-6 months from planting date.

      If you're talking about risks, I'll say you're 100% right. Rice production is extremely delicate, that's is a fact. If you get the timing wrong, your investment is gone! If you get the soil profiling and choice of species wrong, your investment is gone!! That is where deep knowledge about rice production comes in and I happen to have a deep background in rice farming + acquired knowledge of modern rice production.

      Investing on me? Well, that's ± ratio. People aren't the same, there are some who will not even think of investing N10,000 with me while there are some who would stick their neck and part with more than $100 million to invest with me if they have it. Two persons have already contacted me regarding this very project: The first person? We could not agree on terms of operation. the other? We are in talk right now! So you aren't entirely right and not wrong at the same time.

      Reaching out to Nigerian youths? How else am I suppose to reach out to youths other than this website? 😀 am I not doing enough already? 😀

      • Anonymous June 10, 2014

        good day authur,
        can you please let me know how i can get training on fish farming and crops like ugwu and bitter leaf training?

      • Olufade Olumuyiwa May 16, 2016

        I did like to invest in the rice business. Please get in touch. Olumuyiwa

      • Ambition John July 15, 2019

        Good enlightenment from u mr darlington. The total of what United States farmers make per year is far higher than what the entire Nigeria govt allotment of oil can offer. Farming is as old as man. My eyes were opened to reality the day a govt of a certain country paid farmer in a locality about 5.8million dollars damages caused to their farm produce by stormy wind. The farmers lamented that is was too poor. Now. Can u imagine how much more the farmers would make. Out of the produces? Starting small or targeting big , the truth is this;; try to start something.

  • arthur_gimba January 30, 2014

    True words, nonetheless a little short sighted (no offense meant). How many young Nigerians do you think have the capacity to produce 100,000 bags of rice in 6 months? We need to focus on TANGIBLE and SUSTAINABLE business ventures and these have to be grown and nurtured from small scale. How about exposing ways that one can GROW an agric business from a little venture to a large production entity? I know that there are a lot of young people out there with the current trend of unemployment, that are willing to try just about anything, even agriculture , for a living. What we need to focus on is how to make agriculture attractive enough and accessible enough to make it a viable, FULL TIME business, for it to be sustainable.

    • Darlinton Omeh January 30, 2014

      This website is not only for young/poor/unemployed people, it's also for the rich and wealthy who can afford to invest big. There are countless of business ideas suitable for young people that I have written about on this website, if one is not suitable for you, others certainly will be okay according to what you can afford. From the responses I've been getting since this website was founded, I can assure you that Nigerians are seriously waking up to realizing the viability of agriculture.

      • Kehinde Ajayi December 18, 2017

        Thank you darlinton for the wonderful exposition. Am interested in Plaintain and Snaail please contact me for discussion

    • fausat January 31, 2016

      Thanks to Darlington for this piece, Arthur,plz could u keep ur discouragement to yourself or better still create ur own blog

  • Anonymous January 30, 2014

    Interesting indeed

  • CeeWai February 1, 2014

    What a truth presented! Agriculture will survive humanity. I am into farming as well, I just have one issue doing this business; its accessing of loan from banks. I must confess here that for over foour (4) months I have be battling with the officials of Bank of Indusrty (BOI) for just N7m loan and it has been a tug of war. The documents they have asked to provide such as Tax clearance certificate (for the farm & directors and gurantors), financial statment, etc I have provided but yet I am still being thrown up & down like a soccer ball. I have to tell them in their office the last time I visited that this small amount I need to acquire equiptment for my process plant has been long provided my FG through CBN yet the real farmers don't have access to them, that their directors and his clik of friends will take this loan (even without documentations) and the farmers will go on struggling. But God will not allow me to struggle, I told them that they will one day want to include my name in their profile then I'll disgrace and disappoint them.
    You see why Nigerians are not doing well in Agriculture, yet gov't will go to Addis Ababa to tell the world that Billions of dollars has been poured into Agriculture, I laughed!

    • Darlinton Omeh February 1, 2014

      And at the end of the day, people who will get that money so easily are people who may either squander it for frivolities or use it for other personal projects while the small/medium scale industries suffers for lack of fund.

    • Anonymous May 21, 2014

      I have agree with you my dear, its about time we stop paying lip service to farm things, sure this is a guaranteed source wealth for our teaming youth yet all nigeria's approach to agriculture is only on the pages of newspaper.
      Imagine early this year government declared 14b naira for dry season farming, people were happy but I know of government project that is specifically a water project. They have facility for irrigation yet no water anywhere. Farmers had to rely on rainfalls to do their farm work yet money is being released every year water.
      Well thank you for the encouragement to farmer but I must say Nigeria need to do mor than they are currently doing if we want to make it big in this sector.

