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Importing used clothes and other items such as shoes, bags, children toys, and electronic products into Nigeria is very lucrative business. Nigerians buy these things everyday even at high prices. I would rather buy shoes from the fairly used shoe dealers than buy the China made, or Idumota Oshodi made shoes in Nigerian markets. Not that I am not patriotic but because I like quality stuffs. It is better I get Oliver Fox from imported fairly used dealer that I am sure is the genuine quality even though it has been used than get brand new Louis Voitton in Idumota that is actually fake and made in Aba.

There are so many people like me who prefer to go for fairly used tokunbo shoes whenever they don’t have enough money to buy pure designers than buy the inferior new ones. Some months back, I bought three pairs of made in Nigeria shorts in Oshodi, two days later my wife bought another three for me in the market but this time it was Fairly used made in UK. The three I bought had since gone while I am still using the ones my wife bought. That is the power of quality products – they last longer than the fake new ones.

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Importing used clothes and shoe into Nigeria has been a big business over the years and the trend doesn’t seem to vanish soon. This is another very good business opportunity that is fitting for those Nigerians living outside the country where this things are gotten very cheap, sometimes free.

I always see people gather each time I am passing by and when I looked closely, only one thing that I used to see – there is new arrival of used cloths and shoes and people are busy in numbers selecting their choice designs and paying instantly.

Used clothe in USA cost about $0.5 dollars in Bale of 25kg grade A. If the bale contains like 200, the price will be $0.5 x 200 = $100 (N20,000). If you brings it into Nigeria, the same bale will be sold for up to N75,000 and make N45,000 pure profit! You can sell at cheaper price to help your country people and still make good profit.

So How Do You Start Importing Used Clothes Into Nigeria

1. Get a Big shop back home if you are outside Nigeria where you will be stocking your goods when it arrives. The same shop will be used for displaying so that passerby who would like to bend down and select could do that conveniently. A friend confirmed that some of the cloths found in this bales are good enough to be sold in boutiques as some are still unused with the labels intact.

2. Source your products online at eBay or Alibaba and select the preferred supplier. Or you go round and look for suppliers. You will have to arrange for trusted business partners back home who will be in charge of the home front.

3. Set your logistic in place and begin to import. As soon as it arrives, your partner at home will take over from there and handle the sale, distribution and disbursement.

Please, If you are into this business or you have engaged in it before and have some experience share with other and let’s take the discussion forward.

Update: Used cloths and shoes are classified as contraband in Nigeria.

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  • Nineveh September 24, 2013

    Dear Darlinton, According to the Nigerian customs website, importing of used clothes is contraband and on the prohibited list. There can be a lot of arguments regarding the benefits of bringing these in, however, it must be even more considered, that we are breaking the law of the land, which should never be encouraged. Blessings, Nineveh

    • Darlinton Omeh September 24, 2013

      Thank you for pointing that out. It really escaped my mind

      • chidiebere June 4, 2016

        plz mr darlinton contact me lets talk plz is urgent

        • Christabel July 8, 2016

          Please am interested how can I reach you tnx

          • Chinwe March 5, 2020

            Am interested your contact please

        • Christabel July 8, 2016

          Am interested your contact pls

        • yomi July 12, 2016

          Pls, I have interest in d cloth business

          • Courage November 9, 2017

            Greetings my people, nice to advertise my self, I am Mrs courage . I have GOOD London, U.K. Grade :AA, A of any kind children and Adults unisex clothes very new and neat available at cheap and affordable rate .I am a trust worthy and reliable, CRISTIAN WOMAN contact me for your patronage, to purchase my good nice and neat clothes , on:+2349035999570

      • Abiodun May 7, 2019

        Please Mr Darlington, I am really interested in the business. Grade AA clothes and shoes. Please contact me. Thanks.

    • yetmaa February 15, 2014

      this business is lucrative, when you said is contraband. So how are poeple importing it to niaja,n sell their.

    • SimileoluwaAluko August 8, 2016

      But pls, in the list of prohibited import items, used clothes is not there, also, since the country does not produce such quality stuff…they should allow importation

  • Emmanuel Thorpeh October 16, 2014

    darlinton,is feed for day old chicks different from month old? if yes kindly states.

