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    Customer service at all levels play a crucial role in the development of an organization. Therefore, if you have the zeal and you enjoy helping people, this is an ideal opportunity for you to acquire the skills that will benefit you in any customer services. Whether you interact with customers face to face, via e-mail or on the telephone, here are 7 powerful tips that can help you to be effective: 

    Communication skills

    One of the most powerful elements in customer service skill is the ability to communicate clearly, speaking loudly enough, and employing a very smooth natural but friendly tone’s, This will help you to communicate clearly and positively with your customers. 

    These skills are essential or crucial in face to face and via telephone communication as well. On the other hand, if you write or e-mail customers, make sure you use proper grammar and spelling. Choose words and phrases wisely while addressing your customers, so as to reach your customers heart.

    Listening Skills 

    Listening is another powerful skill by which a customer service representative can demonstrate that he or she has the customers’ interests at heart. Listen carefully to know exactly what he or she needs. To know how you can be of help is essential in reaching the heart of a customer. 

    Showing this through your body language and responses. For example,(nodding your head, putting up a bright smiling facial expressions and maintaining eyes contact, etc, makes the customer feel at ease.) These are ways which shows that you have their interests at heart.


    While we recognized the crucial roles communication and listening skills plays in customers service; exercising self control is essential element that you as a customer service representative must posses or develop. People that work as customer service representatives must be able to calmly handle all customers issues, even the impatience ones. You must strive hard to maintain calmness even when your customers are not easily controllable.

    Adequate Understanding Of The Company’s Products And Services 

    Having an overall understanding of the organization and its products and services are essential for you to handle your job properly and able to convey any of these information to customers who are in need of such details. You are the company’s image or representative. Therefore, if a customer has any problem with any of the company’s products or the services rendered to him or her, do what you can to help. Being proactive and optimistic can help you succeed.

    Negotiation And Patience 

    These qualities are important for customer service representative; because the roles of negotiating and striking a deal with customers is not an easy one. Since he or she have direct contact or access with customers some of whom may be aggressive, she needs to learn calmness. Therefore, someone patience will be proffered at handling matters involving negotiation. 

    Conflict Resolution 

    In customer service, you deal with many customers who have problems that need to be solved. You must be creative, proactive and be a problem solver. Make sure you understand the problem clearly and offer a possible solution to the problem. If you cannot find a solution, refer the customer to where a possible solution may be offered.

    Take The Responsibility 

    One of essential qualities of a customer service rep is being able to say,”i’m sorry”. Whether in cases of a misconduct to a customer or poor delivery of a product or services. Then a sincere apology to the customer in behalf of the company will ease the mind of such a person and the people involved, especially when the problem was not your fault.
    Finally, while we recognize these as some of the powerful qualities of customer service representative, you are not restricted to these. Therefore, open your mind and you will excel beyond your understanding.

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