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The production of bottled water is not complex nor does it require a huge capital to start a medium sized plant. It is a favourable business to embark on as it is in great demand by the populace. We have recently discussed starting the business on this blog, here on this article we will be looking at the prices of equipment and other resources needed, namely the feasibility study of the production of bottled water.

List of Required Items

Plot of Land – Due to the business preferably being located near town land may not come cheap. It could hike up to 3-5 million Naira in Lagos and 2-3 million Naira in Abuja’s satellite towns. Also, depending on state it may be cheaper.

Business/NAFDAC Registration – The first step one is supposed to take of course is to ensure the legitimacy of the business before it goes into production because producing bottled water outside the law could come with serious penalties. The government has to ensure it is safe for drinking and you have passed their inspections and meet their standards before you are allowed to start selling to the general public. NAFDAC registration costs about N50,000 excluding hidden costs and charges, and the CAC demands a business name registration which costs about N10,000 and the registration of the business itself which may cost you between N50,000-N100,000. Their charges depend on what type of company (i.e. a limited liability, private, public liability etc) and the size you wish to start.

Tiling of Walls and Other Renovations – All the walls that lead to or from the main production unit must be tiled entirely. It makes it easier to clean and it is one of the standards one must adhere to. Since it is medium scale there is no need to build the facility from scratch buying a large apartment building will do, which apart from tiling there is also some plumbing, electrical wiring for an alternative power source i.e. a generator set, and few alterations to the building to meet your specific needs. Tiling alone costs over [find price] per [fact], the rest of the building’s renovation could be estimated at N500,000 including workers’ pay.

Bottling and Water Treatment Plant – Mostly gotten from China, the bottling machine is capable of making the bottles from PET plastic, rinsing, filling, capping, packaging of the bottled waters and labelling. The average machine or plant has a purification capacity of 500 L-5000Litres/per hours, it could fill 300 bottles per hour and has consumes about 18.6 KW of electric power. The average cost if gotten from overseas is 17.2 million Naira with shipping costs. A room 8 meters in length and 5 meters wide should be just nough to accommodate the machine.

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Storage Tank – The storage tank should be big enough to accommodate the amount of water you pump every day which is about 5000L. The storage tanks are usually bought by custom order, you order the capacity of water you want it to hold and they build the tank usually from metal, non-corrosive of course. Nothing upward of N70,000.

Delivery Truck – There should be at least one delivery truck for the delivery of the finished goods to the various selling points available to you. You can get a good deal on second-hand Chevrolet vans for as low as 1.1 million.

The table below will list all the items and their prices alongside them that you will need to start a bottled water production.

Items Description Price (Naira)
Plot of land With apartment building. 6,000,000
Generator set 1,200,000
Registration CAC/NAFDAC 140,000
Tiling and renovation 500,000
Bottling plant Includes water treatment machines, bottling and capping machines. 17,000,000
Storage tank Non-corrosive. 70,000
Delivery van Chevrolet 1,100,000
Total = 26,010,000


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