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    The number one priority of every parent is to send their children to school to acquire knowledge from infancy. School fees for these children take more than 20 percent of what average parents are earning, depending on the number of children they have. This has lead to the booming of private school business in Nigeria.

    Nursery and primary private school business in Nigeria has become more profitable these days than ever before due to the sheer number of children. With such increase in the number of children born yearly — comes the need for more Nursery and Primary schools to cater for them. The need for even more will continue over the coming years.

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    In those days, a single government or missionary owned primary school in a community would be just enough to cater for the children of the entire community. Then, there was no need for private nursery and primary schools. Today, the story has changed — no single primary or nursery school will be able to take care of the entire kids in a community, especially in urban areas like Lagos and Abuja.

    It has also become the general perception that the standard of education in privately owned schools are higher compared to that of the ill-equipped and badly maintained government owned schools.

    Sending ones children to public schools is equally regarded as evidence of poverty. Therefore, every parent struggle to send their children to any available private school, doesn’t matter if that one is even worse than the public school as long as it is called ‘Private school’. These general trends has combine to make investment into nursery and primary school a worthwhile investment.

    I’ve seen someone who only manage to feed few years ago become a millionaire through the small nursery and primary school he borrowed money to start.

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    Some of the cheapest nursery and primary schools in areas like Lagos charges nothing less than N7,000 as school fees, while good ones charge from N30,000 to as much as N500,000 school fees per term (I pay N175,000 for my 3years old daughter per term)just to learn A.B.C

    If in your own private school business you charge N10,000 per term and you have 200 pupil, the amount you will be getting from school fees is 10,000 x 200 = 2,000,000 Naira per term and it wouldn’t take you more than a million Naira to run such school every term.

    Now you can see that investment in (Nursery and Primary) private school business is a worthwhile investment with decent profit returns? If you are ready to hit the ground and get started, here are the basic requirements.

    Get A Land In A Good Area

    Prices of landed property varies from place to place but you can get land in some developing areas of Lagos for about N600,000 to N2,000,000. Don’t buy in isolated area where people are not living, no parent would want to patronize you in such location.

    Due the inherent risk involved in child’s movement, parent will prefer a school that is within their home, and for easy pick up of their children.

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    Minimum of one plot of 120 by 60 is what you need to be able to accommodate the school building and playground.

    Note: Some people go for rented apartment — if you do not have enough money to buy land and build your own house, rent an apartment, use it to raise money to build later

    Erect Your Nursery And Primary School Building

    The cost of building depends on the size and quality of the building you intends to construct. Your Engineer will be able to put you through in this, seat down with him to discuss it properly.

    Insist on good structure because, your marketing starts from there. The classrooms should be spacious, at least 3.5m square per child under the age of two, at least 2.5m square per child aged two or at least 2.3m square per child aged three to seven.

    Most Nursery and Primary school class rooms used to small and jam-packed. Yours shouldn’t be like that.Water is very essential and you need plenty of it in your school, get borehole that will supply you water at all time.

     Equip Your Classrooms

    Apart from the normal chairs and tables (which you can get Carpenters to do for you at a very reduced price) you also need to equip your classrooms with computer and other learning aids, parents will be happier to pay when they see that your classes are properly equipped.

    You need plenty of toys and other gadgets that is used for children’s education and Montessori. You need video and large screen TV in all the classrooms, not to play movies but for playing educational videos and sometimes, cartoon depending on the the class and the children’s age.

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    Buy a school bus if you intend to offer pick and drop which almost compulsory for every school since most parents would demand for it. A nice Tokunbo bus goes for about N600,000. Get a decent bus that will speak well of your school, and avoid jam-packing children in a bus.

    If one bus isn’t enough buy two, parents are paying you extra for the service, give them the best they deserve. Besides, it’s irritating seeing children packed up in a bus that is not fit for transporting animals let alone human being.

    Employ Qualified Teachers

    If you are just the proprietor of the nursery and primary school, you do not need any formal qualifications but if you are going to be the school manager you need the minimum of NCE and experience in educational administration

    Your Teachers should have minimum of NCE and experience in childcare education or play-work. Teachers who are passionate about children are preferred.

