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eBook 1: Poultry Farming in Nigeria (Price: ₦11,000)

This ebook contains everything you need to know to build a good poultry farm in Nigeria. It is the best eBook on Poultry farming in Nigeria and currently a “bestseller”.

In this eBook, you’ll discover:

Poultry Farming eBook

Price: N11,000 Only

1.Types of poultry breeds that is most suitable for poultry farming.

2. Poultry house construction types, diagrams, and construction procedures.

3. Different kinds of poultry diseases, the causes, and the effective treatment and control.

4. Chicken Nutrition, Feeding formulas, and types of chicken feeds that is most desirable to your birds.

5. Poultry farm equipment, Hatching and raising chicks, Hatching using brooding hens, Artificial hatching, etc.

The eBook contains much more than I can mention here. It is fully loaded and worth every penny of your investment.

It is “a must have” eBook for every serious poultry farm in Nigeria that is serious about making profit in the business. In addition, it contains a sample Business Plan.

Note: we can handle your poultry farm setup from start to finish. Including a detailed business plan.  Get your eBook and contact me.

eBook 2: Snail Farming in Nigeria (Price: ₦10,500)

1. Snail Farming in Nigeria is relatively new. The earlier you start, the more wealth you create by making higher gains and establishing yourself in this sector of agriculture.

2. Snail Farming requires far less capital investment and at the same time generating much profit in a considerable short period of time.

3. Snail Farming has lower risks compared to other livestock farming. Once you are able to setup your farm correctly using the techniques in this eBook, you

Snail Farming eBook

Price = N10,500 Only

wouldn’t have any more problems managing your farm.

4. The demand for snails in the market is higher than the supplies, such that the market potential is inexhaustible, locally and internationally.

5. Virtually every part of snail is of vital use: in food, pharmaceutical, manufacturing and fishing industries. Nothing is a waste in Snail.

6. Snail farming in Nigeria requires small capital and the running cost is very low because the feeds are local and natural.

7. If you start up with N100,000 you can generate as much as five million Naira in one year at full capacity production.

8. Nigeria climate is one of the best for Snail breeding.

9. You can conveniently earn income a thousand fold higher than your present earning and still keep your present job. What I am saying is that you can do this on part time since it doesn’t require much time to run a snail farm.

This eBook contains the complete practical guide to setting up a successful snail farm in Nigeria. 

eBook 3: Information Marketing (Price: ₦10,000)

Information Marketing is one of the surest business you can start with minimal capital and make very decent amount of money provided you do it well. This business is so dead simple that you can do it with your two eyes closed and your hands tied behind your back. If you really wants to start a profitable business straight away without going on your kneels begging for funding, go with INFORMATION PRODUCT BUSINESS.

Information Marketing eBook

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This eBook will guide you into the business and help you get it perfectly right.  

eBook 4: Domain Name (Price: ₦10,000)

Domain Name eBook

Price = N10,000 Only

Domain name business is probably the most amazing business on the internet. Amazing in the sense that a single good domain name you acquired for just $10 could be sold for hundreds of thousands of dollars without additional works.

Example: Wealth.com is currently for sale and the asking price is $5million. This domain cost LESS THAN $10 when it was originally registered. That’s the amazing beauty of domain business.

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This eBook was last sold for N15,000 but we are giving it out here at the reduced cost.  

Ebook 5: Start, Run, & Grow Your Business (Price: ₦3,000)

Get this copy of e-book by expert business planner Tim Berry. This guide is full of tips and advice for entrepreneurs and businesses looking to take their company to the next level.

Any serious business that truly wants to go professional must have this eBook, it makes for a very good read with all the practicable tips, ideas, and advice you need to kickstart your business and grow it to the highest level.

About me

My name is Darlington Omeh. I am the founder of this site (WealthResult.com) where I have personally written and published over 1,000 articles and journals on different types of business ideas in Nigeria.


  • Anonymous December 16, 2013

    Thank you for the poultry ebook i am looking forward to working more closely with u. you are a great man and it is clear in your work. As you have decided to bless others with ur wealth of knowledge so shall God bless you more aboundantly. Eden H

  • NWINYINYA JONATHAN December 17, 2013

    I need this poultry ebook, i will make payment tomorrow. Can i get one for snail farming?

  • chuky smith January 18, 2014

    Please confirm if your ebook on poultry is still on sale.