  • Franklyn Nwosu December 26, 2014

    YES * in capital letters *

  • Barry Uche January 15, 2015

    Please I need an advice a friend of mine base in USA and he asked me to look for any lucrative biz that can yield out better income so that he can do the importation.can some one point out any good 1, please am damn serious.

    • Yolanda March 13, 2016


      GOOD business once you get the flow of things.


    • W. E.G October 16, 2017

      Sales of London fairly used phones. In fact am looking for importer urgently to affiliate with

    • onabanjo yusuf October 24, 2019

      Please my name is Yusuf,I want to start this business now,I need more confusion, because I need one small scale business, please who ever want to assist me to call me on this mobile number ::::08160079294,and can I import it on my own ,without nobody?

  • Ali KASSO March 29, 2016

    Hello…how ar u doing

  • Thrift March 30, 2016

    Greetings Everyone

    I am considering importing used garments from USA and UK to South Africa. How do I go about doing this online if possible?
    Please get back to me as soon as you can

  • SureBoss March 31, 2016

    I am a dealer of good quality first grade London bales and I am based in Lagos. I have been in the business for years and I can really say it is a very profitable business if you know how to go about it.

    If you want to go into the business I can supply you whatever bales you need and for those that can’t come over to Lagos or don’t want to face any custom problem, I help my customers deliver to wherever they want.

    You can reach me

    • Jegede April 1, 2016

      Hmmmmmm so how much do one need to start

    • Emmanuel Orubu April 2, 2016

      Sure boss. I am interested only if your price is comparable to what I get elsewhere. How do we connect?

    • Olubunmi April 9, 2016

      SureBoss, how do I reach you, am interested in buying children’s bale (grade A uk) if the price is good.

    • CHRIS April 13, 2016


    • Tabitha April 13, 2016

      I am interested please contact me on how I can get my goods delivered to me at Ibadan. I am into charity work and want to bring comfort to people at affordable price.

    • Favor April 21, 2016

      l want to go in to the biz how do l go about it. how is require for a start.

    • oscar April 23, 2016

      Hi bro I really want to be buying goods from you. Can I have your contact info contact number I will love to call you thanks oscar

    • Wisdom Yao April 30, 2016

      Pls i want u to suply me shoes clothes

    • AJAYI OLUWASHINA J. May 4, 2016

      Please, I will like to talk with you on a possible business deal. I am interested in Grade A Children Clothings.

    • happiness May 11, 2016

      Pls stella am very interested in dis biz. Am base in ilorin kwara state. Pls how do I contact u? Dis is my number . Am happiness

    • Mrs yusuf May 26, 2016

      Pls I’m very much interested .how can I reach mail is

    • Dave June 10, 2016

      Please send me your number so we can discuss, send the nuimber to

    • kwas June 16, 2016

      Can I pls have ur phone num.lets talk.dis is mine.need grade one u have.

    • jane June 18, 2016

      pls i need ur contact,i am intrested

    • Vivian June 21, 2016

      Can you supply me with bales of clothes? I am in Lagos

    • Deborah July 24, 2016

      SUREBOSS i am interested in baby wears first grade. what’s the prize.

    • aderonke July 28, 2016

      Please am interested in buying. And am in lagos

      • Courage November 13, 2017

        Hello my good people , God bless and be with you all,our business shall be blessed and grow bigger!.Are you looking for the best and RELIABLE source to PURCHASE FIRST GRADE LONDON CLOTHES or any type of bale new and always first grade ?hurry now it’s SEASON AGAIN we have all kinds of bald you need contact for the best grade on

    • TeemahBanks August 2, 2016

      Ur number pls

    • AtokoloSenusi August 15, 2016

      ur address pls. i based in lagos nd i want to start d biz

    • Damsoqueen January 14, 2017

      hey, please i need your contact so i can discuss with you about the bales of clothes. thanks

    • BigBrother February 1, 2017

      Sure Boss I need ladies top and babies clothes in Bale. Can you contact my or let’s chat on what’sapp. Thanks very interested if your price is affordable like others.

