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      See Why Cement Business Is Profitable

      Cement business is one of the best and easiest building material business anyone can start and make good money. People have been looking for information on how to start cement business in Nigeria without finding any substantial details. In this article, I will be endeavor to explain cement business in as much detail as possible to the extent of my understand. I will try to explain how anyone can start cement business anywhere in Nigeria without so much suffering.

      Before we proceed to the step by step how to start, let us first take a look at the merit and profit potential in cement business using Dangote cement supply as a study case. Like I said before, its one sure business that everything in it seems almost seem guaranteed and I can assure you that people who are doing the business are making good profit.

      A bag of Dangote cement from the factory goes for N1,300 – 1,400 with the minimum buy of one trailer load (600 50kg bags) quantity that cost N780k+. If you supply the six hundred bags at the retail price of N1600, you will be making profit of 300 x 600 = N180,000 from the single one trailer trip. When you subtract the cost of transportation, your take home becomes N100,000 per trip.

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      If you decide to sell wholesale at the cost of N1,500 to retailers, your profit would be N100 x 600bags = N60,000 from a single trip. When you subtract the cost of transportation, you will be left with about N50,000 per trip.

      Now tell me – N100,000 or even N50,000 gain per trip from investment of N780,000 without complex logistic and workforce, is it a good or bad deal? Write your answer as comment below and lets know your take about this business. But in my own opinion, I believe cement business is a very good business going by the profit potential.

      If you supply 10 Trailers within any period of time, you will be smiling home with N1m depending on the method of supply you use.

      To Start Cement Distribution Business

      1. Distributor – You need to fulfill some simple requirement to become Dangote Cement Distributor. In effort to ensure distribution of cement all over Nigeria, Dangote Cement is currently seeking credible distributors form any part of Nigeria. In this regard, credible means, individuals who owns a registered company that is, whose business is registered with the Corporate Affairs Commission of Nigeria.

      To qualify to apply as Dangote distributor, you need to put the following things in place:

      Register your company with Corporate Affairs Commission

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      Once you have your company registered which is very simple and requires just little amount of money. About N50,000 plus waka waka will do that for you if you decides to do it yourself. When you have that sorted out, the next is to open a corporate account in any Nigerian bank with your company name.

      Open Business Account in any of the Nigeria Banks of your choice

      To open a business account in Nigeria, you would require a clearance from EFCC’s Special Control Unit against Money Laundering (SCUMIL) to ensure that you wouldn’t carry money go hide in oversea 😀

      After that, you go to Federal Inland Revenue to get Tax Identification Number (TIN) which shows that you are willing to pay tax.

      These are the two major requirement for opening business account in Nigeria, the bank will tell you other things you need to do. Within moment after you have provided all that is required of you, your account will be opened. After banking for a while, you get reference letter from the bank and proceed to Gangote.

      Dangote Cement Business Distribution Requirements

      Please ensure that you have the soft copy of the following documents before you begin Application:

      1. Certificate of Company Registration from the Corporate Affairs Commission
      2. Application Letter to become a distributor
      3. Scanned copy of the Bank reference letter
      4. Passport Photograph of the company’s Proprietor/MD
      5. Passport Photograph of the company’s Representative

      48 hours registration period guaranteed
      Minimum purchase of one trailer i.e 600 bags monthly on cash & carry basis
      No Application/Registration deposit required


      Trailer Loads Of Dangote Cement Read To Takeoff

      What strikes me here is the “cash and carry” clause after going through all the rigor to register company and get reference latter from the bank! If I am buying to pay you cash, why make me go through these process, or is it the Nigerians usual way of playing gods when the power is in their hands? Please kindly make us understand.

      Anyway, this will be for next article but for now, lets proceed with our business.

      Other Logistics You Need For Cement Business

      Whale House – Except you have standby customers you want to supply, you need a secure place to house your product. Get a warehouse or any big shop that can accommodate minimum of 600 bags.

      Some but theirs in open place and cover it with tarpaulin for safety but that depends on the quantity you are buying, if you are buying very large quantity, you’d need to get a big whale house.

