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We want to look at the different aspects and types of business proposals such as written visual, and verbal articulation, and their importance as well as their place in the overall scheme of things. We will also touch on how they are related, or how they can be combined to maximum effect.

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The first rule when it comes to drawing up a business proposal is to listen to what the potential clients have to say about it. They might have clearly stated how they want the business proposal to look, and  the segments that are to be included. If this is the case, you should concentrate on being as compliant as possible because your compliance could make the difference between your proposal being accepted or rejected.

When it comes to the issue of general compliance, what might set you apart from the rest will be the content of your business proposal. Therefore, draft your proposal to conform to the standard of your clients.

Written Business Proposals

These are proposals that are in form of documents. They are the more traditional form of business proposals available, and the most widely requested, for record and documentation purposes. They are arguably more convenient to carry and peruse through than the others.

The Place of Written Business Proposals

You can easily imagine a board or committee rifling through your proposal as you make a defense or presentation. It is also easy to picture you sitting on the other side of the desk answering questions based on the proposal you have submitted, and the other party referring you to the page in question.

This is the ideal place of a written proposal and probably why it is still very important. Moreover, written proposals can have as visual aspect, charts, graphs, documented projections, and the rest.

Importance of Written Business Proposals

    • They are excellent for reference purposes as they can be picked up at anytime.
    • Physical documents still play a key role in business organizations

Visual Proposals

This is the type of presentation that heavily relies on the use of multimedia to communicate intent. It may be a simple PowerPoint presentation, or a full length video using visual aids to walk the other party through the service you intend to provide.

Visual proposals can be very powerful means of communicating your ideas when they are used effectively. It may require you hiring professionals, but it can be a way of reinforcing your abilities, and compelling the other party into going with you.

The Place of Visual Proposals

It is a must when it has been requested  by the parties looking to employ your services. However, it could serve as a great accompaniment of a written proposal, especially when you have to draw that forceful impression when making a defense.

That is, send the written proposal first, and when it comes to making a defense, let the potential clients see a visual proposal. Visual proposals go beyond PowerPoint presentations. They could be a 3D rendering of a blueprint, holographic presentations or use any other innovative technology to give what you are offering a tangible feel. However, they are more ideal when they support written proposals, unless,  they are the primary means of communicating your proposal, then, you can use a written proposal to back it up.

Importance of Visual Proposals

    • Their impact could be lasting and it has the power to make other proposals that do not follow the same medium to pale in insignificance.
    • They are ideal when submitting to a group and backing it up with written proposals they can individually look up later.

Verbal Proposals

Verbal or oral proposals is the oldest form of proposals in the business world. It is also arguably the most effective when the person in question has the oratory or persuasive skills to push his or her case. The fact that it can be up close and personal makes it easy to not just talk, but pay attention and respond to the body language of the listener.

The Place of Verbal Proposals

    • Everything still comes back to a verbal defense, which is more or less you doing the proposal all over, but talking directly to the potential clients.
    • You get to clarify issues that both written and visual proposals did not cover or did not cover in a justifiable manner.
    • It is the main form of communication during defenses, you are not expected to write another proposal or present another visual proposal. Rather, you are asked pointed questions and you get to answer them.
    • It is a necessity that everyone would have to deal with at every stage  of getting your proposal accepted.
    • Arguably the most important because it may be the last hurdle you will have to cross.
    • Inability to present a credible oral proposal that backs the written or visual could cost you the opportunity.

Importance of Verbal Articulation In Proposal

Having a chance to combine all three can help you in creating a very compelling business proposal that will blow the competition away. In such a case, creating the right balance would be critical because failure to do this may backfire.

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