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      Linda Ikeji Net Worth

      Linda Ikeji net worth has been something of debate on the internet over the years. Even Linda was so surprised to realize that her blog worth $1.2 million back in 2012, but I think she now knows better. While some believe that she worth so much, others think it’s just a sham, how could a mere blogger worth anything. Well, the information you are about to read will settle all the arguments once and for all.

      Here, we wouldn’t just mention figures, we are going to tell you exactly how we arrived at the figures so that your mind will be put to rest once and for all. Here we go!

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      First, we gathered much information about her acquisitions. She had spent about N50million collectively on cars both the ones for herself and the ones her family members, and another N300 million for two houses for her parents. However, we didn’t base our calculations on these since majority of the properties were acquired as gifts to her family. Nevertheless, it gave us ideas as to her true worth. For someone to acquire 5 cars and two houses within a year, that person must worth so much!

      Secondly, we cal1culated Linda’s blog earning based on her currently verifiable advert rates and the Adsense revenue.

      Linda Ikeji Net Worth Calculation

      Direct Adverts

      Leadboard (Header) – N950,000 x 2 = N1,900,000 monthly

      Sidebar ads (Top) – N500,000 x 2 = N1,000,000 monthly

      Sidebar ads (All site wide) – N400,000 x 30 = N12,000,000 monthly

      Sponsored posts – N50,000 x 2 = N100,000 daily x 30 = N3,000,000 monthly.

      Page branding (Site takeover) = N1,600,000 monthly

      Total revenue from direct adverts = N19.5 million monthly.

      Adsense Revenue

      To calculate the Adsense earning, you need to understand the daily traffic stats, and from our finding,

      Linda Ikeji blog is currently receiving more than 500,000 daily pageviews. And from our known Adsense daily stats (CTR = 0.98 and CPC = 0,45) we calculate thus –

      Click Through Rate (CTR) = 500,000/100 = 5,000 x 0.98 = 4,900 clicks daily

      Total Revenue Daily = Cost per Click (CPC) x Click Through Rate (CTR)

      That is: 4,900 x 0.45 = $2,205 daily.

      Monthly Adsense Revenues = $2,205 x 30 = $66,150 (N12,237,750) monthly

      Note: Since AdDynamo is a PPC similar to Adsense, we decided to omit that and assume it is merged with all CPC earning.

      Net Worth

      From the above calculations, you’ve seen that Linda Ikeji is conservatively making –

      N31,737,750 monthly.

      Armed with the above information, it is now easy for us to arrive at her current net worth. So, we decided to engage the services of our in house web traffic appraisal expert.

      He used aftermarket metrics and the above monthly earning to calculate the worth of LindaIkejiBlog.com to be $15 million. Could have worth more.

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      Finally, even if Linda is the most extravagant spender in Nigeria, she will still have nothing less than N500 million cash right now, which represents just 2016 and 2017 earning minus total expenditures.

      The newly launched Linda Ikeji Media is another factor to consider. The outfit includes YouTube and TV channels, Video productions, Inteernet TV, and other aspects of entertainment with investment worth of around $25million USD. Therefore, Linda Ikeji net worth is estimated to be $15 million + $25million = $40 Million USD.

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