      Arrange for Supply Vehicle – If you can buy yours, that would be nice. In fact, it is another business on it’s own – whenever your customer buys, you’ll supply them and make extra money from the transport and load fee. You can use it as marketing tool to sell faster than others by offering free delivery to customers buying certain quantity.

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      If you can’t buy yours, just arrange for regular customer who would be assisting you get the cement to the final destination.

      Apart from these two, there is no other much things to worry about. Get down to business and starts making money asap.

      2. Retailers – A retailer don’t need to go through all these process of application. Once you have your money, you are good to go.

      Go to the nearest depot and buy your cement and begin to sell. Each bag of cement you sell, you make profit of N100 – N200 which is a good deal considering that you do nothing more than go carry your cement.

      You need to have a shop by the roadside or near new site where building projects are ongoing in numbers.

      Many people sell as retailers even without a shop especially those that stays near the roadside. All you need to do is to raise up the ground a bit with blocks and cement, plaster the elevated ground and put some container and woods.

      You can build iron protector around your cement if the place is unsecured to avoid thieves visiting at night.

      One thing very good about cement business is that a single customer can buy hundreds of bays sometimes, giving you instant profit without breaking sweat.

      Note: We used Dangote as a study case in this article. There are other great cement companies around the country which you can patronize. If you think the process of distributorship application is more simple and straightforward in your company, write a detailed article about your company and its distributorship, we will be glad to publish it here on this site.

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      • Revd Michael C Amaegbu September 1, 2013

        Bro., you are God sent. I have learnt so much from you. May the Almighty God bless you TRILLION times. Amen. My confusion is how much is dangote cement from the depots? I was told by Enugu depot RO on the 31/8/2013 that the price is #1500 per bag. We even priced #1400 and she switched off her phone.

        • Darlinton Omeh September 1, 2013

          They are trying to sell at retail price. If you are buying in good number from a serous depot, the price should be around N1,300. Maybe you make them understand you're a retailer

      • Revd Michael C Amaegbu September 1, 2013

        Thanks[My mistake: Awka depot not Enugu]. We are meeting tomorrow and I will show her that I have attended DARLINTON OMEH University of Self Empowerment. God bless you.

        • Darlinton Omeh September 2, 2013

          LOL… Hope everything goes well. Sure they will accept your offer, except if they're not in business to sell or they want to use the cement for something else.

          • secrets of a busy life December 1, 2013

            Hi Darlington, I am very impressed with your article on the cement industry in Nigeria. I would like to know what your take is on imported cement brands into Nigeria and how the price would compare to locally produced cement?

            Kind Regards

      • latest online business September 2, 2013

        This is a nice lecture, thanks man, God bless you for the eye opening reality.

      • Anonymous September 3, 2013

        God bless you darl. Love you for this write up

      • Anonymous September 3, 2013

        I haven't found an institution with such a valuable, expensive & result provoking information, and as free as that. I don't know how much I can thank you. I am realy moved on biz. I'm now thinking on how to get capital.

      • Anonymous September 3, 2013

        I haven't found an institution with such a valuable, expensive & result provoking information, and as free as that. I don't know how much I can thank you. I am realy moved on biz. I'm now thinking on how to get capital. Pastor Ben

      • Anonymous September 7, 2013

        Hello Darlington,
        Please can you enlighten us further. Where do you get your cement to buy at 1000 Naira and how do you make a realistic profit of 300k because ex-factory cement price is btw 1300-1500 depending on if you want to use their truck. And this is main us loading and off-loading costs.

        • Darlinton Omeh September 7, 2013

          Dangote cement is N1,000 for distributors, not when you just work into the factory to buy. If you walk into the factory to buy when you have not applied and got approved as a distributor, you will buy at N1,300 – N1,500 you are talking about.

          • Anonymous March 18, 2014

            I am an authorized dealer even in January 2013 for 6 trucks you wont get a bag @ 1000
            I appreciate your effort but try to get real fact.to avoid misleading people

            • Darlinton Omeh March 18, 2014

              Wouldn't it be nice as a distributor you take the time to state clearly with authority how much a bag of cement goes for distributors? That way, you'll be able to educate many who are obviously looking for the accurate info. Instead, you're busy whining about getting the fact right when you are here with the fact but refused to share.

