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    If you have a computer, be it a desktop or a laptop, or you
    use a  mobile device like a smart phone, I bet you’ll be familiar with
    the word, “Upgrade.” The users of these devices sometimes get
    notifications, requesting them to upgrade some of the applications they
    use on it. Even yesterday, I got a notification from my Play Store to
    update my PicStory, which I did. 
    The developers of those applications
    occasionally come up with newer version of their apps with added
    features, which will make its usage easier and faster with a more
    desirable and efficient output.
    My concern is that most people get their apps upgraded
    regularly, but do nothing to upgrade themselves. They are registered and
    active members of numerous chatting sites and apps spending reasonable
    time on it, but have no time to update their knowledge. They spend money
    on subscription, using a huge amount of megabit on downloading and
    streaming videos from YouTube, but would not buy books or even download eBooks that will help sharpen their lives. 
    Even in the business world,
    lots of business establishment has gone out of the market because they
    lack innovation. Some student restrict themselves to only the things
    they are taught in class. They don’t make attempt to learn more on what
    they’ve been taught. How sad! I’ll share three reasons why it’s important to upgrade or update your knowledge. Software developers understand these fact.

    1. Yesterday’s Knowledge Cannot Sustain You Today:

    We live in a changing world, where the only constant thing is change. A
    thing or person that do not change will become obsolete or irrelevant.
    In computing, we’ve seen changes from main frame computers to laptops.
    This is the result of computer Scientists and  Engineers upgrading their
    knowledge in this field and thinking innovatively. 
    As humans, it’s
    expedient we keep learning and adding values to ourselves, if we want to
    remain relevant in this changing world. What we’ve known in the past,
    cannot be enough to face today’s challenge. Many companies have folded
    up because they no longer fit in in today’s market. Employers do not
    only look for people with certificate whose learning stopped after
    convocation, but those that will keep learning and always bring
    something to the table.

    2. Competition:

    In business, several establishment compete. Each of those companies
    wants to be the consumers choice; the brand consumers buy from. In other
    to achieve this, they keep working on their product to ensure it’s of
    good quality, they spend good amount of money on advertising to create
    awareness for their product, they ensure their staffs are customer
    friendly, and so on. 
    The large number of applicant that goes for job
    interviews while just a few will be employed, also calls for adequate
    grooming and continuous personal development from youths and job

    3. Increased Ability:

    You’ll wonder why people love new versions of an application. If it is a
    browser for instance, the latest version will have functions like;
    ability to copy from a page and paste on another, ability to share pages
    on Facebook, or Twitter, faster downloads, pages load faster and so on,
    compare to the previous version.
    Employees that are resourceful and can
    get things done even without supervision always become the employer’s favorite. Be a life long learner. A wise man once said “A man of
    knowledge increases strength.” To do more, you have to know more. 

    innovative ability lies utterly on how much you know and how well you
    can create or make improvement. See knowledge as an application that needs constant
    updating. Keep building on what you’ve known before. Attend personal
    development seminal and conferences. Invest on books that teaches
    personal branding and self-development. 

    Try to learn more on your field.
    Note that, I’m not advocating that you shouldn’t use apps or that you
    shouldn’t upgrade them. You should. But, my point is, as you upgrade
    your applications, never forget to upgrade yourself. 

    Written by Abiola Oyeneye for WealthResult.com

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      i am 27 year old in my final year in the university.please what kind of business do you advice i do.am tired of asuu strike

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