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    Donation is usually associated with charity. You will have to dispel that connection from your mind if your want to benefit from this tool of monetization. When used properly, it is one of the profitable means of monetizing your site. Donation is not about begging but about providing a service for your website visitors for free. The service is usually so valuable that they know they would be coughing up a lot of cash to get what you are offering for free where you to place a price tag on that service. Rather than have them pay such an amount, you allow them to give what they are able to i.e. donate. So, by following some of the donation page best practices, you will be able to create a win-win site monetization strategy.

    Donation is about you being charitable to your website visitors rather than you being beggarly

    Donation as far as website monetization is concerned simply means providing quality for free and having the users pay what they can for it.

    This is completely different from visiting the website of the Red Cross and donating to them (although and in a sense, the definition is still consistent because no single person can pay the Red Cross for the service they have provided and are still providing for humanity; we can only donate).

    Donation And Quality

    Donation as a tool of monetizing web content is hinged on just one word; quality. If you can provide quality, you can use donation as a tool of monetization to make immense profit.

    You have to provide quality content that is consistent and proven. Using donation is one of those tools of monetization that builds with time.

    Whatever content you are posting on your platform must be something that will work if put to the test. You will always find people that will put it to test and it is the results that will determine how successful donation will work for you.

    Tips to Optimizing Donation as a Means of Monetization


    Package your content as a fully functional product that is sell-able then give it out for free. This is important so I will spend a bit of time explaining this. It is one thing to have quality but another to present it as quality.

    If you take quality and you present it as you would trash, some people will recognize it as quality but they will probably think that it is trash to you. This will affect the value not because it has not profited them but because to them, it is of no profit to you. They will not click on that donation tab.

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    But if you present that content just as you would present it if you were going to sell it for cash. If you would take that your write-up, create a great EBook cover, and promote it as you would have promoted it if it were going for $499. If you would have used excepts and talked about it in your other articles but ask them to “buy” it i.e. go to the download page to download the E Book, if you would just do everything you would have done if you were going to exchange that EBook for a definite amount, they will click on that donation tab.

    This is because you have placed a high value on that book and if they go through it and see it as being a valuable as you placed it, they will come back to click on the donation tab (and probably apologize that they were not able to give you more for it).

    Minimum Web Content Standard

    Using the donation strategy for monetization demands that content on your website meets the highest standards in terms of what you have to offer. That is, everything you post on the platform should have a wow factor for those that go through it or interact with it. This would make other special items you are providing as E Books or in other formats for free as truly special.

    This too should apply to guest posts or sponsored posts if you allow it. They must all have a consistent quality that says I would have paid serious cash if I had seen this on another platform. It should be a rule that guides everything you do on that platform.

    Using donation as a means of monetizing your content is a big call to make. You do not just have to provide free content but you provide must meet a standard that may surpass what would have been obtainable if you had placed a price tag on your content.

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