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      How to apply for Georgia student Visa from Nigeria

      Georgia student Visa is the type of Visa that will give you the right to pursue your academic career in any institution of your choice in Georgia. Getting a Georgia student Visa is not as hard as most online agent claimed. It’s easy and the good news is that you can do it all by yourself.

      If you want to know how to apply for Georgia visa from Nigeria, Georgia embassy in Lagos Nigeria and how to travel to Georgia country from Nigeria. You should read this to the end. This article will also be useful for you if you want to know about Georgia student visa processing time or Georgia visa application form download. This article will show you everything you need to know about Georgia student Visa from start to finish.

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      A Good News About Georgia Student Visa

      This is an important information for Nigerian’s intending to study in Georgia. The Georgian Government have approved Nigerian’s to get visas without appearing for a visa interview.

      Over the years, it has been very difficult for Nigerians to get Georgian visas since there is no Georgian embassy in Nigeria. Back then, you can get your Georgia student Visa from South Africa, Ethiopia or Egypt.

      However, the good news now is that Nigerian’s can now get their visas without having to travel to South Africa or any of those other countries.

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      How To Apply For Georgia Student Visa From Nigeria

      You will need a visa to be allowed into Georgia as a Nigerian. There are various categories of Georgian visa you can apply for from Nigeria. This then means that you need to know the kind of visa to apply for to achieve your aim in Georgia. The reason you are going to Georgia will determine the category of Visa you will apply for.

      You don’t need the business, transit, tourists, work or diplomatic visa. The kind of visa you need is Georgia student Visa because you want to go and study. The Student visa is the one meant for those going to Georgia as students for the purpose of studying in a Georgian university or school.

      Georgia Student Visa Required Documents

      The documents listed below are the documents you will need to present for applying for the visa.

      1. An international passport valid for 6 months. You cannot travel out of Nigeria without your international passport.

      2. A recent passport photograph. Remember it have to be a recent passport.

      3. Completed and signed visa application form

      4. Order form

      5. Evidence of financial Capability. You have to be sure you have sufficient funds to take care of yourself throughout your study period.

      6. Official letter of invitation. This is a letter given to you by the institution you want to study.

      The consular officer might request for other documents. Just make sure you provide them all.

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      Georgia Student Visa Application Process

      Download and fill the application form and print it out. Sign it and gather other required documents above and submit it at the Georgian visa application centre. You will also have to pay for the Visa fee immediately.

      Georgia Student Visa Processing Time

      The processing period is usually 2 days to 15 days. It is advisable not to purchase tickets or make flight bookings prior to getting your visa. You should make sure the officials approve your visa and then you can pay for the flight booking.

      I hope you now know how to apply for Georgia student Visa from Nigeria. If you have any question about this post or my previous articles, you can ask below.

      In case you want to read how to apply for other countries like: USUKCanadaMalaysiaSouth AfricaAustraliaKenyaNetherlandsIndia and others. You should just click your desired country from the above list or click here to see all the countries I have written about.

      Thank you for reading.

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        Please where is the Georgian visa centre in Nigeria?

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