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    Black seeds generally referred to as the “cure for everything except death” is a strong medicinal spice that has been used for centuries to cure a host of ailments and keep the body fit and healthy.

    Both the seeds and its oil perform lots of wonders in the body; they reduce the levels of bad cholesterol and the risks of chronic diseases. Fight inflammation and prevent cancers. Fight diabetes and liver diseases and even boost the immune system.

    These seeds and its oil are safe for consumption and they have no side effects. The oil is called black cumin seed oil, black seed is mostly confused with some herbs like black pepper, true cumin seeds, black cohosh and black sesame but it is different from these herbs.

    Black seed is rich in many powerful phytochemicals that are effective individually and collectively. Some of these strong phytonutrients are Thymoquinone, thymol, and thymohydroquinone.

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    Health Benefits of Black Seeds

    In this post, we will be taking a look at the amazing health benefits of black caraway seed and its essential oil.

    Fights Infections Resistant to Microbes

    Black seeds and its oil can treat all kinds of infections including those resistant to antibiotics and drugs. It is employed in the treatment of infections caused by the methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA).

    This superbug induces infections that are persistent and resistant to most antibiotics and it has been labeled as a worldwide threat because it is the most troublesome microorganism encountered by physicians and health experts.

    Black seed effectively fights multi-drug resistant bacteria. It is used to treat fungal infections, microbial infections, staphylococcus, HIV, malaria, influenza, tuberculosis and even gonorrhea.

    It also has a strong antifungal activity against Candida albicans, a fungus responsible for different types of yeast infections in the body.

    Protects from Damages Caused by Radiation

    Long-term exposure to harmful radiation from telephone masts, laptops, phones, x-rays and others and even the sunlight can cause cancer, tumors and other chronic diseases.

    Black seeds treat and reverse the damages caused by these harmful rays, it treats cancer and shrinks the sizes of tumors and abnormal growths in the body.

    It is given to patients receiving radiotherapy to protect the body from the harmful side effects of these rays, it also protects the brain, important body organs and the whole body in general.

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    It treats Asthma

    Black seeds fight inflammation and this makes them an effective remedy for chronic inflammation of the lungs also known as asthma. It fights and reduces the inflammation, it relieves the symptoms and it has a fast action. Studies prove it relieved the symptoms and cleared the airways after thirty minutes of ingested or use.

    It fights cancer

    There are lots of phytochemicals and antioxidants in these seeds that have strong anti-cancer and anti-tumor effects. It is a strong natural treatment for cancer. They shrink the size of tumor cells and induce apoptosis in cancer cells.

    It has been used successfully to treat leukemia, brain tumors and breast, and pancreatic cancers but it can be used in the treatment of any type or form of cancer. It even stops the formation of cancer in the first place when taken regularly.

    Beautifies the Skin

    This is an effective treatment for troublesome skin problems. This nature wonder treats acne and prevents breakouts, it softens the skin and keeps it moisturized. Also, it hydrates the hair and boosts hair growth.

    It heals wounds, it restores the elasticity of the skin and improves the appearance of the skin. The seed and the oil boosts complexion and increases the production of new skin cells. It fights eczema and clears it away.

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    Protects the Liver

    Black seeds protect the liver and promote its health. The liver is a very important organ of the body, it is the main organ of detoxification and it carries a lot of metabolic functions in the body.

    An unhealthy and faulty liver causes lots of problems and health complications in the body. Black seeds heal the liver from all sort of problems like over-consumption of alcohol, side effects of medications, diseases, and microbial infections.

    It protects the liver, boosts it functions and prevents damages caused by oxidation and free radicals.

    Treats Psoriasis

    This is a skin condition characterized by the rapid build-up of cells on the skin’s surface. This result in red and dry patches that are itchy on the surface of the skin, it appears scaly and it causes discomforts and mares the appearance of the skin.

    The oil can be applied topically to the affected skin part. It has strong anti-bacterial, anti-septic, anti-microbial and anti-inflammatory properties which help in healing this skin problem fast.

    It has a calming effect on the skin and prevents eruptions and breakouts.

    Reduces Epileptic Seizures

    These seeds help epileptic patients by reducing the frequency, and severity of seizures. It even treats those seizures that are resistant to anti-epileptic drugs. They have a natural anti-epileptic effect.

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    Aids Withdrawal from Opiate Drugs

    This is a promising and effective remedy to treat addiction to opioid drugs. It aids the gradual withdrawal without causing severe side effects and reactions. This wonderful seed reduces the severity of the withdrawal symptoms and helps one go through this phase with ease.

    It is even effective in the treatment of long-term dependence and it treats the damages and complications caused by these harmful medications.

    It boosts fertility

    Black seeds improve the fertility and correct problems in the body that can cause infertility like hormonal imbalance. It boosts both male and female infertility. In males, black seed oil boosts sperm count, the volume of semen and the motility of sperms.

    It restores sexual hormones to their normal levels and it protects the reproductive organs.

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    It fights hyperglycemia and diabetes

    Black seeds prevent and treat elevated levels of sugar in the body. it boosts the functions and production of insulin, and it can effectively treat both type one and type two diabetes.

    It also improves glucose tolerance and it does not lead to toxicity or cause any adverse side effect.

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