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      Top 10 Health Benefits Of Watermelon For Your Body

      Watermelon is a common fruit that is loved by many; though it is mostly 92% water, this fruit is rich in nutrients that are vital for overall health and optimum functions of the body.

      It contains rich amount of vitamin A, B6 and C; it also contains amino acids, antioxidants, lycopene, potassium, low sodium and 40 calories per cup.

      What makes this fruit vital for health is its rich content of lycopene; two cups of watermelon are said to contain 15 to 20 milligrams of lycopene, this is one of the highest sources of lycopene.

      Lycopene is a phytonutrient that is commonly found in plants, especially fresh fruits and vegetables; it does lots of good works in the body and keeps it healthy.

      Lycopene is what gives watermelons, guavas, red grapefruits and tomatoes their color; it is also a powerful fighter against cancer, inflammation, osteoporosis, cardiovascular disease and other health problems.

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      If you want to get a good amount of lycopene; go for a fully ripe watermelon. The redder the fruit, the more lycopene it contains; ripe watermelons also contain a good amount of phenolic antioxidants and beta-carotene.

      These compounds help the body overcome cancer; boost immunity and improve the general health of the body.

      The white part of watermelon close to the rind has a rich amount of Citrulline; this amino acid is converted to arginine which improves the flow of blood in the body.

      10 Amazing Health Benefits of Watermelon

      It also improves the functions and health of the heart; the seeds of watermelon are rich in phytonutrients, antioxidants, proteins, vitamins, and minerals.

      Below are ten tremendous ways this sweet fruit benefits the body.

      1.   Watermelon hydrates the Body

      Watermelon helps in hydrating the body; it prevents dehydration, it nourishes the body with the purest of water. This water is also rich in many vital nutrients and electrolytes.

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      This helps in keeping the body and skin hydrated and nourished; it prevents heat stroke, replaces lost electrolytes, makes the skin healthy, and boosts the functions of the brain and other vital organs of the body.

      1. It Boosts Athletic Performance

      Watermelon is good boosts energy, prevent muscle soreness and boosts athletic performance; athletes are encouraged to drink watermelon juice before engaging in an intense workout, this will help to prevent heart rate and muscle soreness the next day.

      The rich content of arginine and Citrulline help to improve the flow of blood thereby improving athletic performance; it increases energy, stamina and boosts endurance.

      1. It Fights Cancer

      Regular intake of watermelon helps to both prevent and treat cancer; it contains lycopene which is known for its anti-cancer effects.

      It is effective against all forms of cancer. This nature snack reduces the risk of cancer by reducing insulin-like growth factor (IGF), this compound is a protein that is involved in the division of cells. When there are high levels of IGFs in the body; it makes it easy for cancer to occur.

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      It also contains cucurbitacins E; this compound has the ability to inhibit the growth of tumors. Watermelon juice has been successfully used to slow the development of digestive cancer.

      1. Boosts Food Digestion

      The rich water content and fiber contained in this fruit helps boosts normal digestion and prevent digestive problems.

      Fiber prevents constipation; it makes the stool bulky and aids regular bowel movement.

      1. Fights Inflammation

      Lycopene prevents and fights inflammation; this is why watermelon is on the list of anti-inflammatory fruits. Lycopene inhibits the various processes of inflammation; it is also an antioxidant, it prevents the formation and activities of free radicals.

      It is also rich in choline; this compound reduces chronic inflammation, this helps people that are suffering from arthritis and other inflammatory conditions.

      It prevents cellular damage caused by stress; unhealthy diet, pollution, alcohol, smoking and unhealthy lifestyle. These can lead to systemic inflammation; watermelon prevents this; boost immunity and improve general health.

      1. Good for the Skin and Hair

      Watermelon contains two vital vitamins that are needed for healthy skin and hair and they are vitamin A and C; it also contains beta-carotene and lycopene which protect the skin from sunburn and other skin problems.

      Vitamin helps to create new skin cells; it also helps in the repair of the skin and it gives the skin a healthy look and feel. A deficiency in vitamin A makes the skin flaky and dry.

      Vitamin C is used in the production of collagen; this is a protein that keeps the skin elastic and supple. It is also good for the hair.

      1. Treats Kidney Problems

      This fruit contains a good amount of potassium which helps in toxins and harmful depositions in the kidneys.

      It also reduces the concentration of uric acid in the body; excess of this compound can damage the kidneys, it also induces urination due to its high water content and this helps in cleaning the kidneys.

      1. It Prevents Diabetes

      Watermelon is a good food for diabetics; it contains potassium and magnesium which helps to control insulin, arginine boosts the functions of insulin and it also increases their levels of energy.

      1. Boosts Libido

      This fruit can effectively boost sexual stamina; improve sexual libido, reduce frigidity and treat erectile dysfunction. This will help to boost fertility and strengthen relationships.

      1. Protects the Heart

      The rich content of lycopene in this fruit protects the cells from oxidative damage and prevents heart disease. Watermelon treats hypertension and can even bring down high blood pressure in obese adults.

      It treats aortic stiffness in post-menopausal women. Improves the circulation of blood in the body and prevents the accumulation of fat. It also reduces the accumulation of excess fats in the body.

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      Take lots of watermelons daily to reap its immense health benefits; you can eat the fruit or you can use them to make juices. Do not be afraid to eat the rind; they are also beneficial; make sure you wash it well to avoid contamination.

      The seeds can also be eaten; you can blend them and use them to make smoothies and you can eat them raw.

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