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Content Monetizing refers to the act of using your content to start generating money. You can monetize your online content in several ways. The beauty about monetization is that the number of ways to monetize your content keeps on multiplying, giving the web content owners/publishers so many options.

There was a time when nobody thought of monetizing mobile content. There was a time when the term mobile content was strange. However, the more platforms keep coming online the more people keep producing ways to monetize these platforms. As things stand today, the options are so numerous that learning how to strategically and selectively deploy them is now the focus.

This does not mean that there is a glut of monetization tools. The fact is as long as platforms are being built online and innovation is allowed free rein, there will always be more of such tools joining the list of options. However, the onus lies on the content owner to know how to use the tools to maximize his or her opportunity. There are some things you would have to put into consideration before trying to make money with your content and I have picked some those that are noteworthy below.

Is Your Website In Place For Monetizing

You will have to look at the type of site you want to set up and this is a decision you have to make before starting up. Some of the factors that can influence your decision here includes:-

Your finance
The nature of the content

The strategy you want to adopt

The means of monetization you plan to use

You will have to consider more but the platform you want to use can determine how you want to go about monetizing your website.

How To Know If You Have A Ready Platform

Do You Have Enough Content?

Some people make the mistake of starting out to build the website like setting up a blog on WordPress or Blogger before creating content for them. This is wrong. Content should be the first thing you create and have ready before selecting or building your website. Sound strange?

This is more of the case when you know that your content is going to be based on the written. However, the same thing applies if you are going to be using either video, audio or any other kind of content. What I am saying here is not that you should have all the content you need before setting out, but have enough to get started.

    1. Know the kind of content you want
    2. Create or source for such content
    3. Have critical mass i.e. enough to create depth in your platform

Having enough means having what you can immediately use to fill your space to the point where it creates a degree of depth. It will not look good if you have very good articles but they are less than a handful. Moreover, it kind of shows that you did not do your homework before setting out.

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The only time when you should go on with the platform before creating content is when the platform is such that content has to be created on it after it has gone live. For instance, it could be a platform that will have members create content so you will have to set it up first and get members before it can have content. There are still ways to go about this kind of scenario and have ready content but let us leave it as it is for now.

Is The Content Engaging Enough?

It is important you ask yourself this question. It is the way you start that might determine how you will continue. Besides, first impression counts in this business. You must make up your mind about the quality and depth of the content you want to have on your platform. do not rush to fill it up with sawdust and say you will start placing quality later.

Is The Platform Social Media Friendly?

Social media is one of the best tools of referral traffic, if not the best. Look to make your platform social media friendly from the word go. The more you have the better for your platform because you will get people with various social media tastes. Content should be very easy to share on social platforms.

These are the first set of questions you would have to answer that will help you to gauge the readiness of your platform. We will be looking at the other set of questions you will need to answer before you can tell if your platform is ready for monetization.

Is there any question you will like to add to the set above? Let’s hear your take.

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