    Register Your Private School Business

    Like every other businesses, you need to register your private school business as a sole proprietorship or depending on what you want if there are investors.

    Approach the Corporate Affair commission of Nigeria to register your name, you may needed the service of a Lawyer in this regard.

    Once you’ve put all these in place, the next thing is to advertise your private school business and get down to real business.

    Great businesses are born this way. My subsequent articles on Day Care and Montessori will address some other logistics and teaching methods.

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    • Anonymous August 29, 2013

      how much do u think i can use to start this business. on a small scale with a rented building.

      • Darlinton Omeh August 29, 2013

        Less than five hundred thousand will do if you have secured your rent, if not, then you would need more than that due to the cost of rent. The cost of housing actually represent the major bulk of your investment.

        • Anonymous December 26, 2014

          You can't srun a school with 200 students with one million naija a month. Even if you paid your teachers the outrageous sum of N25,000 per mont (peanuts) and you had 10 teachers that would be N1,000,000 per term ( school termly school fees pay 4 months salary not three: there are 3 terms in a year). The contributor'so idea that you can start a school with N500,000 is also Not accurate. Will you not pay for supplies, books, equipment, furniture, redecoration, salaries, etc? Where you succeed it would not be a standard school but equivalent to private lessons. I suggest you update your write up.

          • Darlinton Omeh August 15, 2017

            We are talking about starting, getting off the ground. Getting things like chairs, tables, white boards, markers, class decorations, and TVs. We are not talking about salary as that is an ongoing expenses that should be taken care of with your generated revenues.

            On a small scale in small rented apartment, five hundred thousand naira will go a long way for a start. Here I am answering question from individual, it does not represent the entire article.

            1. N25,000 x 10 is not N1,000,000 I don’t know what you were thinking about when you made that calculation 😀 N25,000×10 = N250,000.

            2. In this article, we focused on “Small” nursery and primary school in a local area, not in VI or Ikeja. You can use the idea though and apply it in any capacity and location you want to start from.

            3. I did not mention the specific amount you need to start, I mentioned the average costs of things such as land and school buses in the market. It is your duty to price those stuffs and put your cost together.

            4. Ours is to give you business idea, your success is your own responsibility. If you think certain idea is not suitable, leave that and move on to the more suitable ones.

            Thank you for the wonderful input.

            • Anonymous September 2, 2017

              That’s why he/she said N1,000,000 per TERM…not per month. Because N250,000 for the 4months in a term is N1,000,000.
              There so many wild assumptions in this article and many of the statements are inaccurate.

            • Darlinton Omeh September 2, 2017

              I think the normal thing to do when you meet a statement that is not accurate is to correct it? Share your own ideas and understanding of the business, tell us the amount you think that will be enough for a small local school in a rented apartment. This way, you will be helping someone. Thank you for explaining what the N1,000,000 stands for

      • Anonymous June 17, 2014

        Pls do you know of how I will get a loan for this business. I have every thing in place. I have made arrangements for d house though on rent n other planning. Running a PGDE hoping to start by September but i' ve got not 50k. Pls advise thanks.

        • Grace May 31, 2018

          Pls I am very much interested in managing a school or even joint ownership pls contact me if interested. I have alot of great ideas and I am willing to start this September also.

    • Anonymous October 14, 2013

      Pls how long does it take to get approval after registration of school.
      How many teacher would one need for a start and how much salary are private school teachers get paid

      • Akinola May 15, 2019

        you can register your business name with just #5000 at maximum #8000 with CAC now…. i can help out.

        • Chioma May 31, 2020

          Please where is CAC office located in Rivers State? Is it possible to start the school and maybe register it later? Is there any consequences for such decision?

    • Anonymous October 18, 2013

      Please I am asking the same question as anonymous 3:39 and where can one buy good toys and nice educationals ? 2ndly , who determines the type of textbook you use in your school 'cos I usually see variety of textbooks used by different schools of the same class ? 3rdly is ok to use more than one colour of uniform in a school, to be worn in different days ?