      • Alh ADE November 17, 2017

        I am based at ilorin in KWARA state. Want my daughter to go into this fairly used clothing business. Especially Ladies tops.women and children’s wears.pls oblige me your phone number so we can talk.

        • Courage November 20, 2017

          Greetings my people, nice to advertise my self, I am Mrs courage . I have GOOD London, U.K. Grade :AA, A of any kind children and Adults unisex clothes very new and neat available at cheap and affordable rate .I am a trust worthy and reliable supplier!!contact me for your patronage, to purchase my good nice and neat clothes , on:+2349035999570

          • John Asugha January 8, 2019

            Goodmorning how can I get the clothes from you I need your shop on your phone contact

    • faith August 4, 2017

      how much does it cost for d bale of men shoes and children clothes?pls contact me.tanks

    • Blessing August 6, 2017

      Pls can you help me in the importation of London ok school bags, lunch box bags, laptop bags, men’s bag, trolley schl bags for children etc. I will be grateful if we can do business together. Thank you.

    • helen August 8, 2017

      Pleaee am interested, kindly send me your number

    • glory August 9, 2017

      Please I’m interested in bales of used bags. I’m in Lagos. Please contact me through my male or drop yours please

    • owolabi Mary August 11, 2017

      Am interested base in Lagos

    • Mrs Lauretta.O September 7, 2017

      Am highly interested in UK fairly used baby cloths from 0 age to 10 years of age.first grade to be precised.

    • Yinka September 22, 2017

      Hello SureBoss, Im interested pls.. how can i reach you pls?

    • jay October 17, 2017

      Help dear, pls, how much is ur bale of ladies tops and how many is in the bale? I and ladies bags, how mutis it and how many are there in it? I what condition are all of the above in

    • Jessy October 19, 2017

      Please, I want to go into the business, that is the reason am searching online. do help me with your contact so that we can discuss more. I am also based in Lagos.

    • Adebola November 8, 2017

      Pls how much is a bale if I wanna buy from u

    • oluwasegun November 13, 2017

      I wanna start the business for my wife how much is bale and give me ideas of how to make the money back

    • Ifeoma January 4, 2018

      Hey SureBoss am interested to do business with u and also am based in Lagos would need a grade A bale UK, USA children and adult female wears so would need a direct medium to reach u thanks

    • Jennifer January 17, 2018

      Is it pay befor or pay after because am afraid of losing my money so I can’t pay befor

    • Favour February 5, 2018

      Sureboss pls l am interested to do business with you I base in Benin pls hw can I reach you

    • larry February 21, 2018

      Your contacts please

    • Lily May 31, 2018

      Your contact pls I am in Lagos

    • Opeyemi Adeyemo August 15, 2018

      what is your location in Lagos i also stay in Lagos

    • Rebecca October 1, 2018

      Good evening, pls am interested drop your number

    • Janet December 23, 2018

      Hello Sureboss. I’m interested in the business and I’m base in Ijebu ode, pls, inbox me your photographs contact.

    • michaels22 May 23, 2019

      can anyone help with grade A bales at affordable price..i will need help in getting shoes also.urgently needed.08100650092

    • Chibueze Chika June 26, 2020

      Pls can I have ur contact

    • Francis Inocha July 9, 2020

      my name Francis Inocha. iam interested. am interested 08064174486

  • Debbie Rayna April 7, 2016

    Hi sureboss, am so interested in the business, am based in Abuja. Hope ur price is a good one? Please let’s have ur contact.

  • DAVID April 8, 2016


  • Tabitha April 13, 2016

    I need more information, I am ready to start this business as soon as possible. Please get back to me soon.

  • BossFenzzi April 17, 2016

    I am a big time bale Dealer with my warehouse in Yaba Lagos. If you need quality first grade London bales (55kg) you can reach me on.
    I have in stock men’s shirts and trousers, ladies chiffon gowns and blouses, cotton gowns and blouses, children’s mix, ladies skirts and office wears, shoes, etc.
    You can visit my warehouse Monday to Saturday to buy your bales and for those busy customers that cannot travel to Lagos we help them send goods with transport companies to anywhere in Nigeria.
    A trial will convince you and you will keep coming back for more like all my other customers having been doing for years now.

