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    Eczema, medically known as Atopic Dermatitis is a condition of the skin that is characterized by a red and itchy skin; it can happen to anyone including children.

    This can be chronic for most people and it can flare periodically; it may be accompanied by hay fever and asthma in some people. There is no cure for this yet but there are available treatments and effective natural remedies that can help one clear the skin, relieve itching and prevent new breakouts.

    Causes of Eczema

    There are many causes of eczema; it can be genetic (that is having a different gene that affects the ability of the skin to protect itself); it can also be caused by wrong diets, allergens, inflammation, irritants and poisonous chemicals.

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    Symptoms of Eczema

    Though the signs and symptoms can vary among individuals; they are general signs and symptoms which happen to most people with eczema and they are:

    • Dry and itchy skin
    • Itching that is severe at nights
    • Swollen skin due to scratching
    • Raw and sensitive skin
    • Thickened and cracked skin
    • Scaly skin
    • Small and raised bumps that leak fluid when scratched.
    • Red or brown or brownish-gray patches on the skin.

    Effective Home Treatments for Eczema

    As stated earlier; there are effective home remedies for eczema, they can help to clear the spots on the body, relieve itching, fight the source of the inflammation, and give the skin a healthy look.

    Below are some of the most effective home treatment for this condition:

    1. Coconut oil

    Coconut oil has powerful anti-allergic properties; it relieves skin inflammation, relieves itching and pain and it cools the body. It heals the skin and gives it a healthy glow.

    It has antibacterial properties that can stop the growth and activities of microbes which can make the condition worse; apply a thin layer of coconut oil over the affected skin part. Do not wash it off and repeat this application several times daily till you see results.

    1. Witch hazel

    Witch hazel can stop the inflammation and stop the rash from oozing during the flare; it also has antioxidant properties that protect the skin from irritants and allergies and also boosts the health of the skin.

    This herb is as effective as hydrocortisone; make sure the product you use is pure witch hazel; it shouldn’t be mixed with alcohol, fragrance or any other chemical so that the condition will not be worsened.

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    1. Vitamins

    Vitamin A promotes skin health; it supports a healthy skin and prevents skin problems. Eat lots of foods rich in vitamin A, especially fruits and vegetables. Yellow colored vegetables have a rich content of vitamin A.

    Vitamin C boosts immunity and is good for the skin; it can also prevent and help treat eczema. Take vitamin C rich foods like citrus fruits and vegetables.

    Vitamin D helps to prevent eczema from happening in the first place; it is an effective treatment for eczema, it reduces the flare and severity while hastening healing. Spend quality time in the sun during sunrise and sunset and eat lots of eggs and organic poultry.

    Vitamin E speeds up healing and reduces inflammation in the body; applying vitamin E oil topically will help relieve itching and pain while it clears scars and prevents scarring on the skin surface.

    1. Lavender essential oil

    Lavender is known to relieve the symptoms of eczema; it relieves itching, poor sleep, anxiety, frustration and depression that comes along with eczema.

    This essential oil can relieve all this and even reverse dry skin; add 10 drops of lavender essential oil to a tablespoon of coconut oil, you can also use olive oil or almond oil. Mix them properly and apply it topically to the affected skin part.

    The aroma will even help you sleep better.

    1. Sea salt

    When you apply sea salt to the oozing blisters, it will dry it up and ease the severe itching; it hydrates the skin and strengthens the skin barrier, it also reduces inflammation, roughness, and redness.

    Add a teaspoon of sea salt to a cup of warm water; pour this solution into a spray bottle and spray the affected skin part. Or you can add many teaspoons of sea salt in your regular bath water and soak in it for few minutes.

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    1. Horsetail

    The anti-inflammatory properties of this herb help it relieve inflammation and itching in people with eczema; it even reduce the formation of rashes, it has a rich content of silicon which helps in the production of collagen.

    Collagen is a protein which gives the skin its firmness, elasticity and muscle tone; it is even used to regenerate healthy skin tissues and that is why horsetail is used in many skin care products.

    Horsetail improves the tone, texture, and strength of the skin; it treats skin conditions like eczema and improves the flow of blood to the skin. Take horsetail tea daily and the tea can be applied to the skin regularly.

    1. Tea tree oil

    The antiseptic properties of this herb relieve inflammation, itching, and irritations and it soothes the skin; it promotes quick healing and prevents further damage or breakouts. Its antibacterial properties prevent infections from spreading.

    Dilute tea tree oil in coconut oil and apply it on the affected skin part. Do this daily.

    1. Licorice extract

    Licorice roots relieve itching and inflammation; it boosts immunity and prevents the spread of infections. Add coconut oil to make it more effective before applying to the affected skin part.

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    1. Apple cider vinegar

    ACV is an astringent that closes the skin pores and prevents those small painful bumps from leaking fluids; it relieves inflammation and other symptoms of eczema.

    Dilute one part of ACV with two parts of water; those with sensitive skin should dilute it more, this should be applied to the skin.

    1. Hempseed oil

    Hempseed oil is effective against a lot of conditions including eczema; it boosts immunity and promote healing, it can be taken both internally and externally to relieve eczema. You can get the oil and apply it topically to the affected area.

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