    • Anonymous October 25, 2013

      Tnx 4d comprehensive information. Can i start a school with just 2 or 3 pre-primary classes?

      • Darlinton Omeh February 4, 2014

        Yes, you can start small like that and grow big. So many big schools in Nigeria today started that way, the most important thing is the quality of services you deliver which will ensure continue patronage by parents

      • Anonymous December 26, 2014

        You can start a preschool with 5 levels: crèche, play group, nursery 1-3 for ages: 2+ 3+ and 4+

    • Anonymous February 4, 2014

      please i want to know if i can empoly a school certificate holder to handle nursery section

    • jerome onyebuchi February 10, 2014

      pls i want ask a question, if i want to stat a nursery school in my state(ebonyi state) though i ave never spent up to a full year there bcos i was born and brot up in ondo state but currently in lagos state, how do i go about it? i ave searched for a website of the state in order to know their educational requirement for starting a school there but never fund any. i will like if you can help me out.

    • Anonymous February 10, 2014

      Nice ideas pals, but to whom it may concern,It will be wise to start up a school out of passion, and not because you see it as a business.

      • Esther Ajuma July 13, 2019

        Great ,I was disadvantaged and struggled with math a lot way back then. The desire to share professional practice as a teacher is my utmost reason for owning a school.

    • Anonymous March 23, 2014

      Thank you so much darlinton for this eye opener, i once use to own a daycare school bt wit time the children increased nd i had to stop cos there was no space for me to care for them. I love children so much dat i could go to any lent to protect a child frm harm bt rite now i dnt hv all dis resoures, bt my dad own a land in ijegun nd he has asked me to use it for my carreer dream, nd now u metioned dat for one to be a school manager he or she must hv atleast an NCE cert, which means i hv to go back to schoo

      • Ruth May 31, 2018

        Good day, I am a lawyer and am very passionate about this topic. It is what I have always wanted. I have done alot of research on this business. The only thing holding me back is funds. If you are interested in partnership pls contact me. Two heads are better than one.

        • Esther Ajuma July 13, 2019

          Hi Ruth ,I am a teacher currently considering starting up my own school. Will like to connect with you please.

    • Anonymous March 28, 2014

      Pls I have a fully roofed. Spacious 120×60 church building where we only conduct early morning services as directed by God, can it be used for starting off,before we begin building on the other2 1/2 remainning plot

    • Darlinton Omeh March 28, 2014

      Yes it is enough for a start as long as it has facilities like toilet, water supply, electricity etc…

    • Anonymous April 11, 2014

      A very educative attitude you have right there. i currenly have about N7m and i intend to start up a preschool on a medium scale. will my funds be suffecient

      • Anonymous December 26, 2014

        Yes if you are in a low income environment where rents and parental expectations are low, you can but you would need to have plans or deeds for a permanent site for govt approval. N7 million can only be used for rented premises and other things, building will cost lots more.

    • Anonymous April 15, 2014

      Pls where is the corperate affairs commission of nigeria office located.And how much can i use to register for nursery?

      • Anonymous December 26, 2014

        Most nigerian cities have one. Seek the one in your town

      • Igomu Adams March 13, 2018

        The Corporate affair commission is located (CAC) at Ikoy, Lagos if you are Lagos, then corporate headquarters in Abuja with liaison offices in all the 36 states of the federation. with 70-100k you can register a nursery school.

    • Prathima Trellis April 21, 2014

      Excellent read, I just passed this onto a colleague who was doing a little research on that. And he actually bought me lunch because I found it for him smile .

    • Anonymous April 23, 2014

      Darlington, I must first commend you for this wonderful deed you are doing! I just hope u understand the great impact you put into people's lives. Well done and God bless you! I am currently setting up a day care, kindergarten and nursery school! Other than the CAC registration, what other registration will I have to do and from where?

      • Darlinton Omeh April 24, 2014

        Thank you for appreciating. After registering your school as a business with the CAC, you go ahead and start then begin the process of getting approval from the Ministry of Education

      • Anonymous December 26, 2014

        For a nursery or preschool registration can be done through ministry of social welfare, women affairs or education. It's not expensive but you must follow the recommended specifications which are simple

    • Anonymous April 28, 2014

      Pls I love to impact knowledge n bring positive change I have a 120×60 piece of land and I want to run a nurpri school in ogoja pls how possible is that.