    • Darlinton Omeh January 18, 2014

      Yes it's still available on sale

      • tosin enigbokan June 21, 2016

        Hello sir Mr darlinton my name is Tosin and I want to invest in poultry farming and I need ur help sir and I need ur eBook sir
        and again sir I need how to feed them and what are the tins to mix together in other to get their food sir

        • Moses June 26, 2016

          Hello Darlington,
          Please can you confirm the availability of your e-book on poultry? I also want to know if the poultry house described in your post can be constructed in port Harcourt.

      • Francis November 25, 2017

        Hi I need ebook for Poultry. Please does the cost include postage as I am in Canada. Need to prepare to establish one in Ghana.

        • Darlinton Omeh November 25, 2017

          It’s an eBook, it will be delivered to your email, then you download it from your email and read it on your devices or you may choose to print it out and bind it together as a book.

          Thank you

  • Oluwole-Adeniyi Daramola January 19, 2014

    could i Still get the E Book 4, Start Run and grow your business and how much?

    • Darlinton Omeh January 19, 2014

      You can still get the start, run, and grow your business ebook when you purchase any ebook here. It's free

  • igelistix January 19, 2014

    Hi is the e book on poultry available now

    • Darlinton Omeh January 19, 2014

      All the eBooks are available that's why you have it on this page for sale, so there is no need asking whether it's still available.

    • Anonymous May 3, 2014

      Want †̥ pay tru internet banking ȋ̝̊̅ڪ dt accepteable

    • Darlinton Omeh April 9, 2015

      Most people pay through internet banking and mobile transfer. It's even a preferred option.

      • Ikechukwu Ifeabunike February 17, 2018

        Pls I will like to know if you have eBook that clearly state how to setup a pineapple plantation and the money I sent I will prefer eBook on Snail Farming. While I will need more details on plantation

  • Anonymous January 31, 2014

    Hello Darlington

    I successfully made online payment for the Ebook on Poultry Farming this morning. I also sent my other details as requested above to a GSM number. However, the SMS was not delivered. I also cannot connect it to the number.

    Kindly get back to me.

    • Darlinton Omeh January 31, 2014

      Sorry, the phone was temporary off for 30 minutes to enable me attend to a program, I have seen your message and the eBook have been delivered to your email. Thanks for your patience!

      • Anonymous January 31, 2014

        Thanks for your reply. I confirm that I have received the ebook.

        • Darlinton Omeh January 31, 2014

          That's good, feel free to contact me whenever you need my assistance or post your questions, suggestions, and inquires on the comment section of the poultry article.

          • Prosper Orhosere February 4, 2018

            Mr Darlington can i come to your office to get the video and pay there as i don’t like doing payment online?

          • Darlinton Omeh February 4, 2018

            I do not sell video sir. And you have to find a way to like paying online because this is 21st century

  • Anonymous February 20, 2014

    Kindly confirm that the ebook on snail farming is available

  • Anonymous February 21, 2014

    thanks a lot I find this article very educating and wld really like to get the e-book. I have some questions i'ld need to be cleared on. I have a land in a remote place though, but I'm skeptical about starting a poultry due to the fun I have at hand I I can build the chicken house, buy chicken and be able to fed them to maturity. please I need us to talk in details possibly tell you the amount im having so u can give your advice on how I can go about with it. thanks

  • Nanu Toju February 21, 2014

    hi, i started a small snail farm but i have a big problem with housing them. can you explain how best to build Snail house

    • Darlinton Omeh April 9, 2015

      You have it covered in the ebook with pictures. There is absolutely nowhere I can explain it with all the pictures and diagrams on this comment box.

  • Osei Joseph February 28, 2014

    hi, i need a book on piggery, especially the one that contain their ration. can you please get me one?

  • esteeb March 4, 2014

    Thanks Darlington for sharing your expanse knowledge on the animal farming and other business ideas. I have been well educated!
    I will surely contact you for further discussion. God bless

  • esteeb March 4, 2014

    Hi Darlington, thanks for sharing this expanse of knowledge.
    I will like to discuss with you on my plan. Can you confirm if its ok to contact you on phone. I will also be looking into buying some of your ebooks. I live in U.K, how do I pay?

    • Darlinton Omeh June 20, 2014

      Sorry just seeing this now after so many months. You can pay through internet/mobile banking transfer

  • Anonymous March 23, 2014

    Great empowerment in deed. God bless you.