              • Anonymous June 12, 2016

                Hi Darl, God bless you for the good job.

      • Anonymous September 14, 2013

        nice one sir. iv checked up d registered distributors in d country and i observed dat dere is just one distributor in d states except for major cities like lagos dat has abt 10. are there internal regulations? id like to know

        • Darlinton Omeh September 19, 2013

          No internal regulation that I know of. Once you have your money and meets Dangote's requirements, you are good to go

      • Anonymous September 19, 2013

        But do the distributors sell to Individuals who buy at small quantities? Am asking because a person willing to buy like 50 bags of cement would prefer to go directly to the distributors rather than a retailer.

        • Darlinton Omeh September 19, 2013

          Yes, they do sell to end users who are buying in good number. Ask any distributor nearest to you

      • Anonymous September 19, 2013

        Gudmorni sir,i must say am very interested in this discussion, for me i have registered my own business name with CAC but is not a limited yet but as soon as i setup d business i will upgrade it to limited, well i will love to know how much dangote Port Harcourt depot sell there own, can i buy at the rate of N1000? when am done with registration as a distributor.

      • Anonymous September 19, 2013

        Nice and educating write-up! However, I doubt if the author has ever gone anywhere near a Dangote Cement Factory as most of the figures he stated in the article are completely incorrect. You get a Dangote ATC for =N=840,000.00(an ATC is the document that authorizes one to drive into the factory and load 600 bags of cement). that put the unit price per bag from the factory at =N=1400. This is exclusive of transportation fare to your location.
        I am into cement full time and I can assure you that it is not as lucrative as painted here by the author. Cement is basically a game of numbers – turnover. Most retailers do not make up to a 100k after selling a trailer load. You can have a chat with a number of them in your neighbourhood. Even big distributors in the factory do not make more than 10k per ATC. It is all a founction of the number os ATC they sell per time…and the performance bonus Dangote doule out to them at the end of every financial year. No much difference with Distributors of Guiness, Nig Breweries etc…

        • Darlinton Omeh September 19, 2013

          ATC is the abbreviation that denotes – (Authority to collect cement from Dangote factory)which is a voucher that gives you authority to go direct to the factory to buy cement like a distributor.

          It's different from Distributorship.

          Before putting the price, I contacted more than one source to find out the actual price cement for authorized distributors. Pls, I'd like you to make further research while I make mine and let us arrive at a stable point.

          Thank you for adding more value to the article

        • anonymous September 18, 2017

          am a student and hav no capital, am studying architecture and hav huge zeal for this business, I believe it an opportunity for me been an architecture students, I can sell to my lecturers nd senoirs in d field. need help, guidance and asistance. don’t mind starting at any point, delivering or distribution.

          Reply Waiting

        • noble January 24, 2019

          Good morning dear. Can I ask a question?

      • Anonymous September 19, 2013

        am getting confused here.

      • Anonymous September 30, 2013

        Hello Darl,
        Could you please confirm the unit price of cement authorized for distributorship.
        Thank you.

      • Anonymous October 1, 2013

        Pls what's the finding about the price of a bag of Dangote cement bag from the factory.

      • Darlinton Omeh October 1, 2013

        The price is still N1,300 – N1,350

      • Anonymous October 8, 2013

        Hello mr darl, good day. I'm calling to tell you that God in His infinite mercy will continue to enlarge your coast with the knowledge and eye opening business ideas you've been giving to your fellow Nigerians free of charge. Thank you very much…. Mr. Darl, please I'm interested in doing the cement biz n getting my product direcly from the factory, I'm am in uyo Akwa Ibom state and there in calabar UNICEM cement as their factory. I think when we look at the distance where obajana is in kogi it will be prafarable to go for unicem instead of dangote cos of the distance. Pls, mr darl I will be glad if there is anyway you can assist me with every information needed to be getting the unicem cement product from calabar to my location in uyo

        • Darlinton Omeh October 9, 2013

          Hello, I do not have details about UNICEM Distributors requirement for now but I'll post it as soon as I have it. Anyone else who know should post it.