    • Anonymous April 29, 2014

      Many thanks for your this writeup on a subject
      that I am very passionate about.
      Please advise me. I live in a spacious 3-bedroom apartment
      and have been thinking of starting a nursery/primary school
      using my sitting room, visitor's room and dinning.
      But the owner of the property lives abroad and he gave it
      to a Legal firm that specializes on Real Estate to manage.
      Should I let them know what I intend to do? Please talk to me.

    • Prathima Trellis May 16, 2014

      kindergarten school in india are an extension for your child's quality learning experience that begins with our kids play school and Nursery programs and aims at preparing kids for a successful career.
      I am impressed by the quality of information on this website.

    • Anonymous May 24, 2014

      Hi darlington I am impressed on this article can I pls get your contact or add if u are in Lagos

    • Christinee Eno Eje June 18, 2014

      It is unfortunate that our Nigerian banks do not invest in schools as long as youu have not started business. There is certainly no where you can get a loan except from personal funding; To a certain extent, you need to be prepared for the business before you go into it.

    • tricia July 17, 2014

      What a lovely writeup. Please I would like to know if it is ideal for a single lady(30 yrs) with passion for kids to go into this business. Do you think parents would patronise such school (pre-school and nursery)? Thanks

      • Darlinton Omeh July 18, 2014

        There is nothing wrong for you starting the pre-school and nursery business at 30. You are already deep into adulthood and any business you can't do well now, you may not be able to do it well even at 60. So, go ahead and do your thing

      • Anonymous December 26, 2014

        A school is an investment approaching it as a means to feed yourself is the wrong way to start. Passion alone is not enough to start a school, you need the know how, educational background or partnership and lots of mone

    • Anonymous July 26, 2014

      Thanks for this information Darlington. You say that it is after one has premises and has started the school that one starts the process of approval from the Ministry of Education. Is this correct? I would have thought that one should seek approval before even spending monrey.

      If so you are correct, please do you have any idea on how long the approval takes (on average) and what documentation and criteria one needs to fulfil to be approved?

      • Darlinton Omeh July 27, 2014

        You need to approach the State Primary Education Board to find out exactly what you need to get approved. But I'm certain you'd start your school first before seeking for approval

        • Alade Adeola April 4, 2019

          I am a degree holder in business administration, I want to start creche, nursery and primary school in Ibadan. Can I register my school without degree in education? Or is it when I need approval that I must either have a partner with degree in education or after I do PGDE or when?
          Please I need your help.
          If you don’t mind, can you reply me on 07038228010 in case I have few more questions to ask you ma

    • Anonymous July 30, 2014

      Darlinton, thanks for the prompt feedback. Much appreciated. I've been been told that one must register the school with the state Primary Education Board/Ministry of Education after which one can start business. It is after this that the approval process begins….and can take a couple of years!

      My main challenge is deciding whether to start out with pre-school/nursery only …….and then start the primary school. Or start both at the same time? What are your thoughts?

    • Anonymous July 30, 2014

      Darlinton, thanks for the prompt feedback. Much appreciated. I've been been told that one must register the school with the state Primary Education Board/Ministry of Education after which one can start business. It is after this that the approval process begins….and can take a couple of years!

      My main challenge is deciding whether to start out with pre-school/nursery only …….and then start the primary school. Or start both at the same time? What are your thoughts?

      • Darlinton Omeh August 2, 2014

        Yes, start with the nursery first, test the water, then expand. It will be okay if you start with the nursery school and let the graduating pupil make up the primary sch in two or three years time.

      • Anonymous December 26, 2014

        It depends on how much money you have to invest

    • Anonymous August 2, 2014

      Thanks for the write up. However, try to leave a margin for error when you do your feasibility. In life, "10000 x 200" could take years to achieve. Could you please provide details of how you arrived at a profit of 50 percent?