    • Ande Isa May 14, 2017

      Am a young Nigerian, who is into Farming , I had the same experience as ceewai on getting a loan from the bank. It got to a stage that i was asked who i knew after providing all the documents. Getting a loan from the bank is like having a cold day in hell. So I decided to get investors.

    • Me January 29, 2020

      @ Ande Isa. You’re right. Nothing is encouraging in this country. I’ve once had same issue. I’m a poultry farmer with 5,000 layers and I went to Bank of Agriculture BOA to access loan unfortunately I was told I can’t get any because the state govt isn’t in support to give loan. Nothing is working for young entrepreneurs; your government won’t support you, your bank won’t either.

  • paul banks February 27, 2014

    Why is Piggery not included in your top ten ? Is it not a profitable business that one can invest on? Please throw some light.Thank you

  • paul banks February 27, 2014

    Why is piggery not in your top ten,does it mean that pig farming is not advisable to invest on in Nigeria? Because i was considering investing on it.
    Thank you.

    • Darlinton Omeh February 27, 2014

      Piggery is very good and lucrative but you know we can't include everything at a time. Go ahead with your pig farming, it's worth investing into

    • David Idahoda March 13, 2014

      I appreciate your effort GOD bless you.Please help me with the reqiurement procedure and amount for opening a paint company in Nigeria

    • David Idahoda March 13, 2014

      I appreciate your effort GOD bless you.Please help me with the reqiurement procedure and amount for opening a paint company in Nigeria

    • Emmanuel Umoren April 7, 2016

      I think he didn’t include piggery in the top ten because of its cultural/religious barrier in specific areas. Those from the North may not want such but in the south, especially in Akwa ibom and Cross river state, it is quite acceptable. So it depends on where you intend to start the piggery, but try to do it where the meat is widely accepted to have a good market for it and thereby get cool cash.

  • dr greg oben April 3, 2014

    thank you very much for this great ideal for the great mind i have in mind to go into this farming like pineapple and plantain and cassava . i we like to know more about this. thank you very much.

  • uduak April 15, 2014

    Darlington Omen, I am so impressed with your vast knowledge on farming and business generally. How do i get ur contact? Are u Onyii as well? I will like to grant u an interview session on agriculture and showcase how your knowledge has helped others grow.God bless u real good.

    • Darlinton Omeh April 17, 2014

      Thank you for the interest in what we do. Pls I'm not "Onyii" of any. My name is "Darlinton Omeh" and there is no addition. You can search me of Facebook.

  • Tarun Sachdeva April 19, 2014

    Hello Darlinton, I am interested in rice plantation investment. But not more than 200000 US$ to start with. Please advise.

  • Anonymous May 14, 2014

    Thank you for the good work,I am a farmer,am into plantain pls good buyers

  • Anonymous May 14, 2014

    Pls am a farmer i need good buyers am into plantains farming thanks

  • AFOLABI June 2, 2014

    If the unemployed youth in Africa can embrace Agriculture , hunger and poverty will be reduced in Africa

  • Anonymous June 16, 2014

    Thanks for this post. I am a fresh graduate of accounting from one of Nigeria's private university.I have loved farming as a kid but was not allowed to study agric. Now am out and I want to pursue what I have always loved.I want to be a crop farmer. How will I go about it. Please any body with an idea should please email me.

  • oma June 19, 2014


  • Anonymous July 1, 2014

    Hi Darlington. This is good and i beleive this is what our govt is supposed to push out to youths.

    There are also Turkey farming ( targeting xmas and easter periods)
    buying and storing melon seed, hausa pepper
    Ram farming

  • lilly August 5, 2014

    this is gold! thanks a million for posting this, darlington 🙂

  • Anonymous August 19, 2014

    can an oridinary person setup a farming system by it only without any learn step

  • Anonymous August 19, 2014

    can an oridinary person setup a farming system by it only without any learn step

  • Joseph August 24, 2014

    Free information on this website is what other people collect huge amount to give out in form of seminars or workshops. God will continue to empower you to empower others.

  • Anonymous August 24, 2014

    Am seriously considering going into large scale agriculture,pls how do I reach u to partner wit u??? Thanks for d good work

  • Anonymous September 7, 2014

    hello you have made me to think back to understand where I came from,i grew up in a ranch in ebonyi state where my late dad was a known full time poultry farmer even the former head of state obasanjo knows him personally.i have a massive land that i want to turn into corn field, can you give me the steps to take and where to get good corns pls your advice is needed thanks.

