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    Beetroots are among the top recommended vegetables for a healthy life. This ancient food is delicious and has a variety of health-boosting nutrients. Both beetroot and beet greens contain valuable nutrients that correct many problems in the body and enhance the immune system. Beetroots have high sugar content than most vegetables and they also have high carbohydrate content and that is why most naturalists advise that this vegetable should be consumed in moderation.

    Though used mostly as food and food colorant, beetroot and their leaves is one of the most powerful medicinal plants on the planet; it is effective in treating numerous medical problems and have been used for ages to treat anemia.

    10 Important Health Benefits of Beetroots

    They are also called blood turnips; they are low in fat and sodium, while they have rich content of folate, fiber, manganese, copper, iron, potassium, magnesium, antioxidants and phytochemicals like betalains.

    Below are ten wonderful ways beetroots improve your health and solve health problems.

    1. It Increases Energy Level

    Beetroots are loaded with energy; they fight fatigue and increase stamina and endurance, they ensure that the muscles are more fuel efficient and they are used to boost athletic performance. They are loaded with nitrates and this helps to increase the flow of blood to all parts of the body; it improves cell signaling and the functions of hormones and all these play roles in boosting the levels of energy in the body.

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    It conserves Adenosine Triphosphate (ATP, the main source of energy in the body); this helps one to stay active for a long time. They also improve the capacity of the blood in carrying oxygen and reduce the amount of oxygen the muscles need to perform optimally. They also improve the flow of blood to the limbs and boost the performance of athletes suffering from peripheral artery disease.

    1. Prevents and Treats Anemia

    For centuries, traditional healers have relied on the potency of beets in curing anemia; this vegetable is rich in iron and this is the vital mineral needed for the formation of new red blood cells and hemoglobin. Studies show that the iron in beetroot is better absorbed than iron in other vegetables; the leaves also (beet greens) are rich in iron and they are also effective in fighting against anemia. Beetroots are also rich in folate which is also boost the production of blood and fight against anemia.

    1. Prevents Osteoporosis

    The rich content of nitrates in this vegetable makes it effective in guarding against osteoporosis and other lifestyle-related diseases. Beets are also rich in silica and this mineral helps the body to efficiently absorb and utilize calcium, calcium helps to strengthen bones and fights against bone thinning and other bone problems. It also contains betaine which prevents osteoporosis by reducing the levels of homocysteine because an excess of this compound in the body leads to osteoporosis even in young people.

    1. Boosts Sexual Performance

    Since ancient Rome, this vegetable has been used as an aphrodisiac. It is even believed that if lovers (a man and woman) eat the same beetroot, their love will last or if a man and woman eat the same beetroot, they will fall in love. This vegetable is rich in boron which helps the body produce sex hormones. It also gets one into the mood by relaxing the body and the mind, it increases the levels of tryptophan which makes one happy.

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    Beetroots are used to cure low or no sexual urge; it can even treat low levels of testosterone and its energizing properties can boost sexual performance.

    1. Aids Healthy Digestion

    Beets improve digestion and prevent digestion problems and disorder; it opens obstructions in the liver and spleen and this will help the digestive system. Red beets have been used to treat problems relating to the digestive system and to purify the blood; they also treat abdominal problems, constipation, and other ailments related to the digestive system. Their rich content of fiber aids healthy digestion prevents constipation, treats diverticulitis, aids regular movement of bowels and it boosts the overall health of the digestive system.

    1. Protects the Brain

    Beets protect the brain and improve its functions; it improves the neuroplasticity of the brain by increasing the levels of oxygen in the somatomotor cortex, this is the part of the brain that is affected in the early stages of dementia. It reverses brain aging in older adults and it supplies the body with good amount of nitrates which it converts to nitric acid, nitric acid improves communications among brain cells, it also improves blood circulation to the brain and boosts the overall functions of the brain.

    1. Protects the Heart

    Beets are good for the heart; they lower hypertension and thereby reduce the risk of heart disease and stroke. This nature gift prevents the obstruction of blood supply to the heart. It improves physical activities which can prevent heart disease. It also protects the blood vessels and heart tissues.

    1. Boosts Liver Functions

    Beets are one of the best foods for the liver; they protect it and improve its functions. Beets thin bile and allow it flow easily; it also eliminates toxins from the liver and protects the liver from oxidative stress and oxidative damage.

    1. Treats Hypertension

    Beets can bring down high blood pressure in 4 weeks. Contains nitrates which are converted to nitric acid, the body uses nitric acid to dilate blood vessels thereby preventing hypertension. It is even effective than most anti-hypertensive drugs and it has no side effects.

    1. It Fights Cancer

    Beets are potent in preventing and treating cancer; they have been used successfully to reduce the growth and spread of breast and prostate cancer, this is due to the presence of a powerful compound betanin which is a type of betalain in this vegetable. A study found it potent in preventing cancers of the skin and lungs; it can also prevent leukemia when mixed with carrot juice. It is rich in compounds that have anticancer properties.

    How to Use Beets

    Beets can be cooked; they can also be eaten raw by juicing them or using them to make smoothies. To benefit from its immense nutritional value; it is advisable to consume them raw because most of these vital nutrients and phytochemicals are destroyed by heat.

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    Though it is believed that cooked beets are high in fiber than raw beets; take raw beets more and you can take a glass of beet juice daily and you won’t have any problem so far you live an active lifestyle.

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