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Setting goals is the first thing that sets a person on a course of achievement. Without such goals at a personal or organizational level, the entity will not be able to measure themselves against anything. Goal setting can only be relevant when it is set within a given time-frame and this is where time management can be linked to setting goals.

Before we look at setting goals in your workplace environment, let us make a couple of notes on this outside the workplace environment.

Setting Goals As An Individual

You will need a drive to be able to set a goal and pursue it. When a goal is set without any concrete plans to pursue that goal without any step in the direction of achieving that goal it becomes a wishful aspiration that borders on a daydream. There is no set time where the goal should come to fruition.

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Pursuit of a target at a personal level needs a drive that will sustain you through all the stages of that pursuit. A drive usually starts with an initial force of nature that will create a propelling velocity that will set you on that course. That force has to be sustained but there is every chance it will start waning along the way.

At this point you will have to pick up some sort of nitro injection to give yourself more speed. This nitro injection can come in form of you seeing the results of the steps you are taking and that spurring you on to continue. It is this results along the way that can keep you going to the point you are in a sort of cruise control. At this stage you may not need any other result along the way but you are already on your way and once you start seeing the finish line, you will not be needing any other thing to cheer you until you cross it.

We just looked at the dynamics of setting and chasing after a goal at the personal level.

    • You set a goal.
    • You need an initial drive to set you off in the chase of fulfilling the goal.
    • The initial speed will wane if you do not start seeing some bits and pieces of results based on what you have already started doing.
    • This spurs you on to continue and serves as the coal to the engine of the train.
    • Once you get into cruise speed you will not be needing any more coals to continue at that pace.
    • The finish line beckons
    • Your cross the line, achieving your set goals.
    • All of the above is anchored in an expected time-frame and failure to keep to that it might lead to the person dropping by the way side.

Setting Goals In A Workplace Environment

The drive has to be strong enough for you to be able to draw upon it to set off on that initial journey. You will still need a drive in a workplace environment for you to achieve set goals but that may be where the similarities stop between a personal goal and a workplace goal although your workplace goal could be personal (like getting promoted).

They Give You The Target

In a workplace environment, targets are given to you to meet. You can make this work for you by setting a target that is higher than the one that was set for you to meet as it will go in line with your personal goal within that workplace environment to be promoted. However, the organization are gave you that target to serve their purpose and not yours.

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Do you need any drive to pursue that target? We have mentioned promotion, there could be bonuses as well although the other side of the coin is also through as you can lose your job if you fail at meeting targets. The bottom line is that you have enough incentives to want to meet targets that are given to you.

They Set The Methodology Of Approach

You may be the one to suggest or draw it up but it is the responsibility of the organization to approve of the methodology. Whatever you are have been given as guidelines will have to be consistent with the structure that has been put in place in the organization.

They Give You A Time-frame

It will not be a goal or target if it is not linked to a time-frame. A person as an individual will eventually build a brick home if there is no time limit given. The home building exercise may just be a hobby if there is no time limit attached. However, it becomes something different when there is a time-frame attached to the project.

Monitoring, Reporting And Evaluation

Your goals will also be monitored and you will be expected to submit reports. It will of course be evaluated every step of the way.

Responsibility Of Factoring In Time

The responsibility of managing your time in such a way that the target is met and on schedule lies on you. The success or failure of this will be entirely up to your to explain. You workplace targets should be tied to time in such a way that it will be the official time set for you to complete it. This will mean you will have to adopt measures that will help you effectively meet the target with time in mind.

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