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    A dark and dull skin complexion is not desired by anyone; no matter the color of your skin which is beautiful, there are certain factors that can make it darker and even create a dull or pale look on the skin.

    Some of these factors are overexposure to extreme sunlight, dry skin, pollution and other environmental toxins, exposure to harmful chemicals, stress, unhealthy lifestyles, poor nutrition, prolonged used of cosmetics and skin-care products that are chemical-based, and some medications.

    A flawless and bright skin that is glowing with health is many people’s dream but they go a wrong way in achieving this. They turn to skin-lightening body creams and lotions, all these are dense in chemicals that are dangerous to the body and their long-term use can damage the skin.

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    These products are also expensive. There are lots of natural ways you can lighten your complexion, these remedies are cheaper and very effective than most of these creams sold in the market. They do not cause damage and harm to the skin, rather they help and improve the general health of the body.

    Natural Ways to Brighten your Complexion

    Lemon Juice

    Lemons are known as natural bleaching agents and the juice of lemons are applied on the skin to brighten complexion and make you light.

    Lemon juice contains lots of vitamin C, and citric acids; these nutrients brighten your complexion and improve the quality of your skin. They make your skin glow and boosts its health. It treats skin problems and infections and also fades scars.

    Apply lemon juice all over your body and have your bath when it dries off. You can do this once daily and you will notice an improvement in your skin tone.

    You can also make your own body scrub to give you a brighter skin; mix lemon juice, baking soda, turmeric and rose water together. Mix them properly and apply them all over your body before you have your bath.

    Let it sit for ten minutes before you wash it off, do this once daily and you will notice an improvement in your complexion.

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    Pure Honey

    It hydrates the skin, it fights infections and also lightens complexion and make your skin appear bright. Apply raw and pure honey all over your skin and let it sit for at least 15 minutes before you wash it away.

    It improves the appearance and quality of your skin and it also gives your skin a healthy glow.

    Pure Olive Oil

    Extra-virgin olive oil gives the skin a clean and bright appearance. It gives you a natural glow and makes your skin look attractive. It is great for the skin and it lightens your complexion, this is because it is rich in antioxidants and vitamin E.

    When you have your bath, dry your body and apply extra-virgin olive oil all over your skin as your body cream, use cold-pressed olive oil as that is the purest form of olive oil available. Let it be your skin, do not wash it off till at night or the next time you want to have your bath.

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    Baking Soda

    This common kitchen ingredient brightens the complexion, it is a very simple but effective remedy. It even shrinks large pores on your skin, thus fighting aging and making you look younger.

    It also clears skin pigmentations and patches or discolorations; it cleans the skin by removing dead skin cells from the surface of the skin, thereby brightening the complexion.

    Mix water with baking soda, you can also use rose water, orange juice or lemon juice; apply this paste all over your body. Scrub gently as the baking soda needs just minimal help from you to brighten your complexion.

    After scrubbing gently, leave it on your skin for few minutes before having your bath. Do this three times weekly for a bright and healthy looking skin.


    For ages, cucumbers have been used to soothe the skin and treat lots of skin problems. They are one of the most common natural skin care treatments and they give a bright looking complexion.

    Blend cucumbers and extract the juice. Apply this juice all over your body and leave it for at least 15 minutes before washing it off. This tones the skin, improves complexion and treats skin problems like spots, scars, and puffiness.

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    Witch Hazel

    This inexpensive and effective herb helps you tone your skin and lighten your complexion. It removes impurities from your skin, and this, in turn, will brighten it and treat infections.

    Buy pure witch hazel and mix it aloe vera gel, apply this all over your body and then you wash it away after some minutes. This is an effective and inexpensive way to lighten your complexion. It causes no harm to your skin and health.


    Oatmeal eliminates toxins from the skin and this gives you a bright complexion because accumulated toxin on the skin dulls your complexion and can even make the skin look unhealthy and sick.

    Using oatmeal on your skin is a powerful way to detoxify your skin and brighten your complexion. Mix oatmeal with hot water, add egg white, raw honey, and natural yogurt. Mix all till it forms a thick paste with a uniform consistency.

    Apply this all over your body and leave it on for 15 minutes. Have your bath with warm water and do this once daily to have a bright complexion and a clean skin free of toxins and dead skin cells.

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    Gram Flour

    This is one of the best natural ingredients if you want to whiten your skin complexion. It also keeps your skin very healthy because it contains many natural ingredients. It hydrates the skin and eliminates excess oil from the skin which can lead to acne and other skin problems that can cause spots and scars.

    Mix gram flour and ordinary water or rose water; this should form a thick paste. Apply it all over your body and leave it on till it dries off and then you have your bath. This should be done daily.

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    • Nalmenn May 24, 2019

      I am a male and using those things like here “They turn to skin-lightening body creams and lotions, all these are dense in chemicals that are dangerous to the body and their long-term use can damage the skin.” will it hurts me in the long run, correct ?

    • Marvelous Mike August 8, 2019

      Thank you for this information though i know cucumber and honey are nice for the skin but i will try any of the others soon.

    • adaobi anopueme August 30, 2019

      I agree with olive oil! .. tested and trusted

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