  • Anonymous September 11, 2014

    Thanks for your writeup ,is an eye opener keep up the good work.

  • Dobras Quail Farm September 17, 2014

    Thank you, Mr. Darlington.
    This is very encouraging.
    I am currently working out modalities for an irrigation Rice farm project for 20 ha.
    I expect a minimum of 25M annually.
    I have bee

    • Wastetowealth May 25, 2016

      Hello Dorbras Quail Farm,

      Thank you for Your comment above, very inspiring.
      Pls kindly provide your contact via my mailbox , I’ll like to know more of the rice farm .


  • Anonymous September 22, 2014

    Hello Darlington. Just came across this page and I find it educative. I have some acres of land that I intend to cultivate for Crop farming esp. maize, cassava and plantain and in future piggery and poultry.
    Can we talk more?

  • Anonymous September 23, 2014

    great facts

  • Adeola October 7, 2014

    Hello Darlington. Thanks for the eye opening . It is encouraging. In my own opinion think there is need for more enlightenment on challenges farmers face in farming. Using my own case study i am a woman of like passion for farming. I have been into crop production and poultry farming since 2008 on subsistence level. There is no year i will say i break even in crop farming.Presently i have 4 acres of dried corn on farm but having difficulty in getting it out as a result of bad road especially during rainy season; Also the price of corn has come so low. i strongly believe some other youth like me who have great passion for sustainable agricultural production and processing will be facing the same challenges together with the ones posted earlier. Is this how our little resources that we intend to multiply through investment in farming will be going down the drain year in year out? how will we be encouraged to continue in like manner? we need a help! or should i say i really need your help! thanks

    • Darlinton Omeh October 8, 2014

      That's really unfortunate, I think government should do something about the bad roads and improve the general roads condition in the rural areas. I believe you'll make more money if you are to bring your corn to the city

  • jasper October 9, 2014

    You ve realy inspired me some more darlington. Please how may i get any link to any well trained and certified garri farmer,especially by iita

  • Anonymous December 2, 2014

    Thank u so much. Please can plantain and pineapple be intercropped. I mean grown together on the same land.

  • Anonymous December 14, 2014

    Hi Mr. Darlington, I'm interested in the pineapple business as well as oil palm business as well. Can you please shed more light on the mechanism to start up on both as I am willing to invest

  • Anonymous December 15, 2014

    Wonderful & great write up.As you water others,may you never run dry in Jesus name.I have 12 acres of land & will be starting farming in the next planting season.I am in the clearing stage now.I intend to go into crops production and snail farming.Kindly advise how to protect my snails from predators i .e ants,termites.Secondly,the method you advised in getting snails to breed could be very slow as it will take a long time to gather enough snails.Kindly recommend where I can buy very good ones for breeding.

  • Adeleke David December 19, 2014

    Sir, do you think 150,000 naira is a good enough amount to invest into a start-up Agric business? If yes, which one do you think that's a fair price for? Thanks.

  • Iyanu Oluyale January 6, 2015


  • Tobi Akinrinola February 6, 2015

    Hi chief
    do u have any contact on how to get dangote hybrid tomato seeds?

    • Darlinton Omeh February 6, 2015

      I don't have for now but when I do, I will write article about it. I'm currently investigating it, just keep on the watch. Thank you!

      • Adeyemi February 18, 2018

        Darlington hi, please can I get your contact number or email please i’ll Like to invest . Regards

  • Anonymous February 16, 2015

    Good evening Mr. Darlington,

    I need to speak with you asap.

    I've been looking for someone like you for some time.

  • Oguike Emmanuel April 20, 2015

    Pls Darlington, how can I source for little capital to start up a poultry farm with low interest?

  • Anonymous July 9, 2015


  • David Adeleke November 18, 2015

    A good work u re doing. I will need to discuss wit u privately. Best Regards

  • benkay November 26, 2015

    I'm greatly spurred by dis article,I've always loved farming but always encounter difficulty as regards fund. But never d leess I'll b dealing greatly with plantain plantation next year.

  • grace omale December 4, 2015

    Hello Darlinton Omeh,
    I will like to know if you can have your eemail address. if yes, please drop it off on the platform.

  • fred adelaja January 20, 2016

    i am very much interested in animal husbandry but. I need to speak with you on some technical issues and what one may encounter along the business

  • Taewo January 31, 2016

    Nice exposition that support the current government mantra. I would appreciate detailed information on goat rearing. Pls revert. Rgds

  • Gabriella February 6, 2016

    Thank you darlington for the information & enlightenment.I had made up my mind to go into farming this year because i believe its an untapped area to make money instead of waiting for a white collar job.So your write up on 10 top farming opportunity is a beautiful exposee which am getting into soonest.Could you kindly give your email address.