        • Anonymous February 11, 2014

          There is a Dangote distributor in Ikot ekpene, market road – and he loads new stocks every week. I've been there before. Just ask of Pastor, he preches at an Anglican church in Obot akara. That's about all I know.

      • Bex Umeh October 11, 2013

        Hi Darl

        Pls which of the Dangote office can one register for the distributorship?.


      • JAMIU ABDULMUMIN October 16, 2013

        darlinton, please i want to know if i can procced my registration of dangote cement. I have registered my company with CAC. But now i want to bank to open my company account so that i can get a bank reference letter, but the said after six months before i can be given a bank reference letter, what do i do now because i want start the next month. Femi

      • Anonymous October 17, 2013

        Can ou please post contact information of these dealers that would sell to wholesalers? I suppose that doing so will not only help people like me but also be a form of advertisement for them. Thank you

      • Anonymous October 25, 2013

        I can't thank you enough. Where can i buy as bulk buyer pls.

      • Alfa Suleiman November 1, 2013

        Pls darlinton what is the dangote cement distributors price at factory?

      • BELLO December 19, 2013

        I have get there approval now but they stil told me a bag is #1450 & if i use myown traller i #1390per bag .where do i go to buy at #1000 and how do i get there . I need your help

      • Adedotun Olonitoye December 21, 2013

        How much would dangote require for me to have before they can register me as a distributor??

      • Ollu December 23, 2013

        Hi, nice and interesting topic about how to be a distributor for Dangote Cement.

        My question is – Before one can apply for as a distributorship, will the company be registered as an Enterprise, LTD or PLC.

        Please advice.

        God Bless

      • Anonymous December 25, 2013

        Hello Darl. Please I want to ask if you must buy 600bags every month to retain your distributorship. What if you are not able to sell all the bags?

        • Darlinton Omeh December 26, 2013

          600 Bags is the minimum you buy anytime you wants to buy cement from the factory. It's neither on monthly nor yearly basis, just as regular as you want

      • Felix December 29, 2013

        Hello Darl. Please how long does it take to get the approved distributorship after obtaining the necessary documents mentioned above. Please which office in Lagos approves the distributorship? Also what e mail address can I reach you on.

        • Darlinton Omeh December 29, 2013

          After you meet the requirements and all documents verified, your approval is instant. You go to the respective factory of the cement company you wants to distribute their product

      • Anonymous December 29, 2013

        Please Darlington have you confirmed the ex factory price for a bag? As this is the only part of the article that's not clear yet.
        Thanks for your enlightenment. God will continue to bless you.

      • BELLO December 29, 2013

        Dear Darl, I finaly got there approval, they email me the approval letter, distributor code number & list of all there depot. I was told to transact at any of there depot or call Regional Director Funmi Sanni numbers 014630569 .I called the number to know current price per bag, she told me is #1450 & #1390 if i have my own truck to transport to Osun state. this where am confused becouse cement are salling between #1550-#1560 in my area now.Plz Darl, what else do i need, to buy it #1000 as you.Th said above

        • Darlinton Omeh December 30, 2013

          I haven’t talked to anyone from the company, when I do I will let everyone know. The best thing is to walk down to any of the main factories and ask. Maybe you did processed your registration from distributors instead of the main factory

      • Anonymous January 2, 2014

        Hello Darl. Your last response to Bello indicates that the 1000 naira per bag is unconfirmed by you. I have also taken my time to ask questions from the factory and the response I get is the same 1,450 per bag for distributors. Please you need to re confirm and re advise adherent readers of your blog. Thank you so much.

      • Dangote Cement February 22, 2014



        *PRICE PER BAG: 1,000 NAIRA ONLY.

        *TRAILER LOAD QTY: 600 BAGS.


        NOTE: we deliver our goods to where ever state our customers may reside in stocks,sites or construction company.

        • ugozone February 26, 2014

          beware of the last poster above!!! spamming every online forum with his bogus cement deal, with no office or credible contact details. no were can u find cement below N1300 no matter the quantity in quote.
          @darlinton Umeh, nice job,ur intentions are noble and commendable but in addition please get the facts right before publishing and updating, so as not to mislead would-be investors.