      • Darlinton Omeh August 2, 2014

        You mean 200 pupils will take you years to achieve? Then you are not ready for business if it gonna take you years to have 200 pupils in your school

        • Anonymous December 26, 2014

          His point is you can't make a profit of 50% by charging N10,000 per 200 students. What will you pa for resources, equipment, staff salaries, premises, maintenance, security, etc?

      • Anonymous August 11, 2014

        No doubt Hope is a good breakfast…my interactions with successful school proprietors reveal that most started as creche/lesson/nursery and with a retention of 70percent and years of persistence, they were able to to succeed. Nobody started with hundreds of pupils overnight! I would be most grateful if you propose other ways of recruiting pupils faster.

      • Darlinton Omeh August 12, 2014

        Here we are talking about starting nursery and primary school as a business with reasonable budget that will make room for advertisement and promotion, not starting day care in uncompleted building and eventually grow after so many years of effort. But if that is what you think it takes to establish yours, apply it to get your own result. The article talks about what you make from 200 pupil, you decide how long it take you to get 200 pupil – If it take you one year, fine. If it take you 100yrs, that's your effort – but the end result is success. That's what we are talking about here not time or speed!

        • Anonymous December 26, 2014

          It is rare for a school that is not purpose built to have 100 children in a year unless it is one of the schools which charge 3000 per child which is not a standard school. A purpose built school fills up to 100 within the year and in 2 years can have up to 350 children. Recently, I started a new school which was purpose built. It started with over 100 children in the first term at fees of about N200,000 per term, however, it costs over N20, million per term to service a purpose built school with 100 children from middle class homes. Profit may come when the children are up to 150. So don't deceive yourself that school businesses are money spinners, only when they are appropriately costed and have enough children and good management.

    • Anonymous August 4, 2014

      Sir, I started on the construction of my school in Kwara State, When I start operation, I will like an experience and well qualify teachers for K-6. I will also need a pediatrician nurse. What will be a fair salary for these teachers? I am a school administrator in United State

      • Darlinton Omeh August 5, 2014

        It is hard to determine what is fair salary, just look at what other schools of the same standard within the same locality are paying and maybe top it up a little.

    • Anonymous August 4, 2014

      I mean pediatric nurse

    • Anonymous August 12, 2014

      This is an interesting post. I will love to start a nursery/creche in Nigeria. I think 100million naira will be a good start; land, build, equipment, salaries till u get students, advertising. I think its a good and profitable business.

      • Anonymous December 26, 2014

        Yes it's a good start for a purpose built school, but could be higher depending on the size of the facilities

    • Anonymous August 22, 2014

      Hello sir,

      Well done for the great job you are doing! I own a growing school, I have registered limited liability with CAC. What other registration do I need? And what do I need from ministry of education?

      • Anonymous December 26, 2014

        You started a schools without knowing the requirements? How do you then know your school meets government regulations. You need to be registered with ministry of education who will visit your school for accreditation; approve your school, advise you to improve it for another accreditation visit or close it down if you do not meet with the required regulations

      • marian May 10, 2016

        pls hw did the registration at CAC go. I mean
        like how much did u spend registering ur sch?

    • Anonymous September 6, 2014

      Pls can creche and nursery come under educational services?

    • Anonymous September 12, 2014

      I want to start a school but my area is already congested with too many schools am scared it will not grow any suggestions on d best location in lagos city or ikorodu town where I can start plus do micro finance banks give loans for schools?

      • Igomu Adams March 13, 2018

        Even if the area is saturated or over congested as you put it, the services and innovation you bring in is what that may give them a blow for competition, don’t be discouraged but rather think of what is good or suppose to be but not put in place by the existing ones.

    • Anonymous September 15, 2014

      SIR, i am a civil servant on level 9. i'm thinking on resigning from my job and establish a school but i have (national diploma) ND.
      is there any need for me to go back to school to acquire NCE before i start the school

      • Darlinton Omeh September 15, 2014

        No need for that, the education you have is already enough. Go ahead and start your business

      • Anonymous December 26, 2014

        You shouldn't be dp starting a school if you are not an educationist. Unless you have large sums of money to invest on consultants and skilled staff who can start and run your school

    • Anonymous September 23, 2014

      Hello Mr Darlinton!