  • Samuel February 7, 2016


    Very interesting article. I am in Canada and seriously considering going into a massive aggressive farming in Nigeria. How do i connect with you?

  • FEMI February 10, 2016

    sir, can’t get enough of your write-up,kudos to u but what the challenge seems to be is are-capital,good business plan,govt support and so on but despite all this we still have to engage our might.

  • KENO February 11, 2016

    Darlington, thanks for the information and your input in making sure that nigerians know the importance of farming. welldone.

  • Chidi Anslem February 15, 2016

    Great post. Very informative.

  • Desy February 19, 2016

    Kudos brother. can I have your e-mail? I need you to shed more light on some crops,please.

  • Papa February 27, 2016

    Hello Mr Darlington, many thanks for your tips. Would like you to advice me as I am planning on commencing snail farming. Pls can you get in touch. Many thanks.

  • Ijeoma Wabara March 13, 2016

    Thanks for this Darlington for this…I just acquired an acre of land to start up Baroque farms but had not decided what crops to start with but now I know for certain that I will start with maize and either pineapples or plantains.

  • Nevaeh ajayden March 17, 2016

    Do you need a loan process within 2-3 working days then KENDRICK INVESTMENTS LIMITED is here to meet to your financal and be glad you did.

    • Aliasau mustapha April 27, 2016

      Nneka, please kindly get in contact with me. I am delighted in purchasing the farming land in Abuja. Thanks

  • Nneka March 18, 2016

    Still on the topic of farming, My Mortgage bank is currently selling farmlands at affordable prices, N1,260,000 for one hectare of land (10 plots i.e. 10,000sqm) at the Kwali area of Abuja FCT. The land is strictly for farming and the soil is arable, anybody interested can send me a mail

    Payments can also be made towards the purchase in installments.

  • David Ogbodo March 20, 2016

    I travelled home, Igarra in Edo state last week. I visited my father’s farm which was abandoned for the past 15 yrs but I felt in farming when I saw the forest. The cocoa, cashew,cassava etc be consumed by forest. I desired to revive the farming by sending labourers to start clearing from the major road. I read your write-up gave me hope that I can make it in farming. Any true entrepreneur who want to venture into farming should always start with what he has. Pls, I need your mentoring because I a great future in farming

  • ben oye March 23, 2016

    Thanks Darlington for you very informative and educative write – up. I am seriously considering going into farming but I am looking at the type of farming I can go into that does not require too much area of land becos of my limited start up capital. Pls if I may ask, between crop farming and livestock/animal farming which one requires largest space of land. Though I like cassava and maize farming which is crop farming, I am thinking there will need large space of land. I am looking at 4plots of land or at most 6plots (which is 1 arce) of land. Thanks and God Bless.

  • chuka March 29, 2016

    Please mr. Darlington I have passion for pineapple farming and would luv to knw d cost involvement for a half a hectare of land n also its climatic condition as I reside in d south east

  • Kelvin March 30, 2016

    Hello Darlinton, Thank you so much for your useful information. I really appreciate your good work. Good bless you. I am interested in Snail Farming and Goat Rearing. Would a plot of land be enough considering my capital?I mean a plot for the Goat Rearing and a plot for Snail farming. All together 2 plot of land. Please advise

  • Emmanuel Umoren April 7, 2016


  • Emmy April 8, 2016



  • Oluwadamilare April 11, 2016

    Bravo!! i really appreciate all your effort for putting up these steps together. May God Almighty be with you and ur family. Please i want to ask if someone want to go into cassava business. how could someone make it real and become reality in becoming successful. Thanks so much.

  • anonymous April 19, 2016

    Thanks for this write up,I have loved agriculture from childhood,really being looking on how to go about it but dont know anything about it…can u email me please so I could get more information thanks alot

  • Olugbenga April 19, 2016

    Good evening Sir. I really appreciate your love for farming and how much u are willing to help us understand the importance and how lucrative farming can be. Sir am a young man less than 30yrs of age. I have high interest in farming business which I have once tried but wasn’t successful but am not giving up. July 2013, I farmed at Adamawa and I planted cowpea, maize and groundnut. I was lucky get farm free which was over 30 plots. The baba has a very huge farm land ad he was doing very well. He was helping me cultivate the crop when I returned to Lagos. He was sending reports and I was sending money but weeding, fertilizer and all that. As harvest time was fast approaching, I lost communication. Network was seized in some local government area of Adamawa due to constant bombing. He called my mum hurrilly one-day requested that I call him back as he in a town where he got network that I need to come now and all. To cut the story short it was a bad investment for but I gain knowledge. Am thank of not giving up on that dream and am thinking of starting again with cassava in Ogun state. Firstly Sir, I want u to mentor me Sir, as am seeing that I would so much need u in this journey. Sir what advice do u have for me. And also may I get ur email address? Thanks and hope to hear from you soon Sir. God bless you richly.