    • bukky April 19, 2016

      please where is the contact?

    • mary April 21, 2016

      Am @ umuahia,am so much interested in this business and i will be very happy if i can be getting d bale delivered here.

      • bola May 21, 2016

        Hello everyone, i am a supplier of Grade A mixed uk bales, i have grade A mixed bales which it would be arriving to nigeria in 2week time, my grade A mixed bales comes in 55kg and it is affordable contact me if u are intrested 95k per bales

      • chidiebere June 3, 2016

        hi mary have you gotten a real n confirmed hand to teach u the biz…plz contact me wt this

    • AJAYI OLUWASHINA J. May 4, 2016

      Please, I need your Contact.
      Thank you.

    • Makinde grace opeyemi May 13, 2016

      pls am also interested, I need ur contact! pls am really serious! pls feed me back as soon as possible.

    • Ese June 16, 2016

      How much is ur 55kg of chiffon gowns and tops, cotton gowns and top, ladies skirts and office wear, children mix uk grade 1

    • jane June 18, 2016

      pls assit im intrested

    • aderonke July 28, 2016

      Please can I have your contact.

    • TayoAdemolaOgunlowo October 16, 2016

      Gud afternoon, pls am interested .I see but I buy from katangua don’t know if urs will be me

    • Lawson123 March 17, 2017

      Heyy, I just want to start the business, but I prefer to start with men’s clothes .Do you do pay on delivery to Ondo state or Ekiti also? How much is a bale.

      • Lawson123 March 17, 2017

        Heyy, I just want to start the business, but I prefer to start with men’s clothes .Do you do pay on delivery to Ondo state or Ekiti State also? How much is a bale.

    • Nikkygold June 3, 2017

      Hello,ur contact pls

    • nma July 17, 2017

      plz ur contact

    • Mrs Lauretta.O September 7, 2017

      Your direct contact or number pls……and how much is your children mixed bales 55kg or 95kg

    • Yinka September 22, 2017

      I am ready to start business as soon as possible with you. please ow do i reach you

    • Gwynne Pollyn October 20, 2017

      Ur contact pls very serious pls

    • Chioma October 28, 2017

      Please I am interested in getting the bales from you. Can you contact me through my email chiomathediva @ gmail. com

    • mjay3333 January 5, 2018

      Your warehouse address and contact details plssss…

    • SEKINAT OMOBOLANLE LASISI February 4, 2018

      Please,Your Warehouse?I will like to come during the week

    • Ella February 6, 2018

      Hi Sir.. I would like to visit your warehouse. Please send me your location and contact address Thanks

    • Yugo April 7, 2018

      I need this boss man’s contact too.pls Boss man get in touch interested in childrens wears.age1 to 10

    • Lily May 31, 2018

      Good day pls where in yaba is your warehouse located

    • Williams June 7, 2018

      Interested i need your contact and your store no 07065832744

    • Loveth Patrick June 29, 2020

      Will love to do business wit u how do I contact u

  • bukky April 19, 2016

    please how can one contact you?

  • Kay April 19, 2016

    Hi…I’m Kemi I have a friend in Italy who wishes to supply me used clothes and shoes with bags but he asked me to make enquiries about how they sell in Nigeria… I’m a student I’ve never done this before please anybody with the idea of how to ship in and current list of bales price in Nigeria

  • Johnmary May 1, 2016

    Am interested in this business; need your reply .. Non of the dealers here put their contact info; so how can i get in with you people..

  • stella maris May 3, 2016

    Hello everyone. Am Stella an wholesaler of first grade(grade A) UK bales of clothes, shoes and ladies hand bags. All types of clothes such as ladies T-shirts, ladies office shirts, chiffon gowns, corporate gowns, cotton gowns, office skirts, flared skirts, children wears, bed sheets and towel bales, men T-shirts, men corporate shirts Bale, ladies trousers, men trousers etc
    Note: my bales comes in 55kg and not 25kg. Very clean and affordable grade A.
    My location is in Lagos, serious buyers only should contact me on via call or whatsapp. Delivery nationwide is guaranteed.

