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    Palm wine business may sound so crazy to some people but the truth is that it can generate millions of naira. You can become a millionaire in palm wine business in Nigeria if you do the business well. Palm wine tapping in Nigeria especially in Igboland where it is most popular is considered an art. It requires specialized skill set to pull if off, still, the tappers are not rich simply because they are not doing the palm wine business the right way.

    Palm wine commands more respect than any other drinks in most Nigerian rural areas and even among rich people and urban dwellers. Palm wine is considered the best natural wine by many and is known to be very good to the body.

    Where Do Palm Wine Come From?

    In Nigeria, apart from foreign drinks and other technologically brewed drinks such as beer of various types, there are other drinks that commands respects. But none equals palm wine when it comes to value and respect in an occasion or during gathering among friends for a drink.

    We have Pito, Ogogoro, Burukutu, which are all locally brewed drinks made from Guinea corn, Wheat, or derivatives from fermented palm wine itself. These are know as local wines. However, wines sourced directly or tapped from either Raffia palm or Palm tree are the real palm wine with more values. But the main original palm wine is the one tapped directly from Palm oil tree. This type is more expensive and is considered the king of all local wines.

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    The Profit Potential in Palm Wine Business

    Palm wine is highly priced and is very scarce, so much that sometimes, a ceremony that are supposed to be carried out with palm wine most times get other wines as a replacement because of the unavailability of the original palm wine. A gallon of unadulterated palm wine is sold for N1,000 in the village and can go for as much as N2,500 in the city. That means 10 gallons a day could fetch you between N10,000 to 25,000 daily depending on where you sold it. Since this is in high demand, you are guaranteed to sell all as soon as they come. In a month you could be making N300,000 to N750,000.

    Since enough cash can be made from this occupation continually, it is therefore a good idea to explore more ways that this could be done more proficiently to harvest enough cash.

    Palm wine is consumed in large quantity around the country and those tapping it are doing their best to meet up with the daily supply. However, this business is very lucrative and has the potential of making millions if done the right way and the commodity treated like an essential commodity that it is.

    Quick Facts About Palm Wine

    1. It is drunk on the daily basis by those who can find it and can afford it. But getting the original unadulterated ones is the biggest problem.

    2. No traditional marriage in Nigeria would be complete without Palm wine as part of the drinks to be served.

    3. Aside from Nigeria, other countries both African and Western have their own uses of palm wine with their own unique ways of tapping and drinking it.

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    4. There are some evening joints in various local places in Nigerian villages and townships where palmy as it’s often called is served with pepper soup and Ugba and Nkwobi or Isi Ewu (Goat head) and these sellers are the biggest customers.

    5. Approaching palm wine tapping as a business in a big way is very important because this has never been done before and anyone who can do it effectively is in for millions of naira.

    Business Opportunities In Palm Wine Tapping

    1. Change Your Location

    Though palm trees is found in almost states in Nigeria apart from the Northern where the climate is not favorable for it, the product is not quite pronounced due to the poor harvesting culture. What the tappers do is just to get enough that would be taken to the the small market square and sold to the meager bar operators who in turn uses it to serve their customers in the evening markets. That is still not business.

    The only time their business booms in such places is only when there is burial or any other ceremonies which comes once in a while.

    But some places are known to have high consumers of palm wine either because of the population or due to their ardent believe and knowledge about the drink. If a palmy tapper is to make a fortune with palm wine business, he will need a good location where the wine is highly accepted. Places like Lagos and South South/Eastern Cities.

    2. Get More Hands

    In those days while we were growing up in the villages, we used to see palm wine tapper. I can tell you the process is a little bit difficult for non initiated, and since there is currently no technology to assist in the palm wine tapping process,the best thing is to get more hands to assist you into this business.

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    When you employ more hands, you are bound to be producing more wines and that means more money. Sometimes you may not even be tapping but concentrates in managing and making it available to your consumers.

    4. Sell At Your Own Joint

    If you can set up a good exclusive join for palm wine and pepper soup, believe me, you will be making serious money and having patronage from far and wide, especially if you are know for supplying original palm wine.

    Another good thing about this business is that you do it at your convenient. You don’t have to stress yourself throughout the day attending to your customers, no, do it responsibly by running it as an evening joint where responsible men come to unwind after the hectic day’s jobs.

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    If you do it with other little side attractions of entertaining your clients with good music and other local delicacies that usually go with palmy such as Ugba,(oil bean salad) Isiewu,(goat head) Abacha/Ngwongwo,(local salad mixtures) and Nkwobi, You would be pretty sure to run into lots of money.

    Important Tips

    That is your business location, depending on your neighborhood, this business can be located at anywhere that people can be found. You can merge with a hotel and reach a concrete agreement on how to run the business inside a hotel while you pay the hotel owners some amount per day or month. I can assure you that your palm wine will become the fastest selling and the most sought after drink in the hotel.

    Aside from all the business potentials of palm wine, this sap from palm tree has been discovered to address many ailments and are used for other products. Palm wine has some medical benefits like helping newly born mothers to replenish their milk for maximum satisfactions of their babies with lots of vitamins.

    Medical experts have also testified that the rich vitamin A content of palm wine can be of great help in addressing some nerve related ailment. The same way food and beverage industries have benefited from the use of palm wine’s rich wild yeast in bakery and production of groceries.

    Original palm wine also adds potency to sexual powers of men. Palm wine is an all rounder when it comes to how useful it is.

    In addition, it is a very good post natal beverage. It has become so entrenched in men who know the health benefits that it is a common sight to see it mixed with beers and enjoy as one drink with many acclaimed benefits.

    Put simply, activities in palm wine make a whole lot of sense both economic and health.

    If the government could pay attention to the many benefits of palm wine, it would be sure to attract huge foreign exchange into the country because of its health and pharmaceutical benefits.

    Our next article will address the modern way of processing palm wine into bottled drink that can be preserved and exported.

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