  • Anonymous March 25, 2014

    I need answer to following enquiries: {1}What will be the average cost of constructing standard snail-pen for 1000 snails. {2} Can a half plot of land in my house frontage be OK for the pen {3} Will you be able to supply the 1000 snails for take-off {4} In all, what should be the range i.e.amount of money this may involve plus feeding to selling point. Thanks

  • Olaoluwa Akindele March 31, 2014

    Good day sir,

    I will like to have a more detailed information on how to procure the pure water equipment and also cost of these equipment and installation. Thanks

  • Anonymous April 3, 2014

    Please, I wish to know the cost of eBook on Catfish and Grasscutter farming.

  • Anonymous April 10, 2014

    Hello, thanks a lot for all this great information. I do not live in Nigeria but I am interested in your ebooks. Do you have any payment options like paypal?

  • Anonymous April 24, 2014

    Dear Mr. Darlington, I am happy to come across this site. I have purchased 2 plots of land at elerangbe just before Epe, in an area cleared for a new estate, though designated commercial area. This was before I ever knew poultry can only be houses away from residential area. Can I continue in my plan for a poultry or forget this area?

    • Darlinton Omeh April 25, 2014

      That depends of the proximity of your property to residential areas. If it's close to residential areas, you need to plan another project with it and look elsewhere for a property that is suitable enough for your poultry farm

  • Anonymous April 25, 2014

    Thank you for the insight. I have been thinking of what to do to make additional income. Kindly let me know if the e-book on snail farming is out for sale

  • Anonymous May 16, 2014

    Hi, pls hw much Is d poutry ebook.

  • adeboye owolabi moruf May 24, 2014

    Pls I want to know if the e – book on poultry is still available?

  • Weblife Nigeria June 19, 2014

    Hello Dear,
    I did a search for top nigerian blogs and found yours in the first SERP. Kudos to you for putting together this list. Most importantly, the list is full of active, not dead links.

  • Anonymous June 20, 2014

    I want to buy the snail farming ebook and will like to know if there is information on where to get the snails therein. Thanks.

  • Ndubuisi Opara June 23, 2014

    Thanks a lot for all your comments and inspiration to the teeming entrepreneurs. I want to start a poultry and snail farm as soon as August. I would be willing to buy the two ebooks if only you can sell @ a discounted rate. Also, I would be willing to learn more from you. am a youth corper and dnt wana be stranded after service. I have a passion for agriculture and that is why I am rily going into it. God bless you tremendously.

    • Darlinton Omeh June 23, 2014

      Hi Ndubuisi, unfortunately, we are not giving any discount on the eBooks except if you are going to give me 20 live chickens when your farm goes live 🙂

  • Oduntan Ebenezer Olufemi June 24, 2014

    So far, it is a good gesture from you.
    Is the sailry e-book available now?

  • Anonymous June 27, 2014

    Hello Darlington, thanks for the insight. I want to know if the e-book for poultry farming is available.

  • Anonymous August 2, 2014

    Nice Job… Mr Darlinton

  • Anonymous August 23, 2014

    Mr darlinton well done, i quite benefitted from this blog and it so inspiring and educating. God bless you! If i have to write a proposal on how to kick start a poultry farm as a beginner,do you have format for proposal writting in your e-book that will enable me get the money required for me to start. Paschal

  • Anonymous August 23, 2014

    Mr darlinton do you have ebook on mini importation that will give full details on how to go about it and be successful? Pls let me know and how to get it since u don't have such in your ebooks list. Paschal from abuja.

    • Darlinton Omeh August 23, 2014

      Hello Pascal, thank you for appreciating what we do. We don't have eBook on mini importation and we don't have any plan to create one because we don't know what mini importation is

  • Anonymous August 27, 2014

    hello mr darlinton do you still have ebook for poultry farm and how much is it.

  • Anonymous August 30, 2014

    Good job! Interested in the e-book on snail farming. How much land space is required for a pen to house 3000 snails?

  • Anonymous September 5, 2014

    Hello Darlington, is there any government restrictions on snail snail farming and is it a high risk investment.

  • Anonymous September 10, 2014

    please is your ebook on poultry farming still available/

  • Anonymous September 24, 2014

    How many pages is the poultry farming ebook

    • Darlinton Omeh September 24, 2014

      It's sixty five (65) pages eBook. I'm curious – What exactly are you doing with the number of pages?

