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    A vulcanizer is one that pumps deflated tyres by the roadside. The job might look small and unattractive in nature but a vulcanizer I spoke with said majority of them makes nothing less than N2,500 on a daily basis if business is dull, tell me is that not viable enough going by the level of current happenings as it affects the economy.

    Every business has the potential to be attractive if you put your effort and creativity in it. I see great opportunity in this business for any Entrepreneur who decides to take it to the next level. I see someone making a hundred thousand Naira daily in this business. Are you going to be the one. The spirit of Entrepreneurship is the ability to spot opportunity.

    Vulcanize work is a business that can be started by any age group (say 16yrs up). The business does not require that special experience but you have to be careful with tyres of vehicles not to cause undue damage to other vital parts. Here are step by step hints to succeed as a vulcanizer

    Professional Vulcanizer Equipment

    1. Capital – The amount needed to start can be said to be among the lowest. All you need is N20,000 to get a fairly used machine used in pumping tyres. According to a vulcanizer, the new one is in the range of N45,000-N80,000.
    2. Machine – As explained above, after getting needed finance, the next step is getting needed machine. Without this machine you cannot operates as the business relies solely on it. There are various brands in the market which comes with different prices.
    3. Location – This is one area any aspiring vulcanizer had to take special caution. Choose a location where you will be patronized on a regular basis. Go for a spot close to major roads, highways. Aside deflated tyres, some vehicle owners pump their tyres up to standard keeping to the saying that protection is better than cure. This will boost the daily income of any serious vulcanizer.
    4. Filter – This looks like a pipe that would be connected to the nose of the machine for onward transmission of air to the tyre. The filter should be carefully chosen, make sure you buy a hole free one not to cause you undue delay when pumping tyres.
    5. Power – I was made to understand some new machines comes with in built generators which propels it to pump out needed air. If you lay your hand on a brand without an in built generator , try and get a source of power to run the business effectively.
    6 Expertise – It is one business that does not really need months or years to learn. 2 weeks is enough to become a trained vulcanizer. Learn how to operate and tend to tyres.

     7. Wide plastic – This is needed to wash the tube of tyres. Make sure the plastic is always filled with water. The tube has to be dipped in water on a regular basis to ensure optimal performance and long life.

    Local Nigerian Vulcanizer at Work

    The rates charged vary from one vulcanizer to the other. The flat rate goes for N50 for a tyre. The vulcanizer I interviewed put it to me an average vulcanizer pumps at least 50 tyres daily which amounts to N2,500, a good business I guess you will say. Though, he said a serious vulcanizer like himself makes much more due to how he handles customers. He said some drivers even pay more if you do a decent job.

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    • Kapslock March 18, 2016

      Hi, this is a very interesting piece.
      I am interesting in obtaining a vulcanizer, where can i get one?

    • Suleiman Bakari July 17, 2019

      I want to go into large commercial vulcanizing business. Where can I get a cheap but good vulcanizing machine to buy in Nigeria

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