  • Olugbenga April 19, 2016

    I typed hurriedly from my phone, I can see some mistake but I hope u got my points clear Sir. Thanks as i await for an advice from you. God bless you Sir.

  • glory April 20, 2016

    Thanks alot sir,am a still a student but would really like to go into farming and i really need your mentoring and other support too,it has being one thing have always wanted to do please sir can I get to reach u so u help me out thanks alot

  • Adex April 26, 2016

    Hello Mr. Darlinton, thank you and God will continue to bless you sir, I have more interest in fish[cat] and maize farming. How can you be of help for financing? please I need your responds thanks and God bless.

  • Yinka Ajayi May 13, 2016

    The plantain business looks realistic to me. As an agric graduate, it’s something I might want to start with. I have an acre already. But I’m not sure how much capital I need.

  • Akodu Abayomi May 15, 2016

    Available for sale or lease is 40 acreas of farm land in ibadan Oyo state with good road,electricity and bordered by a river. We are also looking for partners to farm a 10 acres of land to do farming.
    Intrested parties are welcome to contact us

    • Wastetowealth May 25, 2016

      @ Akodu Abayomi,

      Trust this meet you well. Pls we are interested to partner with you, kindly provide your contact.

  • KOLADE Sodiq May 18, 2016

    Awesome! Thumbs up to you Darlington. I am KOLADE Sodiq Olamilekan practising agricultural system from the Western part of this country, Ogun state to be precise.

  • kay May 23, 2016

    How do i contact you? I have some hectares for farming and need investor who must be an experienced farmer for partnership. Reply by email only.

  • Yemi May 31, 2016

    This is enriching.
    Kindly afford your contact details for further clarification and action plans.



  • samuel_OjO June 6, 2016

    Dear darligton,thanks a million times for this educative and impresive write up about ten top lucrative farming in Nigeria.I took my time to read each and everyone comments and conrtibutions, it was indeed very interesting. Carefully checking on the time this blog was pasted online, I observed that the 1st comment came on 24(h of August 2013,where majority of the people appreciated your wonderful work,hence,you should be rest assured that not every one will agree with you:in likes Athur. I believe today, a person like Athur will see you like a prophet now, when the price of garri has 300naira per congo and a basket of tomatoe is almost 40,000niara per basket. To cut the long story short,the only way out for each and everyone is to go back to farming.There is always this impression that you must have millions to start farming, this notion is wrong, as low as 100,000naira you can start something good and expect a grate turn over.I will share my experience on cassava farming l am working on soon.So that it can encourage our youth and other prospecting farmer.Also,my advice to many internet farmer online should go and practicalise it! Kudos to you once again Darligton.

  • udoka.f June 28, 2016

    Hello mr Darlington..i am Dr dad died this year leaving us with about 684 hectares of land he acquired in 1977 in delta for farming.300hectares was willed back to d village in the form of a trust the rest is for his kids…while there is a temptation to sell off..though i am a doctor I have always wanted to go into farming part time..please I would like to know how to partner with some people who have the technical knowhow and some funds or we could use the land as collateral…i need your advice…

    • Darlinton Omeh June 28, 2016

      Well, I’ll keep this comment open for possible contact from anyone who either have the cash for farming or the partnership will. I’d also like to get further details about the land. Thank you

      • victor idowu September 12, 2017

        can i have ur contact so we talk better

      • Bright December 9, 2017

        Hi Darlington,
        Can i have your contact. I’m based in Baltimore Maryland with an interest to invest into farming in the eastern part of Nigeria. Thanks.

  • Yusuph Busari June 28, 2016

    I’m 20yo got funds. Been to Lagos many times, my family has hotels out there in lagos island. Ready to to into farming but where do I start? Could we connect

  • udoka.f June 29, 2016

    I cannot be specific on an open forum because of land thieves,since we are recent victims of people who tried to steal of 44 hectares to sell out to a major company..just months after my father’s demise…they have been sued though…so you could send me a mail to or Skype whichever the preferred medium.what I can say here is it is at a village close to asaba and there are erected signpost showing the company name and photocopy of the c of o at the beginning and end of the land.