  • Roseline Timothy May 5, 2016

    I am interested in grade A second hand shoes if the price is affordable compared to where I sort my goods. I sell to wholesalers

  • Ada May 14, 2016

    I’m interested in buying ladies wears, how do I contact you?

  • Yolanda BI May 17, 2016


  • bola fash May 21, 2016

    I have Grade A 55kg mixed UK bales arriving to nigeria in two weeks time, inside the mixed bales you will get children wears, ladies wears and men wear, my price is Affordable, if you are intrested email on

    • danstac June 2, 2016

      hi am really interested in the grade a 55kg bale…emails and numbers are not published..but i really need it

    • Ese June 16, 2016

      How does it go for d mix nd send ur contacts

    • Augusta Nkiru May 28, 2018

      Please, I want to join this used clothes. How do I join you. I need a help.

  • sally May 24, 2016

    Am sally from abuja.pls am really interested.can u drop ur contact lets do business

  • bimbola May 29, 2016

    I bring in bales of used clothes,shoes, children’s toys, cooking pots and catering equipments,learning materials,school bags,socks, etc from US and UK.. at affordable rates. … I have a warhorse in lagos and can send anywhere through the busses. .watsapp me . Let’s start biz.

  • jane June 18, 2016

    pls i need ur contact

  • bree July 2, 2016

    i am interested in the ok business pls can i get your contact SureBoss

    • Yugo April 7, 2018

      I need this boss man’s contact too.pls Boss man get in touch interested in childrens wears.age1 to 10

  • BolatFivetees August 28, 2016

    i sell first grade Uk,US and korean bales.Most people complain/afraid that when they open their bales,they see rags and old skool wears inside.People make mistakes that these wears are of different grades.
    We have the gradeA,gradeB and gradeC. Of all the grades,A is the best.when u open the A bale,u see nice and almost new wears inside but expensive(u sell and make good gain)while grade B is mixture of clean and low quality wears.Grade C is the worse u see rags, faded and low quality wears.
    if u are the type that loves to buy cheap things,Most suppliers would have seen that in u and end up selling grade b or C for u as grade A but if u are the type that loves to buy nice and quality things,suppliers will take time to explain the different grades to u and advise on which one to go for. for more info.thanks and May God bless u as u read.

    • olokovictor September 13, 2016

      please am interested in this business,how can i get your contact for better discussion.hope is not a Scam? watzapp me on:.pls am very serious about it. thanks

    • Williams June 7, 2018

      I am interested

  • Fred William November 30, 2016

    My name is Fredrick I live in Spain, I supply new cloth at wholsale price 300Niara for 1unit, but you need to buy at list 50unit or more if you want me to supply you or show you some sample, pls call me or trust me, I will give you the best.

    • oluwasegun November 13, 2017

      please show me some example I wanna start the business for my wife

    • Adebola November 14, 2017

      Pls show me samples..and drop ur WhatsApp contact

    • Keiggy Ogarekpe May 13, 2018

      Mr Fred, I will like to see d sample s u have n I can buy about 50 unit or more, and I will need ur phone no n what’s up,
      thank u

    • Okwuolise Faustina Victoria September 27, 2019

      Mr Fred I would like to see the sample, I will buy up to 50 units or more but I need your contact and WhatsApp number, here is mine 09039247029, I just want to start the business

  • SpicedWorld WithJaycee June 11, 2017

    Hi Mr Darlington,
    I’m interested in USA and UK children’s mixed bale importation. Can it be done on a small scale? Send me a reply.

    • Courage August 20, 2017

      Hey my people, nice to advertise my self, I am Mrs courage . I have GOOD London, U.K. Grade :AA, A of any kind children and Adults unisex clothes very new and neat available at cheap and affordable rate .I am a trust worthy and reliable, GOD FEARING WOMAN contact me for your patronage, to purchase my good nice and neat clothes.

      • jay October 17, 2017

        Pls how much is ur bale of ladies mixed tops and how many pieces are there in it, and do u deliver to different states

      • oluwasegun November 13, 2017

        how much is your bale

      • Chioma November 24, 2017

        I’m interested madam. Please contact me via email chiomathediva @ Gmail. Com

  • Mary August 5, 2017

    pls am so much interested can in get your contact thanks

  • Anny August 25, 2017

    Am Mrs Ann a dealer in grade A london bales at very good prices we have dealers in Lagos and owerri but goods can be way billed to different states in Nigeria.