  • Anonymous September 24, 2014

    Hello, I am super interested in the Snail Farming eBook, please is it ready now? Also, can I also get a one in Hard Copy? I am eagerly ready to have a copy. Thank you and GOD bless. Peace

  • Anonymous October 9, 2014

    pls, am a fresh graduate about to pass out from nysc,batch c 2014, how do i start the poultry business mr dalinton with jst 50k

  • Anonymous October 18, 2014

    Thanks for this information, but i would have loved to put a call on phone to you for further explanations but unfortunately your phone numbers are not on this page.

  • Anonymous October 29, 2014

    Just found out about the nov training, unfortunately will be unable to make it.is there any other training coming up in the near future?

  • uche November 22, 2014

    pls when and where is the nov training

  • uche November 22, 2014

    pls when and where is d nov training?

  • Big Sam 81 December 28, 2014

    I have a twin 3 bedroom flat I residence in one. Can I use the other for pure water factory

  • Anonymous January 5, 2015

    good job mr omeh,i am in anambra state how can i get the ebook for snail if i pay for it.

  • Anonymous January 6, 2015

    Hello, I am super interested in the Snail Farming eBook, please is it ready now? Also, can I also get one and how much is it,also is there any government restrictions on snail snail farming and is it a high risk investment?

  • Anonymous January 11, 2015

    Please how do we get the e-book in Anambra, both poultry and snailry? thanks

  • Anonymous January 15, 2015

    Thanks for ur helping we youth with this your vital info, may God be with you too. Please can you provide VCD for this ebooks especially snail rearing and poultry. I think it will be good for better understanding.

  • Anonymous January 23, 2015

    Please Darlignton, is ur ebook on poultry farming still available

  • Anonymous March 8, 2015

    Hi Dralington! Are you still selling your e-book on poutry farming? I want one please

  • Anonymous May 4, 2015

    I need a practical guide in the form of consultancy: Can you help me out? My location is Minna, Niger State. I am interested in Fish and Snail farming.

  • Anonymous May 23, 2015


    Please i need more info about snail farming, since you said it will take two year to harvest the snail for market values, what other plant can one plant along with the snail farm that can be harvest with 6 months in other to provide little cash why waiting for the big harvest.


    • Darlinton Omeh May 24, 2015

      Poultry will be a good addition if you have enough land for both. I also recommend plantain plantation too as that will serve additional purpose of protection for the snails while providing you with added income.

  • gudtalent June 5, 2015

    Please sir is there any particular or recommended drug I can use in the 6th week in my poultry farm? I will love doing business with you.

  • forlaby July 5, 2015

    I just read hu your drop on fish fsrming and poultry farming and for the first time, it gave me a brighter ideal on the business looking frwrd to get your book once im loaded

  • Maxwell Ati August 17, 2015

    Good day Mr. Omeh. i commend your site and the available info. i am very interested in the Poultry, Fish and snail farming. Can a plot of land(50X100) be sufficient?
    From the comment box, i deduce the Ebooks was were written over a year ago. is there been updates?
    i like to speak to you. what number can i contact you on?

    • Darlinton Omeh August 17, 2015

      Hello Maxwell, the eBook is not a news article that goes out of date after few moment, it is timeless and constantly updated whenever the need arise.

      50×100 will be too tight for both Poultry, snail. and fish farm. Look for something bigger. You can speak with me on the number listed here. Thank you!

  • OSO DAVID November 24, 2015

    Pls can I get business plan on fish farming? If yes, how much?

  • Anonymous December 16, 2015

    Mr.Omeh abeg make u show Abuja for training na.

  • Popoola April 17, 2016

    Mr Darlinton thanks, I have gotten the ebooks for the snail and Poultry farming. Like I told you earlier on phone I really need the pig and fish farming ebooks when exactly will it be ready in order to run the business efficiently thanks.

    • Darlinton Omeh April 18, 2016

      Ok, we are currently working on Fish and Pig ebooks but may take up to two months before they are ready. Once they are ready, you will see them here. I will keep you updated and also check here often to see when we have it. Thanks

  • Paige Abbey April 18, 2016

    Hi Darlington, how much is the ebook in Ghana cedis.

    • Darlinton Omeh April 18, 2016

      Hello Paige, you didn’t specify which eBook you are talking about but if its the Poultry or Snail eBook, that should be around 220 cedis.

