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    Food is highly essential to human growth all over the world, there is more to food than eating hamburger, candy, ice-cream and so many other junk food. Food is made up of nutrients which gives us energy and they help build up our body as we grow.

    More than half of the population of people in the nation are made up of working class people and also with the heavy traffic situation especially in west Africa, residents barely have time for themselves. Most working class women can’t afford to spend out of their time to cook food during the week and so this makes food delivery service a good business for smart entrepreneur.

    In Lagos, a state in Nigeria which has an average population of over 2o million residents, this state is high referred to as the city that never sleeps this saying is true, most working class people rush out to meet up with clients and customer demand or even your office resumption time so this makes this people leave their homes as early as 4:00 a.m in order to beat traffic on their way to work and will not come back until late at night around 10:00 p.m because they got stocked in traffic.

    As a smart entrepreneur, you could make money from food delivery service, due to people’s  tight schedule, they often don’t have time to go out to get something to eat especially at raining season even from their work place too. Do you believe you can make huge profit doing this business, averagely you can make up to two hundred thousand Naira profit monthly.

    The steps you need to take are very simple and they are listed below as follows:

    Start up Capital

    Food delivery service is not an expensive business to start up, you can start with just N50,000 this only include the food preparation aspect, this is referred to as your Start up capital.


    You need to locate a good environment where you can start your food delivery service, specifically, a metropolitan area with a high profile record is the best place to start a food delivery service.

    Create your business name

    Register you business name, this is necessary so that you don’t share the same name with other people of same like minds, food express is one of the leading name in this business.

    Get License

    Get a license from the health department, when it comes to food or any intake, there are some regulatory bodies in charge of issuing license to those people who are into this type of business, in short you can get your license if you are starting big from National Agency for Food And Drug Administration and Control under the federal ministry of health or  from  your local government.


    Advertise your business, even if you have all it takes to start this business and you neglect advert, believe me your business might not flourish to the extent where you expect it to reach. Advertisement is very important in any business this will help you reach out to your potential customers. You could place your advert online ie through world wide web, through fliers, through newspapers or any other means of advert you can think of, you need to display pictures of sumptuous meals on every of your advert, it will definitely invite prospective customers.

    Fix your prices

    When fixing your price, make sure your charges are affordable and also make it freindly, always remember there are competitors out there, if your services are not affordable your customers will surely switch to your competitors.

    Create a website

    This website will allow customers to place their orders online. You must display menus,and prices online for easy ordering.

    Hire Staff

    Main reason you will need to hire staff is that if you can’t afford to buy a vehicle to deliver food to your customers from the beginning of this business, you can hire cab drivers, tri cycle riders, or power bike riders to help you in delivering food to your customers, also if you are growing you will need more hands in the kitchen and in the delivery process. Note, to get the best services from your staff, make sure you don’t owe them salaries or wages because if you do you won’t get the effectiveness from them and this will definitely affect your business.Pay your staff salary/wages promptly.


    Be prepared to expand your business outside the state you started from because you will be surprised at the rate your business will grow if you offer good and quality services to your customers, they will be the one to introduce you to their family members, friends, neighbors and even to those who are not within the same state with them, so always think of expanding. 

    Customer Care  

    Always have it mind your business is flourishing because God wants it to, that is why you have customers who will always need your service, so, you need to always make them happy by providing quick service with smiles this will make them feel safe to eat the meals you have packaged for them, Listen to your customers’ complain or requests because it will help you serve them better, Learn to always meet you customers demands and watch your business grow.
     Wish you all the best in your business, feel free to leave a comment, ask questions and we will like to read your success story.

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    • Stella May 13, 2016

      I am actually working on this now. Hope and pray I get it right. Thanks plenty for the tips.

    • DxtraordinaireRococoSamuel October 5, 2016

      Thanks for this post…my work begins today

    • bola August 21, 2017

      post makes perfect sense. kudos

    • Victoria February 26, 2018

      This business has been on my mind for some time now but I’m concerned about making deliveries to customers who are far from me. How can I do it that the cost of transportation will not affect my profit too much?

    • Bubu June 18, 2018

      Hi, I started this business about a month ago. It was going well with support from family and friends. Now it’s just bleh. Well I co-own it with my friend and now it looks like we’ve lost all our customers and all the people buying from us we’re family and friends. Please I need advice on what to do cos I can’t keep spending money on adverts. Thank you

    • Ropo February 23, 2019

      Thanks for the tips. It makes a lot of sense.

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