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You see here and there everyday, articles about how to earn thousands of dollars from affiliate program. You heard how some guys are making a kill monthly from affiliate business on the internet. You’ve also seen thousands of eBooks that promises to teach you how to make it big from Affiliate program! You wonder, all these – is it true or how can I go about it?

Well, first of all what is online affiliate program? Online affiliate is a program design to make business between merchants and web marketers. A web merchant create products, put it for sale, keep the inventory, handle transactions and shipments if needed. Affiliate enters into agreement with the merchant, promote the products in anywhere he could, and get commission per sale on certain percentage.

That’s the description of what we called affiliate program on the internet. Yes! you can make money from this business – Good money for that matter. There are some guys who have actually made good sum from the business, but the question still remains; how do you earn too from affiliate?

I have heard or read explanations from some people on how to make money from this business, and I must tell that I’m not quite impressed by some of those explanation because, they seems to just scratch the surfaces and leaves the truth untouched. Now, let me take you through the details yet simple and brief  guide on how to get into this business effectively.

1. Make a decision – Decision is important because like every other businesses, making money from affiliate isn’t cheap contrary to what information marketer would want you to believe. But when you make a decision to enter this business, you’ll be able to give it what it takes to get to the point where you’ll begin to rake in millions.

Once you’ve decided that you want to be in this business, believe it, nothing will stop your from reaching your goal. But if you enter into it because someone painted a nice picture of affiliate program, how money are flowing in it, and how you can be making thousands of dollars without lifting a finger; I guarantee you wouldn’t last long. Not that there isn’t money to be make but simply that you don’t have what it takes in terms of endurance and hard work to reach that destination.

2. Choose product to promote – You may wonder why didn’t I say signup first as you normally hear? No, you need to choose a product first before signing up with anyone. The product you chose determines where to signup, the type of signup to make, and who to signup with.

I wouldn’t recommend ebook as affiliate product to promote, except if the ebook is extremely important and scarce which I doubt if there is any ebook like that. Instead of marketing ebook for affiliate why not just grab your own ebook, set it up and earn hundred percent of your effort?

Therefore, I will recommend product like: Software download, scripts, web-host, subscription renewable products, applications, and so on. We’re looking on ROI here since you may likely do advert and expect good return, chose product that have very high conversion rate.

3. Set up your system – I don’t believe in signup, grab few lines of java script code, dump it into your site and you start making money stuff. Except if your site is a niche site and it’s already generating good traffic. If not, you’ll be wasting a whole lot of time and energy waiting for a profit that may never come.

Set up a sale page and give it good, professional, and graphically presentable design consistent with the product you’ve chosen. Put your affiliate link on your “buy it now” button. Your web designer will be-able to do all that for you. Now, you are almost good to go!

4. Sign up for adword account – The mistake many people make is; wanting to make huge money from affiliate without putting in anything or making any investment, it doesn’t work like that. Sign up with adword to run advertisment promoting your website directly, not affiliate link. That will give you lots of respect and professionalism which is very good for your business.

Monitor the performance of your ads and make needed change, then watch as the dollars start dropping in! Do it this way and you’re in for money.

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