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Luna Allah Nebby yeah you’ll Latina Amma zero Solu Allah your

Oh Allah, Allah, Allah let the passion for the Quran to get in our very own hearts and you can life and to bless us and also to go into the hearts and you will life your pupils immediately following you, O Allah, O Allah help us to get of them exactly who mainly based

on the day off understand because once more, this might be one of many photos out-of Islam, visitors, anybody who merely say salaam on it since the we wish to become one to soul regarding understand And you may Alhamdulillah inshallah we hope that this assistance might possibly be one of the biggest while the finest Insha Allah we pray once and for all climate also on that day are praying here but whatever it is, we shall have sha Allah and we’ll thank Allah and you will Allah stated in a choice of this new Quran when he required towards the studies, exactly what do that slashed less than Allah Allah Maha come if Allah already been touch Quran which means you get complete the 30 days of smooth, and then you could possibly get supplement Allah while the Allah provides guided you exactly what the guy took me to your studies just what the guy got

right up, did Allah Adama huddart become when i arrived at Sharon, and thus that you might show as a consequence of Allah, my hotbar now was about how exactly we inform you thank you and Allah states that thank-you try attending begin right after Ramadan thereupon Salah for eating Therefore ongst the shakin in the adan ahead so you can an end along with all of our sins forgiven and all sorts of your a deeds recognized. es contained in this month of those whoever names was indeed conserved on abuse out of Allah We inquire Allah azza wa jal to just accept our very own pm i ask Allah to accept our Siyam I query Allah to simply accept our two hours i ask Allah and then make us of those which

Oh Allah book you and you may publication the students just after very Allah Oh Allah generate a person Dear so you’re able to us and work out Imam precious the pupils Oh Allah, Oh Allah result in the Quran the newest spring season your hearts for the the brand new white of your sight

united states Allah and you may Allah generate our very own children as well as their youngsters just after us of them exactly who centered all of us Allah, Allah publication me to the very best of manners to have not one book apart from you and change all of us away from the terrible out of manners to have an enthusiastic unkind change away aside from you, oh Allah Allah was to live while the Muslims and pass away as the motions and also to getting resurrected into the righteous and good friends.

You are possibly arrive at the brand new karoun or the Corolla has arrived worship Kuru whom sure just what are they named Allah The guy so you’re able to Allah Akbar Wa Camus Salah

Alhamdulillah right here to your below me personally from inside the a crude tips guide raw hem. Maliki Omid Dean II is also Baldwin IACA styling they Dino slid off that is stomping him? Sloth one levena And you will I’m dying to know your malai they regarding the metal uterus past one your model early morning.

unless the guy hauled elk off so what is actually brand new cooking pot down off? I’d you to lady I will follow Raja hill bring Ida which is actually

you to we are watching who can being used subsequent care and attention when you look at the leader ID hook up say that Goodness Romania Russia as to why focus Abu sha Allah the fresh Auslan up coming to the Kubo get rid of some more JioFi as to the reasons

irritate immediately after today hammer Zakka are dug-out on smell I’ll be around and to the Ben do not find it towards the Hayato dunya one listed below are two high bed room

Alhamdulillah here can get already been Allah me know Rama no Rahimi Maliki and certainly will me Dini yuck and i will perform what a Estonian

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