  • Eddy A. T. June 30, 2016

    Darlinton, what a wonderful recipe for an up-coming business minded, and agricultural focused person to work on. I have a proposal on livestock, but needs to perfect on how to write feasibility study for me to access fund to finance the project. Can you be of help please.

  • Jack Jennings July 5, 2016


    What are your thoughts on cocoa production in Nigeria, would love to get your insight on current farms, current production levels, arable lands suited for cocoa production, barriers to efficient cocoa production, thoughts on the how impactful the Lekki Port will be, and legal obstacles to being an American doing business in Nigeria. If you are willing to divest such valuable information please contact me through e-mail I would love to get a discourse started with you.

  • Anon July 27, 2016

    Agriculture is gradually taking its place In the world as the highest employer of labour and one of the few practices that can never go out of fashion , agricultural produce still ranks the most traded commodity in the world.

    I wish every youth can wake up from their slumber and go into agric. It will be the beginning of greatness in this country.
    Nice write up Business mopol

  • Gabriel August 24, 2016

    Hello Darlington,

    I have practiced as an accountant since I graduated from school. I do not have basic knowledge of farming but I intend to invest into agriculture in the nearest future. Please, where do I start learning?

  • KayceeMD October 22, 2016

    I currently live in the States. I am seriously thinking of investing in poultry, fish and goat rearing. I normally buy my goat from a farmer in Pennsylvania. A goat sells for around 350 dollars. I am confident to say this farmer is well patronized and does not need any white collar job. His income potential is astronomical.
    The current state of unemployment would be a thing of the past if our graduates would take to farming. I will end by stating that the richest people in America today are farmers.

  • saheed2532 May 12, 2017

    Many youths who actually want to go into faming are always short of fund. Its unfortunate that most of the available grants and loan from governments and private sectors does not reach the grassroot where they are actually needed.

    I think, instead of youths wasting time online, they should use their devices to search for most of these lucrative provisions online. Presently, BOI and First bank with After school graduates Scheme is accepting application from youth who want to into farming through the Quickly apply if interested. Applicants can get a maximum of 200k. You can also search for more of such opportunities at

  • Prince May 14, 2017

    My COMPANY OLA-AGBE FARM ESTABLISHMENT AND CONSULTANT sincerely appreciate those who got our contact from this plog and we are able to supply them suckers, cassava stems, maize etc. And to those who bought acres of land for farming through us also those handed over their form to us for monitoring we are grateful.

  • OluwajobaS.Adegboye June 27, 2017

    Am new to farming but fast realizing his lucrative this can be. Please like how much can I budget to go into vegetable planting. Say I HV 1 hectare of land already. Then how do I go about marketing it? Thanks

  • nasu abdulaziz June 29, 2017

    Darlinton Omeh, Thanks for the post, am interested in cassava farming, is there anywhere i can get training on this type of farming and where can i get cheap farm land to buy in nigeria

  • Emma Odafe July 3, 2017

    Aiyedoto Poultry Farm Estate is a government owned cooperative farm and I happened to be a member of the cooperative; as a registered consultant for poultry farms in the cooperative.

    Here is a great opportunity for you as an interested individual to rent lease or buy a space to establish a poultry farm even if you don’t have the skill, the technical know how and the ideas to run and establish a poultry farm.

    You can start here and from here move to that big farm you desire.

    Ask Darlington Omeh for my contact if you’re interested.

  • John Adeyemo July 20, 2017

    Please anyone with feasibility farm business plan should contact through the following :-
    Call: +2349025991483

  • isiaka September 8, 2017

    please does anyone know about how to rear goats in large quantity

  • victor idowu September 12, 2017

    it what i have been looking up to

  • Alex September 19, 2017

    I like this opportunity.
    It is awesome this what we need at the moment.. God bless u…Am a farmer already in these regards…

  • Afanu olufemi temitope October 5, 2017

    Oluwafemi. I really appreciate this your wonderful info. I am done going for white collar job Or interview. What process can some one go through b/4 becoming a farmer. Or where do I start from. Please sir your email address. Thank you and GOD will continue to multiply your potential.

  • A.T Oluwafemi October 5, 2017

    Thanks for your wonderful info. I love it.

  • oloyede yinka October 11, 2017

    Thanks for the information, please i want to go into to farming but i don’t have land and i have only 50,000 naira . please what can i do?

  • Emmanuel October 28, 2017

    Hello Darlington please I want to know if cucumber will do well on swampy soil?