      Am a foreigner looking for a way how to open a nursery.
      What are the requirements for a nursery?
      Thanks for your help.
      Best regards,

    • Anonymous October 19, 2014

      I have a building with about 8 classroom and spacious enviroment for play ground I can use for school business but I'm still working don't want to resign now. How can i combine work with school viz.

      • Abimbola November 4, 2014

        You do not have to resign, all you have to do is employ someone capable to run it for you and make sure no payment is made to any person but directly to the bank and if you have money get a CCTV camera to use to monitor the place. If you keep your job at least for a while, you can use your salary to offset some bills like staff salaries and all.

    • Anonymous October 28, 2014

      thank you sir for wonderful information you have given to me. but sir i have the knowledge it takes to start the school but my problem is money, i ready business administration in school even in pgd.i ve worked in private school just to understand the logic. i need someone with finance so that we can make it happen. thank you sir

      • Anonymous December 26, 2014

        You only need a financier if your are an educationist, if you are not, what do you have to offer?

    • MAMAMO November 9, 2014

      Thank you so much, i will get in touch soon

    • Anonymous November 11, 2014

      Nyc writeup and nyc comnts.i am 23yrs old and im thinking of starting a creche next cos i luv kids and i plan to have my skul.i graduatd snce 2012(bsc holder) and i just wrte my exam to do pgd in education planning,and am also a facilitator in my church antenatal,wil parents brng dere kids to d creche if dey knw my age.

      • Anonymous December 26, 2014

        Your age is not your first priority but your facilities and support staff. However, I must tell you the truth, without experienced hands, I would not bring my nursery age child to a school started by a 23 year old because there are many risks involved in running a school. Most people don't discuss these, an inexperienced person stands the risk of allowing children to suffer injuries, assault and possibly accidental death

    • Anonymous January 17, 2015

      How can i get a good Business Plan on how to start a school?, so that i can study it. because i have been thinking on how to start a Creche and Nursery school.

    • Anonymous January 29, 2015

      So I have a creche open in Abuja, kids and parents love it when they come in for tours, but no students yet. How do I get enrollments to roll in? So far what we get is after the xmas holidays, now its' after elections. Any ideas are welcome…

      • Darlinton Omeh January 29, 2015

        I think the problem may be from your pricing. Your school fees may be way above what parents think is good for your school standard. Do proper evaluation and relaunch your marketing

    • Anonymous February 12, 2015

      thank u for the educational idea.great work

    • Anonymous February 12, 2015

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      I found this piece of writing at this web page.

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    • Anonymous April 20, 2015

      I have been a ble to save a small amount of mony, N4m. I have been getting advice from folks that it wont be enough to start up a school. Although I do not have a building yet. What do you reckon pls?

      • Darlinton Omeh April 20, 2015

        N4million wouldn't be enough if you are aiming for a standard nursery and primary school. But if it's a cheap one on a rented apartment, in may just do it for you

      • Anonymous May 19, 2015

        Not a standard nursery and ptimary school per say. Im actually thinking of starting first witg a creche/nursery. Then take out time to grow it. Pls advice

    • Anonymous May 21, 2015

      Not a standard nursery and ptimary school per say. Im actually thinking of starting first witg a creche/nursery. Then take out time to grow it. Pls advice

    • Nneka Udevi June 24, 2015

      Please how much does it cost for the registration of the school

    • Maha K November 25, 2015

      Great article thank you so much to shared this.

    • Charisma April 8, 2016

      Good day Mr darlinton, i am very impress with your write up, if we have a lot of your type in Nigeria people will be motivated and encouraged to have something doing, please am about opening a standard school i will need a professional advise which is part of the reason i am surfing the internet and saw your page, please i will kindly appreciate if i can get your contact or repsonse from you, thanks.

    • ID April 11, 2016

      Hello Darlington, many thanks for sharing your ideas in starting upa a school business in Nigeria. I have been working on my plans on starting a purpose built creche & nursery school with just 4 million naira in a developing area in Benin City. What do you think one could do differently in attracting more pupils.

