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      If you are planning to start a business in Lagos, the first thing you
      need to sort out is shop. Once you have rented a shop, you are almost
      half way to starting your business. For those living in Lagos, finding
      out the cost of shops may not be that difficult, a visit to an estate agent
      will give you idea of what the cost of renting a shop in Lagos looks

      This article is intended to give anyone who wants to rent a shop in Lagos the idea of what to budget base on the part of Lagos he or she is interested in. While the cost of renting a shop in some part of Lagos is high, there are some parts where you can get it very cheap. Below are the estimates according to locations.We will be dealing mostly with the average shops in some of the most popular markets in Lagos, these will give you the idea of shops in other parts of the state that is not mentioned here.

      1. Ikeja City Mall – This has become the delight of all shoppers in Lagos, especially in Ikeja area. Ikeja city mall is a world class shopping mall that is redefining the retail shopping in Lagos. I can’t just imagine shopping elsewhere than the city mall. It offers comfort and convenience as well as quality goods at affordable prices.

      There you will get some of the quality items you can only see in catalogs. The items sold there ranges from electronics, furniture, jewelries, etc. You also have banks, restaurants, and, cinemas there too. World class brands like Samsung, Nike, LG Electronics, and so many others has their retail shops there. Shoprite, one of the biggest department and grocery store in Africa also have a 4,400 square meters shopping area here. 

      The cost of renting a shop in Ikeja City Malls is about N100,000 per square meter per annual excluding maintenance charges. And you must convince the company in charge (Broll Property Ltd) that you have enough experience and financial capacity to own and maintain a shop in the city mall.

      Ikeja City Mall and Shoprite

      2. Ikeja –  Ikeja is one of the choice place to do business in Lagos,especially businesses like boutiques, sell of new vehicle spare parts, provisions, foodstuffs, books, wine shop, hair beauty salons and other fashion accessories. Designer shops are also very suitable in Ikeja. 

      One of the most prominent part of Ikeja when it comes to buying and selling is the computer village. There is the headquarters for computers, computer accessories, mobile phones, mobile phones accessories, books, other electronics such as televisions, cameras, projectors, music equipments, etc.

      Cost of shops in computer village and other parts of Ikeja ranges from N500,000 to N800,000 per annul. Ikeja is among parts of Lagos where two years advance payment is still practiced.

      3. Oshodi – Probably the most popular place in Lagos when it comes to buying and selling. All sorts of things are sold in Oshodi, ranging from food stuffs to clothing, and anything you can think about. Most of the shop owners sell in wholesales. That’s why most retailers go there to buy their goods.

      Business in Oshodi is very good if you have a shop in a good location, though almost every part of Oshodi is considered good location due to the sheer number of people that droops in there on daily basis. The cost of shop in Oshodi is between N400,000 to N700,000 per annul. Shops in Cantonment shopping complex goes for N300,000 per annul.

      4. Mushin – For those interested in dealing with tokunbo auto spare parts, Mushin is one of the most ideal place in Lagos where the business does very very well. It is considered the headquarter of used auto spare parts and and old electronics.

       Ladipo is especially notorious in that line of business in Mushin axis. I heard that shops there is very scarce but you can still find some. When you do, the budget you must have is N250,000 to N500,000 per annual. Lagos State Government recently closed Ladipo due some misunderstanding between the government and the traders but I think it has been reopened. 

      5. Alaba International Market – This market has been known for years as a “go to place” when it comes to electronics both new and old (used tokunbo) of all kinds. Furnitures sells very well in Alaba market.

      Balogun market at the international trade fair near Alaba is another good choice for all kinds of businesses. Prices of shops in these areas goes for N150,000 to N500,000. Sometimes, you get some for cheaper rate.

      6. Idumota – People merchants comes from all over west Africa and beyond to buy goods in quantity in Idumota and the surrounding markets. It is ideal market for bulk traders. Traders who sells in wholesale and importers of goods.

      Unlike other markets in Lagos, the road network there is excellently done. So, movement in and out of idumota is no longer like before and I am sure that added to the cost of shops there. Shops in Idumota are exceptionally small, if you can get a standard shop which is always scarce, this price will be around N500,000 to N1.2 million per annual depending of the location in the market.

      Shops in Computer Village Lagos Nigeria

      7. Ikorodu Garage – This place has metamorphosed into one of the major market in Lagos due to the influx of people to Ikorodu and the surrounding communities. Business there is extremely good more than people imagined. It is a quiet hob of all things. Standard new shops there by the roadside is between N300,000 to N600,000 per annual and people are making brisk business.

