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    If you are a music lover, nothing could be more thrilling than watching your favorite artiste perform live on stage. The euphoria and the excitement that comes with it cannot be quantified. Although it is cheaper to listen to a song of your favorite artiste from your home, many are willing to buy concert tickets worth thousands of dollars to see their stars live. To them, it is not just the song that brings the excitement, it is the revelry that is only obtainable during a live concert.
    Over the years, showbiz investors have taken advantage of the attraction that concerts get, to generate millions of dollars worth of income for them and the artiste featured. You can also make money from organizing such shows. Although you are going to deal with crowd of thousands, you can get it done successfully if you follow these steps:

    Contact a Popular Artiste

    When determining whether an artiste is popular or not, do not base the decision on your own taste. That you have a fondness for a ‘popular artiste’ does not mean such an artiste has gained the popularity of others. You have to be objective by considering what musical chart websites, radio and television programs already considered as popular. Artistes that are rated high during such programs have gained the acceptance of the people. These are the types of artistes you are expected to walk up to and strike a deal about featuring them in your concert.
    It is not an easy task to feature stars during your concert, most of them have been booked for one show or the other, sometimes several months ahead. To avoid disappointments, it is advisable you approach the manager of your favorite artiste several months before your desired date of concert and get him or her booked. you can get the contact of any artiste of your choice when you visit their website, which often contains the manager’s hotline.
    Apart from your ace star, it is okay you invite other musicians currently making waves in the industry. There are others too who are not really making waves but are talented enough to move the crowd at the concert, endeavor to call them up too. Such ones will not only entertain your crowd, they can serve as ‘appetizers’ while your ace artiste is being expected.

    Fix a Date Wisely

    While deciding with the artiste about the date that appears most convenient for the two of you to host the concert, it is important to be careful in your decision. Do not make the mistake of picking a date when most people will not be available. Factors such as weather, or any other popular event that they may consider more interesting should also be taken into consideration.
    If you are in a country where the Muslim population is high, do not fix your concert on the Ramadan period so that you do not end up having a low turn out.

    Get a Venue

    It is important that you promptly notify the owners of the event place you plan to use for your concert. This is because, like the popular artistes, they often get booked several events ahead of time. So run to them and notify them about your plans to bring a popular artiste to their hall.
    The size of the venue you are hiring is dependent on the number of people you are expecting for your concert. The number of people you are expecting too is dependent on the popularity that your guest artiste has.
    Ensure that the venue has facility that will suit the convenience of your crowd who will likely stay several  hours at night.

    Arrange for Tickets

    This part is very delicate as there are those who are waiting to reap from what you have sown by counterfeiting your tickets. As you plan to print tickets, ensure that you give the contract to a secured printing company. Even if you have to sell tickets online, go through a company that has both trust and experience.
    Print tickets as much as possible and ensure that the outlets selling your tickets are scattered around the place. This will help reduce the stress associated with last minute rush. Even at that, make provisions for people to buy tickets at the venue of the event. Word of caution, do not print and sell tickets more than the space available at your venue, it will only put you in trouble.

    Get Sponsors

    While it is true that you can make money from selling tickets for your concert, you can multiply your income by approaching sponsors too. Interestingly, sponsors are willing to be identified with events featuring popular artistes. The popular your artiste, the more sponsors you will attract. Sometimes, your sponsor will give you an offer that will cover all the expenses incurred while you still make profit.
    When sponsors chose to support a program, they do so because of the publicity that your event will generate for them. For this reason, you may need to work with a TV or radio station so that the event can generate the needed publicity. Some sponsors however, agree to sponsor, not just because they want you to advertise their products or service but because they want to sell such product at the venue of the event.
    Whatever the level of involvement they want to have, be flexible in your negotiations and ensure that you do not run at a loss.

    Organize security

    Some event center management provide securities. When you rent their halls, you do not have to bring your security persons. Others do not make provisions for security, you have to cater for that aspect of the event. When you are doing the latter, it is better you consult reputable security companies who will give you the needed support to get your concert secured.
    You need other trusted individuals too who will serve as attendants, ticket sellers and even retailers in case you chose to retail drinks and other stuffs on your own.

    Advertise the Concert

    The need to create the needed awareness by advertising your concert cannot be over emphasized. Even if the artiste you are bringing on board is popular and you have ensured that every other thing is in place, such effort can be considered a waste if you do not advertise about the upcoming event.
    Depending on your budget and that of your sponsor, you can explore all the means of advertisements available in your locality. Use radio, TV, newspapers and entertainment magazines. The billboard and Internet too are viable mass media of information dissemination, use it to your advantage.

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