      • Darlinton Omeh April 11, 2016

        Search for the article “How to win and keep customers for life” on this website. It may be of help

        • Omisande Victor February 16, 2018

          Good day Mr darlington pls can I get your contact so as to communicate with you directly, because I need you to share me some of wealth of wisdom, u might not want to share your contact but mine is (whatsapp) I would be anticipating for a favorable response from you

      • Bola Lawal April 15, 2016

        Hello there,
        This is Bola from Beautiful Beginnings child care services, we offer consulting services for starters like you as well as help in marketing your business. We’ld also assist you in building up a suitable curriculum and help you launch… Please call me on for detailed information

    • roy June 24, 2016

      Sir please help me on how to write a blueprint for school

    • eunice June 27, 2016

      sir, i appreciated this forum. i have a plot of land i started a foundation for school building. pls how many rooms should i put up for a standard nursery and primary school. also, is there a particular structure shape required for approval from ministry of education in Lagos State.i have a PGDE certificate.

    • Achievers July 24, 2016

      I have about 8 rooms that I am planning to use for school biz. Will 200k be enough to do other necessary things

    • Blessing August 14, 2017

      Hello Darlington I really appreciate this forum because it has help me to know some facts about school business, but I have this question to ask you said in one of your comments that if it will take one years to have 200pupils in his school that means the person is not ready for business, pls can you tell me how one can achieve that goal within a term??

    • Easy September 28, 2017

      Really love ur write-up, cudos to u, Mr. Darlington if I may ask, I want to run an Islamic school in a particular area in my environment, I don’t know if to start with creche, nursery, K. G class or add a primary section for a start. And also I Av a little Capital

    • kellz odia December 20, 2017

      Thanks a lot Darlington. This is an eye opener.

      I want to start off with pre Nursery & Nursery, which body is more suitable for registration? Is it at the CAC or Ministry of Social Welfare or Ministry of Education.

      Pls advise as I want to go ahead to commence the registration process.


    • MR & MRS. SERACO February 8, 2018

      I would suggest you go for your school name search and registration at the CAC office in your state first. Then, with time after you might have started you can commence the registration process at the ministry of education office in your local government.

    • Paul February 15, 2018

      Thank you very much for the informative article. It enlightened many areas that are complicated for a novice. I am passionate about children education. I wanted to establish a nursery and primary school but wasn’t sure of what to do. Based on your article, I was guided in the appropriate quarter. We are roofing the school buildings now and the name has been approved from the CAC. Should we start the approval preceedure with the ministry of education now, or wait until we adequately equip the school? You can also get in touch with my personal email. Your reply will be appreciated, thank you.

    • Oni O .B May 26, 2018

      Good source of information, keep it up.
      My question is,is it advisable to set up Private School in rural areas where most parents hardly eat three square meal.
      Second,does it make sense to set up a school based on religion ?

    • Ola June 5, 2018

      Nice article….have a place to use in Yenagoa,Bayelsa state for Nursery and primary for a start…Any likeminds interested in investing in education can contact me for possible partnership…..+2348140714403

    • Marie June 9, 2018

      Thank you Darlington, this article is Godsent. I have been thinking of this and I just stumbled on your article. Thank you for the encouragement and education.

    • NELSON July 2, 2018

      Mr Darlington, I am happy over these informative article of yours. It’s an eye opener for those that are interested in having a private educational centre.

    • Mabawonku Grace July 7, 2018

      intend starting small with summer school and then continue full term come this September in my sitting room, will this affect being registered or I have do I have to start standard before considering registering the school name please?

    • Sammy July 22, 2018

      A big thanks to everyone that has offered useful information on how to start a school. I have learnt a lot today

    • mike September 14, 2018

      please am not a graduate but have my own school and planing to get an NCE . If govt gets to know that am not a graduate but own a school, will they penalize me?