      8. Ketu Market Area – People from out side would think that Ketu market is just for fruits and vegetables. No, Ketu is also very ideal for other businesses and people are making brisk business there. Movement in and out of the place is relatively easier compared to other places. Renting a shop there for any kind of business is not a bad idea. Shops there cost between N250,000 to N500,000.

      9. Yaba Market – Very popular for used cloths and shoes in those days, Yaba market have been transformed in recent time into something better and more presentable. Yaba area is a hob of activity and made more popular due to the presence of University of Lagos and Yaba Tech as well as other high institutions.

      Business in Yaba is very great and the cost of renting a shop doesn’t come cheat as well. Average shops goes for N500,000 to N800,000 per annual.

      10. Mile 2/Agbado Area – Shop in Mile 2 towards Alaagbado area is between N100,000 to N300,000 annually and business isn’t doing badly there too.

      Note: Shops in the streets are very cheaper than the ones at the major roads and market areas. Depending on what you intends to sell, you may decide to get cheater shops in streets and other areas. Add your opinion and knowledge by commenting.

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      • Unknown October 25, 2013

        Wow, wonderful website you have here and it is surely loaded with information one can use. I have been trying to get a shop for my wife around the ogba — haruna— berger axis and they have been slamming 150k pa on us which I complained was too high considering the fact that they were all in streets and not close to any major market or community.
        can you please highlight the best areas to rent a shop for wholesale foodstuffs? your expert advice would be appreciated.

        • Darlinton Omeh October 25, 2013

          Since you are planning to venture into wholesales, the best location is the market. But any busy location such as junctions and bus stops will be very okay

        • Peter Onuzulike June 10, 2014

          I like ikeja. I'm planning on setting up a small business in Lagos soon. What can I bring down from USA that will make good sales and descent profit margin?

      • Peter Onuzulike June 10, 2014

        I like ikeja, and I'm looking forward to starting a wholesale and retail business in Lagos,Nigeria. What kind of products do you recommend that one can import from my base (USA) and make a descent sales with good profit margins?

      • Peter Onuzulike June 10, 2014

        I like ikeja, and I'm looking forward to starting a wholesale and retail business in Lagos,Nigeria. What kind of products do you recommend that one can import from my base (USA) and make a descent sales with good profit margins?

      • Frida O. April 7, 2016

        Fantastic review, however APAPA is left out, especially the now opened APAPA SHOPPING MALL on 13 parklane which lets out shop at affordable prices…

      • Kingsley July 13, 2016

        What kind of goods can I sell in apapa. Are they known mobile phone accessories? Because that is what I want to sell.

      • jude July 15, 2016

        Pls mr omeh, I wnt to establish a plumbing shop with capital of one million, pls which location do u prefer I should go and am living at iyana ipaja area,

      • sunkanmi July 16, 2016

        What about restaurant business like amala pounded yam basically African dishes in ikorodu

      • AZ July 17, 2016

        Hello there is shop in oshodi Isolo for sale in a cheaper price in a selling area contact me 08125577800

      • Jane nsa January 16, 2018

        This site is so amazing, thanks for the wonderful break down. I want to open a small cosmetic store for a start and want a place in Ikeja city mall. Please can i get contacts of those directly involved with this? Thanks

      • Olamide May 10, 2018

        This is very helpful.,thanks for the hint sir….but am planning on opening a shop for makeup and cosmetics products which are do u tink of dat best moves the business

      • Victor June 4, 2018

        I intend to setup a retail pharmacy soon but I am yet to make up my mind on what area of Lagos to site it. Anyone with any suggestion in the regard. My budget is N500,000.

      • Damilola August 15, 2018

        I want to establish beauty salon and I don’t know the better location for my business, I stay in sango and there are a lot hairdressers here, am new in the business, I have budget of 100k for the rental

      • Henry Njoh December 20, 2018

        Many thanks for the information on cost of square meter for shops in the Ikea area. Could you kindly be more specific and let me have the cost of square meter around the flyover bridge on Mobolaji Bank Anthony and the new Ikeja Bus Terminal.

        Thank you.

      • Jay February 9, 2019

        Looking for a wholesale clothing shop (size about 50 to 70 sq mt) on rental basis at, please suggest the best area for such activity with low rental
        Articles may include men’s and women’s jeans pants, kids clothing also

      • OKWOR benjamin March 5, 2019

        How much is the annual rent for a house of 100 square meters

      • Samuel October 4, 2019

        I am a writer and media artist who wants to open computer services center and video studio. What part of Lagos is fair for a start? My shop rent budget is 100,000 to 120,000

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