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I mean without spending a dime – You’ll make pure, clean, free money online, starting from this moment you’re reading this article. It’s going to be practical step by step journey and I’ll like you to get ready to follow the steps as I’ll explain them until we arrive at the desired result. We are looking at $1,000 this month and $2,500 from next month.

Even though you aren’t going to spend a dime in this project (How to make free money online) however, you must be ready to make good use of your brain if you really want it to work for you. But I can guarantee you that, it will work like magic if you use your thinking faculty, follow the steps, and work hard for it.

Now, let’s answer that question in your mind right now: Is it really possible to make free money online? The answer is: Yes! you can make free money online without spending a dime and it’s so simple anyone with brain can follow the step and get the result.

The internet is about content and content is money online. You’ve heard about stories of people who started online business from nowhere and all of a sudden, they’re are making millions (Yes, most of those stories are true) it’s all about content. Youtube, Facebook, Google, Yahoo, and Techcrunch; these online companies are making billions of Dollars annually – It’s all boiled down to their content!

free-money-onlineShow me any great website that is making good money online, and I will show you where good contents are. But, your content doesn’t have to be as big as these ones to make you money online. Here are my practical steps how to make free money online through quality contents generated within a twinkle of eyes.

Note: You must get everything right if you hope to make as much as the said amount in this post. Here we go! Your results entirely depends on your effort.

1. Pick up a Niche and Keywords

You’ll need to do some simple keyword research to come up with good keywords that are not saturated, but still profitable. What I mean by keywords that are not saturated is the keywords that has ‘low’ to ‘medium’ competition, don’t pick a keyword that the competitors are ‘high’. Use Google keyword tools, it will give you much insight on those keywords.

I want to keep the keyword issue here very simple (Keywords is a very broad subject for Search Engine Marketers, read up this Word Tracker’s keywords article to understand more about keywords) I wouldn’t delve more into keywords to avoid  digression.

Go to the Google keyword tool and enter the Parent Keyword of your Niche, example: When you enter “lose weight”, you’ll get 800 other keywords closely related to lose weight.


Among the keyword ideas, take a look at the one I highlighted (lose weight in a week), it has medium competition and the search volume is good. Now, use it as your parent keyword, enter it back to the keyword tool to get the tail keywords.
Now the anchor words in the second keyword string below is week, people who search for these keywords are not just looking for how to lose weight but how to “lose weight in a week”.

Your Niche is Lose Weight and your target keywords is Lose Weight in a week (you’re targeting those who wants to lose weight in a week), pick other tail keywords as much as you can that has the keywords and the anchor word. Example:


2. Register Your Parent Keywords as Your Domain Name

Even though Google always try hard to convince us this is not much important, every search engine marketer (Including me) will tell you it does matter a lot as far as Google and other search engine results are concerned.

Having your keywords as your domain name is the first step towards getting these project right. One of my biggest reasons for recommending a keyword rich domain is that having keywords in your domain name for this project will mean you have the desired anchor text that you’re wanting to rank for (which is the text your target traffic are typing) as your domain.

Till today, this still matters a lot despite search engine’s denial of it. Example: When you type the keyword “Wealth Result” on Google, the result below is what you’ll get as the number one result.


Notice that, apart from appearing number one, the result also has 6 other pages from under it, making it almost impossible to ignore by anyone who searched for those anchor texts. Repeat the search with the keyword “Pro Blogger” and you’ll get the same result.

Once you’ve registered your choice keywords as your domain name. the next step is to proceed to Blogger and set up a free blog site.

3. Sign up For Blogger Account to Set up a Free Blog

Since creating a blog with is free, it means you wouldn’t spend any money to get your site up and running in minutes. And you’ll still get quality site that is search engine optimized to some extent.

Signing up for blogger account is simple and take less than 2 minutes, take enough time to customize your site and make it stands out. You have the option to either use the default templates or you download custom template and install, that will give your blog some professional look.

After you’ve done that, proceed to create Google+ account and link it with your blogger profile, that will enable your profile picture to appear on search engine result wherever yoursite’s results appeared. It enhances your search engine click through ratio, people are more inclined to click on results that has a picture than the ones that doesn’t. Look at the search engine results below, which of the link do you noticed most?

