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    I’m going to be writing more on Farming this month since we are in the season of planting, let’s see how we could take advantage of this period to make money through farming. And Hybrid maize cultivation presents viable opportunity for would be maize Farmer to make money in Nigeria this season.

    Maize, also known as Corn is one of the most useful cereal crop in West Africa, foods made out of maize is very nutritious as It is an important source of carbohydrate, protein, iron, vitamin B, and minerals, and is known to digest very quickly. Most Africans tend to consume maize mainly as a starchy base in a wide variety of porridge, pastes, grits, and beer. The Green freshly harvested maize cob is eaten either roasted or boiled.

    In many Western countries like the USA, maize is used mainly for industrial products processing and for manufacturing of animal feeds or as straight Livestock feeds. Whichever way it is used, maize is the most important cereal crop in Africa with rice and wheat which make up the three most important cereal crops in the world.


    Maize is very simple to cultivate, easy to maintain, far less delicate that Rice, and take less capital too. Like rice, maize matures very fast, within 2-5 months of planting the crop is ready for harvest, depending on which stage you want to harvest your crop.

    Maize grows in a wider range of soil type than rice, almost every part of Nigeria can grow maize on their soil. With the use of Hybrid Maize and mechanized system of farming, yield of maize can reach up to 10.2 tonnes per hectare, with traditional African type of cultivation, production is 2.1 tonnes per hectare which isn’t too bad anyway.

    Here are simple things you need to put in place to cultivate, harvest, and sell maize in your area this season; and if possible, cultivate and sell in large quantity to make more money.

    1. Get Spacious Land –

    Like I said before, maize can be grown in all lands in Nigeria but it performs better in a well drained fertile loamy soil. Look for land that is predominantly loam, if you can lay your hands on forest land, that will be very good because I’ve personally seen corn perform far better without fertilizer on forest lands. The reason may be due to the decomposed leaves from the forest trees.

    Clear the land using manual laborers or mechanical means, the bottom line is to remove the weeds and keep the soil loose for proper maize seedbed and ensure the preservation of the topsoil .

    Make sure you plant your maize seed as soon as you clear the soil to allow the maize grow ahead of weeds. Delay in planting will expose the hybrids maize to competition with the weeds.

    2. Get Improved Maize Variety –

    If possible, look for Recommended Verities of maize to improve your yield.

    For Early Season Planting, Look for:-

    Yellow Open Pollinated Varieties. Western Yellow 1: TZSR-Y-1 (Streak Resistant)

    DMR-LSRY (Downy Mildew & Streak Resistant).

    Yellow Hybrids Varieties: 8425-8; 8329-15
    White, Open Pollinated Varieties: TZPB (FARZ 27); TZB (FARZ 34); TZSR-W-1;

    ZPBSR (Streak Resistant); DMR-LSRW (Downy Mildew & Streak Resistant).

    DMR-LSRW (Downy Mildew & Streak Resistant).

    White Hybrids: 8321-18; 9022-19; (Striga Resistant).

    For Late Season :-



    Plant early maturing, streak or downy mildew resistant varieties.

    Yellow Open Pollinated Varieties: TZESR-Y;  DMR-ESRY (Downy Mildew and
    Streak Resistant).

    White, Open Pollinated Varieties: TZESR-W; DMR-ESRW (Downy Mildew and Streak Resistant)

    POPCORN: White Pop: Yellow composite.

    Get any of these seed varieties from your State and Institution’s Agric departments or anywhere you can find them, just ask people.

    Give space of about one feet to one and half feet from and between each plant. Planting is best by March ending to the first week of April, sometimes up to early May, depending on how early the rain started and the intensity.

    3. Apply Fertilizer and Control The Weeds –

    You may not need fertilizer if the soil is quite fertile. However, the application of fertilizer will aid the crop to yield more.

    For Open Pollinated Maize Varieties:

    Forest fallows 10 years or more.  Apply 200 kg (4 bags) of NPK 25-10-10 per hectare at planting as band or broadcast application.
    For Hybrids Corn Varieties:

    For every high yields maize, you’ll need to apply 600 kg (12 bags) of 25:10:10 per hectare in two splits that is, at planting (200 kg) and 5 to 6 weeks after planting.

    Manual Weeding:

    Start the first weeding on your maize farm from 15days after planting and not later than 25days or as soon as you begin to notice the growth of weeds in your farm. A second weeding may not be  necessary before the second application of fertilizer (if there is need for second application of fertilizer) many farmers don’t apply fertilizer twice.

    Herbicide Application:

    Apply Atrazine pre-emergence at the rate of 3kg ai/ha on a clean seed bed.