        • Tunde January 30, 2019

          08088055231 let’s talk more in WhatsApp am interested

        • Ifeoluwa Ajiboye July 10, 2019

          How can I make order please

      • Anonymous March 5, 2014

        Pls what is happening in cement now, what's the actual price of cement now

      • Anonymous March 19, 2014

        Pls wat is d current factory price of cement? Sumbnodi pls help respond

      • Anonymous April 1, 2014

        Permit me to just air my views with the way some people are reacting about the unit price of cement not being 1,000 per bag from dangote, I believe this blogger is selling business ideas for free, prices of goods, commodities and services in Nigeria are never constant and changes at the slightest opportunity, be it increase or decrease in the exchange rate most especially the dollar, mere fuel scarcity or even if there is rainfall.

        Let me give or use this example, if Mr DARLINTON OMEH the blogger decided to introduce a biz plan of commercial transportation as a lucrative biz and mention the fare from Ojuelegba to CMS is =N=200.00 between the hours of 07:00am and 10:00am on a rainy Monday morning, and by the time anyone of us decided to do a survey and boarded a bus from this same ojuelegba to CMS and was charged =50.00 on a sunny day between 2:00pm and 8:00pm,, are we going to start nailing him to get his facts/prices correct? Let us all appreciate his effort. Many are out there online who will not give you this information for free, will ask you to pay into a bank account to get an ebook and at the end of it all this ebook is a waste of money and time. Please anything that has to do with price in Nigeria is never constant, The price of Cement from dangote as at when he got his information could have been 1,000 and before he would even finish compiling his write-up for the blog, the price would have changed. Another question is what if he stated it was 1,000 and by the time we all decided to do the registration and go to dangote the price fell to 500 per bag, what would have been our reaction? The bottom line is just have the idea, we all want to do biz and make profit fine but better to make steady/constant small profit and build the biz overtime to make it large. Thanks

        • Anonymous July 16, 2014

          Thank you brother(s). Some of us do understand the concept of analysis. They are the type that will expect practice questions in an examinations.

          Please what is the current price of cement from the depot. i am working on something with an existing distributor and need to get my CBA right.

      • charles rectitude April 9, 2014

        Mr Darlington omeh , am just coming from dangote's office in FOT onne port harcourt and was told they sell in 900 bags trucks and they sell a minimum of 5 trucks, so where is it available for N1,000 per bag?

      • Richard May 10, 2014

        @Charles Rectitude, how much did they tell you the price per bag is at FOT Onne, Port Harcourt?

      • Anonymous May 14, 2014

        hi, pls what is the current distributor and retail prices

      • Marcus Aremu May 22, 2014

        please is there any dangote office in ibadan?am in osun state

      • Marcus Aremu May 22, 2014

        please is there any dangote office in ibadan?am in osun state

      • Anonymous May 23, 2014

        I want to commend the effort of Mr Darlington, you are a noble man, and God will continue to bless you. please just be patient with your readers. you know some people can be nerve wrecking sometimes, but please you continue to give you quality advice to them. It is not everybody that can comprehend at the same pace. God bless you

      • Anonymous June 4, 2014

        Mr Charles, pls can you tell the house how much they are actually selling per bag at dangote's office in FOT onne port harcourt.

      • Anonymous June 24, 2014

        Chief Darl, permit me to be one of ur team of admirers. I salute ur pofitable article. It's really inflamed my desire to do cement biz; building from bottom-up. I want to bliv d purported inaccuracy of ur figures is conditioned by "Nigerian factors". Kip d gud jab ap!

      • matt josh July 3, 2014

        hello guys please can any tell me how much is a trip of sand, filling sand and building sand, how much for a bag of cement, how much is for a bricklayer and service a day job.. all in EDO STATE .. please guys help ..thanks for the help in advance

      • Anonymous July 8, 2014

        hello sir, i really like your articles. i don,t have a company either do i have a shop, but i like to go into this cement business with the little amount of money i have. so how will i go about it?

