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Ridiculous some will say, while some may term it as a big joke, Yet great number will label it a Scam!!! The fact is that you really do not need a huge cash to start up any business, what is required is ideas.
However, the starting point in being a fashion designing business is having passion for cloths and  great taste nice style. Well  that  do not mean the those that do not having eyes for good cloth cant venture into it, far from it, the financial reward that comes from it can be an incentive.
Before, I start boring you with sermon about passion or no passion for fashion, let me explain first on how N500 only can get you started.

You Must Have tools 

Measuring Tape:

fashio-designer-must-have The first material that is required or you should buy is a measuring tape , which you will use in taking you client’s size. You can go to a tailor as him to show how to measure. if you are smart and sharp to learn, you may learn by may observing.


Recording Book/Measurement Book:

Having gotten the measuring tape, the next is a recording book because is in it that you will write your client’s information like size, contact numbers, desired style, preferred color etc.

Sample Book:

Remember, people are more convince with thing the can see and identify with. Buy an exercise book after which you go to the person who sells  the material that you wish to start designing with, it may be shirt materials, suiting materials, linen any material of your choice. Wow, you good to go!!!


Nothing on this global that doesn’t have its challenge, but the beauty of it all is your ability to overcome such challenge .Thus, fashion designing has it own challenge with is surmountable.

Getting Good Tailors:

Tailor can help or frustrate your progress. However, some are tamable while some can be annoying, frustrating ,insensitive, enemies of progress, call them any name. Well, once your get a good tailor who agrees to work with you, my dear you on the right part to success believe me.

Client satisfaction:

It is very difficult to satisfaction client, put if you have great taste for styles, your challenge  are half way overcome. Every client is unique and must be treated as such. Be a good listener, take correction and work according to specification.
You need to develop qualities like; patient, hard working, interpersonal skills, punctuality.

Nevertheless, passion and interest can be a great driving force that can help you succeed in your fashion designing business. Noteworthy, what most people don’t know is that there are great difference between being a tailor and a fashion designer.
A tailor is the man that sits on the sewing machine, while a designer is the person that conceptualized the ideal.,  Who can pay the tailor from the service charge, that he collected from the customer.
  so, please don’t let lack of funds stop you from thinking, remember that the  business that turn some into rich people, started with an ideal. Frankly, you will enjoy fashion designing more, as your customer base and capital increases.

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