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      RE: Can i Run a Full Time And Professional Blog With An Android Phone?

      Hello Admin, I currently run a free blog with WordPress with my Android phone and now I like blogging but I am confused and I don’t know if I can run a full blog with my phone. Can I make money with a WordPress blog, even if I can I just want a self hosted blog that I can own and run everything in it. Please I will appreciate a good and accurate response

      Asked by mattex on February 11, 2018 in Mobile.
      3 Answers
      Active Member

      Hello Mattex, blogging with your android phone should be temporary measure if something happens to your laptop.  To run a professional blog you need a laptop . You can make money with your blog if monetize with google adsense.

      Criteria in applying for Google adsense

      1. Be blogging for at lest  6months -1year
      2. Your content must original
      3. Don’t try to cut corners with google
      4. Chose a niche
      Answered by Michael Alaegbu on February 26, 2018..
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