  • Mezieobodo Chibuike April 21, 2016

    u did not include ua phone number? i need it plz.

    • Darlinton Omeh April 21, 2016

      My phone number is the number I asked you to text your details to after payment. Scroll up to the beginning of the page and see it.

  • Zak April 22, 2016

    Hi Mr. Omeh, I really appreciate your word of encouragement and advice, I have a plot of land and I want to go into poultry precisely on layers and broilers, I need your advice on how to go about it, to avoid lost. I will request for your eBook very soon, Pls. how much can I save for the whole project after I have acquire the land?

  • iykemoses April 23, 2016

    Tank u mr darlinton omeh for a well brilliant encouragment….bcoz some tink dat before you start a business dat u must have atleast 1million nd above..but as for the book can i send somebody dat leaves in lagos to buy for me…..? Since dat adress iz ur current adress

  • Eze Ernest C. April 24, 2016

    Please I would rather need my e-book on snail farming be delivered by way bill when I pay for it. Could this be possible?
    Thank you.

    • Darlinton Omeh April 25, 2016

      No, its not possible as we only have it in PDF softcopy. Sending it in hardcopy will cost way much and its still the same content. All you need to do is to download it and read it on your computer or phone. You can also print it out and bind it as hard copy if you want. Thank you

  • Mina April 26, 2016

    Hi Darlington,Kindly tell me .I need your ebook on Poultry farming.Do you still have it available?

    • Darlinton Omeh April 27, 2016

      Hello Mina, are you not seeing it on this page that its available? It is my dear and will always be unless we pull it down from this page. Thank you

  • Peter Essien May 4, 2016

    I am interested on this e-book poultry farming, but I want to ask, is it self explanatory if you to use it start small poultry farming without the service of a professional ?.

  • frank May 6, 2016

    how much is the ebook for fishery and poultry farming sold for.

  • Peino May 10, 2016

    I am impressed with your write-ups and willing to buy your ebooks.
    Do you have ebooks on cat fish, or grass cutter farming?
    In addition to the sale of your ebooks, do you offer practical training in any of the various feild of farming?

  • Stephen t momoh May 17, 2016

    I have many snails in my compounds both in my abuja and& kogi state what should I do about them?

  • kaptain May 19, 2016

    plz is d ebook still available?

  • Joseph May 20, 2016

    Thank you mr Omeh for encouraging teeming entrepreneurs. Your articles are quite inspiring. I am planning venturing into poultry farming soonest and i believe i will benefit more from your wisdom. I will order for the books soon. Thank you sir.

  • Orji Paul Chima May 23, 2016

    How much is the ebook2: Practical Snail business in Nigeria?

  • Sylvanus May 24, 2016

    Thanks for the informations and guides.

  • Orelulol May 30, 2016

    Mr Darlington.
    Where is your farm?can I visit the place to train in poultry and snail farming.?

    How much would this cost and what is the duration of rhe training.
    Seeing is believing in all your book.i want to see success stories and be inspired.

  • Ada June 5, 2016

    Hi sir, really wowwwwed at your work.

    Do you hold seminars please . That will be awesome if you do. Will pay for the book right away but sometimes interactions with group of people prompt questions that give marvelous idea. Please consider having like a one week seminar plsssssss

  • blessing itse omajugho June 6, 2016

    mr darlinton,thnks so much. pls wats is the standard size of a poultry house for 1000 birds.

    is it ok for a beginner to start with up a thousand birds. thnks

  • Bolaji Akin-Britto June 10, 2016

    I just read your drop on snail farming. Can I start it in a boys quarters? I used the boys quarters for my fish farming which I stopped because of lack of water. Is it possible I convert the fish tanks to the snail pen? I’m interested in snail farming so I need your urgent help.

  • Victor Okpe June 15, 2016

    Mr. Darlinton, am interested in your ebook on poultry farming just want to know if its still available ?

  • Babatunde June 15, 2016

    I have read your article on the snail farming and i am interested in it. Please how can I get the book to buy and if possible I would like to meet you on Tutelege and consultancy on this.
    My NO:

  • Kate June 26, 2016

    Hello Darlington,

    I have just read your article on snail farming which I am so interested in. Is there anywhere that I can purchase the Practical Guide?

