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With the combined number of both Facebook and Twitter users reaching into millions in Nigeria, and billions of billions worldwide; no doubt Facebook and Twitter are some of the best places to connect with people all over the world. Today, we well know that the two social networking giants are no longer used exclusively for connecting with friends and family, but are now being used as a very viable advertising platform by individuals and businesses alike.

Do you know you could be in for some real money just by doing a few things on either of these two social networking websites? Well as you read on, I will share with you some ways you could make money on Facebook and Twitter in Nigeria.

1. Become an Affiliate Marketer

One of the ways you could be making money on Facebook and Twitter is by starting the affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing does not require much from you before you can begin. It is quite easy to do, and anyone could start affiliate marketing and be making money from it whether on Facebook or Twitter.

The idea here is that you get to help businesses and companies promote their products or services on Facebook and on Twitter and you get paid commission for every purchase made through the affiliate link. First, if you are not on Facebook or Twitter, you will have to create an account before you can begin this program. After which, you will have to search for businesses that offer the opportunity, or you could easily join affiliate marketing websites such as Sharesale, Amazon and others. Also, you must have a good number of followers before you can really make a lot from this program.

2. Create a Page on Facebook and Twitter

There are various things you could be doing on your Facebook page that will fetch you money, whether active money or passive money, depending upon how you approach it. First you must create a page and build your followership.

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Create a page and invite your friends to like your page, ask them to invite their friends too. When creating your page, you must make sure you choose a name which has a direct bearing to the niche, and content you will be posting. But before you create a page, it is pertinent you know how you will be monetizing it.

How your Page could Fetch Money

As mentioned, there are a lot of things you could do on your page that will fetch you money. You could promote your products or services if you have a business or you could use it as an avenue for promoting affiliate links, and advertising for businesses and companies. As you see the number of your followers growing, you should begin to start promoting and selling your products on your page. If you have eBooks to sell, here is a great avenue to do so.

Regardless of how you choose to monetize the page, it is important you keep the interests of your followers by not only advertising for money sake, but always posting engaging contents that give them some value. In time, you will gather as many followers, and once you have as many as 10,000 followers you would start getting advertising applications from advertisers to promote their brand on your page, which you will be paid for.

3. Sell your Products on Facebook and Twitter

I have already mentioned before that you can sell your products by advertising it on your Facebook page, but I would also like to point it out that you cannot only sell your products on your page Facebook, you can also sell them on Twitter.

Tell your followers on Twitter about your products. Do you have any latest products, deals or promotions? Go ahead, let the word out to your followers on Twitter, but be sure you are not too pushy; you do not want make them think you are only obsessed with selling your products.

If you really want to be making money on Facebook or Twitter, you must be on the lookout for various opportunities you could take advantage of. Those trending hashtags on Twitter, you could take advantage of them and tactfully relate them to your product or services.

Drive Traffic to your Blog or Website

Do you have a blog or a website? Now is the time you should be making money on Facebook and Twitter simply by driving traffic to your blog or website. Remember, if you already have followers on your Facebook page, all you need do is to keep posting links of your website or blog articles on your Facebook page. The more visitors coming to your blog or website, the more money you make. I believe you already know how to monetize your blog. If you do not, Google Adsense is a great one to start with. Find out more on that.

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If you do not have a blog, you could create one, or you could make contacts with bloggers and make offers for helping them drive visitors to their site.

Key into Sponsored Tweets

This ad service is quite popular among Twitter users, and chances are you probably have heard about it too. How does this service work? This service provides you with the opportunity of re-tweeting advertisers’ messages and being paid in return. If you want to make real money from this service, you need to have so many followers, say a few thousands.

If you have so many thousands of followers, you could be raking in quite some money. People with large number of followers could charge as high as $2,000 per tweet. If you do the conversion to our local currency, you know how much that means per tweet, and since you get to set your own price for each tweet, you could be making as much as that too.


There are so many ways of making money from either Facebook or Twitter, and only few are listed here. The truth is, the list cannot fully be exhausted because there are lots of avenues to suit each person. However, this list contains some of the most important and practical ones anyone can follow in Nigeria to start making money on Facebook and Twitter.

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