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    A dedicated military officer worked through his lunch break in order
    to complete work urgently needed by his high-ranking superior officer. When his
    colleagues returned from lunch, they found him slumped over the work on his
    Less than two hours later,
    his fellow officers were stunned when their superior telephoned and said: “It
    is a shame about but I need a replacement by tomorrow morning!” It caused
    onlookers to wonder, did the work performed by the officer constitute his only
    value to his superior?
    This true experience
    highlights a reality that a person’s worth is often measured exclusively by his
    or her usefulness to his employer. With today’s high pressure world of global
    market where competitions abound and mass production of goods and services,
    many feel inadequate to look for job either because of high demands of employee
    or their unsatisfactory this might lead one to ask: Do I live to work, or do I
    work to live? What aspects of my life am I sacrificing for my job?
    Wise Choices
    Two of what some consider
    the most important decisions in life are often made impulsively, first the choice
    of a marriage mate and the selection of employment. Both employment and
    marriage were once regarded as something permanent. So careful consideration
    was given to the selection of each. Often, advice from older friends or parents
    who has our best interest at heart was sought.
    These days, however, many
    seem to choose marriage mates almost exclusively on the basis of physical
    attractiveness, with the reservation that if things don’t work out, another
    partner can be sought. Similarly, many select employment essentially on its
    perceived glamour, without consideration of possible negatives. Or at least
    negative possibilities are quickly dismissed with the thought, ‘I’ll be able to
    handle them.
    Can people also be lured
    into accepting a legitimate job offer and then end up in a situation in which
    they feel enslaved? This very thing has happened! Some companies, for example,
    offer remarkable luxuries for the benefit of their workers. These may include
    dining rooms for use by family and friends, free car service and dry cleaning,
    dentists on site, free use of gymnasiums, and subsidized dining at expensive
    “One company has even paid
    for a dating agency for its overstretched staff,” reports journalist Richard
    Reeves. But beware! He explains: “These firms introduce schemes to make your
    life easier, on just one condition—that you hand it over to them; that you work
    18-hour days and at weekends, eat, exercise, play, even sleep in the office in
    the service of their profits.” It seem appetizing right? With all these comfort
    provided ask yourself.
    Is The Job Worthwhile?
    An ancient proverb reads: “A
    living dog is better off than a dead lion.” (Such a proverb raises the
    question, is my job worth my life or my well-being? In answer, many have
    reappraised their situation and have found a way to provide adequately for
    themselves as well as for their family if they have one and also to live a
    happy, having the right job will leads to meaningful life.
    Admitted things don’t always
    turn out the way we want and the need to get a job for life necessity become
    imperative but if our search of employment is governed by work ethic, employers
    will be inclined to hire us   truly,
    doing this often calls for modesty and may require deciding what one’s needs
    actually are, rather than what one’s nonessential wants are. This aspect
    is important because it helps to have a balance view of what you want and need
    and in deciding what type of employment is most suitable for you, those who are
    seeking position and prestige may reject more moderate choices and even
    consider foolish those who choose them. 
    But what really is important in
    life? Have you stopped lately to consider this? In today’s world where
    employment and it prospect is never free with it uncertainties, things may get
    worst with the current unstable economy that we face.
    women are in constant target of this, in most cases their employer often advertisements
    enticing jobs and they normally respond to it with the promise that a beautiful
    life will result from it. Upon their arrival in the work place to discover that
    what seem to be so good turns out not been good after all. Life in effect turns
    worse than the life that they had before. This appalling kind of modern day slavery
    is a “scourge that won’t go away,” according to a World Press Review
    human we need to have a balance view of work and recreation because doing this
    will brings us satisfaction. We all deserve to be happy and that can only be
    achieved by balancing work and recreation, this will also ensure longer lasting
    life, enjoy life, cheers!!!

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