Though my link is the number five in the above search result nevertheless, link is more noticeable and the searchers are more likely to click on the link because of the picture. This will surely enhance your organic traffic and  ensure that you’ll get 60% of your keyword’s total monthly search volume.

4. Start Adding Original Contents

This is the root of the cash we’re talking about, get down to researching and writing anything about how to lose weight in a week (whatever your chosen keywords are), anything quality and original, do not copy someone else’s work.

Post new article on your site every 4hours. In doing that, you’re hurrying up the search engine to notice your blog and visit it like news website. Within 3days, your blog will be on the first page of your keyword’s search engine result, and with your profile picture on your link, you are sure to get at least 40% of the traffic.

40% of 74,000 monthly search is about 30,000. Monthly 30,000 unique visit to your blog will give you more than $1,000 depending on how you monetize it.

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  • Anonymous May 26, 2012


  • peter umejei May 26, 2012

    I became a domainer through your lecture at elephant house.Today i m still receiving great lectures from you. You are a gift to Nigeria

  • Anonymous May 31, 2012

    Nice work…

  • joe June 4, 2012

    information is power indeed…you give it out for free….any free thing people seem not to pay much attention but trust a few of us we are working on all of this and results will flow in and testimonies along. keep the good job up. take care. Joe p telecoms.

  • peter umejei June 11, 2012

    can one sign up more than one acct with

  • Darlinton Omeh June 12, 2012

    Yes, you can set up multiple blogs on one account and get maximum of 1G from Google

  • peter umejei June 26, 2012

    pls how do I link my Google + account with my blogger profile?

  • peter umejei June 26, 2012

    thanks for that article, i ve found the nich i want to blog about. apart from what i know about the topic what other means can i generate information so i can put up an articles regularly

  • Raji Kazeem July 22, 2012

    I sincerely wanna thank you for this invaluable and inspiring article.I have just started working on it.I have created a google account before,but am now creating a blog at problem I have is that I don't kmw what the title could be,and I was told my blog address did not exist.I have understood that domain and URL stuff too.I also had problems using the Google Keyword Tool,too

  • Anonymous November 6, 2012

    hi,after following all the above instructions,how will google know me to pay me? or do i need to have Adsense account and get the account approved first before i can start building keywords?thanks.

  • Daayur February 17, 2013

    this is good, very informative

  • Darlinton Omeh March 3, 2013

    Research research and constant research! Go out and make research that is the only way to go

  • Darlinton Omeh March 3, 2013

    One you create a Blogger account Google plus account will be created for you automatically, go into your Google plus account and edit it and add your profile picture.

  • Anonymous March 6, 2013

    Thanks for the information. please do anyone know any domain sale sites that accept Nigerian and Visa card where i can list my domains for sale. thank you for your assistance.

  • Darlinton Omeh March 6, 2013

    Almost all Domain marketplaces accepts Nigerian – Sedo, Afternic, Moniker, Namedrive, etc. Why Visa card in Domain sale?

  • Oluwabusayo Dada March 13, 2013

    nice work Mr. Darlinton Omeh its really and insight

  • summer April 27, 2013

    I have been reading about making money online but I did not go into it, the way you explain yours is good and easy to understand, and am goin into it like right now. Thanks a lot

  • SAMUEL OZOANI November 18, 2013

    Hi Darlinton,
    Thanks for your very insightful article,Darlinton I think you're doing a fantastic job of educating Nigerians especially young graduates.
    However, I have a few things to add. I still believe that using a free host like wordpress and blogger you do not have full control over your site and that can be very dangerous when your traffic suddenly increases and monies start rolling in. I sincerely think that setting up your own domain name though it might cost you a small monthly fee is so much profitable especially at the long run. I once had blogs I controlled, In fact some of them are still very active today. Nonetheless,I now have a hosted domain although I use "Sitebuild It" instead of WordPress or other platforms. I seriously recommend sitebuild it for first time bloggers, who wants to build websites that earn real money. Even if you're not a new blogger, you can still participate in their affiliate program which also is very rewarding.
    If you want more info on Site Build It you can read this article
    God Bless,


  • JONATHAN NWINYINYA March 22, 2014

    you are doing a nice job keep it up

  • Ozy March 17, 2015

    Hi Mr. Darlinton, I must say you are one in a million giving free life changing information. May God continue to bless you and fill you with more inspiration.

  • nick January 17, 2018

    Please how do i monetize it

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