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      Linda Ikeji Cars

      Linda Ikeji cars are well over six but the ones you probably know may just be the ones she announced on her blog. In case you are just joining in and would like to know about her cars, here are the details. You may be wondering why we are talking about Linda Ikeji cars in this business blog, it is because we are covering some selected entrepreneurs in this blog series.

      Toyota Camry [Big Daddy] – That was the first car she acquired back in 2011 when the money was just starting to pop in little by little. That car was her first dream car and it’s still a big car by all standards for average citizens. I personally like that brand of Toyota because of it’s look and the interior finishing. Linda got the car for N2+ million without announcing it.

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      Infinity FX 35 [Bottom Belly] – In 20012/13, she stepped up into the big girls status by acquiring her first SUV. That car was the top ride for big boys back then and it’s not surprising that Linda liked it. Her sister wanted her to go for Range but she insisted on FX35. She bought it from the United States of America through Inspired Autos for the sum of N8 million.

      Range Rover Sport [2014 Supercharge] – The car that broke the internet in Nigeria in September/October 2014.  She acquired the car for N24 million and so many people went crazy as if 24M is a big deal for Aunty Linda. That car was a massive step up, a status symbol and testament of dividend of hard work and the prosperous ahem of her blogging career. Many Nigerians haven’t still come to term that a blogger could afford such expensive ride – they ain’t know nothing yet!

      Toyota Sequoia – She picked that ride for N7.5 million for her daddy, a befitting gift for the accomplished man. I read someone’s nasty comment online about the car and I was like ‘are you for real?’ Some people may not see good in their life time because of how they put efforts in putting others down.

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      Honda Civic 2010 – Her business manager was not left out of the party. She gifted him a new Honda Civic 2010 as a way of saying ‘Weldon boy’ and a means of attending to that all important duty of generating more ads sales.

      Honda Accord [Evil Spirit] – A birthday gift to Peks, the younger brother. I heard about a brand new Toyota Corolla for Laura but I’m not sure how true was that because I haven’t seen the picture really.

      So, you’d agree with me that Linda is balling big time. Let’s hear your comment on this.

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      • pple me April 28, 2016

        I like her way ofcause she is so lovely an most hard working girl I av never seen,i just love her way notin more,bt remember we ur junior brothers ar here,so no chop pass urself o,if u do hahahah,that car that u bought almost 7,sometin million,na me go con carry the car from u………..

      • Mercy May 18, 2016

        Linda i don’t says wat u ar doing is bad but just thinks of yur new generations if u say dis money an connetion will be like dis forever if it later stop wat did u want to do look at 50cent and r kelly birdman but i pray yur own will not be like dat i pray for u but for buying motors an cars look for good comanys an invertors may god be with u oooo buy

        • oskido May 24, 2016

          Spelling don finish dis one ooo…why not shut up if u dnt have anyth to say….or maybe u expect her to tell u everyth single thing she did…..omini knw knw…

      • general G November 27, 2017

        this lady has gone beyond her expectation in life, that is why she could no longer know how to spend her money (but i can solve her problem if i know her)

      • Inimfon December 19, 2017

        Nice car history

      • Chuks April 25, 2018

        She is rewarded for her diligence in her work, of course I see no reason why someone will be mad at her achievements. She is genuinely working hard and not prostituting her laps here and there like some other ladies!
        I’m proud of her!

      • Oty Emmanuel February 21, 2019

        Inspirational linda

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