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There is a growing trend in Nigeria where businesses are increasingly needing the services of agents to market their products and services more effectively. These businesses range from telecom services, financial institutions as well as the manufacturing industry. For the purpose of this article, we will focus on the telecom sector of the economy. We will start by discussing how to become an agent for each of these operators, such as MTN agent.

How to Become an Airtel Agent in Nigeria

Airtel is among the major telecom operators in Nigeria. Its services are top of the range and allows for easy participation therefore presending boundless opportunities for you. Under its smartAGENT program, you can make over N50,000 monthly by choosing any or all of the its service offerings. These include selling of airtime, selling SIM cards to new customers as well as the registration of SIM cards.

What You Need to Start

You don’t really need much to become an Airtel smartAGENT. All you need is an Android phone with an OS (Operating System) starting from 4.0, as well as a shop which must be a permanent structure. These are the basic requirements needed to start making money.

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The Application Process

To apply for an Airtel smartAGENT, all you need to do is to visit any Airtel office nearest to you, then dial 743 on your line (of course it should be an Airtel line). You may choose to download the smartAGENT application form, fill and submit same. Thereafter, an Airtel staff contacts you, and your application is reviewed. this is normally done within 2 days from the time of submitting your application. A training process follows your approval. Your shop is thereafter certified as a SIM Card Registration Center. A tool kit containing all you need will be issued to you. Also, Airtel installs its SIM Registration app on your phone. However, its tool kit does not come with a scanner. You will have to get this yourself.

How to Become a 9 Mobile Agent in Nigeria

As you may know, Etisalat Nigeria gave birth to 9 Mobile. The procedure for becoming a 9 Mobile agent is similar as that of Airtel. It all startsĀ  with the interest. You can simply visit its site or approach any of its offices spread across Nigeria. 9 Mobile welcomes partnerships with persons interested in promoting its brand and services.

Because it has several customers across the length and breadth of the country, it offers the perfect opportunity for you to make some income. Its customer care provides you with the needed guidance on how to commence your business with them. It also involves training and a business outlet which will be clearly branded with the 9 Mobile logo for easy identification.

How to Become an MTN Agent in Nigeria

MTN is the largest telecom operator in Nigeria in view of its large subscriber base. With this fact comes the opportunity to benefit from its range of quality service through partnerships. MTN calls its agents Trade Partners, and rightfully so because as an MTN trade partner, you will be involved in actively promoting its products and services.

MTN provides you with the needed training to help you effectively market its products and services. To register as a trade partner, you need to do this through its trade partners available in all the regions of the country. These regions include the South West, South East, South South as well as the Northern regions.

The most direct procedure to take is to walk in to any MTN office nearest to you and make inquiries on MTN’s various services available for investments. A detailed guideline as well as the training procedure is fully unveiled to you. It is important to note that for each of these telecom service providers, there are a set of rules governing their partnership agreements.

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These may either be similar or entirely different. Full compliance to their terms of business is a basic requirement as failure to do so may result in sanctions which may include revocation of partnership rights.

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