      • Anonymous July 28, 2014

        oga darlinton dont mind them they are surprise at you telling the public the truth that is the clear truth not more than 1000 in Dangote factory

      • Anonymous July 28, 2014

        the figure is very accurate oga keep it up sir

      • Ola Oshodi August 5, 2014

        I beg make una leave Mr. Darlignton alone oooooooooooo….Good job bro !!!

      • Ola Oshodi August 5, 2014

        I beg make una leave Mr. Darlington alone ooooooooooooo…Good job bro !!!

      • Darlinton Omeh August 5, 2014

        Thank you everyone, I've been away from this post for a while due to the work we are doing at Bizham.com but I'm sure we've learned a lot. Thanks to my dear admirers and my dear critics. You all make me strong.

        I'm very sure that people from Dangote cement factory have browsed this page several times and none of them deemed it reasonable to comment and set matters straight even when their brand product is the source of controversy!

      • Ola Oshodi August 5, 2014

        I beg make una leave Mr. Darlington alone ooooooooooooo…Good job bro !!!

      • Anthony Dugbo August 8, 2014

        I want to be a retailer so I find this article very useful.

      • Anonymous August 12, 2014

        Hello everyone,
        I am interested in shipping cement from Germany to Nigeria. I will like to have buyers ready before I bring in the shipment. I have not done any research yet with regards to price per bag or something but I am interested in knowing how much you think a bag will go for when I arrive with it in Nigeria. If I get good response and a large number, who knows, we might just be able to form a conglomerate and offset the whole Dangote monopoly. I am living in Heidelberg in Germany, although a Nigerian, I hold a German citizenship too and I can always get the cement on a regular basis. That being said, I would also like to know whether there is a ban on importation of cement into Nigeria. Thanks a lot for your anticipated responses.

      • Anonymous August 28, 2014

        This article is blatantly false! I'm a dangote distributor. The minimum truck to purchase is three trailer load of 900 bags and must be in the region. Please, depending on your location, you just make N5 gain per a bag. It is not as it sounds here. In your contract and approval it says, minimum purchase of one truck of 600 bags, but friends, it is NOT true. They will make you to buy minimum truck of three or nothing and you cannot take, for an example, from Gboko to Enugu and Ph, if may be you have shops different places.

        • Darlinton Omeh August 28, 2014

          In other words, what you make is a total of N9,000 from your three trailer loads of cement? That is, when you sell your 1,800 bags of cement you make only N9,000???

        • Anonymous November 1, 2014

          @ anonymous. . Why r you giving out false information, r u saying you make 50 naira for every 10 bags u sell

      • ayaba September 3, 2014

        Hahahaha! Can't stop laughing. The truth is many of this distributors don't want others to join the business.

      • Anonymous September 10, 2014

        Niz one from darl…

      • Anonymous September 11, 2014

        UNICEM distributorship is easier.
        I deal on Unicem and Dangote cement respectively.
        Average profit a distributor make per bag is N50 or N60 .
        A truck of 900bags ex factory price is N1,450,000

      • Chinedu Protus Onwuatuelo September 19, 2014

        Pls the information on price of cement us false , as a distributor u dont make upto 10k on sale of full trailer load and even as a distributor u dont make morethan 30k on sale of full trailer load, the price of cement excluding loading and trasnsporting it from dangote factory is between 1400 to 1542 per bag while if are buying from dangote isolo depot is 1600 per bag…..i am a major distributor with dangote cement.

      • Franklin Garry January 26, 2015

        Hello Everyone, with the price slashes announced by Dangote Cement MD in November 2014, can someone please give us the current profit margins expected by being a cement distruibutor and retailer?

      • Ade January 18, 2016

        Hello to all those willing to share true information.

        Whats the average gain one can expect to get on 600 bags

      • YAHYA salihu January 19, 2016

        I am really detailed much on all I need please,i live close expressway abj…Kd expressway. Can I get it from Suleja branch.

      • Truth and fact March 3, 2016

        The current price (3-March-2016) for distributors at FOT Onne Port Harcourt is #1,291,500 per 45 tonnes (900 bag trailer). This translates to #1,435 per bag. Actual cost is more per bag because you will pay #3,000 – #5,000 to the trailer driver, depending on the distance within greater Port Harcourt area. Minimum offtake is 5 trailers (225 metric tonnes).

