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    Since 1947, video games have  survived the tests of time to become part of day to day life. In fact, many people simple can’t do without it. Its ability to get people addicted has created business opportunity. Halls established as computer video game business centers testify  to the fact that it is a viable means of livelihood. So, how do you go about the start of a video game business?

    As the days go by, many more games come into play, making the future of the video game business realistic. Therefore, varying choices of life is a factor to consider when starting a computer video game business center.

    Video games

    The popular video games peculiar to people in this part of the world has been soccer – play station games consisting of different leagues and football  tournaments from around the world. Due to love for football, the inclination of winning using your team has been the instigating factor of video game play.

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    The PS series have provided the platforms of play for most of the games, Xbox 360 provides on the other hand, amazing fun through series of other games. You might choose from any of these:

      • Fire TV
      • Play station 4
      • Play station 3
      • Xbox 1
      • Xbox 360
      • Nintendo DS
      • Nintendo 3DS
      • Play station Vita
      • Wii U
      • Wii

    Getting Started In Your Computer Video Game Business

    Videos games are usually indoor, requiring a level of structure. A couple of appliances will need to be put together to constitute a game environment. I will be highlighting them thus-

    Game center: The place where the game appliances are set up and prepared for play. This is one of the most important aspects of game stations. A well located game center results in high patronage, therefore, make sure you get a location where people who are game oriented could be found.

    The size of your computer video game business center should depend on how many people you anticipate. But sometimes, location and scarcity of shops could make you use whatever is available. In that case, you have to use what is available to achieve your objective by cutting unnecessary  appliances in order to create space for more players. The cost of a shop/ location to be used as a game center varies and depends on the size and where it is situated.

    Setting it up: Primarily, what you need to set the place up are TV sets and chairs (in some settings, chairs are not required). The TVs and chairs should be set to accommodate two players or more, but the overall setting should be based on the space available.

    Now the game machines have to be connected to the TVs and tested. If the game center is big enough, it is better to categorize it according to games. Football here, kids and family games there, and other games in their respective positions.

    Generator: Get a standby generator to upset the deficiency of PHCN. Your business will require a constant power supply to keep the game players busy. So, get UPS to keep the games going when power fails until you restore it alternatively. (using the generator)

    Choosing your games: Your target audience is a factor that could enable you to choose the types of games to feature. The most common games have been football, other games could be found in Nintendo 3DS family packs, which gives children alternative to football. Other games could be featured, selecting from the list of games above. Just find one that would appeal to your audience. Note: You have to get the consoles first, new or fairly used.

    How You Will Make Money From Computer Video Game Business

    Game play charges are served in minutes, for instance, 10 minutes play could cost N100.00, that’s 2 players.

    So every 10 minutes, a set of play generates N100.00, if there are 6 sets in 60 minutes you will make N600.00.

    If you have a busy weekend, you may make as much as N7200.00 in 12 hours. It could be more, it all depends on how big your game center is.

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    Note: You have to appreciate your customers by giving them bonus games.

    To keep good timing and record of play, you may need extra pair of eyes. (players may manipulate the timing) Hire people who will help  you run the game house, choose from your family members if possible.

    Note: It will save you cost a great deal if you use fairly used appliances to start. But you need to exercise care to buy good ones.

    As the days go by, more video games come into play. Keep in touch with happenings in the world of video games, it will help you to update your game center accordingly.

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