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    A toothache occurs when there is a pain in or around a tooth; it can be caused by infected gums, gum disease, tooth fracture, frequent grinding of the teeth, tooth decay, always chewing gums, abscessed tooth, and a damaged filling.

    A toothache can also occur when the nerve in the root of the tooth is irritated. It can also be caused by a tooth extraction or when a tooth is lost. Bacteria in the mouth can cause tooth decay and gum disease or infected gum and this can contribute to a toothache.

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    Symptoms of a Toothache

    • Swellings and inflammation around the painful tooth.
    • Drainage from the infected tooth and it has a foul taste
    • A sharp and throbbing tooth pain that is constant.
    • A high temperature
    • Headaches
    • Feeling pain when chewing foods
    • Bleeding or discharge around the gum or the tooth
    • Increased sensitivity to heat and cold

    Home Remedies for a toothache

    The best way to rectify a toothache is to treat this root cause and this involves you going to the dentist and having your tooth checked. The dentist can also correct faulty filling or dental works that might be responsible for a toothache.

    The remedies listed here are not to replace proper medical treatments but they are to help reduce the pain and inflammation or other symptoms when you are yet to see a dentist. These remedies are also helpful when the pain comes suddenly especially at night when going to the dentist is quite impossible.

    Below are some of the effective home remedies that can relieve a toothache.

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    This is a powerful natural anesthetic that relieves pain instantly. It fights inflammation and has an antimicrobial property. This was the earliest treatment for a toothache before the invention of modern medicine.

    Its active compound Eugenol is being used by dentist till date to numb the gums before administering lidocaine or novocaine. Cloves trigger certain receptors to block the sensation of pain.

    Grind 2 whole cloves and add a little olive oil or coconut oil and place this mixture on the painful tooth. You can also apply clove oil on the painful tooth using a cotton wool.

    An effective mouthwash that you can use to relieve a toothache is to mix few drops of clove oil in half cup of water and use this mixture to rinse your mouth multiple times daily till you gain relief.

    Warm Salt Water

    This is an effective remedy for a toothache. It expels harmful microbes from the mouth and kills them. It eases pain and kills bacteria present in tooth cavities.

    It brings relief to inflammation and reduces swellings. Add a half teaspoon of salt to a cup of hot water and rinse your mouth thoroughly with this solution.

    Ice cubes

    A cold sensation helps to numb pain, so placing an ice pack close to the affected tooth is an effective way to get instant relief from the pain. Wrap a piece of ice in a clean thin cloth and hold it on the part of the cheek close to the infected tooth.

    Don’t place ice blocks directly on painful tooth, especially the ones with exposed nerves. It causes more pains and this can worsen the condition instead of relieving it.

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    Guava Leaves

    This is an effective remedy for relieving toothache. It fights inflammation, microbial infections and it is a natural analgesic. You can chew on fresh guava leaves or drink the tea or decoction or use it as a mouthwash.

    Vanilla Extract

    This solution helps numb pain, relieves inflammation, and soothes the aching tooth. Apply vanilla extract around the affected area many times daily till you get relief.

    Pepper and Salt

    This mixture treats extremely sensitive tooth. It soothes the tooth, calms pain and inflammation and fights harmful microbes in the mouth.

    Mix salt and pepper in equal amounts and add few drops of water for it to form a thick paste. Apply this paste on the affected tooth directly and wash it off after several minutes. This should be done once a day for several days until you gain relief.

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    The juice of wheatgrass fights harmful microbes in the mouth that causes tooth decay, infected gums, and toothache. Crush fresh wheatgrass, extract the juice and use it to wash your mouth 3 times daily.

    It stops the spread of the infection, it expels toxins from the mouth and inhibits the growth of bacteria. You can also chew fresh wheatgrass.

    Peppermint Oil

    This is an effective home remedy for numbing pains and treating inflammation. Its active ingredient menthol actively blocks pain and it desensitizes the region of its application to pain. It also has an effect on the brain and can trick the brain to stimulate a cold sensation and this helps to relieve pain.

    Mix few drops of peppermint essential oil with 2 tablespoons of carrier oil of your choice. Apply this oil blend to a cotton wool and place it on the inflamed tooth. Do this many times daily.

    You can also drink peppermint tea to ease the pains.


    This wonderful remedy provides relief from a toothache and it fights harmful microbes. Get few cloves of fresh garlic and crush it to form a thick paste. If the fresh one is not available, you can add little drops of water to powdered garlic to form a thick paste.

    Put this paste on the affected tooth and gum to bring relief from the throbbing aches. You can also chew on fresh garlic cloves daily.

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    Red Onion

    Red onions kill harmful microbes because they contain antiseptic and antimicrobial compounds. They relieve pain and fight inflammation. Chew raw onion to relieve a toothache. If you can chew due to the pain, place a piece of onion directly on the aching tooth or gum and leave it there for sometimes.

    Turmeric and Ginger

    Turmeric and ginger are powerful pain relievers. You can use them separately or mix them to boost their effectiveness. They fight harmful microbes and relieve pains and inflammation.

    You can chew on fresh roots of ginger or turmeric or drink herbal teas made with these herbs. You can also mix their powder to form a thick paste and apply it on the painful tooth.

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