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Abdominal fats also known as belly fats are not healthy, this condition has a strong link to heart disease and type II diabetes. It also makes your stomach protruded and affects the shape of your body.

If you have abdominal fats, it will be a wise decision and a healthy choice to lose that weight so that you can be disease free and live longer. Belly fats can be measured at home by using a simple tape, it is done by measuring the circumference around your waist.

If the waist circumference is above 40 inches which is 102 cm in men and above 35 inches, that is 88 cm in women; then the individual is said to have abdominal obesity.

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If you have extra fats around your waistline, don’t take it lightly and it is advisable to take drastic steps to get rid of it. There are lots of effective natural ways to lose belly fats and we will be taking a look at some of them in this post.

How to Burn Belly Fats

Ginger Herbal Tea

This herb boosts the functions of the digestive system and helps with weight loss. It increases the temperature of the body and this help to burn fats. It suppresses the levels of cortisol, the stress hormone which leads to weight gain.

Take ginger tea daily. You can use either fresh ginger roots or ginger root powder to make the tea. Don’t add sugar, rather add the juice of lemon or lime to boosts its effectiveness.

Avoid Sugar and Sugary Foods and Drinks

Refined sugar and artificial sweeteners are unhealthy and they affect metabolism at the cellular level. Excess sugar in the body is converted into fats and this can lead to increased accumulation of fats in the abdomen and liver. This also leads to insulin resistance and other metabolic diseases.

Liquid sugar is the worst, it increases belly fats than solid sugar and it is not easily recognized by the brain. Sweetened drinks and sugary beverages are responsible for 60% of obesity in children.

A natural way to burn and prevent abdominal fat is to avoid sugary drinks, foods loaded with refined sugars, sweetened fruit juices and yogurt, sports drinks, and other processed foods.

Note that this excludes natural fruits and vegetables, and natural foods. These natural foods are extremely healthy and good for the body, their sugar content does not pose any health risk even when eaten in excess. Besides, the sugar levels in these foods are minimal.

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Lemons Juice and Lemon Water

This is an amazing drink that not only burns belly fats but fats in other parts of the body. It detoxifies the body, the liver and expels excess fats from the body.

This drink metabolizes fats and makes sure they don’t get stored in the abdomen. Get fresh organic lemons and juice them. Since you will be taking it daily, do not take the concentrated juice daily to prevent your enamel from becoming damaged.

Mix the juice gotten with equal amounts of water and keep it refrigerated. Take it regularly during the day and in large quantities. Take it in the morning first before taking anything else. Make fresh one when it finishes and continue this way till you see results.

Eat Protein-rich Foods

This is the most important nutrient for weight loss. It makes one full for a long period of time and it reduces food cravings and also boosts metabolism. Eat lots of proteins to lose abdominal fats and to also prevent you from regaining the weight.

Studies have even confirmed that people who eat more protein-rich foods have less abdominal fats, a study proved that ingestion of quality proteins reduced abdominal fat that was gained over a five years period.

Processed foods, hydrogenated oils, and refined carbohydrates have been linked to increases accumulation of fats in the stomach and in the abdomen while fruits, vegetables, and proteins reduce the amounts of fats in the abdomen.

Natural foods rich in proteins are whole eggs, legumes, fish, organic dairy and dairy products, grass-fed meats and organic poultry. Dark green leafy vegetables also contain good amounts of proteins.

You can also try protein supplements like whey protein to boosts the levels of proteins in your body. There are good sources of plant proteins if you are a vegetarian.

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Cinnamon is a wonderful herb for weight loss, it has the same effect as ginger. It burns fats by increasing the production of heat in the body. It also lowers the concentration of sugar in the bloodstream and reduces the risk of diabetes.

Reduce Carbohydrates and Increase your Intake of Fiber

Carbohydrates increase weight, when people cut their intake of carbs, they lose weight and their appetite reduces. A low-carb diet is more effective in weight loss than a low-fat diet. A low-carb diet also reduces excess water from the body thus leading to a reduction in water weight.

Soluble and viscous fibers help with weight loss, they mix with water and form a thick gel in the gut. This slows the movement, digestion, and absorption of foods, thereby inducing the feeling of fullness and reducing appetite and hunger.

This helps one reduce harmful abdominal fat. Rich sources of fiber are plant-based foods like fruits, vegetables and whole oats and other cereals.

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Exercise is essential for a healthy life and it also helps one burn fats and loses weight. Major exercises good at burning abdominal fats are running, walking, swimming and they prevent one from re-gaining lost weight when done regularly.

Coconut Oil

This important oil helps burn fats in the body and abdomen though it is a fat itself, its content of unique fatty acids affects metabolism in a positive way. The body also uses the fats in coconut oil as a source of energy.

Take two tablespoons of coconut oil four times daily, take two on an empty stomach in the morning, and the last two at night before going to bed. You can also use it to cook your meals.

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