    After all these has been done, next is to wait for the maturity of your corn for the harvest to begin. I don’t want to emphasize on the profit of maize produce because you and I knows there is huge profit and benefits in every farm produce.

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    • Ahmad Ibrahim September 5, 2013

      how many bags can i get with a farm land measuring about 12, 000 square meters. what is the average production cost per bag. what are the challenges in maize and beans production

      • Darlinton Omeh September 5, 2013

        The best thing to do is to start your farm first then after your first harvest, you'd calculate how many bags you get per 12,000 square meters. Most common challenge in every business is fiance. Once you're able to sort that out, you're good. But The biggest challenge of it's all is not starting up your farm at all

    • Ahmad Ibrahim September 5, 2013

      how many bags can i get with a farm land measuring about 12, 000 square meters. what is the average production cost per bag. what are the challenges in maize and beans production

    • Anonymous October 3, 2013

      Can u help me out with an estimation of the cost for planting maize on 10acres of land,moreso can the dry maize be store for long without threshing it.

    • Anonymous October 3, 2013

      Can u help me out with an estimation of the cost for planting maize on 10acres of land,moreso can the dry maize be store for long without threshing it.

    • Kabiru January 6, 2014

      To me, it all depend on the availability of cheap labor and fertilizer. it cost me between 5,000 to 6,000 to produce a bag of maize in kaduna. this is my second year of maize farming.

      • Darlinton Omeh January 6, 2014

        Kabiru, how much is a bag of maize sold now? Pls, can you give us some insight into the cost analysis?? Thank you

    • Anonymous January 22, 2014

      pls i want to start maize farming on 2 hectare of land in ogun state,how many bags of maize will need to start.

    • arthur_gimba January 30, 2014

      Hang on, did Mal. Kabir say it costs him 5000 -6000 to produce a bag? then that makes it a total waste of time and resources of an investment because a bag of corn was sold @ 5000 just last month (December)in Kaduna. I AM based in Kaduna as well

      • Anonymous January 30, 2014

        I don't think it take that much to produce one bag of corn or maybe there is a specific season that they used to sell it higher

    • Osaa Dave Omoruyi May 15, 2015

      Hello sir how can get more information on how to preserve the maize and how can I get the improved seed for planting this year 2015 from because I want to start planting last year was too yielding for sir. David from Minna Niger State

    • Anonymous June 21, 2015

      Bros Darlington, if I want to plant 1 million stands of maize how much land space is needed and what could the cost be like?

    • ken Dave April 10, 2016

      Sir worth week to used atrazain

    • suleiman April 18, 2016

      appreciate ur write up sir, what will be the production cost(#) of an hecter of maize?

    • Ladi-Ladosu Adetutu May 8, 2016

      Sir, Really appreciate your Write up on different aspect of farming. This will really encourage people that have the passion but don’t have the mind to start. Thank you and God bless u. Please what could cost implication of planting corn on 4 arces of land be and the profit.
      Will really apprciate your reply.

    • lk July 10, 2016

      Hello, please am new here and am intrested in farming and I want to do it in big way …please I need advice and someone to guide me please help me

    • Adam Abubakar July 26, 2016

      Wonderfully write up.

      With Good cultural practice, you will definitely harvest between 5 – 7.5 Tony’s per hectare kaduna axiss.

    • oyinken September 19, 2017

      what is the best chemical application to use in maize.

    • Razaq September 23, 2017

      Sir, complement . pls I need a reasonable cost analysis on a one hectare of a mechanised maize farm, I meant from ploughing to harvesting . Also it”s likely sales and return on one hectare . Thanks, God bless . Razaq .

    • Hassan Abiodun M. December 12, 2017

      How can I get this hybrid maize in southwest region in Nigeria, because am in Osun State.

    • Alex March 9, 2018

      Pls I just brought 2 plot of land, and I also want to start maize production on it. Can someone put me through on how to go about it

    • Daniel March 24, 2018

      Please I need high breed maize, am in osun state. Thanks.

    • Kolade March 30, 2018

      God bless you for dis write up,I sincerely love it God will definitely reward you.

    • princes ola June 25, 2018

      please, I need someone who can put me through on how to plant maize and make urge profit. my number is 09053121754.

    • Agricincome June 27, 2018

      Wow..what an eye opener.. Starting a maize farm in Nigeria is quite easy, as the initial capital outlay is very low. The major expensive factor of production involved in this venture is the land, and this can be leased if the farmer does not have the capital to purchase one outrightly.

    • kunle July 20, 2018

      Thanks for the write up, God bless you.

    • Evans January 30, 2019

      Nice and informative article

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