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    The Europa League playoffs are in full swing. Now you can follow the latest soccer scores from anywhere in the world on the website of sports statistics, where information on the progress of tournaments is updated in real time,

    Coronavirus paralyzed virtually all football tournaments in the world. Eurocups were the last to give up, but in mid-March, the officials decided that the matches needed to be stopped. Such shifts in the calendar clearly cannot go unnoticed and will certainly affect the final results.

    Details of exactly how the competition will be resumed are not yet reported. In any case, you can follow the latest soccer scores on the sports statistics website without any difficulties.

    The Europa League, where the first matches of the one-eighth of the finals were already played for many pairs, also suffered from the suspension. In one of the most interesting confrontations, Manchester United very confidently beat the Austrian LASK in an away match with the score of 0:5.

    The difference in class between the teams was obvious already from the first minute. If at the start of the match the Mankunians did not manage to convert their skills into a result, then towards the end of the game they implemented goals one after another. However, even such a confident victory is not at all a guarantee that the team will be able to advance to the next round. Much will depend primarily on the decisions of the officials and epidemiologists.

    Most interesting Europa League fixtures

    If Manchester United at least managed to play one match, then the Italian grandees like Roma and Inter didn’t play at the stage 1/8 of the Europa League at all. UEFA did offer them to withdraw from the tournament, but the teams, as expected, wanted to continue the fight. However, whether the League 2019/20 rally will be held at all is still a big question. The Europa League fixtures looked very interesting for the fans. If we talk about potential favourites of the tournament, if it still continues, then we can mention the same Manchester United, whose strong points include:

    1. Cool lineup, which is stronger than most competitors in this tournament.
    2. Motivation. For the Red Devils, winning the Europa League is also a chance to win a ticket to the Champions League for the next season. Therefore, there is no doubt that they will do their best in each next fight.
    3. Individual mastery of the main stars of the team.

    You can always find out news about the Europa League fixtures, as well as the resumption of competitions in general, on the website of sports statistics, where such information is always presented in full.

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