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Short term rentals happen to be a relatively new sector in real estate. It is basically getting a place to stay without paying as if you want to live in the place for the long term. Real estate agencies have finally come to realize that there is a market for people who want a place that they can stay when they are visiting a new area and would be staying long enough to make hotels impractical but short enough that they cannot rent an apartment in the traditional way. A typical period of renting based on a short term deal could be anything from 2 weeks to 3 months.

Origin Of Short Term Leasing/Rental

If we were to trace the origins of short term rentals, I suspect that it might not fully have come from the stable of the real estate sector. The sector does not give much room for product development, as there is only one product as such which is providing various types of physical accommodation. If I were to bet, I would say it came from the travel and tour industry. I would go on to say that the original idea must have come from an hotelier because they are into creative repackaging of housing. They see it more as a service that needs innovation rather than a brick and mortar kind of job.
Away from speculating over the origins of short term leasing, e wants to look t the benefits of this type of service to the traveler. It would be beneficial for the traveler that knows he or she would be spending enough time in a place that places him or her just in the middle of a grey area. I have already pointed out this grey area i.e. they will be staying in a place long enough to make renting a hotel suite or an apartment in the traditional way impractical (too short for traditionally renting an apartment and too long for staying in a hotel).

The Full Circle

In a related aside, humanity seems to have come a full circle. The first time travelers left their little cave to see the world they most probably slept under the heaven, with the clubs close by. The next stage would have been sleeping as guest in people’s homes (way back when the culture of receiving strangers properly held sway; before werewolves and the likes came round). May be someone who was naturally grumpy decided that he (had to be a man) did not fancy the idea of staying in people’s homes. Since he was an ardent traveler and a loner who did not like interacting with people, he decided to establish the first inn. He probably bought a traditional English mead bar (ancestor to the pub) and set up a place upstairs where strangers passing by could spend the night. These became part of the ancestral line of the hotel. Hotels ruled for a thousand years (okay; less) until one day, is hotelier musing on the idea of having a home away from home struck on the ingenious plan to make it happen. This is how the short term rentals came into existence (cough). Humanity has gone back to living in homes away from home.
We can seamlessly link this story into the benefits of short term rentals

It Gives You A Homey Feel

Hotels are beautiful and there are times you just want to stay in a hotel because it is a hotel. They are so unlike our homes and we are grateful for it. but what if you could have your home look like a hotel, with everything a hotel has including that ability to make you feel spoilt? This is what short term rentals bring. They are basically hotels in terms of the amenities and service.

Gives You Greater Floor Space

Space in hotels can be measured to your wallet. The more space you get the more you have to cough up for it. Hotels are generally limited in space but this is further when you get to a lobby and you see the number of people going in and out. The crowd tells you that there are many shoes and stilettos competing for your footprint.
This is in stark contrast to a short lease apartment, which in some cases can be a full house, with the addition of a garden and a garage. You do not have an issue with space or a sense that you are being crowded out (neither the idea that a hundred thousand people might have swam in the pool this year alone). Short term rentals give you space.

Gives You A Platform For Productivity Or Deep Relaxation

You might be a traveling on business, the idea of space links to productivity in that you have a place of tranquility. You get to function optimally and you have already clinched that deal; they just do not know it yet.
Short term rentals offers great opportunities for people looking for comfort that is unique and very homey.

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