    • Ogbonna Onwuka September 6, 2017

      Hellooo am so much interested in the business… contact me or send me ur contact! My Number is 08138113486

    • Amaka December 2, 2017

      Plz Mrs Anny am interested in bale buisiness and I want to partner with u my name is Amaka am in Benin plz contact me or even add me up to whassap let talk more plz am serious

      • Mrs E. May 7, 2018

        @Mrs Anny. I am Mrs Etok. I am interested. Pls how do we move on from here?
        Thank you.

    • Prisca April 6, 2018

      Please your contact ma

  • Olaniyi David September 29, 2017

    Your Email please …

  • noor Muhammad October 26, 2017

    I really interested in this business so pls contact me I am a supplier of used import cloths pls give me your contact

  • Courage December 5, 2017

    Greetings my people, it’s celebration season again,we give discounts for customers this Christmas.have you been deeply searching for a trusted and reliable customer for the best and neat FIRST GRADE LONDON BALE OR ANY TYPE OF BALE? worry no more contact I Mrs courage on : 09035999570

  • Courage December 8, 2017

    Greetings my people, nice to advertise my self, I am Mrs courage . I have GOOD London, U.K. Grade :AA, A of any kind children and Adults unisex clothes very new and neat available at cheap and affordable rate .I am a trust worthy and reliable supplier!!contact me for your patronage, to purchase my good nice and neat clothes , on:+2349035999570

  • Francis December 9, 2017

    I want to start selling used cloth, school bags and students black shoes.

  • Oghenetega December 12, 2017

    Please Mr Darlington i need your number

  • ohio December 15, 2017

    hello people, i bring to you all an opportunity of a life time.
    Buy a container of neat uk used shoe containing over 800 bags(bale) @ $1200 (#480,000). This means a bag is sold at $1.5 ie less than #1000.
    Imagine how much you would make even if you decide to sell a bag at #5000, you can make ore than 5x the amount invested. This is surely a great way to end the year coz as we all know, this is the best time to sell shoes as well as clothes.
    For more information, about this deal, you can chat me up.

  • Giwa33 December 19, 2017

    I want to get first grade ladies handbag nd shoes how do I go about it

  • Christiana January 3, 2018

    How do I get men’s wears first looking to start up business

  • Courage January 12, 2018

    Hello, dear, it’s so good to see you as an angel. I was looking for my old friend when I came across your profile, you are so handsome and charming that I could not just go and I decided to say hello! I hope you do not mind?

  • joseph January 17, 2018

    pls, am highly interested

  • Jimoh Adeoye January 27, 2018

    Pls I want to buy used cloth from Cotonou pls link me up

  • Favour January 30, 2018

    am interested in used clothes,shoes and bags,please hook me up,08024958539

  • Beatrice January 31, 2018

    My fellow country people greeting to u all pls avoid one Mrs courage who barad herself as a supplier she is a scam she called herself Christian and trustworthy no truth in her she has scam so many people with her advertising method this is her number 09035999570

    • Grace chukwuemeka May 15, 2018

      My dear, thanks for your information, this has been my greatest fear ever since, the heart of men is just desperately wicked above all things day no one can find it expect God. Please if you have any idea of a genuine contact please help me. Waiting to hear from you. God bless.

  • Helena February 23, 2018

    Please am interested in this business. Bags, Shoes and female clothes. How do i go about it. How much do i need to start

  • LovethThompson March 14, 2018

    Please I’m interested in the okrika business. I’m based in abuja. Please contact me

  • Prisca April 6, 2018

    Am interested in grade 1 okirika Bags please someone should help me out.

    • wendy April 9, 2018

      Are you looking to sell or just buy for your use?

    • Zak Mili April 23, 2018

      Hey Prisca,
      I saw that you’re interested in grade 1 okirika bags. I am located in the San Fransisco CA, United States. I am willing to help you because I have good quality products. I have been doing this business for over 20 years. Please reply back so we can get started.