  • Shina June 27, 2016

    Hi Darlington,
    Pls I need your book on Poultry . I want to confirm if its still available.

    • Darlinton Omeh June 27, 2016

      Yes, it is still available and will always be available as long as you are seeing it on this page. Thank you

      • Pwealth July 3, 2016

        Thanks for your great effort. God bless you. Please may I ask? Where is your FARM? Which of these Live Stock Business do you currently operate?

  • Adenuga Folasade July 7, 2016

    Thumb up for d good job. Just want to know if there’s any promo on any of the E-Books especially the one on poultry.i like to buy but right now I can’t afford 11,000.And then would like to know The DOC vaccination program, I have a vet doctor that I want to employ and he is already given me #400,000.00 to vaccinate 1300chicks and all d information I have didn’t say that so pls enlighten me more on that. Thanks.

  • cecil July 13, 2016

    hello sir, u doing a good job,God bless u. sir, i will like to go into snail farming in a small scale but aside getting a land with trees, what other alternative can i use in rearing them because of where i stay,Lagos, i cant get such for now

  • opeyemi October 24, 2016

    hello sir,
    please i need info on how to start a laundry business or is there e-book on laundry ?

  • tariamg1 November 16, 2016

    Hi Mr Omen, can I get a business plan for cassava farming? And how much will it cost to get? Furthermore, can you make the plan on Word instead of PDF!

    • Mr Micheal Wilson December 6, 2016

      Hello EveryOne i sell scrap matals so contact me if you are interested on whatsapp

      Types of scrap metals we offer

      Scrap machinery from construction companies.
      Electrical equipment.
      Scrap aluminum zink of all type.
      Scrap electrical wires of all type.
      Scrap auto spare parts of all type.
      Scrap ship or plane parts
      Scrap beams, rods.aluminum cans e.tc.

  • Afolayan Olusola June 16, 2017

    Good day Mr Darlington,

    Please, how do I pay for the Ebook 5 and how soon can I get it?

  • Yomi Oyedeji July 15, 2017

    Good day Darlington,

    How soon do i get the e book after payment?

  • Ezerel August 1, 2017


    Hi dear,
    Please I need to know if the ebook for the snail farming is still available so I can pay for it?
    Will also want to seek some personal advice from you.

  • odinaka August 25, 2017

    Hello sir please what’s the credibility of the e-book purchase. Sorry to ask oh. You how our Nigeria is this days. God bless you.

  • Wole Bello August 30, 2017

    pls sir, i need information on semo vital production pls do you have any idea.

  • FestusAnih September 5, 2017

    You are doing well. I wish you Jehovah’s protections and blessings.

  • Omoboriowo Ranti October 13, 2017

    I want to appreciate ur kindness for given this big tips on how to rears snail. may God continue to bless ur business.
    please i want to ask this questions
    like how many pieces can some one pick to start at small scale?
    how did they reproduce? since is up to 1 or 2 year before harvesting,

    as for the book i will buy later

  • Ifeanyi October 14, 2017

    I want to find out if you still have the Ebook on poultry especially snail rearing

  • Mike Aghahowa October 24, 2017

    Big thanks to you mr darlington please I have a plot of land of about 100by100 in Benin city will be ok for me to start poultry farm and snails farm

    • Bitrus December 14, 2017

      Mike, yes, your 100×100 plot of land is enough to start your poultry and snail farming, but is not advisable to make poultry farming close to residential building. Well, Darlington Omeh can still advise you. Thanks!

  • Emmanuel Francis October 27, 2017

    God bless you so much…Amen

  • BASHIR USAINI November 2, 2017

    How to get Agric loan in Nigeria

  • BASHIR USAINI November 2, 2017

    How to get Agric loan on Rice farming and processing machine on it

  • ani innocent November 17, 2017

    how can I get the eBook am in Enugu state and I want to know the best feed for layer and bioler this is my gmail thanks

  • Hosea Buyungo November 29, 2017

    Hi Darlinton,

    Iam in Uganda but would like to pay for the eBook 1 – poultry farming. Please advise …

  • Mubarak muhammed dangoje December 16, 2017

    What will be the possible solution if my poultry keeping is affected with undiscovering diseases from the scholar notice

  • Nnamdi December 23, 2017

    thanks for your e-books but I want to plead that you make adjustment in the price of the ebooks knowing fully well that it will cost money to print them as well. It is not hard copy. N11000 and N10000 are more than costly.