    • Ethel Orode-OBIOMAH September 21, 2018

      I am a lawyer and I have Pgd in admin. I love to own a school nursery and pry but want to start with a creche in my parlour. Can I use my parlour for the creche? If I proceed to register at CAC for nursery and pry will it cover the creche? Does my educational qualifications suffice for opening pry and nursery? Thanks

    • Roseline Daniels September 28, 2018

      Hello Mr. Darlinton,thanks for your write-up. I have the passion and the know -how for teaching. I have twelve years experience.Now i’m DETERMINED to start my school.ive done my take off costing–1.2m- pls i need help from well meaning individuals to help me fulfil my dream . Thank you.

    • Abraham November 27, 2018

      I have 5 yrs of teaching experience before going to the university and I just graduated, I did education as my area of discipline. I have passion for education. Am having this idea of starting a school. My worry is finance, and am planning on going for service NYSC.

      • Ogochukwu December 16, 2018

        I need to set up a standard crèche, nursery and primary school in Enugu state. How do I go about the school name,scheme of work, qualified teachers, books etc. My target is during summer lessons next year (2019 August) My no is. I need a rough estimate on what I need to make it a success and the best in Enugu state.

    • Mercy January 1, 2019

      I have worked in various standard schools over the years and I have the teaching and administrative experience needed to run a school and would like to partner with anyone with the capital to start up a standard school.

    • S/CHILDCARE February 11, 2019

      Thank you so much, Mr. Darlington Umeh for giving out helpful information, just like you did for those that are willing to start a daycare.

      Thank you also for the opportunity and privilege to see a need on your platform and to try to meet it…

      I’m a Childcare professional and I just finished a Masterclass on the 7th Feb 2019 for those that wanted to start a Daycare with Professional and Global standards. I may Re-run the training for those interested at a later date.

      However, in partnership with another consultant partner of mine, who has a Creche, Nursery and Primary school, and has set up 5 other schools , we are doing another Masterclass for those who want to start a Private Creche, nursery and Primary school.

      Everything anyone needs to know will be dealt with. If you are interested, kindly reach me on skoopieschildcare@gmailcom or chi.aligba@yahoocom We will keep you updated on the fixed date for the Masterclass.

      Again, thank you Mr Darlington for this platform.

    • josephine March 20, 2019

      who is qualify to own a school

    • Queenbee April 23, 2019

      Hi Mr Darlington. Your blog is highly educative. I want to start a nursery school using my shop. I’m starting really small with school fees of about 6k. I want to know, which term is the best term to start with? If I’m to start now, I’d have to start from 3rd term. Should I go ahead and start or I would have to wait till September for the first term?

    • Kaya July 13, 2019

      Excellent article Mr. Darlington Umeh , it is true that the world of nursery schools is developing very quickly because at home, mom and dad work, they prefer to keep their children in a secure kindergarten. But for a new owner of a private kindergarten with little or no means to promote his establishment to parents will be interested.

      I think the Web is the best way to do it, especially since promoting on the Internet does not cost much but gives huge results.

      It’s curious as a Blogger not to mention this point in your article so beautiful that I allow adding that it is necessary for anyone wishing to start his private school to have an online presence.

      Because it is via the internet that you will certainly make the first contact. Parents, even us too, have the reflex to search the internet for answers to certain daily challenges. My advice is to follow the steps outlined in the article. But at that, you must have an online presence, even a professional Facebook page will suffice.

      However, set up your page to look professional and have a childlike atmosphere. Having a website would be ideal as it will be one of your school’s promotional and relationship tools. For those who will find my advice relevant and who do not know how to have a pro-Facebook page and a beautiful website for kindergartens. I leave you this link to learn more


    • Mrs Jessica dachomo July 20, 2019

      Thanks for this wmderful article Darlinton God bless you, iam mrs Dachomo from plateau state of Nigeria i want to star a vocational nusery and primary school in my state and don’t know how to go about, i aready have 1 plot of land, can i start with vocational school or they are too yong for that, need your advice pls.

    • Blessing August 9, 2019

      If one owns a registered church, can you run the school under the church’s name without further registration with cac?

    • olukayode oluwaseun emma November 9, 2019

      i must commend u for the beautiful post and for your effort in taking people out of poverty. am emmanuel from ekiti.

    • Mrs Obioma November 15, 2019

      Thank you Mr Dalington for this great information,pls how do one get loan to start up,if there is no fund any other place

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