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    2020 will be observing retrogradation of planets three times. Uranus and Mercury are supposed to retrograde for longer duration. We will discuss the dates of Mercury Retrograde and its impact on business this year. But before we do so, let’s first understand what Mercury Retrograde is and when the dates are due.

    What do you understand by Mercury Retrograde?

    Whenever we say a planet is retrograding, we mean its moving in reverse direction in its orbit. It’s not literal reverse movement, but something observed.

    When Mercury retrogrades usually it takes 3½ weeks back to direct course. In this time span, the motion of Mercury affects our modes of communication. Industries, mostly related to communication, face turbulence.

    Upcoming Mercury Retrograde:

    The last Mercury Retrograde was between 17th February and 10th March. It had its effect specially on Aquarian and Pisceans.

    The upcoming June 2020 Mercury Retrograde starts from June 18th and ends on July 12th. This one will have special effects on people with Cancer Zodiac signs.

    Mercury will again undergo retrogradation again on October 14th and will continue until 3rd November. Scorpio and Libra zodiac people are likely to face the wrath during the 3rd span.

    Effects of Mercury Retrograde on Business in June 2020:

    The 2nd phase of Mercury Retrograde in June 2020 is predicted to affect any industry pertaining o communication. Common effects as per business will be –

    • Personal Communication: People belonging to cancer zodiac group are likely to face troubles rising from miscommunication with family members and friends in June. The message you intend to share with your loved ones might get misinterpreted. Personal conflicts will slowly affect your performance at work. If you are into business, the results and turnovers will face the wrath of miscommunication between partners.
    • Telecom errors: Disturbance in telecom servers are likely to get affected. You try to send an e-mail and it might never reach the destined reader. Cyberspace is predicted to go through turmoil. Naturally, telecom business will get affected negatively.
    • Technology: If you are into technology related business, be prepared for some serious system crashing. The loss can come difference angles. It can be loss in business or loss of valuable employees.
    • Travel: When a travel plan gets affected, it leaves its marks on both the traveler and the business personnel operating the travel. June 2020 is going to witness major cancellation or delays in travel plans. Be is airlines or trains or even buses, travel will touch the sector. Naturally, business outcome will be tremendous.

    5 Different ways you can use Mercury Retrograde in June 2020 to revive business:

    Now that you know the effects of Mercury Retrograde in June 2020, anticipation and preparation will make business protection easier. Try the below to prevent business loss-

    • Take system backups
    • Cross-check all pre-arranged travel plans
    • Don’t draw any conclusion
    • Check all valuable stuffs
    • Hiccups are expected so don’t let stress affect you

    All these points clearly point that you need to stay positive. Business facing hindrance doesn’t mean you will have to stop your business.

    Rather, we suggest, use the Mercury Retrograde in favor of your business. Here are 5 different ways you can take to use the Mercury Retrograde for business development in June 2020-

    1. Organize Business:

    When Mercury starts to Retrograde, every communication is supposed to cease. You will observe slow working pace among your business partners as well. Go with pace. If you have pre-organized all files in order, 1 month of slow business will not hamper you. But good organization will ensure future scope of fast coping up.

    1. Revisit and review:

    Avoid any breach in business because of faulty contracts. Check all your contracts in details before the retrogradation starts. Review for any kind of ambiguity in business terms. On observing any gap, you need to revisit your clients and rebuild the relationship when the business is slow.

    1. Complete projects that are long-standing:

    If you have unfinished finish, this is the time to find out the base of delay and finish it. You will enough time in hand.

    1. Re-check and go slow:

    Your business is already stalled. You have all the time in the world to recheck important paperwork. Go through past invoices, contracts, e-mails etc. Slow reading often helps in finding faults. You can do some damage control now.

    1. Future Planning:

    Mercury Retrograde time is not for giving up. Its for planning for the future and positive thinking. If you plan now, you will accomplish it smoothly in future.

    Consider all the hindrances that can come down your path during Mercury Retrograde in June. Your business is secured when you know beforehand and plan for future accordingly.

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