  • Chima December 23, 2017

    I need the one on snail farming and i need more detail on purchasing of the book. you don’t have anyone on fishing and bee farming?

  • Ajayi Olabode December 31, 2017

    Is it only on ebook that we can to know about snail farming,I mean don’t you have printed copies that you sell.

  • Ibik January 4, 2018

    Darlington,can you help us find a place or bank to help one finance the poultry farm?

  • Henry Lion January 13, 2018

    Hello Darlington, my name is Henry am based in abuja and been following your step to step lecture on poutry farming. I would like to take a bold step investing in poutry. Firstly I think I need your ebook and thereafter you will guide me on Hatchery and Layers birds. I wish to get the hatchery mechine (4500 incubator capacity for a start) and I wish to hatch for my farm and for other farms around me.
    Please advicd on the price of your Ebook and how to make payment.

    Henry Lion.

  • Funmi January 17, 2018

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    Please I want to buy the book on Guide to Start Poultry Farm in Nigeria.

  • Chinedu February 13, 2018

    Hi Darlington,
    please how do I get rid of ants in my snailery without affecting the snails. Have lost quite lot of newly hatched snails to the small black ants. Please help.

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  • Mr. Efe March 17, 2018

    I am a Nigerian living in South Africa. Looking for investors to invest in building a poultry. It is much more easier here in South Africa to start the business. With 3 Million Naira We are good to start. This will cover rent for a year and also pay for the cost of production. No electricity problem here. 24/7 electricity. We are able to process the chicken and everything is done via contract here. You start getting returns in 4 Months after investment. I am able to send you my detailed business plans as soon as you contact you. Total number of investor wanted is 3 only. Note that you get your money invested in 6 months and you start getting profit from the 8 months.

    Mr. Efe Asemota

  • Erik Adam Ligali March 27, 2018

    Good morning
    I am abroad and I don’t have a Nigerian bank.
    How else can I download the ebooks.
    Is there a way we can do this through PayPal or maybe buy it direct from your website. I am looking at 3 main books.
    Poultry, snail farming and how to run your own business. (Ebook 5)

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    1. Bakery
    2. Noodles making
    3. Flour Milling
    4. Cardbox (carton) manufacturing
    5. Waste management

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  • AMOSCO April 25, 2018

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    Love your write Up..
    it’s inspiring and at the same time educative…
    Your e-books are very good but expensive for we The youth… please do help us reduce the price..

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    Thanks for the WONDERFUL article, it’s very lucrative sir I am very much overwhelmed with the little write up on snail farming which I am moved by it but how possible it is to start with small money and how possible without practical lecture on it, more so pls reduce the price of the ebook to us please.

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    • Darlington Omeh December 21, 2018

      I am really tired of answering this same question. They are on sale, that’s why you are seeing them on this page for sale. Make your payment and text me your details.

      Thank you!

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  • Daniel May 12, 2020

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  • KSO May 29, 2020

    Hello sir. I know the ebook of poultry is still available as you keep mentioned in other comments but my questions is, Is the ebook always updated to the level of poultry in 2020 as i noticed that ebook you’re talking about is some written years back.
    If the poultry can be clean every day and night is advisable to start it inside compound at backyard where we’re living The space is more than half plot Thank you
    I will make the payment once I get reply you to my questions

    • Faith David June 12, 2020

      The eBook is always up to date and has assisted many poultry farmers to start their business. If you have any further questions, contact our boss, Darlington Omeh on WhatsApp 08031958663.

  • robinson June 8, 2020

    Dear Darlinton , thanks for sharing some of ur experiences on this platform.
    Am in Abuja and i want to start a poultry with 20,000 chicken Capacity (Large Scale) , i have 2hectres of land for this purpose, tell me, how do i go about it, do you have professionals here who i can employ/hire for his services, to make sure that i dnt loose any bird when i start this poultry business.

    • Faith David June 12, 2020

      We can handle the farm setup from start to finish. Contact our boss (Darlington Omeh) on WhatsApp 08031958663.

  • Udoh Uwem Monday June 18, 2020

    Please sir, how does one locate an egg farm in Lagos.

    • Faith David June 18, 2020

      Ask the eggs sellers around where you are. Let them tell you who they are getting their eggs from. Then you can ask the person. There are many poultry farms within Lagos where you can get eggs

  • francis July 15, 2020

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