        Dangote does not clearly distinguish between distributors and ordinary retailers but offers incentives to registered distributors based on turnover only. Minimum take per month to qualify for any incentive is 25 trailer loads (1,125 tonnes). At this rate, the incentive is only #100 per bag. Maximum incentive today is #142 per bag for mega distributors able to take as many as 500 trailers a month.

        Many distributors sell to retailers / general public at a loss (lower than #1450 per bag) in order to meet the monthly minimum target and make their profit based only on the incentive program. By sharing their “anticipated” reward, most distributors ultimately do not make more than #50 per bag, given they have other overheads (warehouse, sales staff, manual offloading cost, government taxes/operating permits, etc).If your target is #50 per bag after you have met your monthly target and received the target reward, and you are a huge distributor able to sell up to 100 trailer loads a month, then your monthly profit would be #4,500,000.

        Dangote is aware of the deceit peddled by some online swindlers about #1,000 per bag and there have been recent arrests.

        Cement distributorship is profitable only if you are a huge investor with very excellent sales network. A small retailer is protected by the “loss” of the distributor who has offered to share his future earning in incentives. However, the retailer with very small turnover may eventually have smaller gross revenue than the big distributor with a huge turnover.

      • Opeyemi Okunade March 19, 2016

        I want to be a distributor, what can I do? I am living at Iyana Ilogbo, close to ifo.

      • Gayathri May 3, 2016

        TThis is Gayathri I like your articles a interested in shipping cement from Nigeria am impressive . am living in Hyderabad telaganna state moosapet Bharath nagar.I don’t have a company either I like to go into this cement businesses with the little amount of money I have so how will I go about am suffering so many problems for money I have so much interred in these Nigeria.

      • Ay May 31, 2016

        Hello Sir,I want to start dangote cement very soon(i.e. retailing) could you please give me latest information about the cost . Thanks

      • Oludare July 15, 2016

        Hello sir, am interested in cement business am impress how much capital i will use to start up the business.


      • garbauh August 21, 2016

        What about retail sales of cement in Nigeria

      • VivianEkeugo August 29, 2016

        As a retailer my gain per bag is 50# sometimes 40# looking for a good distributor based in okigwe

        • Maxwell September 30, 2016

          Please do you or does anyone know how much for a bag of cement or the price for a trailer is currently in Nigeria and please vivian Ekeugo how would the business be if I open up a warehouse in okigwe as a distributor.. anybody that can help with answers I would appreciate. Thanks you all and Mr. Darlinton thank you a lot for this platform. 🏾

      • Adeoye okunowo oluwamayokun September 18, 2017

        am a student and hav no capital, am studying architecture and hav huge zeal for this business, I believe it an opportunity for me been an architecture students, I can sell to my lecturers nd senoirs in d field. need help, guidance and asistance. don’t mind starting at any point, delivering or distribution.

      • Pls sir I wish 2 start with dis business,hw much can I wish 2 start doing with it and,if u can put me online with d business I will grateful with it, dis my phone number 08067795468 or u can add me on facebook olufunso oluwafemi toba. So dat will can dis cause it thanks.

      • Akin March 16, 2018

        1. Certificate of Company Registration from the Corporate Affairs Commission
        Should this base on the cement or can be of any other company?

      • ESE Pius May 26, 2018

        Dear omeh,
        My name is ESE Pius am from Benin and I will like to part take in cement business but I don’t know how much do a bag of cement cost from the truck and how will I sell as a retailer. Please sir it will a pleasure for you to tell me more about this cement business if you don’t mind!

      • Haruna Aminu February 7, 2019

        I my name is Haruna aminu from fct whom I I’m to meet here in Abuja, that the person will put me through in this line of business I need a supplier to my door step, and distributor in charge of bwari area council should please give his phone number

      • Oluwole Ifedayo July 2, 2019

        Pls Sir,i want To Start This Cement Business With 100,00 Naira,is it possible?

      • aymash July 29, 2019

        thanks for the accompany,it sounds that you cannot buy directly from the company at ogbajana

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