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You can start your own football viewing center today and make serious money. Ever considered football  fanaticism a chance to make a living? If yes, a great crowd of fanatics are out there to help you. The chance to make money from men and women who are passionately supporting football is just a step away. And the step is on smooth soil.

The gathering together is not exclusive to the stadia where fans come together in thousands to support their teams. From Europe to South America, from Africa to Asia, the truth is; the stadia wouldn’t take everyone who supports a team; so those who are thousands of miles away look for places to come together in one spirit to support their teams. (Especially in Africa where cable TV isn’t that affordable) If you could provide one for them, you are making someone happy while putting money into your own pocket. This is what you stand to make:

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There are several  matches during the weekends. In some weeks, there are midweek matches. The average cost of viewing a match is N100. If your center is big enough to accommodate 100 people, you will be making N10,000 per a match. In cases where there are different matches at different times, say; Liverpool vs Mancity-1pm Arsenal vs Chelsea- 4pm  and Barcelona Real Madrid- 9pm. That will translate to cool N10,000 times 3 = N30.000 on a single day. It might be less, but in a month, your football viewing center will pay your bill and much more.

What you need to do.

Look for Suitable Space For Your Football Viewing Center

The greatest challenge of setting up a football viewing center  is space. Those who have the opportunity of space have an edge over others. If you have such a space, all you need is to set it up adequately, primarily to shelter match viewers. Planks and trampoline are better options, depending on the number of viewers you anticipate. However, the viewing center must be adjustable or open enough to contain viewers. Trampoline serves this purpose because it could be adjusted whenever the need arises. For instance, the adjust helps you to roll down the curtains when it’s raining, or when you want people who  did not pay not see what is going on.

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On the other hand, using planks to set the center up saves you the trouble of having to adjust when it’s raining, or making any of the changes due to weather. But you have to create enough windows and alternate doors. It will  enable ventilation and relaxation.

Wooden Bench: Is a choice of seat that will  last long, plastic chairs get broken easily. So make the benches long enough and provide fans (standing or ceiling) to enable a cooler atmosphere.

Game Center: Matches don’t come on daily basis except during world cups. It will therefore augment your earning if you add game station to your facility, where people will come and play games of their choice.

Blackboard: It is another tool that you need; it will help you to advertise your viewing center; when you write match fixtures and their times, it helps fans not miss out on any, knowing exactly when it will kick off.

Get Good Televisions

The second step to take after acquiring a place and setting it up is to purchase TV set. Multiple TVs enable you to give viewers alternate matches. For instance, there could be three important matches at a go, and a crowd of fans divided according to their teams.

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Multi TVs will serve every team supporting group their own match and will enable each one to see the matches wherever he is seated.

Buy DSTV Decoders Or Any Other

Dstv decoder is the most ideal in this kind of deal since it has TV right over popular league matches. Aljazeera sports offers reliable alternative but it seems to have been discontinued, find out. These two match providers are what you need to get started.

Get TV Subscription According to Your Need

Dstv has the TV right over most of the leagues:

Champions league

Spanish La liga

English Premiership

Italian Seria A

French Lique 1 etc.

The total subscription sum of the bouquet that covers all the league will cost you about N30.000 monthly or less, but it’s worth it. People always look for places where they could watch matches uninterruptedly, and that will result in them sticking with you.

Buy Standby Generator

One other way to make people stick with you is by providing alternative to power supply, in case the usual  thing happens, (power failure) you will keep the match going uninterruptedly with your backup plans. UPS also helps to keep the TVs from going off while you trying to restore power.

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