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    Guava is a common fruit in Nigeria but the use and benefits of the leaves are not known; these leaves have many medicinal benefits. They are loaded with antioxidants, antibacterial compounds, anti-inflammatory compounds, and phytochemicals.

    Amazing Health Benefits of Guava Leaves and Fruits

    1. It Prevents Premature Aging

    Guava leaves are rich in antioxidants which prevent and destroy free radicals and their activities; the formation of free radicals can lead to rapid aging and other health problems. The antioxidants also improve the health and appearance of the skin; it improves skin texture and tone, it closes large skin pores and tightens the skin. These leaves are more effective than most skin care products that are made mainly of chemicals. It is also used to relieve skin itchiness and skin allergies; it also clears black spots and acne and eliminates other skin blemishes.

    1. Boosts Heart Health

    Guava leaves can help bring down high blood pressure, high cholesterol and lipids in the body; this is possible due to the rich content of potassium, soluble fiber, vitamin C and other nutrients which help to protect the blood vessels, control hypertension, maintain a steady heartbeat and prevent the arteries from becoming blocked or obstructed. The leaves are also rich in lycopene which helps to reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease and it keeps the valves healthy.

    1. Prevents Diabetes

    For centuries, ancient Chinese have used guava leaves to bring down high levels of sugar in the body and to treat diabetes; these leaves have hypoglycemic effects which makes it an effective natural treatment for diabetes mellitus. It also has fiber and low glycemic index which is vital for diabetes patients; the fiber helps to regulate the levels of sugar in the body and the low glycemic index prevents a sudden spike in sugar levels. Diabetes patients and those at risk of diabetes can help themselves by drinking guava leave tea daily.

    1. Fights Cancer

    Guava leaves are rich in anti-cancer and anti-tumor properties; it also contains compounds like lycopene, Quercitin, vitamin C and abundant polyphenols, these compounds are powerful fighters against cancer and they prevent oxidation and the activities of free radicals. Guava leaves extract are used to shrink the size of tumors and it effectively reduces the risk of prostate cancer in men. It is also effective against other forms of cancer like breast cancer; skin, stomach, colon, lungs, and oral cancers.

    1. Boosts Brain Functions

    Guava leave is termed a super food because of the health impact it has on the brain; it sharpens focus, improves memory, stimulates cognitive functions and prevents brain aging and other brain problems. It boosts the flow of blood to the brain. Nourishes the brain and improves mental functions and its rich content of potassium helps in maintaining the electrical conductivity of the brain, this improves memory, the ability to recall things fast and boosts critical and clear thinking. You can take guava leave tea every morning to boost your brain power.

    1. Regulates Thyroid Function

    Guava leaves are rich in copper; this mineral is critical for the health and functions of the thyroid gland. This gland helps in regulating hormones in the body and it also improves organ-system functions. Copper also helps to control the production and absorption of hormones. These leaves are also rich in potassium; which improve the functions of the thyroid gland.

    1. Boosts Healthy Eyesight

    Guava leaves are rich in vitamin A which is essential for healthy eyes and great vision; this vitamin ensures healthy eyeballs, clear cornea and it protects the cells in the eyes. It also prevents night blindness and improves the condition in those who have it; it is usually caused by a deficiency in vitamin A and regular intake of guava leave tea will increase the levels of vitamin A in the body and treat night blindness. Vitamin C also boosts the health of the capillaries and helps the cells in the retina to function properly. It also prevents and slows the development of cataracts, macular degeneration and other eye problems that occur due to aging.

    1. Boosts the Immune System

    Guava leaves have rich content of vitamin C; this vitamin boosts the immune system and improves immune response. The immune system is the defense system of the body; it protects and defends the body from parasites, germs, and diseases. It also fights inflammation, inhibit the activities of inflammatory molecules like prostaglandins; this helps in keeping the body healthy and disease free.

    1. Improves Digestion of Food

    Guava leaves boost healthy digestion of food and prevent problems associated with digestion; they can prevent and treat diarrhea, constipation, and indigestion. It can inhibit the growth of Staphylococcus aureus; these bacteria can cause diarrhea and other stomach problems. Take guava tea many times daily when suffering from diarrhea till you recover.

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    It hastens recovery and relieves the symptoms of diarrhea like abdominal pains, watery stool, and fewer stools. You can also chew fresh and tender guava leaves to relieve diarrhea and other digestive and stomach problems.

    1. Boosts Oral Health

    Guava leaves are rich in anti-plaque properties which help in preventing and treating plaques and preventing other oral problems. Naturopaths use the tender leaves of guava to treat oral problems and infections; the antiseptic and anti-inflammatory compounds in the leaves fight gum disease, bad breath, gum inflammation, it freshens breath and keeps the mouth clean.

    They are also effective in curing toothaches, oral ulcers, and swollen gums; the twigs of guava tree are used as chewing stick or toothbrush because it cleans the teeth and offers other oral benefits. The leaves are boiled and the solution is used as a mouthwash.

    How to Use Guava Leaves

    The fresh and tender leaves of guava can be chewed; they can also be used to make smoothies.

    Another way guava leaves are taken is by making tea with them; the tender leaves are boiled, allowed to cool. Then you strain it and drink it.

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