  • Victoria April 10, 2018

    For ur quality first grade UK lady’s chiffon tops, lady’s dress (office and casual,,), lady’s top, lady’s bra, men’s shirts, men’s t-shirt and polo. Children wears, men’s jeans trousers Bales. Tested and Trusted. A trial will convince u.Contact me on ,08057118315

    • Ololade July 24, 2018

      hello, Victoria. I’m in Ibadan and will like this business, where are you based. Thanks

  • Evangeline April 12, 2018

    Pls I am interested in starting the okirika business clothes, shoes and handbags based in Enugu. Pls I need ur contact.

    • Zak Mili April 23, 2018

      Hey Evangeline,
      I saw that you’re interested in starting a business regarding okirika clothes, shoes, and handbags. I am located in the San Fransisco CA, United States. I am willing to help you reach your goal because I have good quality products. I have been doing this business for over 20 years. Please reply back so we can get started.

  • Elijah Adebambo May 11, 2018

    Please How do I contact you, I am interested in the business.

  • Faith May 20, 2018

    For those interested in the o.k business but don’t have money for bale, I can retail to you at the price of 400 for those buying in large quantities. I deal mostly on ladies first grade tops that can be resold for good fortune in boutique. Call or whatsapp 07064397697. Asaba Delta state.

  • Augusta Nkiru May 28, 2018

    Please, I am Augusta, base in Lagos for now. I’m interested to start a used clothes business. I have very small capital for it, I need a help to start up. I actually need someone who I can join as soon as possible so that I will learn it properly before starting mine fully. Please, I need help seriously. Is urgent.

  • Lily May 31, 2018

    Your contact pls I am in Lagos

  • Jason June 3, 2018

    Hello everyone, my name is Jason. I’m an American business man. Currently I own a construction business in Ocala FL. I had a friend in Mombasa Kenya that I met while I was stationed there in the military. He has since passed away unfortunately. I had a small agreement with him, I would send him some items ( clothing, shoes, electronics, etc.) And although I didn’t make much money doing it, it made my heart feel good knowing that this little business venture had actually changed his life. If I could find someone I could trust. Someone who could benefit from such an agreement, I would do it again in a heartbeat. Please contact me and tell me a little about yourself. God Bless

    • Princessa June 6, 2018

      I am very much interested. I am a Nigerian & I reside in Port Harcourt, Christian (living faith Church aka winners chapel). Can I get ur email address please?. Thanks

    • Gloria Opara June 10, 2018

      hey Jason my name is Gloria a Nigerian , am much interested, I reside in Port Harcourt Rives States. can i have your email address or phone number? Thanks and remain Bless

    • Gloria Opara June 10, 2018

      Hey Jon can you please drop your contact or email address? am Gloria by name from Nigeria am much interested in the business. Thanks.

    • Paul June 14, 2018

      Please i’m interested.. How do i get in touch

    • John July 14, 2018

      Good day Mr. Jon, my name is John, am a graduate and also from Nigeria. Am a born Catholic and lives in Abuja Nigeria. My WhatsApp contact is 08131244331. Plsss send me your contact information because I really want to work with you sincerely. Love and God bless you sir.

  • Anonymous June 5, 2018

    Please beware of Internet fraudsters advertising 2 u, 2 get across to them and under no circumstances should you pay any 30 or 35% before delivery, ensure you see what you want to buy also so you won’t end up with bale filled with rags. Thanks.
    Beware of one of them named Hosea Timothy 2 his phone number is 08136085713 his a thief, fraud and scam o be careful.

  • Elisa Humphreys June 6, 2018

    If you are interested in good quality summer sorted clorhing and shoes for children ladies and men then send me an email requesting information and photos. We are a reliable company operating for many years in Canada.

    • Elizabeth June 18, 2018

      Hi Elisa…I am interested so how do we go about it

    • mose June 24, 2018

      Hi Elisha
      kindly send your sorting / grading categories of your sorted clothes for both Africa and Asia Markets.

      Also we take bales of 45kgs only , and a minimum of 23000kgs of carg


  • Geoffrey June 6, 2018

    Contact me if you are interested in buying used clothing in bales. Our clothing are mildly used from Canada and the United States and our warehouse is located in Panama. If you would like to visit let me know. Entry into Panama is visa free for anyone with Canada, US or European visa or passport. Check our website or you can text me on WhatsApp at +17806070011.

