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Have you ever wanted to become a distributor of a major brand but encountered difficulty in accessing information on joining? Worry no more. This article provides information on how to become a distributor of one of the major brands in Nigeria. Pepsi is under focus today. Becoming a Pepsi distributor affords you the opportunity of owning your own business while using the benefits that come with owning a well known brand to your advantage.

The ownership process can be challenging at the onset, but if you persevere, chances are that the rewards will be great. 7Up Bottling Company are the makers of Pepsi. Becoming their distributor requires that you contact the company and inform them of your interests.

The Application Process

Wherever you are in Nigeria, you can become a Pepsi distributor as the product is popular among Nigerians. To realize your dream of becoming a Pepsi distributor, you can visit any of the company’s bottling plants and request for information on the actual process of ownership. Another alternative to take is to visit the company’s website where you can easily contact the company through a contact form available online.

How it Works

The dynamics of distributorship entails the company, in this case 7Up supplying its products (those chosen by the distributor) at discounted rates to the distributor. The amount of products supplied by 7Up depends on the amount of money committed to the investment. The company places a cap on the sell price of its products. So when selling your Pepsi products, your profits are made mainly from the  allowed margin which is still enough return on investment. As a Pepsi distributor, most of your customers will be retailers who will buy from you and resell directly to consumers.

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The Profit Potential

As a distributor, the profit potential is high and rewarding. This is mainly because of the wide acceptance of 7Up’s products (Pepsi) in Nigeria. In almost every occasion in Nigeria, there is never a short supply of Pepsi drink. This has a direct correlation with profitability. The higher the demand, the more profits are realized as more orders are placed for Pepsi products. This is good news to you as a distributor. With this, your investment stands a high chance of yielding very impressive returns on investment.

Available Market

As briefly discussed earlier, there is a huge market for 7Up’s products (Pepsi). Whether it is a party, a naming ceremony, meeting, marriage etc, there is always a high demand for these product. Hence, owning Pepsi distributorship rights is always financially rewarding to the distributor.

Taking Your Time to Understand the Business

As a Pepsi distributor, it is very important that you take out time to really understand the dynamics of the business, as anything short of this can result in you losing your investments. It will do no harm if you make inquiries from similar business owners on the challenges and things required to start one. By doing this, you will be preparing the ground/foundation necessary to establishing a sound business that will perform creditably well.

Also making inquiries from the company itself can be of immense benefit as very useful tips necessary for success can be taken advantage of. It is important that you do not have zeal and lose the way. Taking your time to fully understand the details of a Pepsi distributorship can make the difference between success and failure.

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The Intended Scale of the Business

Before the application process, it is very important that you have in mind a clear picture of what you want. This is in addition to having a well laid out plan on the scale of distributorship you are interested in. The company has mega distributorship offerings as well as smaller scale distributorship offerings. Knowing the implications of this is important to the planning process. Mega distributorship requires higher commitment fees. Having a clear knowledge of these investment details is necessary to how well your distributorship business goes.

Becoming a Pepsi distributor may look easy at face value, but it getting into the details can be quite revealing as there are a lot of other smaller details (stated above) to tidy. Following all the required guidelines will ensure that your business does not go under during challenging times.

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