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    Goat Market in Nigeria is one of the biggest in the world and people are making huge profit buying and selling goats. With the hope that you are reading this write-up in a good state of health, I welcome you to goat business.

    Livestock marketing is one business that has made many millionaires, and many people are still growing their fortunes through the business.

    I know of a guy who drops out of school to join this business when we were in 200L. Although rumors carries it that he wasn’t doing good in school. That aside, the point I am trying to make is that the guy now earns what none of us his colleagues that graduated earns half of (Note: If you are a student, I am not suggesting you drop out of school and go into this business or any other business. If you try that you are OYO.

    Nigeria is the leading livestock market in west Africa according to research. The demand for meat in Nigeria is very high. The demand is even greater in the southern cities, where at least twenty species of bush-meat are eaten.

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    The most common livestock that are dealt with in this business are cows and goats. I choose to write on goats as it requires a very much lesser start-up capital and lower risk compared to dealing in cows.

    Profit Potential in Goat Business

    In this (goat) business, with a start-up capital of two hundred and fifty thousand naira (N250,000), you can earn an average of fifty thousand naira (N50,000) weekly which gives you two hundred thousand naira (N200,000) monthly. I am sure this will sound doubtful to many. Follow me as I present to you the analysis bellow.

    Livestock (especially cows and goats) are generally cheaper in the northern part of Nigeria. They are even very much cheaper if you visit village markets in states like Kano, Sokoto, Zamfara and Katsina.

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    Depending on the physical size, you can get a healthy fully matured goat in these village markets¬† between N6000 – N8000. And if you transport it to Abuja, you sell it to awaiting dealers and get a minimum profit of N2000 (note: transport + other minor expenses have bn considered). This profit is higher if you transport it to Lagos, Kwara, and Porthacourt states ( I don’t know of other states), with profits between N4000 to N5000.

    Cost of Buying and Selling of Goats

    Note: If you are a novice in the business, you definitely need an agent to guide you for at least two months. The agents know the village markets better.

    They escorts you to the market, and assist you in negotiating/striking the best deal. They even link you up with dealers {if you are taking your goats to Abuja or Lagos} so that you sell your goats upon arrival. 

    • 1. Average cost per goat = N7000 x 25 = N175,000
    • 2. Transport to Abuja = N30,000
    • 3. Loading and offloading = N2,500
    • 4. Agents fee per goat = N100 x 25 = N2,500.
    • 5. Miscellaneous¬† = N10,000
    • Total = N220,000.

    Now, depending on market trend, selling price at Abuja is between N11,000 to N15,000.

    Working with the minimum

    Sell N11,000 x 25 = N275,000.
    Profit = N275000 – N220000 =______
    Fill in the blank space.

    Please, research the current cost of goats in the city you live and put it in as a comment for the benefit of interested investors.

    Risk in Goat Business

    1. Accidents
    2. Theft (although very rare armed bandits might attack you and seize your goods, God forbid)

    Opportunities in Goat Business

    1. The market is always available (people will continue to eat meat till end of time)

    2. You can insure your business against accidents and theft.

    I wish you all the best in your endeavors.

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    Written by Ibrahim Ahmad Bello for WealthReult.com

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    • Angela Anichukwu November 10, 2013

      How do u get a reliable agent for dis biz?

    • Uc July 30, 2014

      Nice Post to think i was thinking of this business on my way to work this morning……..Can you link me up with a reliable agent.

      By the way Good job you are doing here

    • kamoru December 8, 2015

      Great post.

    • Ogie January 19, 2016

      Please i need a reliable Agent.

    • Nnamdi March 21, 2016

      nice post, please i need a good agent that can help me out in this business.

    • ladipo philips March 30, 2016

      Nice tips sir.pls i just want to start d biz and i need more advice and possibly some links on how to go about it. Thanks for ur anticipated cooperation.

    • Imeba joseph May 3, 2016

      Am really eager to go into this business but the challenge i have now is how to get a reliable agent

    • ifeanyi njoku June 7, 2016

      Tnks, for d advice.i need an agent dat we guild me 2 d market.henry

    • grace iyorhe June 17, 2016

      how will i get a reliable agent i am interested

      • EdukaGoodluckAkachi October 12, 2016

        Truly goat business pays,but there is more to it than an online write up,that cash is real though depending on how u play ur card,i do it with my agents in 4 far north states,07064386107.booking an appointment so that we see face to face will be preferable an in jos anyway.the best

    • Mayokun August 6, 2017

      Nice one, I’m planning that too, but to move them in my own sienna drum north to Lagos, stopping over for a day or so in Lokoja, I wouldn’t know where is mostly cheapest and reasonably near to buy from in the north though, I’m hearing its fine in some Niger state villages market too and also wont know what troubles I may face with the police or some other law enforcement agents if my mode of transport as said has any issues with registration and what have you. I also plan to sell directly to eateries and persons in Lagos where I well know the terrain. God bless you all. N.B I’m not sure any dealers will buy from you at such prices though but less. Better to try retail but that will take additional logistics.

      • Jimmy Jerem August 25, 2017

        Can’t I start the business with # 100, 000, which is inclusive of transpiration to Lagos?

    • Umar Ahmed Sa’in Katsina November 3, 2017

      I am also a dealer of goats always thinking and praying of how I will expand my business of goats and cattle’s I thank God and also thank you for connecting me with my patterns,I based in katsina state ,katsina local government and here is my contact 08030778787.thanks once again.

      • Emmanuel Akpe March 26, 2019

        Thank you my brothers, this is a nice write up, goat business is my dream business, l based in Akwa Ibom state I need a reliable agent katsina and zamfara. Please, update me on current prices or changes in the system.

    • Okolie tochukwu December 17, 2017

      i need an agent in Abuja

      • Nabir Yakubu October 16, 2019

        hello mayorkun. my name is Nabir and I reside in Niger state, contact me if u are really serious about the goat business I know where we can get it very cheap

    • victor April 4, 2018

      pls I need a reliable agent that can help me to buy goats and Ram to rear in Edo state. please email me

    • Eze Olowu April 14, 2018

      Pls I need reliable agent that will help me.this is my phone no 08037599595

    • Oladeji tayo May 18, 2018

      Can you link me with reliable agent, and more advice on how to go about it .I live in otta Ogun state

    • Oladeji tayo May 18, 2018

      I got this information at the right ,please can you link me with a reliable agents

    • Alfred Solomon June 3, 2018

      I can buy it and send it to any location of ur choice in Nigeria. Whenever u r ready 08141176622

    • MUFTAU June 26, 2018

      Thank you for the articles.

      I am very much interesting in this Field.

      I will make more and more reachers on it Thanksgiving

    • Ibb Chidari Makoda July 23, 2018

      If U Need Agent On Goat Marketing,so Call Me On My Phone No.07062521880.Iam From Makoda/danbatta,kano State(centre of commerse

    • Emmanuel January 3, 2019

      I have goats for sell …. Can anybody link me to buyers in Abuja ???

    • Emmanuel felix January 3, 2019

      Sir am interested but I need an advice on to start up.
      Thanks for anticipated cooperation.

    • Musa January 27, 2019

      Nice post thanks alot . I leave my yobe state . This very true. In fact im planning on starting this biz tomorrow by going to the village market.

    • Mr Andrew February 26, 2019

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    • obi August 13, 2019

      please is they always market to sell this goat..?
      especially for novice in the business..

    • Nabir Yakubu October 16, 2019

      Hi guys, contact me if u are really interested in going into livestock business, I stay in Niger state and I know some villages that u can get it very cheap. 09039349740

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