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    Believe it or not, the world has reached the stage where it has become (not longer optional) but compulsory that every home must have a computer. Millions of homes are now having one form of computer or the other while millions are being added every year. Knowing how to start computer accessories business and actually starting it now puts you in business whose products is in a very high demand.

    Statistics data for Internet Usage and World Population of June 30, 2010, indicates that there are approximately 1,966,514,816 computers that are connected to the internet which represents 28.7% of the total world population. That was 2010, right now more than 2 billion computers are connected to the internet and another 2 billion computers in use offline, bringing the total world’s computers to approximately 4,000,000,000.

    With these number of computers in use worldwide comes the demand for Computer Accessories. Who is to supply these computer accessories to these billions of computer users worldwide? It could be you or any serious entrepreneur who dare to invest in the business of computer accessories anywhere in the world! 

    Are you interested in becoming one of these entrepreneurs? Well, the demand for computer accessories will always be there as long as computer exists in this world and I can tell you that tens of thousands or more are already doing this business worldwide, making huge sells and huge profits on daily basis. 


    Before we discuss in details how to start computer accessories business, let’s first look at the merits, revenue and profit potential in this business to help you decide whether to delve into it or not.

    Merits of Computer Accessories Business

    1. Sells Fast – With the huge number of computers in every location worldwide that need spare parts replacements and accessories, you can expect high demand and quick sells of the products. Computer accessories sells almost as fast as grocery items. When you are trading on goods that people buy on daily basis, you are sure of regular and consistent profit.

    2. High Profit Margin – Unlike grocery products, computer accessories sells with higher profit margin which guarantees that you’d make more profit. The average profit per product is about $1 (N160) per product. Profit margin for some items is very much higher while some is lower depending on the type. 

    If your shop is well stocked with verities of computer accessories and you sell 100 items at the average of $1 daily, you will be making $100 (N16,000) daily. Even half of this is a very big gain by all standard.

    3. Not Perishable – One of the disadvantages of Grocery Store Business is that some of the items may expire or perish before you know it, presenting the possibility of loosing money much more often. But for computer accessories, you have your goods intact as long as it stays in your shop until you sell them. Rats and insects doesn’t eat them up neither does it get expired.

    4. Getting Your Customers is Easy – Apart from selling in the open market like computer village, you just have to contact all the  hotels, hospitals, business centers, computer training schools, etc in your locality and inform them about your business. Let them know you can supply computer accessories to them with a short notice. 

    Establish good contact with them and drop your phone number or cards to contact you whenever they need any computer accessory. You are sure to make good sells with this model even if you don’t have a shop.

    5. Not Seasonal – Webcams, Flash drives, USb Cables, Graphic Tablets, Bluetooth Adaptors, USB Hubs, Laptop Routers/Cards, Photo Papers, Printing Papers, CD Stompers, Ink Cartridge, Writable CD, etc. All these items sell all year round, not affected by the summer, raining season, dry season, or whatever. Just setup your shop and you are in business all year round.

    6. Can Only Get Better – With more than 3 million computers sold every year and majority of the world’s population turning to computer and the internet, the opportunities in computer accessories business can only get better. Therefore, this business is a business with great future.

    How to Get The Business Started

    1. Get Apprenticeship – Get attached to existing computer accessories shop for about a months or two to learn the basic of the business. It is important you know all the names of computer spare parts and accessories and their market prices. This way, you will be able to know how much to buy and how much to sell. If you are a smart and fast learner, you may just go to the market and take list of the items, as you begin to sell, you’ll get used to the prices and all the rudiments in the business.

    2. Secure a Shop – You need a shop in a very good location in your area. A place like computer village or city shopping malls is very good for the business. Cost of renting a shop differs from one location to the other, look for affordable shop in a good location where there is lots of human traffic.

    3. Buy and Starts Selling – After you have secured your shop and added all the things necessary, the next step is to proceed to the market to buy your accessories in quantity at wholesales prices and begin to sell, that’s all!

    The business is this simple and takes no time to start. If you are looking for business you can go into within this month and start making money, look no further, computer accessories business is the way to go.

    +Darlinton Omeh 

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    • Jimoh Okoh October 7, 2013

      You gbaski bro..You are a resource of wealth info..

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      Thanks once more. Been thinking along that line.

    • Joy Brooki October 28, 2013

      Nowdays computer accessories business is fastest growing business and one person can maintain their profit by following these step that you suggested here. very good post it is well written to understand, thanks for sharing it with us.

    • Mr.Sparepartsonline December 15, 2013

      It is really nice to visit your article. I could get lot more knowledge from your article.. thanks for sharing.

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      May God bless you bro

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      Goodevening Sir, I appreciate ur article. Is a good path and direct to me…

    • Chimezie May 22, 2016

      Thanks so muche. I have a very big shop in I bad an where I deal on phone and phone accessories.but the demand for the computer accessories is getting much,I just started the business a month ago,please is it to early to put in computer accessories into it if yes what and what do you think I should start with. Bless you.

    • JOSEPH December 31, 2017

      I’m hpi 2 discovered ur site but hw much is minimium money 2 start with

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