    • PERPETUA July 24, 2018

      I am PERPETUA am a Nigerian I am interested but I don’t know we’re to start.

  • Doyin June 18, 2018

    If anyone is interested in ok business and cannot afford full bale. You can join our watsapp group to share bales. Contact 08034295268 to request to join. Members are from different states in Nigeria.

  • Emah July 22, 2018

    My name is emah. Please I am interested in used shoes and bags both for adult and children. Please contact me if you are genuine. And just so you know, I won’t release money to you until I see what I am paying for , and double check the products are real and what I want

    • Md Sayed Ullah September 2, 2018

      Hi Emah .. this is md sayed from SABIHA TRADE INTERNATIONAL LTD IN Bangladesh ,i do export cloth item for mens /womens/and kisds
      if you need any cloth item please contact with me

      MD SAYED ULLAH(managing director )
      House No#ka/4,Road No-20,
      Block-D,Mirpur-6 Dhaka -1216

  • Toshyn July 23, 2018

    I need a reliable person that can send 2 Bale of ladies top and men top

    • Bolat August 3, 2019

      Call/watsapp me 08063238801 @toshyn .
      i do pay on deliveŕy within lagos.

  • Spotless nwa September 18, 2018

    Please am interested

  • Hassan Muhammad October 1, 2018

    Am impressed, but would like to know how i can start importation of used cloths.

  • Ayodele December 15, 2018

    Can you get back to me with your number

  • Oluwakayode June 23, 2019

    When we are referring to Trust and Reliability, It is built over time. I can supply you bales of clothes from UK. You can contact me on whatssap for details. +2348023954115. The children clothes are the most expensive of all. The bales come in 55kg. It takes 15days to arrive.

  • agamah genesis June 27, 2019

    pls somebody here need help and connection on how to start up the o.k clothing business.can somebody help this is phone number pls

  • aguebor August 15, 2019

    this is my number, 07082503639 ….i need trusted supplier of used cloth and shoes …for my online store

  • Akir Andrew September 19, 2019

    Hello,iam Andrew,i want to start clothing business…pls mr Darlinton.,how can i get mix bale of men t-shirt and polo.iam in no.07034848522

  • Okwuolise Faustina Victoria September 27, 2019

    Pls I want to start okirica business used UK ladies ware only, such as tops, skirt, gowns and trousers but am looking for where to get it at cheaper rate so I can resale it till have much money to in bales pls I’m in Lagos, you can reach me with this no, 09039247029

  • Teemarh October 11, 2019

    I am interested please this is my number


  • LOVETH CHINAZA December 2, 2019

    U said importing of used clothes are prohibited in Nigeria, what of buying from online, like Ali express, would it still be banned?

  • olatoke December 20, 2019

    Good afternoon Darlington, i’m interested in the first grade fairly used shoes and like how much capital are we looking at for a beginner in the business? kindly help with ur contact as well.

  • Esther May 12, 2020

    please is there anyone who knows any market in Lagos where I can go and pick gradeA clothes since I do not have enough money to buy a bale.. thanks

  • Kelvin Tobechukwu May 12, 2020

    Please sir I am highly interested in this type of business deal. How will I get your contact so as to get started? I promise you that I will not dispoint you if you evetualy connects me in this business. Infact, I need as urgently as.

  • Geoffrey Victor May 28, 2020

    Dalinton your number please…
    We need to talk urgently

  • Princess May 29, 2020

    Your contact +234 812 330 2366 contact me plss

  • Ifeoma June 6, 2020

    Am interested in the business

  • Albert abigail July 12, 2020

    Goodafternoon daliton pls am intrested in ok business how can i get ur contant pls i want grad A for clothers and shoes ur contant pls

  • Ola July 12, 2020

    Hello please am.interested in used children wears please contact me

  • Isaac July 12, 2020

    Am interested in full time pls chat me 08092189356 07084424685

  • Ameh blessing July 14, 2020

    Pls I need ur warehouse address pls

  • Madu July 17, 2020

    Im interested 07062225180

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