  • charles November 6, 2017

    God bless each an every one of you for the knowledge you have pass here, for me my problem now is how to raise capital what should I do ……Darlington

  • gbenga November 6, 2017

    hi Darlington , good work you are doing here. i have one question . what profitable farm can i put on a one acre land space?. thank you

  • chimezie November 15, 2017

    nice one…palm oil is not among

  • Akinyemi January 2, 2018

    great one sir. its one of my vision for this year. sir how can i start a farm business this year.

  • Fred January 9, 2018

    oya naija this is time for joliment!!!!!! Florida farmers has entered naija ooooo it is time for us to start making money through agriculture. I tested them and it is working. They have brance in… Port-harcourt,lagos,bini state,uyo,abuja,ekiti state,imo state,and kaduna state. If u fined urself in any of these state stated above.

  • odia christian January 10, 2018

    how can I go into poultry farming in Nigeria, what are the terminology behind it and the effect if I don’t do it right?

  • Victoria January 16, 2018

    God bless you Darlington for your kind advice.
    I am interested in fresh vegetable business. Needs your mentorship from start to finish. I appreciate..

  • Idowu Olusegun January 27, 2018

    Mr. Darlington am seriously interested in investing in the farming and i dont know how to go about it……how can we work together sir.

  • Busola February 8, 2018

    Please, I have interest in snail farming but I don’t know how to go about it.

  • Adeyemi adekoya February 18, 2018

    Hi , I read your write up. Please can you give me a contact number?

  • Charles Pycraft February 25, 2018

    I am interested in farming in Nigeria.

  • nwachukwu chinaza m March 2, 2018

    I really want to be an agricultural engineering, Hw can l become it, l apply for it in Umudike 17 bt,didn’t gain admin.

  • Adodo Akhere Shadrach March 5, 2018

    Pls sir, Can you tell me the amount to start with PIGGERY FARMING

  • Omolara March 8, 2018

    Thanks a bunch sir, I really appreciate you .
    Please I need advice on how to go about goat rearing in southwest . What are those things that I need to put in place before I start my commercial goat rearing. Thanks in advance.

  • Omolara March 8, 2018

    Thanks Sir. Please what are the things to put in place if want to start goat rearing

  • JOHN March 11, 2018

    Am john, poultry Farmer here in ekiti state which to re locate my station back to the state capital please any financial helps to copied with the re orgnasation my farm?

  • azuka oluchi Victoria March 17, 2018

    please Darlington how can I reach you.
    I have something to discuss with you.

  • sunday April 6, 2018

    Thanks a million. I agree with all your analysis and i think it is better for me to start working on it. the earlier the better

  • Anonymous April 8, 2018

    Hi Darlington,
    Pls I am very much interested in cassava farming on a large scale.I need mentorship.

  • TAIWO April 20, 2018

    you are right mr. Darlington,Am much more interested in poultery and maize farming (business)
    how do i start it am corrently working and my job is so demanding.
    but i really want to start next month may where can i get a land to start am in abuja.

  • Tinuade Adeoye May 11, 2018

    Is it possible for me to do plantain farming, with poultry farming?

  • olushola olusegun May 14, 2018

    I have a deep interest in farming, I have about 7 acres situated at ifo, in ogun state. I am seriously seeking fund to commence the farming business if I have a partner to fund it.

  • Cordelia May 22, 2018

    I love this post, I also have read your post on 10 lucrative farming to invest in Nigeria.
    Can you give me estimate of what it can tàke to start a commercial green house farming for fruits and legumes

  • Samuel Olushola May 29, 2018

    Hello Darlington. Pls I need to know how to get the improved variety of cassava for planting ASAP. Thanks

  • Yomi June 4, 2018

    Great info pls I will like to know more of this business by having meeting with you because am ready for it I just need to educated about it.

  • Empress June 16, 2018

    Good day.
    Pls, can one start snail farming with 50k?

  • Empress June 16, 2018

    Thank you.
    Can one use 50k to start snail farming?

  • I am encouraged with this write-up.

    I have no questions, I have about five acres of land. My delay is capital and will get back to you .

  • akinduyo September 5, 2018

    we are interested in farming but how do we find a suitable land

  • Alasiri September 12, 2018

    i am also interest…especially for beans, rice, yam, cassava, plantain. How can i get land

  • Onyemeh Ifeanyi Jude September 30, 2018

    I am interested in snail farming. Please how can I start?
    I have one plot of land with borehole. Location Nkwelle Ezunaka Anambra state.

  • Jumoby November 19, 2018

    Kudos Mr Dalington. Great information hère.
    Please my farm is opened to investors as i am seriously aiming at scaling up our poultry, plantain and cassave farming.

    Since Nigeria Govt is failingly with reaching out with resources to support farmers within the rural Community. We have to reach out to investors to scale and thrive.

