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This simple feasibility study on computer center is intended to guide you towards making your decisions as regards starting your own computer center business. Fortune or wealth is not something one can build within a very short period of time. It is easy talking about those who have conquered their fears and mastered their arts and crafts of getting the right thing done.

Such people we love to talk about did not get to where they are right now without starting from where they were back then. Some of them once went through thick and thin, but they never lose focus nor do they give up on their dreams, and that is why they are victorious today. You too can and should start with whatever you have now. Try something new, and now this how you can with your computer center business.

Feasibility Study On Computer Business Center

Computer Business  center is a place where people patronize for different kind of services that have to do with paper documents, such as photocopying or duplication of existing documents, to print the hard copy of document, for scanning, binding of documents e.t.c. The business is set up for profit making, and fee is charged on job bases rather than time-based in case of a cybercafe. The quantity and quality of customers’ job do determine the amount the operator will charge.

Operating a business center is not as simple as you may think it is. It requires intelligence, speed and accuracy, reliability, availability,the quantity and quality of service the business can render. Starting a business center requires start-up capital of about N300,000, excluding rent for (shop/container). The prices I present in the table below are not fixed; you can get the items at rates lower than the ones here or even at a higher price, depending on the area and your negotiation skill as well.

Equipment                                                                            Amount (#)


Photocopy Machine                                                                      N100,000


Computer system                                                                       N30,000 (2 pc)


Scanner                                                                                        N10,000


Printer                                                                                            N10,000


UPS                                                                                                N5000


Generator                                                                                      N20,000


Furniture (plastic chairs, desk/table, book rack/shelf)      N70,000


Others (stapler, staple pins, binder, paper, ink, tonner)  N20,000


Miscellaneous expenses                                                             N15,000


Total                                                                               N300,000

The following are the major items or equipment one will need in operating a business center. As I have always said, this is a guide, always seek for more information on any business you are planning to venture into. There are other necessary things that aren’t mentioned here but will be useful in the running of the business.

Factors To Consider When Setting Up A Business Center

There are some factors you have to consider before setting up a business center, you must choose an appropriate location else your business will wind up even before it starts. Be careful when planning your business and always have back up plans. Let’s quickly discuss the factors you have to consider before starting up a business center. They are briefed below.


Some locations that I think are suitable for a business center are recommended below:

    • School environment; secondary school, primary school, best option is Higher Institution (College of Education., University and Polytechnics)
    • Government secretariats
    • Local government offices
    • Popular bus stops or bus terminals
    • Parks

Other business districts that require regular use of documents

These are areas that I believed are most suitable for a business center, if you are certain of other places that will be of great benefit to the business please don’t hesitate to take the chances. This article does not limit your choice, it’s just a guide. Any business sited in an unfavorable environment will face lots of difficulties.


If you are the first to start such business in an area, you are lucky enough. But you shouldn’t relax or hike your price; it must be relatively comparable to other competitors in nearby environment and must be affordable. Always up your game in order to keep your customers and to remain relevant in the business. And remember that people are always waiting for the first man to succeed before they start theirs. While some will open theirs to kick you out of business.


Most people do look for services that cut down their expenses, reliable and durable. So, you must offer affordable service to the customers, and make sure it doesn’t come back to haunt you. It is welcome if you have different price plan, for instance, having price plan for customers who need urgent service, price plan for regular customers and those who do large volume of jobs. It is a business, be creative always, and maximize your profit.


You must be readily available to render service to your customers. It shouldn’t be a case where customers will have wait long hours or coming back to check on you several times. They may be discouraged and sought for services elsewhere.


As a business center operator, you should be able to use different computer applications. This will give you an edge over many competitors, and it will give you the opportunity to render some specialized services, and you know, that will earn you extra cash. In case of school environment, majorly higher institution, some lazy students do look for people who will help them with assignments, term papers, or project research.

Initially, the whole thing may seem slow and uninteresting, but as time goes on; with hard work and sincere dedication you will enjoy the profit generated. Do not be in a haste to make profit, give the business some time to grow and never stop making plans to expand it.

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