    So if you have the fund but dont have the time or technical know-how lets talk and possibly work together and reap the agricultural wealth of Nigeria.

    Reach out to me via jumobyshopatgmaildotcom

  • Juliet November 24, 2018

    I am interested in plantain farming, I live in Benin city

  • Opeyemi December 7, 2018

    Please i need your advice, I have access to farm land in my state (Kwara state), and I am thinking of Going into farming. What advise can you give me, i see this as my next line of focus. My fear is that i may not be fully available due to the nature of my Job. I live in lagos. Please Advice your brother sir.

  • Maryam December 12, 2018

    What kind of crop can I grow at Ogun state? Otta to be precise

  • hamza mkr January 24, 2019

    I really want to know a new system of productive farming by and how to earn money.

  • Larry February 25, 2019

    Thank you bros for time taken to create this blog and all. God bless you!
    I am very interested in the fish farming and goat farming business investment. Please will you please reach out to me to see what we can do together? I currently live in the U.S and looking to set something up back home. My contact within the form below

    I am available 47/7

  • easy farms February 27, 2019

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  • John March 2, 2019

    Your write up is interesting but and I am interested in farming but lack of fund. Tnx

  • Muhammed Abdullahi Tanko March 7, 2019

    We support farming

  • Mary-Ejiehi Ezema March 14, 2019

    I am interested in farming but my fear is that a close friend farmed two times and made losses. The first was cassava and the second one was maize last year. The price of the maize was low when it was fresh , he decided to wait for the maize to dry, the price was worse. He is frustrated and I am scare too to go into farming.

  • Uzoma Onyemekara April 7, 2019

    Your piece is encouraging and on point.Do you have any contacts for farmlands for sale or rent in the south east,especially EBONYI,IMO ,ABIA states?

  • ayodeji April 13, 2019

    Hello, Mr darlington great work here if our government or NGOS can be of help to people in agriculture more people will join this agricultural business thanks.

  • Anih April 17, 2019

    what about palm nut and cashew even cocoa …

  • Oalekan ojocoker April 29, 2019

    Am interested in the poultry farming,plaintain plantation,cassava farming…wia is the best state to farm all dis

  • Sunola May 10, 2019

    Thanks so much for your write up. Am planning to go into plantain farming but will need more info about plantation and available market for THE product. Also considering other crops? Kindly assist me with your email as young agro entrepreneur need advice from pople3like you to grow. God nless you.

  • Sadique Adekunle September 8, 2019

    This is great. Thanks for the motivation.

  • Adejo A October 16, 2019

    This is wonderful. Nigerian youths over to you. Thank you Mr. Omeh D. I am both a government employee and farmer. I farmed maize, yam and beans this year. I will encourage everyone of us seeking to go into farming to take time to acquire thorough knowledge about the area of farming they wish to venture into and I believe that you will not regret it. With the borders closed I see the new set of multi millionaires rising from farming.

  • Bamidele Habeebat January 7, 2020

    I love this post its encouraging.
    Vegetable farming is also a lucrative business especially Fluted pumpkin (Ugu) its obvious that it’s the Igbo people that consumes it most which is not suppose to be so,this leafy vegetable has more health benefit than other vegetables and can also resist drought and less disease attack while other vegetable like Amaranth can’t do without water.
    I will encourage youth and other farmers to invest in Ugu farming and we should eat it more than Amaranth

  • suleima shehu fammar February 25, 2020

    Thanks,for given me this Idea but want to start Sheep and Goat farming what to do.

  • Ganiy idris March 11, 2020

    Pleas I am interested in the snail rearing how can make mine through snail pleas, pleas and pleas enlight me my WhatsApp number

  • Abelson james April 2, 2020

    These are very inspirational write up and thanks for sharing those thoughts. You see sir there many people who are passion for agriculture/farming ,but l notice that there’s no motivating support from our leaders. Like me who very interested in agribusiness/farming,I have no access farm land ,and l believe there many youths who are also facing that challenge today,and because economic problems we are experiencing in the country it be hard for youths to purchased for agricultural farm land before sourcing to develop the land .like me I just need access to government lands. If the government can make land accessible and encourage people financially it will go a long way to improve the economic problems of the country. That is my observation.

  • Don Michael April 27, 2020

    @ Darlinton Omeh

    Thanks for sharing this great information. Please how do I get in touch with you?

  • Don Michael April 27, 2020

    Thanks for sharing this great information with us. Please how do I get in touch with you?

  • Tajudeen femi June 25, 2020

    good and beautiful to invest in agriculture……

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